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New by Juliet & Jiva Carter

Genetically modified humans . . .

Worldbridger tells the 19 year initiatory story that Juliet and Jiva Carter experienced to develop and complete the Template work.

Are we the ones we are waiting for?

393 pages

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Humanity is a genetic experiment,
an immortal race trapped in a mortal paradigm,
a solar race locked in a lunar reality,
a stolen race on a stolen planet.

WORLDBRIDGER addresses universal Human concerns as they are identified in the true story of two people whose visionary odyssey begins with their shock awakening to guns and handcuffs one Hawaiian dawn. Their lives and former identities are dismantled and transformed as they collaborate with a Consciousness that assists them to recognize the true nature of the temporal zone to which they have returned from the future.

As they break free of Humanity’s collective denial, it becomes clear that the wars, genocide and atrocities that have become a part of Human existence are not culturally, economically or politically engendered, nor can they be attributed to the charge of the innate corruption of Human nature, but are the result of the catastrophic intrusion of a predatory and brutal species with an agenda of world dominance; a species that has spliced its genes into the Human blueprint, and is engaged in a breeding program that is rendering Earth’s Human beings not-so-Human.

We are not alienated from God…’god’ is an alien.

The corruption lies in the mutant matrix, in the systemic failure of all Earth’s governing functions and the loss of evolutionary symbiosis that occurred when this parasitic species electromagnetically disconnected Humanity and its Mother planet from the divine immortal continuum, setting Earth on a course of terminal decline.

There was no ‘fall’…we were pushed.

As the progressive revelations unfold, so too does a holonomic template for the restoration of the full Human blueprint and a new model of existence; a template to recover Humanity’s resonance with the geometries of light, returning us and our planet to the holistic space-time continuum.

Are we the ones we have been waiting for?

by J. & J. Carter


"I finished the Worldbridger cover-to-cover over the weekend, and appreciate its message a great deal. There is an air of deep authenticity in it, because of the way Juliet describes the journey. That’s why I’ve been happy to pass it to friends, because although it talks about fantastical stuff, and uncomfortable stuff too, it does help explain why the world seems inextricably bogged in so much dangerous turmoil. Juliet manages to write about this depressing subject in a way that doesn’t subtract from the severity of the condition, but neither does it sound beyond our control, or something we are powerless in the face of. A very sobering account, and I’ll be digesting the information for some time to come... it is, frankly, much much easier to keep one’s head buried deep in the sand!" - Erica L.

"I genuinely found the book an interesting and exciting read. So often I lose patience with " books like this " due to bad writing but this was a joy. Conversational and a nice rhythmic style. It was structured like an adventure story and so even when I occasionally lost interest in the details of the information, I still cared about Juliet. (What was going to happen to her? And would she and her little family get through?)

I was very interested in how she interacted with the Source and then how she faired in the world. And so despite some misgivings about the details, my respect for her grew as I went on. And that respect functioned, in turn, to keep my mind open. I could relate. I liked that the basic premise was repeated throughout the book in various different ways. I digested more each time. And so eventually I felt quite proud of myself, in that I could claim the language as my own. ( i. e. I didn't have to slow down and concentrate on those long groups of unfamiliar words ). Explanations were clear. I wouldn't have minded a diagram describing which circuits and ceremonies etc. fitted together. Not complicated, I know, but suddenly we were up to 33 and I'd lost track. ( because I'm dumb, possibly ) It looks good, nice layout, and feels good, heavy and shiny.

Of course I have questions and doubts . Why wouldn't I ?..... since .... I am disconnected." - Caz


The Template

A Holonomic Model Of Transcendence

The Reconnection Of The Human Bio-Circuitry
Through Coded Ceremony

The new paradigm will not spring from our minds. It is not an updated theory
overlaying the existing one. It must evolve out of the iconic model and gestate,
synthesize and integrate before it can crystallise.

It must be understood in the mind, felt in the heart and MADE TANGIBLE
in the body before it can be birthed into time and space

You Tube Video of The Template

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