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2012 – The Mergency!

The Co-Creation of a New Civilization of Love, Light and Unity

By ZaKaiRan


The Countdown has Begun!

The countdown has begun, in less than a year we enter 2012, the year prophesied as the beginning of a new era of cooperation and enlightenment – the beginning of a completely new civilization of light

Are you ready for the coming changes? Are you charged up and ready to do powerful work, or are you still integrating and balancing the past?

Do you have faith that we can truly create this new world?

What about earth changes and financial collapse? Are you ready for the complete collapse of the old exploitative, competitive, lack oriented financial structure to transform into a completely new system of cooperative finance and prosperity for all?

Are you ready to completely shift your reality to an entirely new way of thinking, being and acting?

Are you ready to be a leader?

The world is currently being led by ignorant power addicted fools who suffer from feeling disconnected from love, divinity and truth, and finally people are losing their faith in these “leaders”. Eventually people will need new leaders as they step more and more into their own sovereignty and power and will develop a strong desire to guide themselves from their own divine presence, rather than giving their power away to helpless powerless “leaders”, as this happens, you as a master, will naturally be directed by your Spirit to show them the way, the question is, are you ready?

Are you centered, balanced and empowered enough to lead the way, to be “the Way, the Truth and the Light?” Or do you not have enough faith and confidence in your mastery? Do you feel unworthy to be a leader? Do you have aspects and programs that say that using power is wrong, bad, evil…, and you will become corrupt? Or perhaps you do not feel sufficiently connected to your Divine Spirit, your I AM Presence, to guide yourself?

Maybe you just don’t feel ready? Well, what will it take for you to be ready?

I can assure you that if you are reading these words, you are ready! You are ready to be a leader and you are ready to be fuly guided in profound ways, by your Divine Spirit and to empower others to be guided by their/our Spirits!

You are awake, and you have done amazing work so far to enlighten and activate your consciousness to your true divine potential! You still may not feel completely activated and empowered, but it does not matter because it is a journey beloved, and you will grow as you teach, and everything that you have done so far to bring yourself into presence is absolute gold and fully lights the pathway for others to follow. You have worked hard on this and other lifetimes to be a leader, to be a way shower, to shine your light for others to see the yellow brick road, to see beyond the entrancing illusion of human consciousness to the emerald city. It is time to take responsibility for the fact that you are here to lead the children to the promised land, you are moses and mosette and it is time to accept your divine mission and be a leader, to be the master you truly are and speak and act with divine authority!

It is time to let go of your beliefs and programs in your unworthiness!

You are an amazing master of love-light – it is time to start acting like it

With a Little Help from my Friends

We are all in this together and absolutely everyone, no matter what their level of awakening and mastery - needs help from their friends. We are all Orpheus and Neos, helping each other to wake up and see beyond the matrix of illusion; you have woken up to your divinity much sooner than 99% of the rest of humanity and it is your natural divine duty to help others wakeup to theirs. Accept this divine mission now! Accept your Divine Mission! Accept your responsibility as a leader of souls! You are the Messiah, the Savior of humanity!!!!! It is done! (And fortunately for us all, we do not have to die for anyone’s sins, because everyone is responsible for their own redemption.)

Now the next question of course is, “how do I help my other broStars and siStars on earth to wake up to their amazing divinity, especially when I hardly feel awake myself? Well, this is the million dollar question and the question that leads you to your specific mission, your specific part to play in this mass journey of awakening. Every person has a specific natural way of being and acting, each person has specific bias and way of thinking and feeling; each person carries within them, a unique spiritual essence and divine function, and the journey of mastery is clearing the pathway for yourself to be this divine master. This is where I come in and where other masters who have come before you come in, to help you, to show you the way, to point you in the right direction to your own mastery.

We are all one, so what I have done and my wisdom is available to you through divine resonance. But at the same time, we are all having individual experiences, so only you and your own divine Spirit can truly guide you, but we have “the sight”, so we can receive from your Spirit and from “Great Spirit” (All-That-Is), what is a good direction to point you towards and what energies, beliefs, patterns, etc., might be blocking your pathway. We are here like beloved Ganesh to help remove the obstacles from your pathway, to heal what is hindering your forward movement; we are a light that illuminates those aspects of yourself that wish to remain hidden; we are here to support you, just as you are here to support us and others!

We all in this together baby and we can plork (play/work) together and create ease and joy in our lives or we can fight each other because our fears and pain dictate that this is the right way to act – it is our choice. This is the choice for everyone on earth: choose love or hate, choose cooperation or competition, choose lack or abundance…, but the time of choice between these polarities is now extremely limited – the old world of lack, competition, fear, control and separation is dying and a new era and new world is being born - an age of light where the choice to live in denial of your divinity and repress your love, will be impossible! Soon the world will be so filled with love that only the most recalcitrant souls will be able to continue living in the old world matrix, and they will congregate in little pockets on the planet while the rest of the world moves steadily onward into the complete manifestation of Heaven on Earth. And we will no longer judge those souls that still wish to play the games of separation, who still wish to act aggressively to repress their suffering from this pain of separation and their feelings of unworthiness and powerlessness, we will instead have compassion for their suffering and see them for the Christ Children that they truly are, always doing whatever can be done to guide them to their divinity, and eventually even the most resistant souls will forgive themselves and awaken to their divine magnificence!

The Time is Now Beloved! It is time to wake up to your divinity and accept the fact that you are an amazing master of love-light! It is time for you to be this master and live this mastery here on earth, now, every day and in every way! It is Time Beloved to light the torch of your heart and show the way for your broStars and siStars to follow to the Promised Land!

Be Heaven! Live Heaven! Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

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2012 – The Mergency!
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