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911 Emergency - The Paradox



Life on planet earth is a paradox - because we have been given the gift of free-will and the ability to create reality as the Gods and Goddesses that we are. We have the ability to create heaven or hell, or any reality in between. This is always your choice, heaven or hell. Which reality do you prefer to create?

This is an example of my preferred choice. During the year of September 11th 2001, while the rest of the world was reeling in the manifestation of hell consciousness, I was experiencing a reality completely different.

Every year for the past 5 years I have been involved with a group of friends that organize trips aboard a sail boat with the Humpback Whales of Hervey Bay, during their migration north and then south again after the Antarctica winter has passed. Every year on their way back from the Great Barrier Reef, our Cetacean friends converge on Hervey Bay for communion together, and with us humans. So many whales converge here, we call it sailing in "whale soup". We go to see them and they also come to see us, as they know that we are their brothers and sisters. There are of course also many dolphins and other lovely water creatures (if we're blessed enough to see them and feel them), including: turtles, dugongs, minke whales…

The profound experiences I have had over the years have been countless, and it gets better every year as I open my heart more and more. And my connection and communion with the beautiful whales has grown immensely with every new year, to the point where I can truly call them my friends. And I know and feel how totally unconditionally loving they truly are. They have graciously allowed themselves to be slaughtered by us, yet they hold no resentment, and commune with us in peace, always loving us unconditionally no matter what. These trips are always transformational for people as their hearts and minds are awoken to the gifts offered by these awesome beings, and living on the ocean in conscious intimate community with other awake family members. No one ever leaves a trip without being completely changed.

On September 11, we were half way into another blissful and exciting week with these gentle giants. There was surprisingly no other boats that we could see in the bay. We just thought that because we were very high up in the bay that all the whale watching boats were south. We just relished in having the bay to ourselves and sailed a good part of the day with 3 very active whales, one of which was breeching continually for hours. It is always amazing to see a 6 ton creature propel itself into the air and splash back down into the water, which is somewhat rare. I had rarely seen a whale breech, and this one was doing it non-stop. It was truly wonderful. I took at least 3 rolls of film and we had a ball.

After a while we sailed to the tip of Fraser island for some land/sand frolic. We visited the sand dunes and the light house there, and read the history of the families that lived in this remote outpost and tended this light house in the early days of colonization. Eventually we went back to our boat to sail around the corner of the island for the evening. We finally arrived in the dark (which would have been the day time for the US). The water was completely still, like glass. The night-sky was cloudless and full of bright clear stars. Immediately we could hear dolphins all around us, but it was dark so we couldn't see them. We set our anchor and then we all heard funny noises, we then realized that we were hearing whale song in the air. You can usually hear whales singing if you dive under water a few feet, and can often hear them through the hull of the boat, but we were hearing them in the open air. This was utterly amazing, to say the least.

We then heard a whale blow, we had a whale or whales around our boat. Most of the evening we were surrounded by dolphins, (hearing their blows) and surrounded by schools of fish. And often hearing a whale blow. For extra strength you could put your ear to the hull of the boat. We could hear the whales singing all night. It was especially strong inside the boat, so we were being serenaded all night by whale song while we slept. The stillness was sublime. The communion profound. It was absolutely magical. It was pure heaven. (My puny descriptions do not accurately describe how wonderful it was, and always is communing with the whales, and the dolphins, and the ocean…) The next morning a mother and calf cruised right by us on there way out of the bay back down the coast to Antarctica. Our magical adventure continued, all of us blissfully unaware of any problems ashore.

This was our experience of September 11th, one day before my birthday. We have often joked about the fact that while we are sailing, the rest of the world could be ending and we wouldn't even know it. Thankfully, there is no land news on the VHF radio, (being strictly for boat traffic and weather reports). When you are sailing on the ocean, especially with the whales, life on the land becomes a foreign world far far away; in another dimension; another space; another time. So we had no idea of the tragedy that had occurred in New York. We didn't find out till days later. When I had returned, a friend of mine joked that, "candles on a cake weren't enough for you".

This is the paradox of life on planet earth - you can choose whatever reality you prefer; there are many worlds within the one world, within the "one" reality. You can choose heaven, or you can choose hell. I personally choose heaven. My experience is proof that it is possible no matter what anyone will tell you. "Heaven on Earth" is available here and now, all it takes is for you and everyone here and now, to decide that - "Heaven on Earth is what I want, and I will settle for nothing less than that!" - and live this reality passionately with the fire of your Divine Spirit.

I offer you this choice with infinite amounts of unconditional whale Love and whale shnuggles,

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

I Am ZaKaiRan

(Note: 911 is the emergency number in the U.S.)

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