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Accepting your Divine Power

As a Powerful Master and Creator of Reality

Reality Shifting and Conscious Reality Creation in synchronicity with the Divine Plan

To Easily and Gracefully Shift and ReCreate Reality to its Divine Potential

You are a Miraculous Powerful Master of healing, guidance, energy acceleration and Reality Creation. You did not come to this planet to struggle and suffer, you are here to experience the joy, wisdom, power and love of your amazing magnificence and with this divinity and mastery, create an entirely new world of cooperation, oneness, joy, health, prosperity, light and love.

To accomplish this, we all have in our Ascension Toolboxes, the gift to create and re-create reality and the ability to shift from one reality or time-line, to another at will. We have the ability to refocus our attention on what we do want, rather than what we don’t want, and leave the old time-line of destruction, lack, unworthiness, lack, control and fear, and shift planetary consciousness and reality, to a new time-line/reality (of the New Earth) of creation, prosperity and abundance, that goes into full swing in 2012.

Will and Choice

To create this world, we must accept this Divine Power that we all posses as individual Gods and Goddesses! The power resides in us through our consciousness, our love and our ability to channel divine light, love and frequency. And our creative control, or ability to create reality consciously, is based upon our ability to focus our attention, energy and personal will. Where you place your attention is what you will create more of, positive or negative - it is your choice. And it is your choice, to create any reality you desire, instantly and miraculously, by creating it strongly, passionately and gratefully, within your consciousness first, then this inner reality manifests as an outer reality.

At this time on planet earth, there are huge increases in the levels of light emanating from the Family of Light, from the Light Plorkers (players/workers) and Mother Earth, that are facilitating quantum shifts towards goodness, divinity and prosperity. At the same time, there are dark forces that wish to maintain the status quo. They wish for humanity’s attention to remain focused upon fear, negativity, lack and competition, even though it should be obvious to anyone that these paradigms days are numbered. Plain and simply, this old timeline and “reality” of fear and separation is dying, and these forces of control know it, so they are working their booties off to maintain their empires of power and control by keeping us focused upon fear and lack, because they know that this attention maintains their “reality” of control, because control is all about fear, hence the continual recreation of new things to fear by the politicians, pharmaceutical companies, corporations and media to maintain their empires of greed.

Now we even have to fear exploding underwear and be X rayed or groped to make sure we don’t have nuclear undies. Unfortunately humanity does not see the cosmic joke in this tragic comedy of fear, the insane rampant manipulation and control by the forces of darkness is so blatant that a person has to be in serious denial to not see what is really going on here. The point is, we do not have to play their game of fear, we can play our own game of love, fun, oneness and joy!

My Personal Plan or Let’s All Get Naked

My personal plan, when I next travel in the U.S., (aka fear central), when I get up to the security screening area, is to take my clothes off, which will make it very clear to everyone that I don’t have exploding underwear, especially since I do not wear underwear. If we all get naked at the security gates, then there will be no need for anything to be feared and no need for scans of any kind… But the real point is that we need to start living life with nothing to hide – let’s all get naked, that will loosen things up a bit and take their power of control through fear away!

The truth is they have no real power, it is only a power that is given to them by humanity, who believe that they are disconnected from God, divine power, truth, love, energy, etc. and who believe that fear is real and there are bad guys out there trying to steal from us and kill us, and who feel helpless and powerless, so they give their power away to others, especially those who want power.

This is an unconditionally loving universe that has given each one of us free will and the ability, through our focus, attention and choice, to create whatever reality we desire. The forces of control don’t want us to remember this truth, and want us to continue experiencing a reality of helplessness, powerlessness and unworthiness, where we need the authorities to show us how to live. But we all know exactly how to live! We are all amazing holy divine masters, (we are not sinful creatures), and we have the divine power to create heaven in our lives and co-create heaven on earth!

There is nothing to fear beloveds, and regardless of what reality people wish to continue creating – we have the power to choose and create another reality. Divine Will is in our hands, we have the power to unite as one and create a new world that is loving and kind, and cares for every creature, great and small.

It is time to accept your Divine Power!

Infinite blessings on your Journey of Empowerment!


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