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2012 - the "Bendinning"

(The Beginning & The End)

The Co-Creation of the New Civilization of Light



Every being upon this earth, whether they know it or not, is here at this amazing time of transformation to co-create an entirely new amazing cooperative civilization of Love and Light.  This has always been the mission here on earth, to bring heaven to earth, to bring who and what life is on the higher dimensions of light down into this lower dimension of density. 

We have been working for literally millions of years through myriads of lifetimes towards this mission and we have co-created many amazing civilizations such as Lemuria, Atlantis & Egypt, but inevitably our intentions and creations were sabotaged by the fears of humanity or ET influences and their fears.

But we must let go of our guilt that we have failed during those lifetimes, which is not true because all of these civilizations were experiments that have helped us to gain immense wisdom for what we are now creating so that we will not make the same “mistakes” we made before.  And we are now healing our group wounds from those times.

During these great civilizations we were healing many galactic wounds and these past traumas have played out upon this planet unconsciously controlling the actions of humanity, causing them to act and react in competitive and destructive ways, but now we have reached the pinnacle of change where we are now fully empowered to transform this planet into the jewel it was meant to be without interference from forces that wish to maintain the status quo of fear, control and separation.

And you beloved love heart, have come from very far away because you heard the call from Mother Gaia, the Ascended Masters & the Agarthans, that it was time for this planet to ascend to higher planes of Love and Light. The time of competition, separation & denial is complete, we have learned all that we could from these illusions and it is now time to remember our true essences that we are immense beings of great divinity, love and compassion.

And you my Bright Big Star, you are an amazing uniquely gifted master of immense divine proportions and it is time for you to remember this so that you become the divine master that you truly are and co-create the new world of Love and Light that you have come to this planet to create - using your divine gifts, your mastery and your divine essence of Love as your tools of trade. It is time to lick your wounds, to let go of the past and move forward knowing that all experiences are divine and at no time were you ever a victim and at no time has the planet ever been a victim, but we have all been willing participants in the game of unworthiness and separation. It is a divine game where immense soul growth is garnered from the intensely emotional experiences of these illusions. You are an amazing master and it is now time to recognize that fact and put this mastery into practice to guide your fellow broStars and siStars upon the earth to remember their awesome magnificence and help them remember why they have come to this planet.

Do not be disheartened by the destruction still taking place upon earth, this is merely the souls wishing to capitalize upon the minimal amount of time left to them to play with the games of separation, lack and unworthiness. Soon beloved ones, even the most recalcitrant souls will surrender to their divine nature and will remember that they are Love and Light and they will desperately need your guidance and support because upon their awakening they will experience immense guilt and shame because of their behavior that they will judge to be unredeemable, but you will not judge or condemn them because you know that all is divine and all is God-Goddess expressing itself in the myriads of possibilities. You will not act like a judging God but will be a compassionate God-Goddess.

Nothing that anyone has ever done or will do is judged by God-Goddess because everything and everyone is God-Goddess and why would God-Goddess judge itself? Every single act of aggression that has ever been perpetrated, no matter how small or how large has been God-Goddess expressing itself through that experience and was all for purposeful good for the souls to learn from their experience and for All-That-Is to learn more about itself. And now it is time to learn from our past rather than repeating it over and over again because of the beliefs and programs that say reality is a certain way and always has been a certain way and always will be a certain way. Yes, reality has repeated itself in similar ways over and over again, but only because we have re-created it that way over and over again based on our beliefs and programs. There is no over-lording force that is forcing this reality upon us, we are the sole/soul creators of our reality and we now have the amazing chance to co-create the amazing heavenly reality that we have all come to this planet to create.

Whatever reality you can imagine in your hearts, that is what you have come here to create and you can and will create it! We are indeed the creators of reality; that is how powerful we truly are, we are in control here, we are masters of reality creation, we just forgot this fact. Through our lifetimes of limitation we have become great masters of the creation of limitation, but now we must become masters of the creation Love, Abundance and Joy!

I repeat, you and I are in control here and luckily we are supported by a huge support team of Angels and Ascended Masters who have been rooting for us for millennia and who have never lost faith in us that we could pull ourselves out of the mud and forgive ourselves for separating ourselves from God and remember that we are all Gods, Goddesses and the Christ! We are the trinity of divinity beloveds, we are not just ignorant defiant little brats doing whatever we want, trying to act like we are gods, like the Gods that we have admired and wished to become, we are the Gods that we have prayed to for millennia, we are the Goddesses we have worshiped for giving us such immense beauty and bounty, and we are the Christ, the saviors of the planet, the saviors of our own souls.

This is what the masters Jeshua and Buddha and the countless other enlightened masters have always tried to show us, that we are those enlightened masters too, we are the sons and daughters of God, we just forgot that fact, and we chose to forget, we chose to have amnesia so that we could play the game of separation and unworthiness, and what a great game it has been, but now it is time to play the new game of Love, Light and Unity, to remember that we are all ONE, that there never was any separation, it was just an illusion, just a fantasy, and what an amazing experience it has been because being “separate” in bodies, through experiencing life as individual souls, we have experienced the paradox of separation and oneness at the very same time!

This is the paradox of reality we have created for ourselves here on earth and what a great paradox it is, something that our human minds struggle with immensely, but the paradox that unity and separation go hand in hand is no big deal for the higher mind and we are helping our fellow broStars and siStars to ascend in consciousness to be able to feel this divine reality and to forgive themselves for hurting others, the planet, the plants, the animals…, to enter a perfect state of balance where they are centered in their open expanded love hearts, open to miraculous possibilities. Miracles happen beloveds and you are going to start seeing miracles upon miracles occurring on this planet on a daily and hourly basis to the point where miracles will become average every day life and not something that you only see in the movies.

You are a miracle beloved magic heart! You are an amazing divine expression of heavenly beauty! You are more amazing than you currently have the capacity to realize and as we head in to 2012 and beyond, into the new civilization of light, you will remember this fact more and more every day and not be afraid of it or try to repress it and every moment you will embody more and more of your awesome magnificence and this will be easily done through divine grace and the divine support available to you, all that is needed is for you to spend a little time within yourself every day and acknowledge and energize your divine purpose and call upon your God-Goddess Presence to merge with you and to guide your life and listen and receive! The doorway is in your heart beloveds! Then live this divine purpose and follow this inner guidance to the best of your ability by doing what your heart knows is the right thing to do and the right thing to say, no matter what your fears say otherwise. Follow your hearts beloveds and your Divine Presence will lead the way to the promised land!

Stay focused on the Vision of Heaven on Earth beloveds so that you are not distracted by the tricks that big brother uses so that you will focus on consumerism, lack, fear and competition. Stay intently focused upon your divine mission, centered in your divine essence and you will create immense beauty all around you! Stay focused upon what is real, not upon the illusions of doubt, shame & guilt, these are just reactions and feelings, but just because they can be felt does not make them real, they are just something to experience or not, something to learn from or not, and we have learned a lot from these illusions but now it is time to learn from what is real, and what is real is Love, Truth, Joy, Caring, Generosity & Compassion, games that are whole lot more fun to play! You are these virtues; they are an innate part of your divine essence! Your essence is not anything negative, there is no such thing as evil, no one is bad or has ever done anything bad, but we have all played the games of darkness, bad and evil and what a fun game it has been! But now we can all be the good witches of the north rather than the bad witches of the east and have a lot of fun doing it!

So beloved hearts, what is going to happen in 2012 and beyond? Well the question is not what is going to happen, but what do you want to happen and what are you going create here on earth through the expression of the Love in your Heart and the Light in your Soul! 2012 is not the end of the world it is the beginning, it is certainly the end of the world as we know it and it is absolutely the beginning of a completely new world, the 7th Golden Age that we have all come to this planet to create together. We all carry the blueprint of this amazing civilization in our etheric bodies which is held for us by the Ascended Masters and by Alcyone our Central Sun, and now it is time to start building this new world from this blueprint that is based in Love and Unity with the immense support we all have available to us to accomplish this mission.

All is forgiven, grace has arrived and every soul is granted complete karmic absolution, should they choose to accept it! The divine decree has been sounded, all negative external influences are to remove themselves immediately or be removed and most of these influences are realizing their divinity and the divine plan, and are now supporting this change, so the rest is up to us! So the question to ask yourself is, what can I do in my life to co-create heaven on earth? How can I assist my fellow broStars and siStars to awaken to their divinity? How can I support Mother Earth to flourish and be healthy? How can I support my plant and animal family to flourish and be healthy? And then start doing it!

We are with you beloved yummy hearts, we are watching you and supporting you in every possible way that we can and we wholeheartedly welcome your calls for support, we can only help you if you call for us to help you and when you do call for us we can assure you that we will always be there for you - your wish is our command! We honor you for the divine light that you truly are and for accepting this divine mission of the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth and we bless you on your journeys of awakening to your awesome magnificence and we look forward to co-creating this amazing new world with you and the celebration of the marriage of Heaven and Earth!

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!


I AM ZaKaiRan




the Agarthans are an enlightened race of beings that live in a network of subterranean cities below the surface of earth. They are “human” type beings that exist in unity consciousness that came from the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. Most of these beings are literally thousands of years old and who communicate regularly with the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federations regarding enlightenment of humanity and the co-creation of heaven on earth. The capital of Agartha is Telos at the base of Mt. Shasta in Northern California. At some point in time, the Agarthans, with the support of the Galactic Federation, will directly help us to not only grow in consciousness to a more enlightened state, but also to grow as a civilization into the amazing civilization that we are destined to become.

Ascended Masters: The Ascended Masters are beings of light that have experienced many lifetimes upon earth who have reached an enlightened state of consciousness through divine expression and compassion and who have ascended to the higher dimensions of light to help humanity to re-awaken to their divinity from these higher planes of consciousness. They are the liaisons between the hierarchy of Angels, Elohim, etc. and this planet that directs the evolvement of the human species, this planet, solar system, galaxy...  For more about the Ascended Masters go to these links: Ascended Master Pictures, Who are the Ascended Masters


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