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4 Steps to Success!

How to Make a Living… Living Life!

by ZaKaiRan



Starting from childhood and having very adventurous parents, I have been blessed to have travelled around the world most of my life.  But it didn’t occur to me, until a few years ago, that I could make a living in the largest industry on planet earth, showing people how to travel the world and tick off their LIFE-LIST now, rather than waiting until they are 65 to tick off their “bucket list”.

Travel and freedom have always been my top passions in life.  No matter what business I did, my number one dream behind everything, was the burning desire for freedom, to be able to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

And it took countless adventures to the Caribbean, Europe, the USA, Mexico, and sailing around Australia and the South Pacific, snorkeling, diving the Great Barrier Reef, swimming with whales, and spiritual retreats to exotic places like Hawaii, to finally figure out that what I wanted most in my life, was to have the freedom to travel whenever and wherever I wanted.  And to have the financial freedom and time freedom to do it.

And luckily a very good friend of mine showed me a way to have it!  Most people wouldn’t even believe that freedom is possible, because they don’t believe they are worthy of freedom.  And they don’t believe that freedom is even possible for them.  Or, they believe that freedom is only for the chosen few!  But freedom is everyone’s birth-right, and you can be, do and have whatever you want, if you decide that you want it and you take action towards its achievement!

It’s like our founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Wayne Nugent said in his response to the skeptical response of, “This sounds too good to be true!”  Where he responded, “That’s right, we made it that way!”

And now my life has become “too-good-to-be-true”!  And your life can become “too-good-to-be-true”!  You can have a life where all of your friends are always amazed at how joyful, adventurous and prosperous your life is.  And your friends are envious that you and your family are going on another holiday, and another vacation, to another exotic place on this amazing earth!  And they wonder how you are able to find the time and the money to do it.

Your life can be a charmed one, where everything always goes your way, and everything in your life just gets better and better and better.  But first you must choose this kind of life for yourself!  You must decide that joy, fun, love, health and prosperity are your birth-right!  And you must realize that you have been given the freedom and the power to create these gifts!

Step 1) Decide!

First you must decide that you can be, do and have whatever you want!  You must decide that you are going to win!  You must decide that you are going to Succeed – no matter what! 

Decide you are going to Travel the World!  Decide that you are going to achieve your dreams!  Decide you are going to be happy, healthy and wealthy!  Decide you are going to be free, to do what you want whenever you want! 

Decide you are going to become rich, to be completely financially free!  And then, figure out exactly how much money you need, coming in every month, (passively, with or without your direct involvement), to pay all of your expenses and give you enough extra money to play with! 

The word decide means: to cut off all other choices and distractions!  You have decided!  It is done!  There is no going back!  I am committed!  That is it!  And I will never give up!

Make a decision, and then line up with it!  Or, make a freaking decision already! 

There is nothing more frustrating than an uncommitted indecisive person!  These people struggle their whole lives because they can never make a decision, because the pain from making no decision and taking no action, seems to be less than the fear and the pain they imagine from taking action, making a decision, and then, possibly making a mistake, failing, struggling, losing money, or being rejected, ridiculed, etc., by their supposed friends and family.

Step 2) What is your WHY?  What is your Dream? 

The next step is to get clear on your WHY!  What is your Dream?  Why must you succeed?  Why must you become rich?  Why must you become financially free?  Do you want to empower people?  Do you want to become a successful artist, musician, scientist, actor, athlete…?  What is your Dream?

Your WHY, will give you an unquenchable burning desire for the achievement of your dreams!  And with that unquenchable desire, it is guaranteed, that in due time, you will succeed!

Step 3) Action

(Daily Action and Alignment Steps)

The next step is to take action towards the achievement of your Dreams!  That does not mean you run around like a chicken with your head cut off!  The best kind of action is inspired action!  And inspired action comes from having a strong WHY!

And that action is not a quantum leap!  The journey of success is one step at a time.  No one ever teleported to success!  Every single person who succeeded at anything walked that road to success - one step at a time!

Take daily success-action-steps towards the achievement of your dreams!  Align your thoughts and vibration to your dreams and desires on a daily basis through meditation, affirmations, success books and audios, etc.

Step 4) Passive Income Business

(Build your fortune part-time, while you work your job full-time)

In order to create the Financial Freedom you desire, to have the time freedom you desire to pursue your dreams, it is imperative that you commit to creating an easily duplicable, residual passive-income business, that is fun and contributes toward the upliftment of others.  Like helping people have more fun and freedom in their lives.

A business where you have the power of the master-mind, where you work together as a family for your mutual success.  Because the only way to truly succeed, is to have fun working and playing together.  We did not come to earth to be alone!  we came here to play with other masters!

You can try to walk the road of success alone, but it will be lonely and no fun, and you will struggle and fail miserably!  

Or, you can walk on a road with like-minded people who will pick you up when you fall.  And even better, with those same people, by working and playing together, you can all climb on a fun ship together to get to success much faster than walking.

And I would be very honored and overjoyed to show you that ship of fun, freedom and fulfillment, that will take us all to the emerald city!  That will take us all to freedom!

And we will all have amazing abundant joyful adventurous lives!  And we will have a lot of fun doing it together.

So, are you with me?  The ship of fun is leaving!  Are you coming on board? 

Are your ready for more fun, freedom and fulfillment in your life? 

You have absolutely nothing to lose except struggle and lack, and you have everything to gain, including ease and prosperity! 

So, take action now because tomorrow never comes! 

Some day is the road to nowhere!

You have nothing to lose and the entire world to gain!

Contact me now and let’s show you how to make your dreams come true! 

Contact me now and let’s show you how to have more fun, freedom and fulfillment in your life!

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And let’s get you on the road of freedom!

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Let’s show you how to travel the world and tick off your LIFE-LIST now, rather than waiting until you are 65 to tick off your “buckets list”.

Infinite Blessings!



The Purpose of Life is JOY!

And the Basis of Life is FREEDOM!

And your life can be a charmed, magical, prosperous and fulfilling one,
if you accept your birth right of Joy and Freedom!  

Your life can be one of immense happiness, health and wealth, if you are willing to be coachable and teachable, and willing to apply the principles of success, on a daily basis!

You can be, do and have, whatever you want in life, if you choose to settle for nothing less than utter and complete Joy and Freedom!

What is your Dream? 

Do you want to inspire and empower people?
Do you want to Get out of debt?  Do you want your own house?  A new car? 

Is your dream to fire your boss, have your own business and create Financial Freedom for yourself?

Maybe your dream is to have Time freedom so that you can spend more time with your family and do whatever you want whenever you want? 

Maybe you want better relationships?  A more loving partner?  Or, maybe a lover?

Or, do you want the time and money to travel the world, and visit amazing places all around this planet?

Maybe your dream is to pursue a creative endeavor, like being an actor, or a writer, or a singer, or a dancer, or an artist, or a professional athlete…

Whatever your dream is…
you can be, do or have it! 

But you need to remember and apply the keys of creation to manifest these desires into physical reality. 

And you need a vehicle that will help you manifest your dreams.

And you must learn the keys of how to master the Law of Attraction. 

You must learn how to think positively with laser-like focus about what you want, not on what you don’t want.

You must learn how to follow your own infallible self-guidance system that will guide you the entire way to creating what you want in your life. 

And I am very happy to show you how to follow that infallible self-guidance system to manifest your hopes, dreams and desires, with a

FREE Guidance and Coaching Session!

Along with this free guidance and coaching session,
you will also be shown an absolutely amazing platform of Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment,
that will help you create the abundance you need,
to have the freedom you desire and help you achieve your dreams!

This offer of a FREE session, is also available on an on-going basis, but only if you are truly teachable and coachable!  And you show me that you are actively committed to creating the joy and freedom you desire, without excuses for why you can’t have it!

If you meet these qualifications, and you are truly open, teachable, coachable, passionate and committed to achieving your dreams of financial freedom, then I will support you on a long-term basis, with periodical free guidance and coaching, to BE, DO and HAVE, whatever you desire to create in your life. 

So, future champion, if you lock arms with me and you truly commit to creating the freedom you desire,
you will create a completely abundant, magical, joyful, healthy, happy, loving
and fulfilling life for you and your family!

So, if you want more out of life than working for 40 hours a week, for 40 years of your life, only to retire on 40% less pay than what you received while working…

And if your dream is to create a life of Fun, Freedom & Fulfillment,
where every day is a holiday
and you have the time and money to do whatever you want, whenever you want,
and all you do is pursue your dreams…

And let's schedule your first
FREE Guidance and Coaching Session!


And let's get you on the Road to Freedom!




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