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Electro-magnetic Energy Pollution

by Daniel Reid

Science tells us that everything is energy and that matter
is nothing more than energy in a different form. Our bodies
are a composite of many different energy patterns and
vibrations. In fact, the universe and everything in it is made
up of different levels of vibration.

Dr. John Veltheim, author & energy therapist, 1992

In traditional medicine, the human energy system (HES) serves as a functional bridge between body and mind, and energy is the therapeutic medium that heal and balances both physical disease and mental malaise. Today, the HES has come under intensive attack from an entirely new phenomenon which the human system has never before had to face. This new threat to human health and longevity is the rapidly growing hazard of electromagnetic “energy pollution.” Since the industrial revolution and the subsequent electronic age, the earth’s electromagnetic energy environment has become intensely polluted with artifical electromagnetic fields (EMF), unnatural radio frequecies, microwave radiation, nuclear radiation, and many other forms of aberrant energy that cause severe deviations and imbalances in the HES. Today, there are 250 million times more artificially generated radio frequencies in the earth’s atmosphere than there were in 1930. These invisible but highly reactive energy waves and artificial EMF from high-voltage power lines, transformers, and home appliances have become the big unknown factor in all the vital equations of human health, and they constitute the hidden cause in many common human ailments, from cancer to schizophrenia. This pollution of our energy environment is even more hazardous to the human system than chemical and ecological pollution, and it calls for an entirely new approach to healing, an approach that effectively protects the HES from distortion by artificial energies and EMF and cures the conditions they cause.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most widespread and hazardous forms of electro-magnetic energy pollution on the earth today. High-voltage alternating current power lines and transformers, which operate at 60 hertz, create an artifical EMF of 100 milligaus extending 20 meters around them. At a range of 30 centimeters from the human body, 3 milligaus has been determined to be the level of exposure to EMF above which cancer and brain damage can occur. As Dr. Robert Becker, one of the world’s leading authorities on energy medicine, writes in his book Cross Currents:

At this time, the scientific evidence is absolutely conclusive: 60 hertz magnetic fields cause human cancer cells to permanently increase their rate of growth by as much as 1,600 percent and to develop more malignant characteristics.

The two types of human tissue most seriously damaged by artificially generated EMF are brain tissue and rapidly developing tissues, such as those in growing children, because these tissues display the most electrical activity and are therefore most strongly affected by external EMF.

Common household appliances produce artificial EMF that brings energy pollution straight into your own home and expose every member of the family to danger. Electric blankets create fields of 50-100 milligauss, far above safe levels, and pregant women who use them are known to experience a far higher than normal rate of miscarriage. Electric razors operated from a plug-in power line generate highly hazardous fields ranging from 200-400 milligauss, a risk to the brain behind the beard that’s hardly worth the “convenience” of not having to use shaving cream and a razor. A 10-watt fluorescent light tube produces an artifical EMF that is twenty times stronger than an ordinary 60-watt bulb, and in offices and school rooms lit by multiple banks of fluorescent tubes, everyone in the room is exposed to aberrant EMF far above the level of safety for human health. Electric hair dryers produce a harmful field of 50 milligauss at six inches, and this factor is suspected as the cause of the abnormally high rate of breast cancer among professional beauticians and hair dressers, who operate these devices all day only inches from their chests. At 30 cm, an electric stove will expose you to an EMF of 50 milligauss, far above the 3 milligauss safety limit, so if you do a lot of cooking at home, it’s much safer to use gas. The list goes on an on, but by now you probably get the picture.

All of these artifical energy fields and unnatural energy frequencies to which humans are today routinely exposed also catalyze extremely harmful reactions between toxic chemical pollutants and natural biochemicals within the human body. These reactions create all sorts of noxious poisons in the tissues, and have extremely strong acid-forming effects in the bloodstream and other bodily fluids, thereby upsetting the all-important natural pH balance in the blood and tissues and causing a state of chronic acidosis. Acidosis of blood and tissues is a primary pre-condition for the development of all cancers.

Despite the proven risk of exposure to artificial EMF over 3 mG, very few countries have legislated legal limits to the EMF produced by machines and appliances at home and in offices and factories. In Sweden, there are strict laws prohibiting EMF exposure to humans above 2.5 mG, and in Russia, where this hazard has been extensively researched, the limit is an even safer 1.5 mG. Compare that with the legal limit of 1,000-5,000 mG exposure to EMF for people in homes, offices, and schools in Australia, and similar hazardous levels in America, Canada, and the UK, as well as most of Asia. Small wonder that one in three people today develop some form of cancer, and that brain disorders and mental malaise have become rampant throughout the world.
The Global Microwave "Oven"

Brain tumors have also been conclusively related with microwave pollution, and the worst offenders here are wireless cell phones, which drive a powerful beam of microwave radiation straight into the brain. Recall that during the Cold War, the Soviet Union beamed microwaves at the American Embassy in Moscow from a rooftop across the street, and as a result, one American ambassador and several staff members developed cancer. The level of microwave radiation they used for that purpose was less than that at which an ordinary household microwave oven operates. Here’s what Dr. Robert Becker has to say about microwaves:

The scientific data at this time indicate that microwaves have major biological effects at power levels far below those required to cause heating [such as microwave ovens]. The majority of these effects are productive of various disease states, primarily cancer and genetic defects, in those exposed and in their unexposed offspring. . . The hazard comes from the fact that exposure to microwaves, like exposure to any abnormal electromagnetic field, produces stress, a decline in immune system competency, and changes in the genetic apparatus.
Thus, the levels of exposure that the government says are "safe" are in fact not safe at all.

Think about that next time you receive a call on your cell phone or heat up a pizza in a microwave oven!

The human body, particularly the electrically active brain, is extremely sensitive to dispruption from the high-frequency electromagnetic radiation produced by cell phones and cell phone transmission towers. Our brains and bodies depend on hundreds of delicately balanced, internally generated electrical impulses to conduct the vital functions of life, and these are thrown into disarray by the invasive ultra-high frequencies generated externally by cell phones and phone towers. As Blake Levitt states in his book Electromagnetic Fields, "When it comes to mobile phones, a worse frequency could not have been chosen for the human anatomy." Researcher Carolanne Patton has found that "the brain reaches peak absorption in the UHF bands, right where cellular (mobile phone) telecommunications operate."

Since the advent of cell phones, there has been a 600% increase in automobile accidents among drivers who use these devices, and this alarming rise in road fatalities and injuries is not due to the "distraction" of speaking on a cell phone. It's due to impairment of brain function and nerve response while such phones are being used. Tests conducted by the U. S. Department of Energy found that "using mobile phones impairs memory and reaction times. 'Hand-free' mobile speakerphones cause even more crashes because they typically emit 10-times more brainwave interference than handheld units." This elevation of intensity is due to the metal frame of the car, which amplifies the field frequencies produced by cell phones and speakers used in automobiles. A University of Toronto study concludes that "the heightened probability of crashing your car persists for up to 15 minutes after completing a call," and Dr. Chris Rumball of the B. C. Medical Association notes, "This is comparable to driving while dead drunk."

One of the leading experts on cell phone hazards was the late biophysicist Dr. Neil Cherry of Lincoln University in New Zealand, where mobile phone towers are prohibited on school grounds due to their hazardous influence on human health, particularly the rapidly developing nervous systems of children. His research showed accelerated aging, rapid cell death, and an increase in cancer rates caused by microwave radiation from cell phones and phone towers. He warned that frequent exposure to these frequencies disrupt the delicate balance of the brain's electro-chemical communications and can result in chronic headaches, fatigue, lethargy, nausea, dizziness, depression, arteriosclerosis, and possibly Altzheimers. "There is also a higher incidence of cardiac problems," states Dr. Cherry. "It has now been shown in many studies that mobile phone users get more heart attacks and more heart disease." He also discovered that the imbalances in the brain of essential minerals such as calcium, various trace elements, and neurotransmitters such as serotonin caused by mobile phones can easily alter moods and result in depression, suicide, rage, and violent behavior.

Another scientist who has issued public warnings about the hazards of mobile phones is Dr. George Carlo, who found that rare types of brain tumors have more than doubled among mobile phone users, particularly on the side of the head where they use their phones. "Mobile phones cause genetic damage leading to cancer," states Dr. Carlo bluntly, and he recommends "prudent avoidance" of these devices after finding that every type of mobile phone tested exceeded U.S. Federal Communications Commission's own standards for EMF absorption rates. Dr. Carlo notes that "the more a person uses a mobile phone, the more cellular destruction and health risks they incur. Mobile phone confused cells can go crazy. Experiments on captive animals show that this cumulative DNA damage is passed on to succeeding generations." A study conducted at Adelaide Hospital in Australia confirmed Dr. Carlo's conclusions when it demonstrated a doubling in the rate of B-cell lymphoma cancer in mice after 18 months of only one hour exposure daily to the frequencies used in mobile phone technology.

Studies conducted by Dr. Peter French in Sydney, Australia, show that "cells are permanently damaged by mobile phone frequencies and inherited unchanged, from generation to generation." Since the introduction of mobile phones, metropolitan Sydney has experienced a 25% increase in the incidence of asthma and a 5% increase in asthma related deaths. Dr. French found that "the production of histamine, which triggers broncial spasms, is nearly doubled after exposure to mobile phone transmissions. Mobile phones also reduce the effectiveness of anti-asthmatic drugs, and retard recovery from illness."

One of the most disturbing effects of exposure to mobile phone transmissions is the disruption of the delicate protective mechanism known as the "blood brain barrier," which is designed by nature to prevent toxins and other dangerous substances from entering the brain from the bloodstream. Professor Leif Salford stated to the Daily Mail his finding that after a two minute conversation on a mobile phone, "It seems that molecules such as proteins and toxins can pass out of the blood, while the phone is switched on, and enter the brain. We need to bear in mind diseases such as MS and Altzheimers, which are linked to proteins being found in the brain." The accumulation of toxic residues in the brain due to the malfunction of the blood brain barrier caused by exposure to radiation from mobile phones and phone towers can also lead to the formation of tumors in the brain, which then grow even faster than normal as a direct result of exposure to abnormal EMF, as noted above by Dr. Robert Becker.

You don't even have to be using your cell phone to receive or make a call in order to suffer serious damage. In one hospital in Australia, nurses noted a direct correspondence between which side of the body kidney cancer occured in patients and which side of the body they habitually wore their cell phones on their belts. Men who carry cell phones in their front pockets run the risk of sterility, impotence, and even testicular cancer, and women who keep mobile phones in their pockets risk the same problems with their ovaries. As EMF researcher Dave Ashton states, "because mobile phones constantly search for the nearest repeating tower, long-term damage comes from mobile phones in the stand-by mode." And if you think the analogy of a global microwave oven is an exaggeration, then consider this: if you place a mobile phone on stand-by mode in the cavity of a fresh raw chicken and and leave it there for about three days, the microwave radiation from the phone will cook the chicken.

The telecommunications industry is trying very hard to prevent these facts from coming to light in order to protect what has become a $50 billion dollar a year industry. But the scientific research is conclusive: artificial electromaganetic fields, microwave radiation from cell phones, and transmissions from phone towers pose a serious hazard to human health and cause particularly serious damage to the brain and immune system. There are only two ways to avoid these serious threats to your health and longevity: either stop using these high-frequency electronic devices, or else start using high-tech devices which are designed to transform harmful EMF and microwave raditation into harmonious patterns which are compatible with the bioelectric energies of life.

"Forewarned is forearmed!"
High-Tech Bio-Electro-Energy Medicine:

Tesla's Innovational Technologies

As modern quantum physics continues to verify the universal principles of energy dynamics that lie at the heart of traditional holistic healing systems, modern technology is beginning to develop new techniques and devices which greatly amplify and expand the therapeutic applications of energy medicine, giving birth to the excitiing new field of “Bio-Electro-Energy Medicine.”

One of the most important new developments in energy medicine is the line of titanium products made by Tesla's Innovational Technologies in Australia. These products are based on the original scientific genius of Nikola Tesla, the man who invented modern electric power systems in the early 20th century. After realizing the harm which EMF from high-voltage AC electric power lines and other electromagnetic radiation causes to human health, he developed a method to alter the atomic structure of titanium so that it becomes a transceiver of a very fine, bio-friendly energy known as "photon" or "tachyon" energy. This is energy from subatomic particles of light which radiates from the center of the universe and has the power to over-ride harmful EMF and microwave radiation and transform it into patterns which are compatible with the energies of life.

Before his death, Tesla gave the plans for the device which alters titanium for this purpose to one of his most trusted students, who subsequently brought it to Australia, where it was in turn passed on to the person who now utilizes this highly advanced technology to produce a variety of titanium products specifically designed to transform harmful electromagnetic fields and radiation from various sources in our daily living environment. Titanium was selected for this purpose because it has a similar molecular structure to human bone, thus allowing the bio-friendly frequencies emitted by the titanium plates to resonate throughout the human skeletal structure. The harmonious fields and frequencies which the titanium products create are therefore easily conducted by resonance throughout the entire human system.

Born in Europe in 1856, Nikola Tesla migrated to America in 1884, and worked for a while with Thomas Edison. Widely regarded as the greatest scientific genius of the early 20th century, Tesla owned 1,600 patents on his many inventions and received 27 honory degrees for his work from universities around the world. In 1912, he demonstrated what he refered to as a "free energy " device, which would allow every building and household to provide its own electric energy, free of cost, and without hazard to human health. His invention was promptly suppressed by the banker J. P. Morgan, who had invested heavily in the conventional electric energy generation system, whereby every home and building is linked to a meter and must pay for every minute of power. While most of his papers were confiscated after his death, his design for a device to alter certain metals so that they become transceivers of photon energy to counteract the harmful effects of EMF radiation was fortunately pass safely to the hands of a young physicist whom Tesla trusted, and today this technology is the basis of the entire line of Teslas Innovational Technologies energy products.

Each titanium plate is specifically designed and energized for specific functions, with variations in diameter, thickness, circumference, and time spent in Tesla's energizing chamber. A selection of the most useful products in daily life are briefly described below:

Phone Tag

This is a small octagonal disk about the size of a standard button, which adheres to the back of a cell or cordless phone, near the antenna, in order to alter the hazardous frequencies coming to and from cordless handheld phones. This small plate may also be used to help heal eye injuries, by sticking it to an eye patch (concave side towards the eye), and wearing the patch over the injured eye. Users of the phone tag report less headaches and mental confusion
when they use phones with the titanium button attached.

Personal Pendants

The personal pendant is designed to be worn around the neck, so that the pendant rests concave-side down over the thymus gland. This plate is about 1 inch in diameter and is designed to take on the unique vibrational signature of the person who wears it. Therefore, it should be worn constantly for at least the first 24 hours, after which your individual
frequency patterns will be imprinted on it. This plate then becomes your
personal pendant and should not be lent or given to anyone else.

This pendant comes in three levels of strength: children; teenager; and adult. Each is designed for the specific requirements of humans in different stages of growth, and all of them strengthen the human energy field, boost immunity, and transform harmful electromagnetic radiation to which the wearer may be exposed.

One of its most important functions is to keep the personal field vibration of the wearer in tune with the swiftly rising vibrational rate of the planet (Schumann Resonance). The pendant does this by first adjusting its own vibration to the planet's rising pulse, then tranferring that elevation to the human energy field. The plate's harmonizing effect between the fields of the wearer and the whole earth gives a big boost to overall health and vitality, increases immunity and resistance, and is particularly beneficial for practicioners of energy work and spiritual awareness.

The pendants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Your selection reflects your personal energy traits, so we encourage you to pick the pendant that somehow "turns you on."

Travel Plate

Travel plates are designed to be carried in the pocket, wallet, or purse, to counteract harmful EMF radiation, especially when traveling or walking around a crowded city. It may also be placed concave-side down over a wounded area of the body, in order to accelerate healing and relieve pain. In a restaurant or at home, you can energize your water and other beverages, as well as your food, by placing the travel plate concave-side up under the glass or plate for a few minutes.

Computer Plate

Specifically designed to counteract various forms of harmful EMF radiation from computers, this plate has a powerful pulse that is not suitable for keeping in a pocket or purse. It should be placed on top of the computer screen, concave-side down over the area just behind the screen.

House Plate

This is a large thick plate of energized titanium that is programmed to transform harmful EMF and microwave radiation for an entire house, extending for an area of one-acre around the house. It may be placed concave-side up or down depending whether the source of the EMF is below ground (Ley lines, underground streams, etc) or above ground (power lines, phone towers, transformers, etc.).

Car Plate

The car plate covers an area extending 3 meters from the concave side and 1 meter from the convex dome, and it was developed to alter the EMF inside a car, which can be harmfull to drivers and passengers. Other uses include placing it under a massage table (concave-side up) to help
put the client in a calm alpha state; counteract EMF in a small room (such as a
hotel bedroom); "fan" a person's energy aura to counteract damage from X-rays,
microwaves, and other EMF; and energize water and food.

The Teslas line also includes a variety of other energized titantium products designed to counteract harmful effects from artificial EMF and microwave sources in our environment. There's a Farm Plate to cover an entire farm, a power stablizer to harmonize the EMF from household appliances by transforming the electric current patterns through the entire electric wiring system in a house, Practicioner's Plates for healers and energy therapists, and a device to restore vital energy to piped water that enters a house through taps. For a complete listing of all the Tesla's products and prices, simply complete the form at the bottom of this page.

It’s quite obvious by now that the chemical/mechanical model upon which modern allopathic medicine is based does not accord with the real facts of human health, for it fails to account for the most important factors of all in health and healing--energy and energy fields. The human body is an integrated system of energy networks which collectively produce a human energy field that interacts with the earth’s own energy field and other natural EMF from sky and earth. The recent rapid rise in the earth's own vibrational frequency is perhaps the most significant factors of all for human health today, because it means that in order to remain in a state of vibrant health and vitality, people must take measures to raise the vibrational rate of their own personal energy fields to remain in a healthy state of resonant harmony with the planet. To do this, people today must progressively detoxify their systems--both physically and energetically--to rid their systems of dense, low-frequency energies, and utilize devices which counteract dangerous EMF radiation from our daily living and working environmnet, thereby strengthening immunity to disease and raising resistance to the invasive influence of exposure to hazardous artificial energy fields.

Today, the human energy system is under severe frontal attack from a wide range of unnatural EMF and artifical energy radiation produced by broadcasting stations, power lines, cell phones, microwave transmission towers, military installations, and other conventional technology, and the damage this has done, and continues to do, to human health throughout the world is incalculable. In closing, let’s listen to what Dr. Becker has to say about the medical significance of these recent discoveries regarding the dangers of EMF, and the current developments to counteract these risks:

The data obtained in the past few years indicate very clearly that we must now include the Earth’s normal geomagenetic field as an environmental variable of great consequence when we deal with the basic functions of living things. In my opinion, this knowledge is probably the single most important discovery of the century. It provides us with a key to the mechanisms by which all electromagnetic fields produce biological effects, and it may enable us to determine more accurately the risks involved in our technological uses of such fields.