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The Birth of the Christ
you Truly Are

& the Initiation of the Christ




Happy Birthday Christ Children!

Greetings of love and joy dear beloveds, at this time when we celebrate the birth of the Christ Child. But allow me to escalate this celebration to a much higher level than celebrating just one single Christed being, to the deeper meaning of the "birth of the Christ".

Welcome Christ Child, (that's you)! Welcome to planet earth!
You are the Christ Child we have been waiting for!
Y ou are the Christ Child that was prophesied to come and save the world!

I celebrate your birth, beloved Christ Child that you are! I honor you and I bring you this message of remembrance as your birthday gift, that you are the Christ! The Christ is not something outside of you… but something that you are! This is the true meaning of Christmas, and the real reason Yeshua Ben Joseph, (a.k.a. Jesus Christ/Sananda), came to earth.

As a soul and spirit, he came to earth to undertake the great journey of enlightenment, the embodiment of Christ Consciousness, of divine truth, love, wisdom and compassion. As a soul and spirit he came here to embark upon a great journey of activation of the mastery and mystery he truly is, as a divine spirit, in a human body. This was the “Initiation of the Christ”. He came here to Ascend, to create and facilitate Ascension, or ground the Ascension energies of the Christ, here on the earth, for everyone. He came to cut the pathway for our Ascension, to lead the way through the jungle for our liberation from the illusions of separation and unworthiness.

And how do I know this? Because this is what we do. We are the “Ascension Specialists”, the “Planetary Transitioners”. And we are all in this together. We do not come to a planet and Ascend so that people will worship us as if we are better than them, or because we are God, and they are not. We come to awaken our brothers and sisters who are asleep and who have forgotten their magnificence, who have forgotten they are divine love. And we do this because it is our natural way. We have no choice, because we live in our hearts, and we know we are all love… There is no choice but total prosperity and love for all. There is nothing else to do. We are our brother’s keepers.

For Yeshua personally, he probably had few conscious intentions of making the overall changes that he made. At least initially, and at least the specifics of how the whole drama played out. These were merely the consequences of his own personal initiations and journey of awakening, enlightenment and mastery as a divine human, as a Soul and Spirit. And the fulfillment of the Divine Plan of anchoring the Ascension frequencies upon planet earth. He was just following his Spirit.

I do not know his level of conscious awareness that he had of his soul mission when he began his life, but surely as is the case when anyone awakens to their own divine truth and own divinity, one’s soul mission becomes more and more conscious, powerful and fulfilling, the more one says yes to divine truth, divine love and their divinity. The more one accepts their divine mission and embodies their divine Spirit, their Divine function/keepership…, to accomplish their mission set out by their spirit, the more of the divine plan for all of humanity is fulfilled, and the greater impact one makes upon the Ascension of planet earth and the Ascension of Humanity.

This is the same journey we are all on. This is the initiation of the Christ: to be divine truth, love, wisdom and compassion, no matter what anyone else is doing. Speaking divine truth, living divine truth; being divine love, living divine love; being divine wisdom, living divine wisdom; being divine compassion, living divine compassion... And never giving in to societal pressure, genetic or soul programming and fears, to abdicate your power and convictions, or deny, or flee..., because you don't want to be cast out, betrayed, rejected, hurt, or killed, by your family, friends, or society; from those beings who are afraid and in denial of their own divinity and love.

You do not backslide or sellout and get angry, or judgmental and reactive, when people around you do not understand divine truth and judge you, and want to have you committed, because the light that you are is illuminating what they try to keep hidden in the dark. Because they don't want to hear what you have to say. Because the truth hurts, and they want to stay comfortably numb in their matrix of illusion.

And maybe even your friends reject you and become distant, because you are waking up faster than them, because you are changing, and are no longer the same person they knew, and they no longer recognize you. And you no longer think the same old way, or want to do the same old things, and play the same old games, and live your life based on the same old patterns. They may feel hurt, because you are energetically drifting away from them, and they feel like you are abandoning them.

But regardless of what anyone else is doing or saying, no matter how wonderful or crappy things may get, you stand firmly anchored in divine truth, honoring that others need to experience what they need to experience as souls. And regardless of their perceptions and judgments, you stay centered in love and compassion; centered in your magnificence; centered in your divinity; centered in your truth... Even if they are hanging you on the cross, you have compassion for those "who know not what they do".

You are the Christ! There is no Christ outside of you! You are the Christ!

Be the Christ you are in a human body! Be divine compassion, love, forgiveness, truth, honor..., these are your natural states, the states of the Christ/Buddha!

The other states of consciousness that humanity suffers from, these take work to maintain. It may appear otherwise, but this is the illusion. The prejudicial, judgmental, dualistic, fearful states of consciousness, that humanity bases their lives upon, are not natural states of being, (contrary to what many religions preach). These are adopted beliefs and patterns, that are used and believed because of self-delusion that we are somehow not God or part of God or disconnected from God/Love… That we are somehow inherently evil, and must be punished or saved. And somehow, through our beliefs or action, receive absolution and earn divine grace. This is a fallacy propagated by those who wish to deny their suffering and beliefs that they are unworthy. Who desire to control you and themselves, to feel powerful, to deny their suffering and feelings that they are powerless, by projecting this upon you, as your judge, or as your “teacher/preacher”...

These fantasies of unworthiness serve to help us feel separate from God and separate from each other, to feel limited and small…, and when we awaken and shatter these illusions, when we remember we are God, that we are all magnificent awesome beings of love-light, and remember that we are all brothers and sisters, then we experience a quantum expansion and an even greater experience of oneness, love and divinity. It is a bizarre experiment for sure, but one that we are all doing, playing the game of separation and the illusion of unworthiness.

We are the rats in the maze, but we are also the scientists. This is the key element that all beings must realize so that we can create the reality that we have come here to create: an entirely new civilization of Christ Children, a world of abundance, prosperity, love and compassion. When you begin balancing and plorking (playing/working) with and being your own Divine Masculine and Feminine, you embody the Divine Mother and the Divine Father, and birth the Christ Child that you truly are!

Once again, this is the “Initiation of the Christ”. Balancing, being and living the Divine Mother and Father, the Divine Feminine and Masculine that you are, the androgynous Angelic Self, the Master Self... When your life is this balance, when you are living every day this ‘Essence of Divine Creation’, then everything that flows from you, all of your creations are little Christ's. Your entire reality is a ‘Christ Reality’, filled with love, truth, wisdom, and compassion... and everyone is your brothers and sisters… and your children!

You are the Father and the Holy Mother Spirit/Shekinah, and the Christ Child! Every single person on planet Earth is a Christ Child! And through your example, you will show others that they are also the Divine Mother and the Divine Father; that they are All-That-Is; that they are Christ Children! Through your example, through your empowerment, others will see that they can also create the peace, love, truth, wisdom & prosperity that they truly desire. All the beauty and magnificence that they have come here to create and experience in this lifetime. Everyone is here to experience and create in their own way, through their mastery, their truth, their love, their compassion, their divine abilities... Everyone is here to Co-Create Heaven on Earth and manifest the New Civilization of Light and Love!

In Christ Consciousness,

I AM ZaKaiRan Christ

©ZaKaiRan AatKa'Nui SheeHan

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