Who is ZaKaiRan?

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The Top 10 Reasons

to get a Phone Session with ZaKaiRan

# 10. The ETs will come and rescue you and take you to planet love

# 9. You’ll receive 100,000 from the Emperor of Nigeria into your bank account

# 8. You’ll become immune to the Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Rhino Flu and the Brontasaurus flu

# 7. A fairy will land on your nose and tell you how magnificent you are

# 6. Your bald spot will start growing back, and your cellulite will dissolve

# 5. You’ll receive instant karmic clearing

# 4. You’ll manifest the lover of your dreams

# 3. You’ll become Enlightened and Ascend

# 2. You’ll lose 5 kilos/10pounds after a really good bowel movement

And the number one reason to get a session from ZaKaiRan

#1 You will remember your super hero powers and save the world!!!!!!



Divine Life Creation Mastery Phone Sessions
with ZaKaiRan

Imagine Being Free from your limiting beliefs,
programs, patterns and addictions,

to Easily and Gracefully Create the Prosperous and Miraculous Life you have always dreamed of !!!

Imagine Being Divinely Empowered
to manifest your heart dreams and embody your awesome magnificence!!!

Imagine Embodying 100% of your Divinity!!!

And experiencing divine bliss, centeredness, joy, fulfillment, love, abundance and empowerment –
every single day of your life!!!

This is not only possible, but gracefully obtained through simple practical meditations, decrees, activations and positive affirmations, lovingly guided by ZaKaiRan

Join ZaKaiRan and your family of Light to discover your true essence of unconditional Love and Divine Power.

Experience the Transformation of your Consciousness to complete centeredness, openness and balance,

to Actively Create Heaven in your Life and Live Heaven on Earth!!

For more information about sessions with ZaKaiRan go to:
Phone Sessions and Personal Sessions with ZaKaiRan

Session Rate: 1 Hour Session = $66 AUD / 1.5 Hour Session = $99 AUD / 2 Hour Session = $132 AUD

Sessions generally take 1.5-2 hours

U.S. equivalent variable depending on exchange rate of the day. Aussie dollar is usually less than the US dollar: 1 Hour Session = $52USD plus or minus / 1.5 Hour Session = $75USD plus or minus / 2 Hour Session = $103USD plus or minus - Exchange Rates: http://www.xe.com


Email me to Organize a Session.

02-6684-5247 / International: 61-2-6684-5247

Personal Sessions are also available for $77 per hour, (obviously it helps if we are in the same area)

Who is ZaKaiRan, what does ZaKaiRan do, and
what will I experience in a Session with ZaKaiRan?

Sessions generally take 1.5-2 hours, rarely is 1 hour sufficient for first time sessions. Subsequent session can often be 1 hour. Please use your guidance as to how much time you will need. If you are unsure, we can do the session and you can pay afterwards.

Scholarships are available to those beings who cannot afford a session. I give 1 out of every 10 sessions for free as a divine service to humanity and planet earth, but I appreciate a contribution to pay for the call if I call you, or skype is recommended.
Periodic payment arrangements and discounts are also available upon request.

All Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD)
Exchange Rates