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Ascension Tsunami 2005

A Message of Faith




Happy New Year to everyone! And infinite blessings to all those beings who have given their lives, and those beings who volunteered to experience such tragedy and loss for the awakening of humanity. And thank you mother earth for knocking us off of our pedestals and pulling our heads out of our…., I mean out of the sand.

The Tsunami has hit big time, and I am not just speaking literally. The Tsunami that has hit these countries is a physical representative of the big Tsunami that is hitting the entire planet, that is the Ascension Tsunami; the Tsunami that is propelling this planet to higher levels of divine function and awareness. And our brothers and sisters in the Pacific have graciously volunteered to help us all realize that we are indeed all on this planet together and we are all indeed one people. Our Earth Mother is showing us this fact, because even the hardest of hearts melts with compassion when witnessing tragedy of this scale.

The earth is transitioning to the 5th dimension, to Christ Consciousness, regardless of whether people want to realize this fact or not. This is why Mother Earth let fly the cleansing nature of water to help heal our hearts; to show us that this life is not permanent, can change in an instant and is changing right now all the time. If one is not in tune with the earth, and not aware of her movements, one can obviously place themselves in a precarious position. And in divine synchrony, our Mother let these cleansing waters fly during the time of remembrance of the Christ, (Christmas), a time to remember that we are all “The Christ”. Every one of us is a babe in a manger, honored by the wise men (Ascended Masters) and the Angels, and nurtured by the Divine Mother and the Divine Father. We are all Christ Children and Jeshua illuminated this fact by embodying “the Christ” and reminding us that our true nature is Unity/Christ Consciousness; we are all Unconditional Love!

This year is already shaping up to be a doozy, which is an obvious sign of what the Divine Plan, Mother Earth, the Ascended Masters, the Galactic Federation and our own Spirits have in store for us. Regardless of the details and timing of these plans, it is certain that everything is full speed ahead. For those beings who are not yet awake from their self adopted amnesia, their lives will become more and more uncertain. Fears will inevitably continue to be rampant and escalate to the farthest point to shake people from their foundations that are built by fear, lack and competition. These foundations of the old world are crumbling and the only real choice is clear: put your faith in the only real foundation – God. It is becoming less and less possible to ride the fence. The choice is: choose Love or choose fear; prosperity or lack; cooperation or competition; unity or more separation; accept your Divinity and magnificence, or continue believing in the lie of your own and others unworthiness.

Subconsciously, everyone knows that massive change is upon us, whether they want to admit it or not. We have been given signs of this change for thousands of years, through every religion and through the history of “lost” cultures. Within everyone’s Soul, the message is being played over and over again – Wake Up! The Time is Now! Time to Ascend! Time to Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

The world is becoming one whole planet fast and furiously. International borders and our judgement of cultural and spiritual differences are disintegrating naturally due to our gradual awakening; and through world trade, travel, movies/television and the internet. The truth has already been revealed and is easily available to anyone who desires to know it. And even the greedy governments and corporations who are exploiting the 3rd world are even facilitating this, as we bring these countries into the capitalist world and as we purchase the goods that are made from our brothers and sisters in the far reaches of the world. Regardless of the real intentions of big brother, even their greed and lust for power is bringing us all together, because what is really behind it all is the Soul’s desire to create prosperity/unity for everyone. Our deepest desire is to become One World; One Planet; One People. God-Goddess works/plays in mysterious ways!

My sole/soul mission and intention, is to help myself and all of humanity ground themselves (all that they are) into their human bodies, (this creates the Christ Body; the real “body of Christ”). I know that this is also the Soul mission of everyone on this planet, they just don’t know it yet. The absolute key to this embodiment of their magnificence and the co-creation of heaven on earth, individually in each persons lives and for the collective whole, is Faith. We have been asked for countless lifetimes through every spiritual teaching and religion that we have been involved with, to “have faith in God”. If they’ve said nothing right whatsoever, at least they got this one right. Well this recommendation hasn’t changed at all, but is even more imperative. It is obvious to me in my life and my awakening process of embodying my Divinity, which is completely dependent upon me having faith that I will be taken care of by God, and to stop trying to take care of myself. To stop trying to obtain money, feed myself, promote myself and prove myself…, (all from lack); but let God-Goddess handle the whole operation; and have faith/know that all will happen in divine timing.

Allowing God-Goddess to provide for you financially, is the one that is the most obvious and apparent. But this is only the tip of the iceberg of letting your God Presence handle your whole awakening process, which includes being taken care of on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually…

We have previously relied primarily upon our ego’s and the world of ego to “provide” for and dictate our needs. Naturally, this support was conditional upon our proving our worth to ourselves, others and this matrix of agreements, deals and obligations. But in the New Civilization that you are being asked by your Spirits to co-create together, there are no such illusions as worth and unworth. Polarities do not exist. In this new civilization, this earth-heaven we are creating, it is not energetically supported or supportive to try to provide for yourself because this action is survival and competition oriented, which are also illusions. Lack is another one; and this action of striving to accomplish in typical human terms is completely lack oriented; so every action in life, from this base, is an illusion.

It should be clear to everyone that every illusion is in our faces. They are so blatantly apparent that it takes a lot of work to avoid the truth these days. Even if you don’t read, but only watch TV, the truth is obvious, even through the most banal television programs; the truth is sneaking in through our moles in the media. And I send quantum blessings and thanks to those beings with the courage to say, print and film the truth, regardless of possible or certain retribution from controlling forces. (To name a few of these heroes: Matt Stone and Trey Parker (South Park, the greatest show ever), Michael Moore, (Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 911, the Awful Truth, Stupid White Men…), Howard Stern, (the greatest radio host ever, too bad I can’t listen to him here in Australia, Stephen Grier (Disclosure Project)…, and anyone and everyone making documentaries exposing the lies and deceit of the governments and corporations: “911 in Plane Site” and other documentaries. “Windhorse” and other Tibetan movies).

We must also thank the governments/corporations who are continuing to exert their fantasies of power and control over their own citizens, other countries, cultures, religions…, and attempting or succeeding in disallowing our access to wholistic technologies, products and foods…, because they are requiring us to accept our own sovereign power; to accept and embody our own creative nature; because as our rights and access to externally supportive things are curtailed, we must learn to manifest them regardless. These deluded greed mongers are playing god, but we are God, and it is time to embody this fact and the associated powers and responsibilities. Grow your own organic food; make your own herbs and supplements; grow your own shamanistic plants; make your own free energy devices; heal the land and waters with your own healing powers…

There is absolutely nothing that any force can do to you or attack you with that can actually realistically affect you in any negative way; even if you are tortured and killed, this can and has been totally empowering. So thank all the controlling forces who have tried to keep you off track, and have tried to keep you from embodying your Divine Power. Accept your Divine Power and absolute Sovereign Divine Abilities to manifest anything from nothing, from God-Goddess-All-That-Is.

Stand stubbornly anchored in the foundation of Divine Faith and God-Goddess will provide everything that you need for your physical health, wealth…, and for your spiritual awakening. Your separate oriented self/selves, that exist in fear, will of course, try to convince you that having faith in mysterious and unseen forces is just plain stupid, but do not listen. Doubt and confusion are not your natural states, faith is! Having Faith in the Divine Plan is your natural way of being! Following your Spirit/God Presence without hesitation, is your natural state of Divine function.

Allow your Vision of Heaven on Earth to guide you. If an action or decision is related to and supportive of the manifestation of your vision of heaven on earth, and the force of your divine Spirit is behind it, then do not hesitate; do it now!

In the years to come, everybody that is having fun with their awakening process, regardless of cleansing reactions (emotional trauma…) from this process; who are delighting in the wonders of the workings of the Universe and unconditionally supportive of the birthing process of the Earth Christ; who continues to have faith in the Divine Plan; in the Ascended Masters; the Angels; the Galactic Federation; Christed Extraterrestrials…; and their own God Presences, will have even more fun, no matter how shitty things get on the planet. Faith is your rock. Stick to this rock and you will have a great time, waiver and things will get difficult again and you won’t have any fun.

Those beings who are holding tight to the old world, who are holding on to the past, will continue to manifest more things that are exactly like the past. For those people, the new world will be fraught with disaster and war and “that’s just how life is”. These beings will remain comfortably numb and will continue to believe the lies because it serves their amnesia and belief in their unworthiness to do so. Have compassion for these beings for they are the position team members. Their job in the Divine Plan, is to maintain structure, to allow for as much gentility of reality dismantling as possible. (Please see my article, “The Position Teams & Transition Teams - the reality creators & dismantlers, on my website: www.ZaKaiRan.com)

For those beings who are aware of the lies, but who feel powerless to do anything about it, and are still unwilling to take responsibility for their own divine power and create change outside, by changing that which is inside, will have the hardest time of all. Those beings who try to stay on the fence, will be in the most turmoil emotionally. Do your best to help these beings by the example of your life, by just showing them that it can be done and the result is magnificent.

Co-Create Heaven on Earth! Yee Ha!




©ZaKaiRan AatKa'Nui SheeHan

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2005 Predictions from Swami ZaKaiRananda

Weapons of mass destruction finally found in Iraq. Secret video footage reveals they are labeled: made in USA.

Australia becomes the 51st state of the United States of America.

US Government passes a law that anyone not supportive of the Bush regime will be sent to a concentration camp.

President Bush is subsequently impeached and is replaced by a black lesbian woman from Kentucky.

Former President Clinton marries Nicole Kidman, but he “does not have sex with that woman”.

The truth is revealed that the real reason the world trade center towers were destroyed was because the owners needed a tax write off.

The U.S. dollar collapses & the Mexican Peso becomes the new world money denomination.

Video footage finally proves that Doug and Dave really do make all of the crop formations using a hover mower made with ET technology.

The ETs land en masse, sending human looking ‘First Contact’ representatives to everyone’s doors, so as not to cause alarm, but 99% of people turn them away thinking they are Mormon’s.