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Angels and ET's



The Mission

Mission details for ETs and Angels - go deep asleep, get into the illusion as deep as we can, forgetting any semblance of who we are, so when we wake up and pull out of the consensus reality - we totally dismantle this "reality" of illusion, separation and denial.

Have you considered the possibility that you are an Angel, or that you are an Extraterrestrial? Maybe friends have told you how alien you are or how angelic you are, they may be confirming what you truly are. Perhaps you have never felt human even though you were in a human body. Many of you have gone beyond just considering the possibility that you are an ET or an Angel to the acknowledgement that you are 'in fact' one of these identities. You might also be an ET/Angel.

The Angels

What is an Angel? In general, with out exploring the different types of Angels and their specific jobs on a celestial level, (please refer to the Urantia Book if you would like these details), - Angels carry the frequency of never having been separate from All That Is. This reality of complete oneness with All That Is is how they operate dimensionally in all realms of reality. In this reality of limitation, they assist humanity, by emanating this reality of oneness to us through us and around us.

Angels do not usually inhabit bodies, when they do it is very special. They will usually only inhabit bodies at very specific times when extreme measures are needed, like transitioning a planet to higher levels of consciousness, or shifting it out of high levels of darkness. This is requested by the planet for its ascension and of course these angels volunteer for the job. The last census I received was that there were roughly 30 thousand Angels inhabiting human bodies on planet earth, although this number probably has increased by now. Angel beings are very special and emanate pure love and oneness with All That Is whether they are aware of it or not. This is their job and when they get in a body they carry this reality with them.

Because of this orientation of pure oneness, they naturally take on the worst that this planet can dish out as far as limitation and density is concerned. They usually put themselves into neglectful and abusive families and will quite often take upon themselves sexual abuse - one of the most dividing things you can have in this system, especially as a child. They do this because separation is alien and unnatural to them - they must be taught about separation and denial of divinity. They must also put themselves into dense situations in order to be able to stay here. Because they are so light and operate from the natural state of oneness, they would not be able to maintain the density needed to stay in a body. So they surround themselves with low vibratory energy and become very immersed into this distorted reality so that they can adopt very limited belief structures in order to maintain the density level needed to play this game called separation. They also do this because this is a very efficient way to lighten density. You immerse yourself deep into it and then as you awaken and enlighten yourself, the structures of limitation that you have adopted become enlightened to higher potentials. So typically angels go deep asleep, getting as deep and dense as they can so they can be convinced that separation really exists, if they were not convinced they could not be here.

So Angels tend to have to put up with a lot of shit from beings who are primarily operating from a lower vibratory reality of separation because if you are someone vibrating completely in oneness and you are with someone vibrating in separation, their system polarizes and goes deeper into the separation. The light undermines the reality of the darkness and the typical pattern of resistance to love emerges. All aspects of the beingness that are not loved must arise and be enlightened in the presence of the light, and this oneness brings up all aspects of the beingness that are in separation and denial. They react in anger and do the typical human pattern of projection, they will hate you and will come up with the first thing that their fear based ego mental structure can come up with to blame you for what they are feeling.

Angels can also put themselves in very dense areas of the planet in very dense countries under very dense dictatorial or war torn situations. They may become street gang members or other militant groups. When these Angels that are dug in so deep wake up, they transmute extremely dark ways of being, a huge service for the planet. They are true Guardians of Humanity with or without bodies.

The ET's

Who are the ET's? Extraterrestrials usually bring with them an experience of their specific species type that they originate from, or the many species types that they have embodied and experienced on different planets and dimensional realms. If they are transition member ETs, their orientation will be based on the high vibratory bias of the enlightened species that they represent. They are the away mission members from those Universes and planets of light. These ET's maintain contact on a dimensional energetic and usually unconscious level with their specific Universe, planet and species of origin. They will be extremely experienced at the physical reality game, (unlike Angels), and at enlightening denser energies - these are the Ascension experts, experts at manifesting their light bodies into their body of current usage and at assisting others in manifesting theirs. They will usually be fascinated by space and UFOs, and will naturally believe in their obvious reality.

Some ET's may also carry that frequency of having never been separate from All That Is, these are the ET/Angels and you may be one. An ET/Angel is a being whose original creation and orientation is of an angel. ET/Angels are those beings who similar to ET's, are very experienced at physical reality, light body, and Ascension. These are beings who have incarnated into many different species types of bodies on many planets and dimensional realms. So these beings would have an Extraterrestrial orientation and perhaps awareness of Universal planetary origins but an original orientation of oneness. If they looked further they would remember their Angelic beginnings and their natural awareness of Oneness with All That Is.

Be the ET, Angelic or Human Master that you truly are!

Blessings on your Journey of Awakening



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