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Angels and the Universe Aids



Everyone in the Grand Universe of All That Is was created by someone higher than themselves; the Universal Father did not personally create you, you were created by someone who was created by someone who was created by someone etc., descending through the cosmos from the Universal Father through the spiritual beings to morontia beings, to your father who created you (consciousness-you, not the body you), a spiritual lineage, similar to how your physical form was created through a genetic lineage. (The Morontia level of existence is one level above material existence, closer to what I would call light body; a realm where there is no separation, oneness is natural and the norm; the next level would be pure spirit without any degree of form)

We each have a mother and a father, your father could be referred to as your higher self, although this is an inaccurate description because your father is not you, you are his offspring. You can of course be created directly from your mother. With this in mind you can see that every single being ever created is related to you; you have an infinite amount of brothers and sisters.

Now with this creation origin perspective I will try to give you an accurate perspective on angels and their position and duties in the scheme of things in the grand universe. To do so I must include other groups of beings that serve in similar capacities that angels do - mainly the ascension of planets and universes.

Generally beings are classified by their origin - either being triune-origin, dual-origin, or single-origin beings. In other words being created by a combination of the Trinity of Father, Son and Universal Mother Spirit. I will skip down the scale past the highest orders of Divinity - the triune origin beings, (beings that originated and make up the administration of the Grand Universe), arriving to the descending orders, (beings that descend their essence to function within local universes and finally the material level on planets - we are similarly classified), to a few of the universe aids (dual-origin beings) serving local universe administration and finally to some of the single-origin beings, the Angels (the ministering spirits).

The Universe Aids - Descending Sons/Daughers of God
Creator Sons
Bright and Morning Stars
Father Melchizedeks
The Melchizedeks
The Varondadeks
The Lanondadeks
The Brilliant Evening Stars
The Archangels

There are vast amounts of different orders between the Archangels and the Angels but I cannot explore any of these beings in this article. So we now jump way down the scale again very close to material man - to the Angels.


The Orders of Angels - The Ministering Spirits of the Grand Universe
Tertiaphim Ministering Spirits of the Central and Super Universes
Cherubim Ministering Spirits of local Universes
Midway Creatures (Midwayers)


The Creator Son

Our Creator Son Michael is the personification of the original identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. Michael has experienced all three phases of existence: Spiritual, morontial and material. Michael functions as the sovereign of this local universe.

The Universal Father does not personally function in the administrative affairs of a local universe. These matters are entrusted to the Creator Son and the local universe Mother Spirit and their manifold children. Michael is the creator son for this universe. He possesses all of the divine attributes of the Eternal Son, part of the trinity with the Universal Father and the Infinite Spirit. He also represents and embodies the personality presence of the Universal Father to and in this local universe. He ever represents the Father-Son part of the trinity. Michael is the personal sovereign of this universe, but in all details of its management the Universal Mother Spirit is co-director with the son, with equality of authority in all the affairs of the realm.

In all his work of love and life bestowal the Creator Son is always and ever perfectly sustained and ably assisted by the all-wise and ever-faithful Universe Mother Spirit and by here diversified retinue of angelic personalities. She is a faithful and true manifestation of the Paradise Infinite Spirit. Michael functions as a father in this local universe. The Spirit enacts the role of a mother, always assisting the Son and being everlastingly indispensable to the administration of the Universe. This synergetic relationship is in deed and in truth, the high ideal of the family and the human institution of voluntary marriage. Because of the name associated with his seventh and final bestowal on Urantia (Earth), he is sometimes spoken of as Christ Michael.

The Bright and Morning Stars

Of the first order of Universe Aids, the Bright and Morning Stars, there is just one in each local Universe, and he is the first born of all creatures native to a local universe. The Bright and Morning Star of our Universe is known as Gabriel of Salvington. He is the chief executive of this local universe called Nebadon by the Urantia Book (also known as the Christ Universe), functioning as the personal representative of the Sovereign Son and as spokesman for his creative consort - the Universal Mother Spirit. He is the chief executor for super-universe mandates of this local universe. He is in charge and in command of all the celestial hosts (including angels) in this universe.

Gabriel was created prior to the creation of this universe; he is the offspring of the Creator Son and the local universe manifestation of the Infinite Spirit. Only one such being of wisdom and majesty is brought forth in each local Universe.

The Father Melchizedek

After bringing into existence the beings of personal aid, such as the Bright and Morning Star and other administrative personalities, there occurs a new form of creative union between the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit - the local universe daughter of the Infinite Spirit.

The personality offspring resulting from this creative partnership is the original Melchizedek - the Father Melchizedek - that unique being who subsequently collaborates with the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit to bring into existence the entire group of Melchizedeks.

In this universe Father Melchizedek acts as the first executive associate of the Bright and Morning Star - Gabriel. Gabriel is occupied more with universe policies, Melchizedek with practical procedures. Father Melchizedek with the special extraordinary and emergency commissions and advisory bodies.

The Melchizedek Sons

Who are the Melchizedeks? Melchizedeks are the super teachers of local universes. Their origin is with local universes. They are the offspring of a Paradise Creator Son in association with the Universe Mother Spirit. The Melchizedeks are part of a very high order of Sons including the Vorondadeks and Lanondadeks.

Vorondadek Sons are reliable and efficient rulers and farseeing administrators. They serve as ambassadors to other universes and are entrusted with the full delegation of sovereign powers to be exercised in critical universe situations. The Lanondadek Sons are best known as system sovereigns, the rulers of local systems, and as Planetary Princes, the administrative heads of inhabited worlds.

The Melchizedeks are the first order of sonship to approach sufficiently near the lower creative life to be able to function directly in the ministry of mortal upliftment. They are the intermediaries between the lowest form of life to the highest. The Seraphic orders work with the Melchizedeks and anyone of intelligence finds the Melchizedeks to be understanding friends, sympathetic teachers and wise counselors.

Melchizedeks are primarily devoted to the vast educational system and experiential training regime of the local universe, but they also function in unique and in unusual circumstances. They function as the mobile universal, planetary advisors, reporters and counselors of the affairs of the evolutionary domains. There is no phase of planetary spiritual need to which they do not minister. They are the teachers who so often win whole worlds of advanced life to the final and full recognition of the Creator Son and his Paradise Father. They are under the direction of Gabriel, and Michael.

The Melchizedeks are widely known as emergency Sons, for they engage in an amazing range of activities on the worlds of a local universe. When any extraordinary problem arises, or when something unusual is to be attempted, it is quite often a Melchizedek who accepts the assignment. In these emergency situations there is a special group of Melchizedeks that work directly with progressing mortals' evolution and their ascension. Melchizedeks especially render assistance when some part of the Creator Son's plan is threatened - like the Lucifer rebellion.

The ability of Melchizedek Sons to function in emergencies and on widely divergent levels of the universe, even on the physical level of personality manifestation, is peculiar to their order. Only the Life Carriers share to any degree this metamorphic range of personality function. Their training is administered by extremely wise Seraphic ministers and assisted by Ascended Masters who have lived as mortals and ascended to higher levels of universe attainment. Melchizedeks are relatively perfect in wisdom but are not infallible in judgment. They are very close to being human.

The Melchizedeks occupy a world of their own near Salvington, the universe headquarters. This sphere, by the name Melchizedek, is often spoken of as the Melchizedek University. Ascending mortals from all the constellations of this local universe pass through training on Melchizedek in their further advancement in divinity. Melchizedek is the common meeting ground for all beings who are engaged in educating and spiritualizing the ascending mortals of time and space.

Melchizedeks can make themselves visible to mortals, and sometimes they will materialize, incarnate, or walk into a body. In the vast history of planet earth there have been only seven Melchizedeks that have bestowed themselves; that is until the fairly recent arrival of Drunvalo Melchizedek. (As far as I know there are no other incarnations of a Melchizedek on planet earth.) Prior to Drunvalo, the last Melchizedek that incarnated or walked into a body was Drunvalos father, Machiventa Melchizedek. His extensive career on planet earth is detailed in the bible and in the Urantia book. His arrival was 1,973 years before the birth of Jesus, during the time of Abraham. He became known at the time as the priest of El Elyon, the Most High, and as the Prince of Salem. He presided over a small colony of truth seekers residing at a placed called Salem.

Machiventa Melchizedek is one of the twelve Melchizedek receivers who serve this local universe. He volunteered to serve as an emergency Son of world ministry during a time the Melchizedeks feared that the light of life would become extinguished during that period of increasing darkness following the miscarriage of the Adamic mission on Earth. He paved the way for the bestowal of Michael on planet earth and the arrival of Jesus the Christ. Machiventa Melchizedek fostered the truth of his day and safely passed it onto Abraham and his associates.

He did not incarnate into a body but materialized a body into this realm of physicality; his form contained no life plasm of any human race. After a successful mission and upon receiving the approval of Gabriel, Machiventa terminated his bestowal after ninety-four years, ending it as unspectacularly and as discretely as he arrived. As you can see by the arrival of Drunvalo from the Melchizedek Void under the direction of Machiventa, that he is still actively involved in the ascension and upliftment of humanity and this planet.

The Brilliant Evening Stars

The Brilliant Evening Stars were planned by the Melchizedeks and brought into existence by the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit. They serve chiefly as liaison officers of Gabriel; they could be referred to as super angels.


Archangels are the offspring of the Creator Son and the Universal Mother Spirit. They are the highest type of High Spirit being produced in large numbers in a local universe, and at the time of the last registry there were almost eight hundred thousand archangels in existence in this universe. Archangels are one of the very few local universe personalities not under the jurisdiction of Gabriel. They are not in any manner concerned with the routine administration of the universe, being dedicated to the work of creature survival and to the furtherance of the ascending career of the mortals of time and space.

Our planet maintains a divisional headquarters for the universe administration and direction of archangel activities having to do with the paradise ascension scheme. This undoubtedly presages the ascendant activities on this planet and is of huge significance on a universal cosmic scale.

In general, the archangels are assigned to the service and ministry of the Paradise bestowal Son. They are involved in judicial actions, magisterial missions or bestowal incarnations. (A bestowal incarnation is the gift of the Creator Son of God, the sovereign son of a local universe, to a planet when it is time for a major upliftment in divinity. In our case it was the arrival of Jesus Christ.) A corp of one hundred Archangels accompanies every Paradise bestowal Son to an inhabited world.

Using dimensions as a model to place them in the scheme of things, Archangels exist in and originate from the 11th dimensional realm of preformed light - the point before creation and a state of exquisite expectancy just like the moment before a sneeze or an orgasm. This realm is also the realm of Metatron, the Akashic records of this entire Source System. Archangel means messenger.


Angels are the ministering spirit associates of the evolutionary and ascending will creatures of all space (us). They are also the colleagues and working associates of the higher hosts of the divine personalities of the cosmic spheres. Angels are the ministering Spirits of time; the messenger hosts of space; the higher personalities of the Infinite Spirit. They were created to assist the evolution of mortal will creatures.

Supernaphim, Seconophim and Tertiaphim

The Mighty Supernaphim are the skilled ministers to all types of beings who sojourn on Paradise and in the central universe. They are the highest order of the lowest group of children of the infinite Spirit - the angelic hosts. Seconophim are the children of the Reflective Spirits and serve in the seven Super Universes. Tertiaphim are the children of the Infinite Spirit and are dedicated to serving the Creator Sons and the Ancient of Days. (Creator Sons are the makers and rulers of the local Universes of time and space, they are also known as Creator Michaels; Ancient of Days are the personal rulers of the seven super universes). Omniaphim are created by the Infinite Mother Spirit and the Seven Supreme Executives (The Seven Supreme Executives were created by the Trinity of Father, Son and Spirit and largely determine the basic constitutive trends of the seven super universes).

It is the Supernaphim, Seconophim and the Seraphim who are primarily employed in the furtherance of the ascending scheme of progressive perfection for the children of time. Supernaphim function overall in the Central Universe. Seconophim function in a specific Super Universe. Seraphim, with the associated Cherubim and Sanobim, constitute the Angelic corp of a local Universe.


Seraphim have a single origin and were created by the Universe Mother Spirit. Angels do not have material bodies, they are of Spirit nature and origin. Though they are invisible to us they perceive us as we are in mortal flesh without the aid of transformers or translators. They intellectually understand the mode of mortal life, and they share all of man's nonsensuous emotions and sentiments. They appreciate and enjoy our efforts in music art and real humor. They are fully cognizant of your moral struggles and spiritual difficulties. Angels are non sex emotional but are exceedingly personal and truly affectionate. They love human beings and have the utmost compassion for them. Only good can result from your efforts to understand and love them.

We have a tendency to refer to angels and think of them as being female in nature. This is due to their origin of creation by the Universal Mother Spirit. As ascending will creatures we were created by the Father and Son and could be accurately referred to as the Sons of God. Angels being the children of the Spirit could be accurately referred to as the daughters of God.

Angels do not have a sex as specifically as we do being male or female, but exist and function as positive or negative. As you can imagine angels possess awesome inherent and automatic powers beyond human capability. Angels are superior in spiritual status of divinity to the average ascending being but they do not in any way function as your judge. They should be treated with the respect they deserve but should not be worshipped as they are your compatriots. In nature and personality endowment they are just a trifle ahead of mortal races in the scale of creature existence.

Generally Angels work in pairs, complementing each other energetically, especially when working close to the mortal world. Seraphim are organized in groups, companies, battalions and unit headquarters and have homes.

Seraphic Training

After their creation, Seraphim spend their first millennia observing and learning at Angel training schools, being tutored by their seniors; their second millenia is spent on the seraphic worlds of the Salvington circuit (a very high cosmic realm). The Melchizedeks also have a large part in the education and training of all local universe angels - Seraphim, Cherubim and Sanobim. Following this education they are initiated as ministering Spirits by serving as observers on the lowest of the evolutionary worlds. They then undergo advanced studies to prepare for service in a specific local system.

Their work in the Universe is without bounds and limitations; they are closely associated with the material creatures of the worlds and are ever in the service of the lower orders of spiritual personalities - making contact between these beings of the spirit world and the mortals of the material realm. Throughout the whole morontia and subsequent spirit ascent, your fraternity with the Seraphim will be ideal; your companionship will be superb.

Seraphic Organization

After the second millennium of sojourn at seraphic headquarters the seraphim are organized under chiefs into groups of twelve (12 pairs, 24 seraphim), and twelve such groups constitute a company (144 pairs, 288 seraphim) which is commanded by a leader. Twelve companies under a commander constitute a battalion (1,728 pairs or 3,456 seraphim), and twelve battalions under a director equal a seraphic unit (20,736 pairs or 41,472 individuals), while twelve units, subject to the command of a supervisor, constitute a legion numbering 248,832 pairs or 497, 664 individuals. Twelve legions of angels comprise a host numbering 2,985,984 pairs or 5,971,968 individuals, and twelve such hosts (35,831,808 pairs or 71,663,616 individuals) make up the largest operating organization of seraphim, an angelic army. A seraphic host is commanded by an archangel or by some other personality of co-ordinate status, while the angelic armies are directed by the Brilliant Evening Stars or by some other immediate lieutenants of Gabriel. And Gabriel is the "supreme commander of the armies of heaven," the chief executive of the Sovereign of Nebadon (Michael), "the Lord God of hosts."

Cherubim and Sanobim

In all essential endowments Cherubim and Sanobim are similar to Seraphim. They have the same origin but not always the same destiny. They are wonderfully intelligent, marvelously efficient, touchingly affectionate and almost human. They are the lowest order of angels, hence all the nearer of kin to the more progressive types of human beings on the evolutionary worlds. Every fourth Cherubim and Sanobim are quasi-material, very definitely resembling the morontia level of existence.

Cherubim and Sanobim are inherently associated, functionally united. One is an energy positive personality; the other negative. The positively charged angel, is the Cherubim - the senior or controlling personality. The negatively charged angel, is the Sanobim - the complement of being. Each type of angel is very limited in solitary function; hence they usually serve in pairs. When serving independently of their Seraphic directors, they are more than ever dependent on mutual contact and always function together.

Cherubim and Sanobim are the faithful and efficient aids of the seraphic ministers but do not accompany Seraphim on assignments beyond the confines of the local universe. Cherubim and Sanobim are the routine Spirit workers on the individual worlds of the systems. They do not function as attending angels to human beings (guardian angels); that is an exclusive Seraphic privilege. Cherubim and Sanobim are trained similarly to Seraphim and when assigned to a planet they enter the local course of training to serve efficiently on that planet.

They are of great assistance to the Seraphim and perform indispensable borderline tasks on the morontia training worlds. In service, they are to the morontia spheres about what the midway creatures are to the evolutionary planets. On the inhabited worlds these morontia Cherubim frequently work in liaison with the midway creatures.

As all beings, in the scope of All That Is, Cherubim and Sanobim have the opportunity for greater awareness, higher levels of divinity and advancing service leading to an advancement of status. They have the evolutionary potential to Seraphic status, although Morontia Cherubim, "the fourth creatures", retain their quasi-material characteristics and are limited in their evolutionary potential.

Midway Creatures

Midway Creatures are classified similarly with the ascending Sons of God (us). But are also functionally reckoned with the ministering spirits of time because of their intimate and effective association with the angelic hosts in the work of serving mortal man on the individual worlds of space. Midway creatures appear on the majority of the inhabited worlds and are always found on the life experiment planets, such as earth.

There are two types of Midwayers - primary and secondary. Primary Midwayers, the more spiritual group, number roughly fifty thousand on each ascending world. They are derived from the modified ascendant mortal staffs of the planetary princes.

Secondary Midwayers, the more material group, also average around fifty thousand. They are derived from the planetary biologic uplifters, the Adams and Eves, or from their immediate progeny. (The Adams and Eves are an order of planetary uplifters that come at specific times in the histories of ascending planets to make great changes. Our Adam and Eve were part of this group of transition specialists.)

Primary Midwayers are energized intellectually and spiritually by the angelic technique and are uniform in intellectual status. Secondary Midwayers are physically energized by the Adamic technique, spiritually "fed" by the Seraphic, and intellectually endowed with Morontia transition type of mind.

Primary Midwayers resemble angels more than mortals; the secondary orders are much more like human beings. Each renders invaluable assistance to the other in the execution of their manifold planetary assignments. The gap between the material and spiritual worlds is perfectly bridged by the serial association of mortal man, secondary Midwayers, primary Midwayer, morontia Cherubim, mid-phase Cherubim and Seraphim.

Seraphic Guardians of Destiny (Guardian Angels)

Having presented the narratives of the Ministering Spirits of Time and the Messenger Hosts of Space, we come to the consideration of the guardian angels, seraphim devoted to the ministry to individual mortals, for whose elevation and perfection all of the vast survival scheme of spiritual progression has been provided. In past ages on Earth, these destiny guardians were about the only group of angels that had recognition. These attending seraphim have functioned as the spiritual helpers of mortal man in all the great events of the past and the present.

The teaching about guardian angels is not a myth; certain groups of human beings do actually have personal angels. Originally, the seraphim were definitely assigned to the separate races. But since the bestowal of Michael (Jesus), they are assigned in accordance with human intelligence, spirituality, and destiny. Intellectually, mankind is divided into three classes: 1. The subnormal minded - those who do not exercise normal will power; those who do not make average decisions; those who cannot comprehend God. The subnormal beings have a corps of seraphim, one company, with one battalion of cherubim, assigned to minister to them and to witness that justice and mercy are extended to them in the life struggles of the sphere. 2. The average, normal type of human mind. 3. The supernormal minded - those of great decision and undoubted potential of spiritual achievement. No matter in what circle a human happens to be, if such an individual is enrolled in any of the several reserve corps of destiny (the specialized teams) or makes the supreme decision of dedication to divinity, a personal seraphim is immediately assigned to that soul, and that mortal will enjoy the continuous ministry and unceasing watchcare of a guardian angel.

In the ministry of so-called normal beings, seraphic assignments are made in accordance with the human attainment of the circles of intellectuality and spirituality. The Urantia book utilizes a model of seven stages, progressing from seven to one. In the initial or seventh stage of attainment human beings are assigned one guardian angel and one company of cherubim to the watchcare and custody of one thousand mortals. Progressing, in the sixth circle, a seraphic pair with one company of cherubim is assigned to five hundred ascending mortals. Still further when the fifth circle of awareness is attained, human beings are grouped in companies of one hundred, and a pair of guardian seraphim with a company of cherubim is placed in charge. Upon attainment of the fourth circle, mortal beings are assembled in groups of ten, and again charge is given to a pair of seraphim, assisted by one company of cherubim.

When a mortal mind breaks through the inertia of animal legacy and attains the third circle of human intellectuality and acquired spirituality, a personal angel (in reality two) will henceforth be wholly and exclusively devoted to this ascending mortal. And thus these human souls, in addition to the ever-present and increasingly efficient indwelling Thought Adjusters, receive the undivided assistance of these personal guardians of destiny in all their efforts to finish the third circle, traverse the second, and attain the first. (The Divine Adjuster is an indwelling spirit that guides us to choose God and the path of divinity; mind is your ship, the Adjuster is your pilot, the human will is captain; you could refer to the adjuster as spirit).

Seraphim are not known as guardians of destiny until such time as they are assigned to the association of a human soul who has realized one or more of three achievements: has made a supreme decision to become Godlike, has entered the third circle, or has been mustered into one of the corps of destiny. All guardian assignments are made from a group of volunteers drawn from the ranks of the more experienced angelic personalities of all orders of Seraphim who have qualified for this service.

The angels develop an abiding affection for their human associates; and you would, if you could only visualize the seraphim, develop a warm affection for them. Divested of material bodies, given spirit forms, you would be very near the angels in many attributes of personality. They share most of your emotions and experience some additional ones. The only emotion actuating you which is somewhat difficult for them to comprehend is the legacy of animal fear that bulks so large in the mental life of the average inhabitant of earth.

When a seraphic pair accept guardian assignment, they serve for the remainder of the life of that human being and achieve spiritual bi-unification, ultimate spirit two-in-oneness. They are dedicated to enticing beings on the journey of ascension towards the paradise goal of divinity and eternity. Angels do not invade the sanctity of the human mind; they do not manipulate the will of mortals; neither do they directly contact with the indwelling Adjusters. The guardian of destiny influences you in every possible manner consistent with the dignity of your personality; under no circumstances do these angels interfere with the free action of the human will. Neither angels nor any other order of universe personality have power or authority to curtail or abridge the prerogatives of human choosing.

Angels are so near you and care so feelingly for you that they figuratively "weep because of your willful intolerance and stubbornness". Seraphim do not shed physical tears; they do not have physical bodies; neither do they possess wings (according to the Urantia Book) - sorry to shatter the fantasy. But they do have spiritual emotions, and they do experience feelings and sentiments of a spiritual nature which are in certain ways comparable to human emotions.

(According to my friend, they have three sets of wings, this information was provided by Elizabeth Claire Prophet, who also states that the Urantia book is not very accurate, or at least 50% percent accurate, apparently to mislead the light workers somehow. I don't personally know this to be factual, although I have always found the Jesus section quite limited, not explaining his journeys to India and other countries… Personally I believe that they do have wings, just not physical ones, they have etheric ones).

The seraphim act in your behalf quite independent of your direct appeals; they are executing the mandates of their superiors, and thus they function regardless of your passing whims or changing moods. This does not imply that you may not make their tasks either easier or more difficult, but rather that angels are not directly concerned with your appeals or with your prayers.

In the life of the flesh the intelligence of angels is not directly available to mortal men. They are not overlords or directors; they are simply guardians. The seraphim guard you; they do not seek directly to influence you; you must chart your own course, but these angels then act to make the best possible use of the course you have chosen. They do not (ordinarily) arbitrarily intervene in the routine affairs of human life. But when they receive instructions from their superiors to perform some unusual exploit, you may rest assured that these guardians will find some means of carrying out these mandates.

Seraphim are able to function as material ministers to human beings and even to make actual contact with mankind, but such occurrences are very unusual. In most instances the circumstances of the material realm proceed unaltered by seraphic action, although occasions have arisen, involving jeopardy to vital links in the chain of human evolution, in which seraphic guardians have acted, and properly, on their own initiative.

Throughout the whole mortal adventure of finding God and of achieving divine perfection, these guardian angels together with the other angels are always and forever your true friends and unfailing helpers. After death your guardian angel awaits your consciousness in the first mansion world. In the case of a soul failing to survive (being un-existed by All That Is as un-redeemable consciousness), the guardian angel goes before the tribunals of the archangels, to be absolved from blame in the matter of the survival failure of her subject; and then she goes back to the worlds, again to be assigned to another mortal of ascending potentiality or to some other division of seraphic ministry.

It is indeed an epoch in the career of an ascending mortal, this first awakening on the shores of the mansion world; there, for the first time, actually to see your long-loved and ever-present angelic companions of earth days; there also to become truly conscious of the identity and presence of the divine Monitor who so long indwelt your mind on earth. Such an experience constitutes a glorious awakening, a real resurrection.

On the morontia spheres, your two attending seraphim are your open companions. These angels not only consort with you as you progress through the career of the transition worlds, in every way possible assisting you in the acquirement of morontia and spirit status, but they also avail themselves of the opportunity to advance by study in the extension schools for evolutionary seraphim maintained on the mansion worlds.

The human race was created just a little lower then the more simple types of the angelic orders. Therefore will your first assignment of the morontia life be as assistants to the seraphim in the immediate world awaiting at the time you attain personality consciousness subsequent to your liberation from the bonds of the flesh.

Before leaving the mansion worlds, all mortals will have permanent seraphic associates or guardians. And as you ascend the morontia spheres eventually it is the seraphic guardians who witness and certify the decrees of your eternal union with the Thought Adjusters. Together they have established your personality identities as children of the flesh from the worlds of time. Then, with your attainment of the mature morontia estate, they accompany your through Jerusem and the associated worlds of system progress and culture. After that they go with you to Edentia and its seventy spheres of advanced socialization, and subsequently will they pilot you to the Melchizedeks and follow you through the superb career of the universe headquarters worlds. And when you have learned the wisdom and culture of the Melchizedeks, they will take you on to Salvington, where you will stand face to face with the Sovereign of all Nebadon, (Michael - the Creator Son of this local universe, also known as the Christ Universe). And still will these seraphic guides follow you through the minor and major sectors of the superuniverse and on to the receiving worlds of Uversa, remaining with you until you finally enseconaphim for the long Havona flight.

Some of the destiny guardians follow the course of the ascending pilgrims through Havona. The others bid their long-time mortal associates a temporary farewell, and then while these mortals traverse the circles of the central universe, these guardians of destiny achieve the circles of Seraphington. And they will be in waiting on the shores of Paradise when their mortal associates awaken from the last transit sleep of time into the new experiences of eternity.

Man and angel may or may not be reunited in eternal service, but wherever seraphic assignment may take them, the seraphim are always in communication with their former wards of the evolutionary worlds, the ascendant mortals of time. The intimate associations and the affectionate attachments of the realms of human origin are never forgotten nor ever completely severed. In the eternal ages, men and angels will co-operate in the divine service as they did in the career of time.

For seraphim, the surest way of achieving the Paradise Deities is by successfully guiding a soul of evolutionary origin to the portals of Paradise. Therefore is the assignment of guardian of destiny the most highly prized seraphic duty.

For additional information about angels I recommend the book Angelic Wisdom by Dolfyn and of course the Urantia Book from which the majority of the information in this article was derived.

May the Angels always be with you!


A short list of Archangels that you may wish to contact: Adonael, Ariel, Barachiel, Chamuel (Angel of Tolerance), Gabriel (The Bright and Morning Star), Iaoth, Jehediel, Jophiel (Angel of Enlightenment), Metatron - aka Lord Metatron (Angel of God's Presence), Michael (Angel of Miracles, Angel of Truth), Orifiel, Raguel, Raphael (Angel of Healing), Sabrael, Sealtiel, Uriel (Angel of Creativity), Zachariel, Zadkiel (Angel of Solace), Zerachiel.

Other Angels of Notoriety: Afriel (Angel of Youth), Ambriel (Angel of Communication), Anael (Angel of Romantic Love), Anahita (Angel of Fertility), Anauel (Angel of Prosperity), Arad (Angel of Science and Religion), Armaita (Angel of Truth), Baglis (Angel of Moderation), Balthiel (Angel of Forgiveness), Barakiel (Angel of Good Fortune), Barbelo (Angel of Goodness), Bath Kol (Angel of Prophecy), Camael (Angel of Joy), Cathetel (Angel of the Garden), Colopatiron (Angel of Liberation), Dina (Angel of Learning), Ecanus (Angel of Writers), Elemiah (Angel of Inward Journeys), Haamiah (Angel of Integrity), Hael (Angel of Kindness), Haniel (Angel of Harmonious Love), Harahel (Angel of Knowledge), Hayyel (Angel of Wild Animals), Iahhel (Angel of Meditation), Israfel (Angel of Song), Liwet (Angel of Inventions), Manakel (Angel of the Oceans), Mihr (Angel of Friendship), Mumiah (Angel of Longevity), Muriel (Angel of Emotions), Nemamiah (Angel of Just Causes), Omniel (Angel of Oneness), Perpetiel (Angel of Success), Raziel (Angel of Mysteries), Rhamiel (Angel of Empathy), Sachael (Angel of Water), Samandiriel ( Angel of Imagination), Shakinah (Angel of Unconditional Love), Shamael (Angel of Gratitude), Sofiel (Angel of Nature), Taharial (Angel of Purification), Trgiaob (Angel of Wild Birds), Valoel (Angel of Peace), Vohamanah (Angel of Optimism), Zuphlas (Angel of Trees).

Many Angels names end with el - in Sumerian el is translated to 'shining' or brightness' - shining one.

For additional information about angels I recommend the book Angelic Wisdom by Dolfyn and of course the Urantia Book which the majority of the information in this article was derived.

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