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My Experience with EFT

For 25 years I have been a teacher and practitioner of many healing arts, from massage, to Reiki, to Pranic Healing, to Face Lift Yoga…  I was first introduced to EFT when skippering a yacht in Hervey bay while playing with whales.  One of the passengers was getting sea-sick, luckily, there was an EFT practitioner on board, who quickly alleviated the ladies sea-sickness using EFT.

Later I was introduced to TFT (Thought Field Therapy/the Callahan Technique) via the “Your Wish Is Your Command” CD set and later EFT from my dear friend and business partner Sikaal Vrenson who is a master teacher. 

Since learning EFT, it has helped me immensely to clear many programs that I had in relation to success, money and wealth as well as physical issues, mainly stiff neck and shoulder.  I use EFT every single day to clear any programs associated with what I wish to create in my life and now I am passing this amazing healing system off to you.

What is “EFT”?

“EFT” stands for Emotional Freedom Technique, which is an amazingly simple yet extremely powerful, universal self-healing tool.  It is especially useful to clear emotional traumas, old patterns, addictions, as well as physical ailments that have been the result of past emotional issues.  The process of healing essentially “heals the past” by you becoming at peace with the past and with your past “trauma”.

EFT is one of the healing methods from a group of training and healing modalities known as Energy Psychology.  The most noted form of Energy Psychology is known as TFT or Thought Field Therapy or the ‘Callahan Technique’, created by psychologist Roger Callahan.  EFT evolved from TFT from one of Roger Callahan’s master students Gary Craig.

All of these systems of healing employ ‘tapping’ in specific sequences on specific energy points on energy meridians, also known as the reflexology/acupuncture/energy pathways of the human energy field.

The basis of EFT is that physical and emotional issues, life challenges and physical ailments are caused by a disruption in the body's energy system. And at the core of these disruptions are often past traumatic events and life experiences.

EFT works through the ‘tapping’ of relaxation points or anti-stress points on the body. When someone is experiencing an emotional or physical issue, a feeling of tension and stress will often be present. What EFT does, is by tapping on the anti-stress points of the body, tension and stress are replaced by relaxation and peace. This is what participants are taught in Individual EFT Sessions and EFT Courses.

Is EFT easy to learn?

Yes, EFT is very easy to learn and the basics of EFT for personal use can be learned in one day training seminars.  If you are interested in advanced training to become a practitioner, there are advanced seminars taught by my teacher Sikaal Vrenson on the Sunshine Coast.

How quickly are results achieved and are they permanent?

As you will experience in the EFT seminar, the results from using EFT are often achieved in a very short period of time and are also often permanent. At this seminar, or in individual sessions, participants are taught how to apply EFT for themselves, so that they become self-empowered to continue the journey of healing on their own.

Directions to ZaKaiRan and SheKaNah’s House: 

Directions From Gold Coast:
head south on the highway take Ocean Shores exit, quick left at roundabout and right on to old highway (don’t go into rest stop), go past South Golden Beach/New Brighton, go under pedestrian overpass, turn right under the main highway into billinudgel industrial estate, go straight and curve around industrial estate, left into billinudgel.

Directions From Byron Bay: head north on the highway past Brunswick Heads and Ocean Shores, take billinudgel exit. 

Head straight through Billinudgel, turn right when you dead end into field

Our house is exactly 5.36 kilometers from Billinudgel, so set your odometer to 0

You will cross a bridge, curve to the left on the pocket road, follow that road till you get to a 40k school zone, you’re getting close, we're right after a heap of long tall pine trees, where the sign for kids crossing is, turn right at 536, (number is on the mailbox), there’s two driveways, take the one on the right, drive down the road past the palm trees, park in the field to the right of the house.

536 the pocket rd., Billinudgel, 2483 -

Course Materials

• History and Development of EFT
• The underlying premise and possible mechanisms
• The EFT Basic Recipe
• Taking Shortcuts
• The Science Behind EFT
• Finding the Words to use
• Measuring Progress
• Aspects and the Importance of Being Specific
• The concept of Psychological Reversal & Secondary Gain
• Effects of EFT and Cognitive Shifts
• Testing for completeness
• How Traumatic Events imprint
• The Movie Technique, EFT for traumatic memories
• Handling Excessive Intensity
• EFT for an addictive craving
• EFT for aches and pains
• Approaches for working with physical symptoms
• Working with a Physician or Mental Health Professional
• What To Do When Self-Acceptance Is the Problem
• The Personal Peace Procedure
• Building Bridges to EFT

• What To Do When EFT Doesn't Work

Payments for EFT 101 - Aug 25th

Deposit for EFT 101 - $22
(refundable if you cancel within 48 hours of seminar)

Balance of EFT 101 $55
(refundable if you cancel within 48 hours of seminar)

Payments for EFT 101 - Aug 25th
GIN Member Discount

Deposit or balance of EFT 101 for GIN Members - $22
(refundable if you cancel within 48 hours of seminar)

Total amount of Seminar EFT 101 for GIN Members - $44
(refundable if you cancel within 48 hours of seminar)