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A State of the Union Address




Greetings fellow eartheans, I come to you this day with a message of hope. It appears that there is little, (especially based on what is doled out to us by the corporate controlled media), but the contrary is the real truth. The “controllers” would have you believe in the Lord God of Fear, but the only true God is Love. Fear creates nothing but lack, competition, denial and separation. The time is drawing near for the completion of fear, and these results. It is the last chance to play these games of denial, so the ego’s of the world are working hard to cram in as much of it as they can before the shit hits the royal fan and splatters them in their faces. They would have you believe that conquering and controlling is the answer to our safety and survival, and that we need their protection from the “evil ones”. The power junkies would like you to believe that you cannot live without them, that your survival depends on them and supporting their actions. And that if you want change in the world, (or if you want no change in the world), that you must vote for the right ego and support highly questionable activities and policies in order to ensure your safety. The ends does not justify the means! They want your sole/soul attention on your survival, so that you won’t put any attention on your own empowerment and divinity. The maintenance of your feelings of helplessness and powerlessness are integral.

Do you actually believe you can make changes by trying to change other people’s minds, or the way they live? The world does not exist except in how we create it daily through our inner perception of reality! So without changing inner perception, the outside world will never change. You do not have any control over how other people think or behave. You cannot create a better world by voting for the right person, this is bi-partisanship, this is competitive control. Doing anything with the intention of changing the minds of others, is completely disrespectful to individual sovereignty. It is judgmental towards their beliefs. Most people’s beliefs are indeed limited, competitive and separatist, but you cannot and should not change them by acting similarly. You cannot convince anyone of anything nor do you have any right to. You can only change your outer reality (especially direct manifestations), by changing your inner reality. Enlighten the etheric and form manifests accordingly. Be focused on the new, rather than trying to fix the old.

We ‘light players’ wonder how people can remain so ignorant when the truth is so readily apparent to our own common sense, and even more tangibly apparent from alternative sources, regardless of what is spewed out by the corporate/political propaganda machine. But the sheep do not want to realize the truth, otherwise they would have to question everything else in their lives. They would have to question whether their whole life has been worthless, a waste of time and an illusion. If you consider the possibility that the government authorities are blatant liars, deceivers and manipulators, who see us as nothing more than peasants and care for nothing more than how large their bank accounts are and how much power they have, then you must consider the same thing about yourself. If you consider the “possibility” that ETs exist, then you have to consider that you might be one, or at least that they are watching our every move on “Reality Earth-TV”.

Denial is the key ingredient in this soup. Everyone suffers from the pain of separation, and they do whatever they can to deny this suffering. One of the favorites is to create enemies and hate individuals, groups, religions, nationalities…, to repress your feelings that you hate yourself or feel unlovable. Deny your feelings of unworthiness by projecting this illusion on to others. If you run out of enemies because the world is finally beginning to cooperate with each other, then you can always conjure up demons out of nowhere to fight against. And since everyone ultimately wants oneness, people will fight to obtain it, even if they have to force it upon others. They try to resolve the paradox that oneness and separation exist in unison. They try to obtain something that already exists, but appears otherwise. And try to obtain it by manipulating the external world. Oneness, peace, cooperation…, these things are not created by changing the outside world. These things already exist within, so doing something to get them implies to the Universe that you do not have them and that they do not exist - so they do not, and will not, (within this perceptual reality), and the universe rearranges reality and suitable volunteers to give you more separation, war and competition.


The battle has begun! Armageddon is here! Who will win, the darkness or the light? Neither, they’re both the same thing - ha ha! The battle is an illusion! There is no battle except that battle that rages within all humans as they try to resolve their suffering and come to terms with their belief in their own unworthiness. To somehow deal with the guilt and shame that has been drilled into them by society, religions, politicians, media, genetics…

The war is the battle of remembrance, fighting to keep away the truth. The fight is to stay in denial or surrender to who we truly are. The war between us is the war within us. Am I light? Am I dark? Am I good? Am I evil? Am I Loveable? Do I deserve to go to heaven?… All fantasies, conjured up from our suffering and self created separate oriented selves and the lie of unworthiness. The oppression and repression of everyone’s natural compassionate and forgiving natures and the resulting judgement stemming from the belief in this illusion are the biggest acts of terrorism. These are the real weapons of mass destruction.

On this planet, the real battle is who can force their perception of reality on the most people. Who can sell their reality/illusion the most successfully. The world is full of used car salesmen who are all unconsciously trying to create oneness. Who’s ego is the biggest! (See, size does matter). Who’s right, who’s wrong?! Who’s evil, who’s just? The truth is, everyone is both and neither, and everything in between. There is no right, there is no wrong, only perception, classification and judgement. Right and wrong, good and bad, these and all other polarities are just part of this whole matrix of illusion that we call reality.

Justice does not exist! It is not possible because there is nothing but unconditional love, so we are allowed to do as we please. We are not puppets on a string who must prove ourselves to some controlling god. We are all sovereign entities, God-Goddess-All-That-Is expressing itself as everyone of us. There is no punishing or condemning force in the universe. Hell does not exist, unless you want to create one to punish yourself in, which people do daily. The political self and political world of survival and competition (based on the lie of unworthiness), wants us all to continue fighting over this or that to maintain the duality and illusion of separation. The matrix must be maintained with conflict to feed its ravenous appetite or it collapses from lack of support and energy.

We don’t need to change the corporations or the governments (same thing), all we have to do is stop supporting our own inner corporate raider and the political liar within (and of course, the fundamentalist religious zealot and environmental exploiter within). Then the world will take care of itself naturally. No need to be an activist, you are passionately active with the only political issue that you actually have any creative control over – your own political self.

These misguided children are blatantly doing whatever they wish, making up their own rules and cheating at the game, without even really trying to hide it well. They used to be much more sneaky, but they don’t seem to bother any more because of the massive screen of denial and complacency that most people live in that shields their minds and hearts from the truth. People have been believing the lies and living in the lie so long that they don’t know any difference or that there is even an alternative. The drummed up religious/land (oil/power/money) conflicts, “terrorists”, and “wars against terrorism”, and other politically manipulative actions and slogans, such as the passe’ “war on drugs”, are last ditch efforts to continue the game of illusion and separation by conjuring up patriotism and pandering to people’s fears of losing their comfy way of life. And to further delineate sides (polarity). “You are either for us or against us”-G.B., says it plainly. Personally I am neither.

This is the obvious game of the “dark forces”: push everyone to the extremes of the polarity, to get their attention away from balance, away from everything in between the extremes. Away from any possibility that anything other than the extremes exist, which of course, disallows anyone to consider the possibility that the polarities are illusions, and no different from one another. That they are both right, both wrong and neither. Both light, both dark and neither. It is the false masculine trying, once again, to resolve the paradox of this reality, denying its suffering “that I do not know the right way that it is”, by taking a firm stand that “reality is this way and no other”. “The world is flat and that is the way that it is!”

From a macro perspective, right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark…, all go hand in hand and exist simultaneously without conflicting with each other. It is only in our minds that they do. The push is continued focus upon the 2, (duality), rather than the 3, (trinary), which is where we are headed. We have explored this polarity/duality to its furthest extremes. We have had matriarchy, and we have had patriarchy, now it is time to consider the middle path, the paradox – androgyny, (or androgynarchy). To realize that oneness and separation exist simultaneously and this is a gift, not a curse.

The 3, is the Son/Daughter/Christ – born of the love of the Divine Mother (Holy Spirit) and Divine Father, the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. The duality is strictly this: you and reality are either male/father or female/mother. This has led to the subjugation of the male and female potencies and the fantasy that one is more important or more powerful than the other. But you cannot create a baby without both in unison, in Love. You cannot create anything without the two in divine copulation. The mother of form intertwined with the father of consciousness in a constant state of ecstatic union. (The two snakes intertwined around the tree of life). Form encompassing consciousness. Form enabling the expression of consciousness in divine synergy. Our Divine Masculine and our Divine Feminine within making juicy sensual/sexual passionate Love creating the Christ-Child. An entirely new Love-Light Being that is the epitome of complete balance. A being where the paradox of oneness and separation are in complete unison and harmony. And together as the Christ Children, in a sensual/sexual union of Souls, we create an entirely new Christ-Unity-Civilization of Unconditional Love and Light.

Lies, Identity, Power, Death and Immortality

It should be blatantly obvious that our lost family members who have amassed the most hotels in the planetary monopoly game, the political/religious/medical/financiers, couldn’t tell the truth or follow their conscience if their lives depended on it (and it does). But amazingly, this is not important or obvious to most people because they feel powerless to do anything about it and because they lie and deceive themselves and each other on a daily basis. Besides, what would we do without them? How would we know how to live and govern ourselves? How would we know the difference between right and wrong without laws to tell us? Luckily we have these all knowing gods to tell us who we are and how we should live.

Without their national, political, religious, financial, societal… identities, most people would have nothing in their lives. These group allegiances are the sole identities of the majority of humans today. And without them, they would feel like they are nothing, no one and worthless. Their belief in their own unworthiness would be smack dab in their face again and they would have to deal with this “dark side”, but instead they cling to their security blankets and what they can use to deny this suffering - and nationalism, patriotism, religious, financial, cultural, racial and political pride are good ones to use to keep yourself comfortably numb, (thanks Pink).

These identities are the new Gods. By clinging to them, people can feel powerful and in control of their lives. They experience the illusion of power, something that feels God-like. It is a complete illusion of course, and a temporary fix like any drug. So people refuse to give up their political, financial and national allegiances because these are the only gods they have and they appear more real than the ones religions propose.

The other big lies pushed by the fear mongers and supported by everyone, are the illusions of victimhood and powerlessness (which go hand in hand). All battles and wars, interior and exterior, stem from these illusions of victimhood/powerlessness, and the desire to feel power, get power and become powerful. There are no victims in this or any other universe. We are all sovereign entities creating our own individual and collective realities with our own inner perceptions, thoughts, words, emotions… You are only as powerless as you believe yourself to be.

The Perceptual Shift

The key to this shift away from victimhood and disempowerment, (from the battle of the egos), is forgiveness. (See my article on Compassion and Forgiveness). Forgiveness is the key to the shedding of the first layer of our fear of death and the illusion that we have to die at all, which is one of the origins of victimhood. The radical shift is the embodiment, realization and remembrance that we are indeed Christed Beings. We are nothing less than God-Goddess-All-That-Is expressing itself and creating reality in every moment. We are Creator Gods! Powerful beyond measure! This is true divine empowerment as we take responsibility for our inner perceptions and outer manifestations, illuminating the fact that I cannot be a victim because I have drawn everything to me for my spiritual growth and experience.

The quantum shift is from victim to creator, and it is the most profound shift in consciousness that anyone can make. Your life context shifts from being a struggling human, at mercy to higher and more powerful forces, to being an empowered master of reality creation. The radical shift is from being a student trying to earn or learn your way out of here, to being an Ascension Master, here to co-create heaven on earth. And your way of measuring reality is shifted away from learned experience and what you are shown and taught, to a more empowered perspective of “things are real because I say so and know so”. “I am the determiner of my reality!”

This is the true path of empowerment. All the bad guys are trying to empower themselves and even others by trying to alter outside reality. This is false Godness. This is acting like Gods, rather than beings real Gods. This is the “fall”, the use of external technology rather than the divine inner alchemy of the creative love force.

Since everyone feels powerless, everyone desires to become powerful to deny their suffering. So the game is: who has the power; how can I get some; and who can keep it the longest? And of course, you must fight to keep it, because everyone wants to steel your lion’s share of the power and toys from you. The one with the most power (money and toys) wins. In the world of separation and denial, this is true. The one who is able to obtain the most power and surrounds himself with the most illusions of prosperity, love and security, is able to successfully deny his/her suffering of powerlessness the longest. But eventually everyone’s denials splatter them in their faces and they need lots of toilet paper to clean it off.

The other motivation is immortality, naturally, as gods are immortal. The boys (false masculine), and girls acting like boys, are just trying to stave off death by making themselves “immortal” by getting in the history books. Whoever makes the biggest mark on history, collects the most money, weapons/toys, fame… wins. All to somehow create immortality. Everyone is afraid of dying, that there is nothing after this life, and everyone who spends the entirety of their lives collecting money, children, family and toys are the most afraid. And there might just be an unconscious program running that says, “if I do real good down here, God will let me into heaven”.

Have compassion for those still in denial of their magnificence, who fight to prove their worth. Who fight for love. Worth/unworth is an illusion. There is nothing but love and the denial of love. No top political, corporate, military or religious leader actually does anything themselves. Their orders are supported by their minions, (the sheep dogs), and carried out by the sheep, who are in similar states of denial. Hitler, Stalin, Richard Nixon…, or any of the other thousands of murderous thugs in top positions of control, ever personally killed anyone or caused anyone harm. (except a few instances). But you get the point. We give so much power over to these impotent deluded leaders, (who allegedly have power over us), because we are convinced/programmed to believe that we are naturally sinful, immoral and out of control. And because of this, we need to be controlled, told what to do, and told what is right and wrong. And that we need them and should respect them, or the opposite and should resist them. Either way that’s what they want. In the case of normal sheep, these leaders receive mostly positive energy. In the case of those who “have the eyes to see”, and to whom the lies are obvious, we often give them lots of negative attention energy, in the form of judgements. Negative, positive, it doesn’t matter, either way they’re getting our energy and we are supporting the illusion/matrix, the games and the battle. The universe sees that the battle is what is important to us, so we get more of it.

In a grander sense, the controllers who seek to remove individual rights and further degrade the health of the planet, are pushing everyone of the sheep tighter and tighter into their pens. Eventually even the numbest down trodden powerless slave will finally resist his master and begin to empower himself. (Thanks Lorraina Bobbett). Stop giving your power away to all the powers of control on this planet! Stop giving your power away to governments and govern yourself! Stop giving your power away to a financial system of poverty, lack and competition! Change the world by changing your own inner reality! External technology is obsolete, internal technology is the only real creative power!

Accept the killer, thief, liar, politician… within and be free. We are all one! All iconic bad guys and childish politicians, are all manifestations of our collective conscious and unconscious. They do not exist or come to power without our support. “Evil” does not exist without or support and fascination with it. And our judgement of “bad” behavior, energetically supports this “bad” behavior. This is what they want – our judgement. It supports their reality of conflict, self hatred and “power”. They get your energy with your judgement. It is vampirism. Give them love and it only supports love. Give them love and they are left with only their own consciousness, without the compounded psychic support of your judgement. Your judgement only supports the illusion of unworthiness, which is why all bad guys act the way they do – they are trying to somehow prove that they are good. In the case of Georgie boy, to prove his worth as a champion of freedom by vanquishing evil. “Live by the sword, die by the sword”. And even if they have to create bad guys out of thin air, or embellish a bit, they will do so out of their own denial of compassion and their desire to be seen as good – to be loved.

Your judgement of their dastardly behavior only supports their fantasies of power and the matrix of illusion. If you must vote, or if your spirit guides you to lend your energies to change by being active in political or environmental issues, vote for the beings who you know within are in alignment with truth and the new paradigm shift. The one’s who more than likely do not have a chance in getting elected, but at least you have honored yourself by making a statement of your support for truth and for a higher reality. It implies to the universe what is important to you. And with the universe’s and your creative power, more energy is placed in truth and the light. And energetic support is channeled to that person to help them stand even more courageously and passionately in their truth and being further able to express and embody their truth. This is how we support each other. It is not about winning, but empowering each other.

Don’t settle and compromise your values to obtain some of your ideals by voting for the lesser of two evils. This is another way of giving your power away to the rigged bi-partisan system of typical “democratic” politics, which is designed to keep you trapped within a no-win powerless situation. But once again, there are more efficient ways to utilize your creative energy, it is up to you to find them. Your spirit will guide you.

Honor all those beings in denial, for their sacrifice is great. Have compassion for them, for their suffering is great. Everyone is loving in the best way they know how, even if they are killing themselves, others or ordering the deaths and oppression of others. Everyone is trying to love or be loved. This is the illusion we came here to experience. Help your brothers and sisters lost in the matrix, by not judging them and their behavior, and by not believing the projection they emanate - that they are unlovable, evil, unworthy, not good enough... See beyond the illusion. See the Divinity within that is shielded and protected by layers of programs, delusions, emotional trauma, fear and anger. When the illusion is no longer supported, it is no longer being created and it ceases to exist.

You don’t need to change the old world, or enlighten it. It does not want to be enlightened, it just wants to battle on forever. If you still need to experience this game of separation through polarity and conflict, then by all means continue battling and have fun doing it. Otherwise, if you are done playing this old boring game that never ends and no one ever wins, then place your attention on creating heaven in your life and settle for nothing less than pure divine perfection. Allow your old reality to die a graceful death. Thank it for all that it has taught you and move on. Thank your ego for everything you have learned from the exploration of being separate and move on. Thank the old world for all that you have experienced from it and wish it well on its journey. Allow the old civilization to die a graceful death by removing your fascination from it and place your attention on your vision of the new civilization of Love-Light. A world of cooperation and unconditional love that is filled with Love-Light Beings who whole-heartedly support the complete prosperity of everyone. Who honor and recognize each other’s magnificence.

(I’m sure that this next section will cause some controversy and will probably be rejected by some email servers and will probably end up at the pentagon, blessings to them. If you have any troubles saying any of these whole-heartedly from the essence of your divine beingness, then you’ve got some forgiving to do. Have fun!)

Now, repeat after me:

I love everybody!

I am everybody and everybody is me!

“I love George Bush! ! I love John Howard! I love Tony Blair! I love Sadam Hussein! I love Osama Ben Laden! I love Iraq! I love the Iraqi people! I love the Taliban! I love the middle east! I love Israel! I love Palestine! I love Terrorists! I love the military! I love politicians! I love the corporations! I love the environmental polluters and destroyers! I love the oil industry! I love the pharmaceutical companies! I love the secret government! I love the United States! I love Americans! I love Australia! I love China! I love Tibet! I love Korea! I love Viet Nam! I love Nicaragua! I love El Salvador! I love Pakistan! I love India! I love Africa! I love Europe! I love Russia! I love____________(insert countries of choice). I love all countries! I love all nationalities! I love all people! I love all races! I love all colors! I love all genders and mixtures there of! I love all sexual persuasions! I love money! I love Islam! I love the Catholic church! I love Mormons! I love Jehovah’s Witnesses! I love Buddhists! I love Pagans! I love religious cults! I love Lucifer! I love Satan! I love all religions! I love all Gods! I love killers, rapists, thieves, liars, child molesters…!

I love everybody!

I am everybody and everybody is me!

What a great planet we live on where you can play all of these different roles in the grandest play of all, to experience all the zillions of possible illusions of separation!! What a spectacular show!! Yee ha!!

I love planet earth!

One Earth! One Heart! One Earth! One Heart!

Envision Heaven on Earth!

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!


Battle Love,


P.S. go see the excellent movie “Michael”, and if you haven’t seen “Bowling for Columbine” & “Fahrenheit 911” (both by the most awesome and courageous Michael Moore, also his TV show “the Awful Truth”) , then rent them immediately. And get a copy of “911 in Plane Site” – www. Policestate21.com Also, please read my other related articles, “Ego Terrorism” and “911 Emergency”.




Dark and Light (Soul Aspect Healing)

The Battle of the “Light workers”


The terminology “dark forces”, has been referred to often in religious, and even more realistically in new age texts. The truth of the matter is there isn’t really a “dark force” or evil. Yes there are individuals and groups that are very disconnected from Light and Love, but this does not mean that they are actually evil in essence. This would mean that there are opposing Gods: a good God and an evil God. There are certainly opposing godlets, but the overall God-Goddess-All-That-Isness is not in opposition to itself because good and evil are both parts of this same Isness. Good and evil are strictly perceptual and subjective depending on your perspective. Light and darkness are essentially the same thing. It is just a matter of vibration, or vibratory rate. Or awareness of individual and group divinity or denial of this fact. Darkness is nothing more than hiding from the Light. “Evil” is nothing more than hiding from Love.

In a sense, everyone of us works for the light and the dark side. It is just a matter of what percentage of you is in alignment with Love and what percentage is in alignment with fear. When love is the absolute essence and function of your life, and you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are nothing but Love-Light - then you are “enlightened”, you have ascended, even if you are still in physical form. This is our true natural state – so it is merely a matter of releasing all the fears that block the way and deny that love is “the way, the truth and the light”.

So every time we act from fear, we are walking the “dark path” of separation. Every time we act in and from Love, we are walking the pathway of Light. Since we are multidimensional beings, any aspect of self that is lost or has not forgiven itself and others, and functions from denial, repression and judgement, is “working” for the dark side (living in darkness). These aspects must be recollected back into the soul by helping them forgive.

Aspects are any bits and pieces of your wholeness that have separated themselves, have become lost and are in denial because of emotional trauma. These are from this lifetime, and past lives on this planet and others. They also include beliefs, programs… of fear, which are split off remnants of yourself. Also they exist as soul extensions, or similar dramas and traumas experienced by these aspects of your soul. There are techniques available from myself to help these aspects of yourself to heal and forgive. (They are detailed in my book, “the Ascension Master’s Toolkit”). Essentially, we are all suffering from multi-personality disorder, until all aspects are brought back to the Soul.

For you personally, based on the suffering you have not yet become at peace with, and the aspects of yourself that are stuck in anger and delusion, will be to the degree that you have a fulfilling life and wholistic relationships. When you have separated yourself sufficiently from the matrix, any battle left to be fought within, will manifest in battles amongst you and your new family “the Light Workers”. Especially any karmic patterns and conflicts from past lives that are still in need of clearing and healing, come to the surface. (Many of these are from lives in Atlantis and Egypt and other powerful times/civilizations on the planet. And the many ET lives that we have experienced being disconnected from Love, (reptilian, Zeta, Gray…), and ET wars such as in Orion.

The matrix and those supporting elements of this “dark side”, (including your own soul aspects in denial), want the “light workers” to battle amongst themselves, and for us to battle with other spiritual traditions and “religions” to maintain as much darkness on the planet as possible. This is an old war strategy that the forces of control and separation have always used: create dissention within the ranks, then the battle is won already and the lightys become darkys. But I trust you will not fall for this old trap any more.

I have seen these battles rage on through the years (and millennia) as we clear our karmic wounds with each other and deal with our own political self that wants control. They have taken many forms including: Who is in the highest divine alignment? Who is channeling the highest information? Who is amassing followers? Who’s a molester? I don’t like you because you follow that master! Oh my God, that teacher, who I thought was perfect, actually has some faults and is human! Other examples have been individual’s stealing other people’s work, or claiming sole rights and credit to certain materials that are not theirs to own or control, including battles over the ownership of sacred geometry. Sacred Geometry is creation itself. We are all sacred geometry, so how can this be owned by an individual? How can creation be owned or copyrighted? It is certainly honoring and respectful to reference sources and channels, especially for people to be able to connect with the author and their further teachings. But even “justifiable” militaristic attack is lack oriented and obvious denial and repression of suffering. Of course you are allowed to claim anything you like and entertain any fantasy you desire. This is the beauty of this dimension and planet. Only the political self is concerned with receiving credit and recognition. These people are fighting for a larger share of the carcass just like their unawakened compatriots. Of course the sole motivation for these battles is money. Which is a battle for survival, physical and egoic, as the ego must have recognition to maintain its existence and prove its worth.

"It doesn't matter where truth comes from. If it rings true for you, it's your truth, no matter who said it. Only political selves worry about getting credit." ~Polaria "Or giving credit." ~Alarius-1

You will notice that I do not claim copyright for my writing. I don’t need to, it is my writing and that’s just the way that it is. Nobody writes like me or has my exact bias and perception of reality. Only the political self is concerned with such things such as ownership, not receiving credit/recognition or fear of theft. (Thanks Bryan de Flores for illuminating this to me, which rang so true). As soon as I realized this, every time I saw a big huge warning and copyright on people’s emails I just shuddered with the aggression behind it. If you know that you are divinely protected, than you do not need to resort to such aggressive behavior. And in truth, you don’t need protection. Take care of your inner stuff and external “protection” is a ludicrous consideration.

The implication is that if you put a little ? symbol on things, they will somehow be magically protected by this sacred symbol from any evil characters who would exploit your work for their own benefit. The more accurate fact of the matter is you have just sent up a red flag. You have drawn attention to yourself that you are afraid that your work will be stolen, so the unconditionally loving and allowing universe of instant manifestation, will rearrange itself to accommodate your fear-based reality with all kinds of nasty creatures who would like to somehow take what you have. As soon as you emphatically claim ownership of something, someone will want to steal it. Someone who suffers from similar fears of lack/poverty consciousness. Someone who suffers from powerlessness and wants to deny their suffering by stealing or interfering with you to feel powerful.

I personally welcome my writing be “exploited”. The more people that read it the better. I don’t write to become rich, I write to create heaven on earth! I do not claim ownership because who is the owner? This personality? My God Presence? The Ascended Masters? Angels, God-Goddess…? I have given permission on my website for anyone to freely copy and distribute any of my materials to anyone. I haven’t given anyone permission to make money from my work or claim it as theirs, naturally, but if they really want to do that too, then I’m not going to stop them or attack them for it. I certainly would express my feelings about the matter, but would immediately go to work finding what my part is in the play and to heal those aspects lost in karma and release all associated agreements and vows.

So where do all teachings come from? Who owns them? Who owns anything? Ownership in general is an illusion. Everything is a sovereign entity, even inanimate objects. Everything is alive. There is a Deva for everything, including your computer. What you do, teach, channel, create… is just yours to do. The manifestation of what you create is yours by divine right until it is someone else’s by divine right. And everything is really borrowed rather than owned. Everything is everyone’s and no one’s. You are the channel for the All-That-Isness that creates that thing as you or through you. I am expressing you and everyone through myself as me. I am writing this right now because we as a collective wholeness have determined that it should be so and I am a humble servant of the All-That-Isness.

All teachings come from this same All-That-Isness. So nothing is any one individual’s property. As soon as you claim to own something, it is guaranteed that you will experience fear that you may lose it, or it will be taken away. Since everything is an illusion; everything is a creation; everything is temporary; then how can we own anything, and what is ownership in the first place? It’s all just fantasy and part of the game of separation, so enjoy it. Channel what is yours to channel and gain “your own” insights from what you read, see, experience, hear and feel, and write and create your own evocations from that. Since they are your insights/creations, they are yours. Or really they are the All-That-Isnesse’s insights and experiences through your individual unique perspective and way of measuring reality.

All things come from our wholeness, so credit, recognition, they are illusions and cosmically unimportant. I reference other materials all the time from the many awesome books, website and emails that cross my path. I know they manifest because my God Presence puts them there for my further awakening and growth, also to spread those words. I always give as much credit as possible to the sources because I highly value those sources and the individuals that channel the materials. There is a well spring of information available which should be utilized and assimilated.

Give teachings as freely as possible, because this is in alignment with prosperity consciousness and the future civilization where money and survival will no longer exist. But currently, we still need money to support our missions, so it is highly recommended and personally and collectively prosperity oriented, to donate money to those beings who give so much of themselves for the awakening of humanity. Support your teachers and guides who help you remember who you are. The masters who are creating masters. The more money and time we have for important activities, because we are not wasting our time with typical human crap, the more divine work/play we can accomplish, the more people we can access and the more accelerated teachings we can provide. This is how we create heaven on earth. Masters awaken masters, who awaken masters, who awaken masters… We help each other awaken till we have an entire planet of masters.

It is not necessary (or beneficial) to point fingers. It is up to you and your own discernment as to the integrity and purity of people’s intentions, and awareness of any unconscious denials that they are not aware of. Any unconscious aspects that are running amuck and which are causing discord in their lives and others (including you if you continue to interact with them). Many of these “lost” aspects are well hidden to the individuals, but apparent to those with “the eyes to see”, that do not have their veils. Then it is up to your choice to point these out, or just leave them with it and not interact with them.

Do not fall prey to this militaristic strategy of the matrix/ego, the battle between light workers, and all battles are merely the last remnants of those aspects of self that still believe themselves to be unholy and unworthy of God’s Grace. So they fight for supremacy to prove their worth just like all the “terrorists” of the corporate/political/religious/cultural/racial… world. Clear, heal and forgive your past lives and karma together. Call upon the Lords and Ladies of karma and the karmic board for karmic absolution between yourself and all beings you have any conflict with or judgement towards. Help all aspects of your beingness and soul extensions to heal and forgive their past. (Techniques below)

Blessings on your Divine Journey of Awakening to the Realization of your Awesome Magnificence.

Karmic Love,



Reference: 1- Quote from the book “Conscious Channeling” by Extraterrestrial Earth Mission


Soul Aspect Retrieval

Aspect Healing, Forgiveness, Releasing Decree

(You may use this decree as well as the "Love Cocooning Technique").

"I call upon my beloved I-AM-God-Goddess Presence to enfold me in a Pyramid of Golden Light to assist me in the process of forgiving, healing and releasing any and all discordant Soul Extensions or Soul Aspects of my beingness. I align my Central Column of Love-Light to the Source and to the Earth. I now focus on my heart and feel the Great Love that I AM.

By Divine Decree, in the Name of God-Goddess-All-That-Is and my own Divine I-AM-God-Goddess-Presence, in accordance with Divine Will, and with the Divine Forces of Grace, Love and Ease, I call for any soul extensions or soul aspects of myself that are not in alignment with my I AM Presence and who are feeling, experiencing, wanting, demanding, denying... ________________,

I now completely rescind any and all vows I have made, and break any agreements and contracts that I have with you.. I also ask for the complete dismantling of all thought-forms, beliefs, pictures of reality, emotional-mental charges… related to or created from these agreements or experiences.

I call for the Tzolkin Wheel to be spin through your hearts and under sacred agreement that you have with my I AM Presence at this time, I ask you all to move into my Golden Pillar of Light for transmutation into Divine Union".

Now with divine intention, divine will and the Love within your heart, draw all of these Soul Extensions and Soul Aspects into your Central Column of Light, through your heart, and bringing them home into your Soul-I-AM-Presence and your OverSoul-God-Presence.

"I forgive you for all past transgressions and ask you to forgive me for all of mine. I ask for complete karmic absolution between us and release all past memories that we have experienced together. I call upon Archangel Michael to help me disintegrate all psychic cords attaching us in limiting patterns. And I ask that myself and all of these aspects and soul extensions be placed in a healing chamber in relationship to this.

God-I-AM God-I-AM God-I-AM I AM I AM I AM ! And So it is!"

Love Cocooning - (Soul Extension Healing)

Cocooning is used in relation to specific issues that have arisen in your life. Essentially, we wrap our soul extensions in a Light and Love Cocoon, which separates them from us on horizontal disfunctional, negative psychic cord levels, so that we and them are left with our own sovereign essence and consciousness, not feeding off of one another. This allows us to support each other on wholistic vertical, higher dimensional, levels; on love levels, to follow our own Spirits. It releases any co-dependency energies, in favor of inter-dependence; in favor of co-creation.

You may experience resistance, or an inability to move forward because your soul extensions or fragmented soul aspects, are in resistance and fearful because of past experiences that are related to an occurrence that is happening now in your life. Because you are totally connected to your soul extensions, if they have experienced a traumatic experience related to this that you are experiencing, they will be in resistance, and this will affect your ability to move beyond this pattern. They will not want you to move forward into, or through, this experience, because they will feel their pain, or there is a fear that they will experience this same suffering again.

Cocooning them will free you energetically from any resistance's to your forward movement, any fears of your next level. It will remove any fears, agreements, vows, limitations…that are your soul extension's, soul fragments or splintered aspects of your beingness that are in trauma, fear etc, or that you have disowned because of traumas and past experiences of fear and resistance to love.

Love Cocooning Technique

Call upon the Angels for assistance and invite in and surround yourself with all of your Soul Extensions, and fragmented aspects of self (past, present, future, and genetic extensions), that are related to this issue that has arisen for you and ask them to all be placed inside of Love Cocoons.

“I Call upon the Angels for assistance and I draw to myself all of my Soul Extensions and Aspects that are ready for healing now”.

See them all around you now in a huge area. It will probably be dark and womb like. There will definitely be a lot of them. See yourself in the middle of them. See the Angels around assisting them.

Speak to all of them intimately, “will you all please place yourself inside of Love Cocoons”.

Explain to them that this is not a trap, but that the Love Cocoon is a beautiful restful healing space that will help create healing and forgiveness. It will disconnect all negative elements and influences from them and from you, allowing both of you to now experience your own sovereignty and Divine Connection to your own Spirit, Source, God-Goddess…

Some of them will willingly go in, as they are eager for release from their pain and eager to forgive and be healed.

Now, ask them all, "what percent has gone into the cocoons”?

The others are still in resistance to moving to the next level. They will need special assistance to help forgive and release.

Whatever percentage they give you, ask those remaining soul extensions to, "please forgive whatever occurrences have happened to you that have caused you to be in the space you are in and in relation to what is happening now for me"! Assure them that everything they have ever experienced was just experience for our Soul and need not affect them negatively any longer.

Now ask, “what percentage cannot forgive”?

Whoever cannot forgive that energy, ask them, "will you please forgive everything that created that situation, that makes you not forgive? Will you please forgive all of the individuals involved?”

Whatever percentage is left, that will not forgive, give them a gift, a golden (Light Language) encoded disc called a Tzolkin Wheel.

The Tzolkin Wheel is a reminder of the sacred agreement they have with your I-AM-Presence, for remembrance of the Love that they truly are. A reminder that it is now the 7th Golden Age, time to remember, time to let go of the past, to forgive, to allow Divine Grace to provide a new start without any reference to the past.

Now ask them to “allow the Tzolkin Wheel to spin through your chakras to help you forgive, to surrender to the truth and release your pain”.

Now ask again, "is there anyone who is still resistant to moving forward and entering the Cocoons?"

Whoever is left, ask the Angels for an "Angelic Activation", which will remove all vows, agreements, implants and programs which have supported those limitations and ways of being. This Angelic activation will also reincorporate their soul fragments and re-connect them to their Divine Selves.

“I call upon the Angels for an Angelic Activation for my beloved Soul Extensions and aspects”.

Now say, “please stay in your Love Cocoons until you are all integrated in your own soul energy”, and I call upon the Divine Mother to take care of them and place them in stasis until they have forgiven and healed all that keeps them in resistance and separate from the wholeness".

Once everyone is in their cocoons you will probably not have to do this again in regards to that issue, or deal with those soul fragments again. Any future reactions, to issues that trigger heart contraction (closing), are resistance's that those soul fragments, or newly revealed soul fragments have to that issue or “new” issue. So you will have to do the process over again in relation to what has arisen.

You may also ask the Archturian Light Body Teams to help them release any of their/your stuff as well, including any thought forms you may be experiencing… And ask the Hathors for any Heart-healing that is needed. (The Archturians are the Light-Body healers, the Hathors are the Love/Heart masters.)

Now bring everyone in through your heart, and up through your Pineal, through your Column of Light, into your Soul, back home!

(These releasing techniques are a few of the many available from the “Ascension Master's Toolkit” by ZaKaiRan). (Love Cocooning Technique courtesy of Qala Sri' ama)

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