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Unconditional Ascension




Each person, each entity in the whole of creation has there own individual perception of All That Is, therefore that is how many universes there are. And one step further - because this is a Co-Creation and we all share perceptions, and work and play together in synergy, each time a synergy is created that is one more universe. 2 people one more universe (3 total), 3 people one more universe (4 total). Add up many groups, many synergy combinations and you have an infinite number of individual Universes.

So with this in mind and the obvious summation that we are all one and connected then it is also obvious to me that what is happening on planet earth is an unconditional ascension. Everyone goes, no one gets left behind. How could they anyway, we have not been abandoned by our spirits, we have not been abandoned by God. This is a Planetary Ascension, it is not personal. You do not need to Ascend you are choosing to ascend with the planet. You do not need to leave and earn your way to heaven, you're not being punished and you won't be abandoned. We're all in this together bunky. There are no victims in this universe, you may live a reality whereby there is the illusion of victimhood, but this is merely an acting part that you play for the big galactic melodrama.

There have been many ascensions on planet Earth. Thousands and perhaps millions of beings have come to planet earth, lived lives in human bodies and have ascended these bodies to higher dimensions, thus disappearing from this dimension of physicality. Many of these beings have remained here on the higher dimensions of this planet to assist us with our ascension processes. You may know them as the Ascended Masters.

There have been individuals that underwent specific ascension training to accomplish ascension. The pyramids were designed for the final phase of a 24 year initiation, culminating in the final ascension of an individual in the great sarcophagus, in the Kings chambers, in the Great Pyramid at Giza. Other individuals have ascended because they realized the truth of their divinity. Their life was their initiation. There have also been civilizations of beings that have ascended i.e. the Anasazis of North America, the Mayans of South America etc.

Every single spiritual tradition, especially the secret teachings, have been for the fostering of this thing called ascension. Just the concept of individual ascension is empowering. it implies that it is a solitary experience, and that it is a possibility for each individual. Jeshua Ben Joseph (Greek translation - Jesus) was perhaps our greatest proponent of ascension. He showed us all that it is possible for each individual to ascend. He set the stage for the next phase in the ascension process, the Unconditional Ascension of Planet Earth. Jesus showed us that there is no such thing as unworthy, our most favorite limiting program. He embodied unconditional Love, and loved everyone, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief.

His ascension was interpreted as our redemption, and in fact it was, but not in the way the churches have thought. We are not saved because Jesus died for our sins, we are saved because he is our example, showing us that we can ascend as well. The energetic reality of ascension was made available to everyone, you did not have to do anything, the only requirement, be here in a body.

The Final Initiation - Light Body

You do not have to earn or learn your way out of here. Jesus is your guide, he will show you the way if you let him. But you must do it yourself, luckily you do not have to go through what he went through, he cut the pathway for you so that your path would be easier, but you must still walk the path alone. The pathway of ascension may be hard at times but it will be worth it.

Jesus' ascension has cut the pathway for our ascensions, he provided us the final initiation, something we all fear the most as we awaken - rejection by our fellow human, being cast out of the tribe, and betrayed by our friends and relatives, those that we love. This final initiation is the dimantling of the world of survival. Luckily we will not have to be nailed to a cross by our fellow humans. Even their redemption is assured, as the force of evolution will mercilessly awaken them to who they truly are, with our assistance and the pathways that we cut. Know who you are and you are saved; your ascension is imminent; your redemption from living a life of separation from All That Is is assured.

Prior to now, ascension was an esoteric, exclusive, secret process, with many initiations. This secrecy was perfect for the times as there were always many forces opposed to such enlightened practices. There have been many that have gone through many initiations and have cut the pathways for us in the past to be available now, these beings have been our Saints, Prophets, Gurus, Lamas, Monks, Nuns, Shamans, Ascended Masters....

Jesus later appeared in his light body after his ascension. This is what ascension is, the embodiment of your light body. He was marking the transition now taking place, the transmutation of our bodies into light bodies. He was cutting the pathway for an unconditional planetary ascension not based on any old world standards or illusions of separation. He destroyed the illusion of unworthy (sin).

This entire planet is ascending, and along with it goes everyone on it. In other words, the entity that embodies this planetary body, is ready to ascend this structure to higher light realms to make room for a new civilization of light and for this planet to become a star. Similarly we as entities embodying these physical bodies are ascending them into light bodies, just as Jesus did, our guiding light.

I repeat - this is an unconditional planetary ascension. You do not get to ascend because you are better than the next guy. This was the old limited unworthy perspective propagated by the religions and political structures of the 3rd dimension. You do not have to do anything to obtain ascension. The initiation is not a doing but a being. When all your illusions of limitation have been shattered, that you are separate from All That Is, when you remember who you are, that you are consciousness, divinity itself, an expression of God, then you are ascension, your light body activates and you become an ascended master.

All illusions of separation and unworthy on planet earth are being shattered, all of them, and with this, everyone goes with it. Unconditional means you have no choice in the matter, either you descend who you really are here and now, and ascend into your light body along with the planet, or you will have to go elsewhere to play.

Many beings may still want to continue experiencing 3rd dimensional distortional separation realities. If so they are dying or will die, and will reincarnate on other planets that are still experiencing those realities. Those hanging on to old world structures, maintaining resistance with a refusal to "wake up", will continue to do so maintaining the balance between the light and dark, until it is their time to wake up from the dream of separation. They are not lesser then, they are doing the job of the planetary ascension. This part being, maintaining density so that too much light does not destroy this reality to fast.

So have compassion for those beings still exploring war, crime and dense religious structures. They are doing jobs that you chose not to opt for, that you are not designed for. They are vibrating in a level of consciousness for their experiential growth, and for the planets final structural densification and dismantling.

The wakeup call is out to all transitions team members! It is now time to remember the truth of your divinity, your oneness with All That Is, that you are consciousness itself, Co-Create Heaven On Earth!

Yours Unconditionally,


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