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Link Exchange - Would you like to be Link Buddies?
Exchanging links and having a links page on your website, is a great way for search engines and people to find you, it is also a very prosperity oriented supportive let's all work together thing to do!

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An affiliate program is a promotional tool whereby you place a Banner Ad or link on your website for a product on my website that I am selling and when people visit your website and click that banner/link, it takes them to that product on my website, and when they purchase something, you receive 10% of their order as a commission!


My Affiliates
People who have joined my affiliate program and affiliate programs I have joined
for my prosperity
(products that I know and trust)

Totally awesome Sacred Geometry Jewelry
Ka Gold Jewelry  

The Science of Getting Rich

Did you know there's a SCIENCE to having everything you want in life?

Well, there is and it's all explained in an amazing little book from 1910 that you can get FREE.

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I am hosted by Doteasy who offer excellent deals, including cost free hosting & banner-(ad)-free. If you sign up with them not only will you get a good deal but I get $5 referral fee which certainly helps me too.

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MailWasher® Pro

is the ultimate innovation in anti-spam software.

Stop spam and unwanted email with MailWasher Pro.

Stop spam, viruses and phishing emails so they never get to your inbox. View email on the server before it gets to your computer. Never lose an important email! Save time by only getting the mail you want. Dynamic antispam filter updates so you always have the latest spam fighting technology. Only $37.00! (Includes one year FirstAlert! subscription!!)

MailWasher® Pro is the answer to your time wasting junk mail problems, as well as letting you preview and delete your email before it gets to your computer, MailWasher® Pro also enables you to interact with the FirstAlert!™ spam database. Using the global reach of over 5 million MailWasher® Pro users, spam fighters like you report spam to the FirstAlert! Operations Centre where unique spam signatures and rules are created. MailWasher® Pro learns and adapts to your personal preferences by letting you teach it the kind of email you want to receive.

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The Secrets of Spiritual Marketing  

A complete guide for natural therapists to making money doing what they love

By Lawrence Ellyard - Founder of The International Institute for Complementary Therapists

The Secrets of Spiritual Marketing offers everything you need to know about advertising and marketing your natural therapy business. Discover the Marketing Secrets that will drive your sales and deliver amazing results every time. This book is filled with proven marketing tools that guarantee revenue and will enable you to reach those who can truly benefit from your talents. By using these marketing secrets you will make more money doing what you love without compromising your values.

Inside you will discover: How to market your natural therapy business without spending a cent
Marketing tools like: tryvertising; webinars, memail and word of mouse
How to create an effective marketing website which generates new clients
The 5 myths of advertising and how to avoid them
Small business marketing tools from business cards to brochures
How to write a great headline that guarantees enquiries
How your customers can promote your business through referrals and networking
The lifetime value of your customers and how to retain them
How to stand out from your competitors and expand your enterprise to new horizons

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Nurture and Bless Your Body


Certified Organic Skin Care, Hair Care, Body Care,
Oral Care, Health Care and
Cosmetic Products

And every Miessence ingredient is completely
for your health! Bodyfood - Yum Yum!

Buy the fabulous nurturing, certified organic and beneficial products

or create your own Home-Based Business with lots of support and little start up cost
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Receive a 20% discount off
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you will save 20% on this order, you then become a Lifestyle Member and are elligible to recieve a 20% discount on every subsequent order you place with MIESSENCE for LIFE!

Qualifying Order
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Subsequent Orders
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* Conditions: To qualify for a 20% discount on future purchases a Lifestyle Member will need to make a single purchase within each 12 month membership period to remain active and eligible to continue to receive the 20% discount. There is no minimum purchase to qualify for a 20% discount on subsequent orders.