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12:12 Christ Consciousness Activation

with ZaKaiRan

Ray 2 - the Golden Flame of Wisdom

Son/Daughter/Christ – Initiation of the Crown Chakra. Supported by Elohim Cassiopea & Minerva (Elohim of the Central Sun) and Apollo & Lumina (God Consciousness of Ray 2); Archangels Jophiel & Christine (Solar Consciousness of Ray 2); and Lord Lanto, the Chohan of Ray 2 (Christ Consciousness of Ray 2).

The numerology of the 12:12 is essentially the energy and activation of Christ Consciousness, (which is also the number 13, 12 disciples + 1). It is also a code to activate your DNA. The number 12 is symbolized as the number 3, which is the combination of 1 and 2. One “…symbolizes individuality and uniqueness, the number "2" is a symbol of cooperation and co-creation”.

1 + 1, as in the case of the 11:11 activation, made famous by Solara An-Ra, represents balance, and specifically in regards to ascension, it represents the balance and harmonization of the masculine and feminine. This divine marriage of the two polarities of life within us all, that is taking place within us and on earth, creates a fertile space for the creation of a third element - the Child, 1 + 1 +1, which is the 3 or the Christ Child, a birth we typically celebrate in the western world during December.

But the Mass of the Christ is not a celebration of only one Christ, but a celebration of the Christ we all are! We are the Christ Children beloveds! The Christ Children have been born, and the 12:12, the solstice of the 21st and Jeshua’s birthday, are celebratory marking points of our Christed nature.

The first 12:12 activation, celebrated in 1994, awakened us to the energy of the “Cosmic Christ” to help us remember that we are all Cosmic Christs, the planetary activators, here on a holy mission to bring our souls home (supported by Sai Baba, the Cosmic Christ). This 12:12 activation also activates our dormant strands of DNA, (12 strands), which is the full and complete activation of Christ Consciousness (androgyny/Angelic Consciousness), facilitated by the complete balancing and harmonization of the masculine and feminine.

This balancing of the masculine and feminine, is the healing, initiation and activation that penetrates all aspects of life, including our reconnection with Mother Earth and Father Sky. Mother Earth is truly our divine mother, the feminine presence that supports us and gives us life and sustenance, as well as being an earthly representative of the Universal Divine Mother. And Father Sky represents the father principle that guards us, watches over us, protects us, supports us, unconditionally, without judgement – represented by the Family of Light, our Divine Presences and our extraterrestrial origins.

References: sections in quotation marks courtesy of Daniel Jacob

Other references: Kerrie Oconnor, 11:11 – Solara An-Ra

This blog was written for the 2012 – The Wake Up Call! - Teleclass Series #11 with ZaKaiRan

The Co-Creation of a New Civilization of Love, Light and Unity

This Teleclass is in honor of the Christ that we all are! It is designed to activate us to our true essence of Christ Consciousness, our natural balanced androgynous state of Unconditional Love.

Part of the Teleclass will be dedicated to balancing, healing, activating and marrying our Divine Masculine and Feminine pillars of Love and Power, to conceive and birth our new Christ Child selves! (Please see past Teleclasses for masculine (power) and feminine (Love) healing and activation).

Also part of the 12:12 activation will be a healing, activation and reconnection of our dormant DNA, paving the way for the activation of the full spectrum 12 strands, (which will be facilitated through sound, guidance, codes and psychic surgery – from the Etheric Surgeons and the Archturian Light Body Activation Teams). We will also be calling upon the Galactic Christ, Lord Maitreya, who over lighted beloved Jeshua (Sananda), during his initiations upon the earth, to embody Christ Consciousness and become a Christ.

I hope you will join us for this 12:12 Activation Teleclass with ZaKaiRan and the Family of Light!

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