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Butchery of the Penis

and the repression of the masculine and feminine potencies



Circumcision is a subject that is hardly ever spoken about. If you are a circumcised man, it happened to you so young that until you first see an uncircumcised penis you know nothing different. Even then, men typically do not talk about it and it is something that is not exposed, (pun intended), in sexual education classes. In fact most medical pictures of the penis, show a circumcised one, which is not anatomically correct and obviously biased, implying: that this is how they come out when you are born, or should always look regardless.

It is generally agreed upon by society (aside from certain African tribes), that female circumcision (clitoral and labial butchery) is a barbaric abhorrent crime, yet male penis butchery continues unabated in many countries, especially in the U.S. And it is done routinely by medical “professionals” that all know that there is no medical justification for this unnecessary procedure.

The medical profession, religions, and most everyone for that matter, believe that the male foreskin or prepuce (as it is medically called), (or pupis as I like to call it, which is a cocoon), to be an unnecessary non functional excess piece of skin that serves no purpose at all. And propaganda claims that it is even harmful. These lies are what I was told as a child, “that it is more hygienic and healthier to not have a foreskin”. How could this possibly be true? The fact of the matter is that this could not be farther from the truth, and this lie, just like all the other lies that society propagates, is designed to disempower us all. We are born with them so they obviously serve a purpose, and any man with an intact pupis could tell you that they do. (A worthwhile study would be a comparison of intact and non-intact men).

What is the Foreskin (Pupis)?

“The foreskin is the largest part of the skin system of the penis. It covers and usually extends far beyond the glans before folding under itself to its circumferential point of attachment just behind the corona (the rim of the glans). The foreskin is, therefore, a double-layered organ. Its true length is twice the length of its external fold and comprises as much as 80 percent or more of the penis's skin covering”-2. Stretched out, the foreskin would be as large as a mans hand.

The human foreskin is a flexible, double layered sheath uniquely designed through “millions of years of evolutionary refinement, and, as such, represents the epitome of design perfection”. It is designed to protect the glans, which is supposed to be an internal organ – not exposed to the elements. “It covers protects and preserves the sensitivity of the glans by maintaining optimal levels of moisture, warmth, pH balance, and cleanliness”-3.

The foreskin or prepuce is actually more sensitive than the glans of the penis. “It is more sensitive than the fingertips or the lips of the mouth. It contains a richer variety and greater concentration of specialized nerve receptors than any other part of the penis. These specialized nerve endings can discern motion, subtle changes in temperature, and fine gradation of texture. This function enables genitally intact males to experience a superior dimension of sexual pleasure, compared to males who were circumcised.”-2

What is behind this whole barbaric practice?

The foreskin is an extremely sensitive, (obviously), natural protective sheath, protecting the glans or head of the penis, similar to the hood protecting the clitoris. As women know, this clitoris, (or little penis, or little man in the boat), is highly sensitive, and luckily, is protected by its hood. If the hood was removed, the clitoris would be exposed 24/7. This would obviously be uncomfortable and would create major problems. Through time, the clitoris would become de-sensitized to protect itself. This, I believe, is the intention of circumcision: desensitization. To remove as much sensitivity from the act of sensuality/sexuality, to make it as practical and least pleasurable as possible.

This procreative oriented approach was invented by religions because of their belief in sin and unworthiness. That sensuality is not divine and sexuality should only be used for making babies. Also, because of this illusion that we are sinful and unworthy creatures, we do not deserve pleasure. This has created guilt and shame which is propagated and capitalized upon by religions, the media and corporations to sell products and control the masses.

This sexual repression is continued by an ignorant society of sheep continuing to believe the lies and propaganda of the money machine. And part of that plan is the subjugation, repression and theft of the true essence of masculinity and femininity, both of which are disempowered by social shame and guilt and in this case the first rape of males and the destruction of the sacred Lingam, a gift of God for the pleasure of man as well as women. If you take something away from people, or make them believe they have lost it, you can manipulate them and control them by always selling them what they belief they do not have. Circumcision denies both principles and robs us of our birthright as Gods and Goddesses, as sensual Hu-mans (Godbeings), with the ability to experience the joy of sensuality and sexuality of this animal world of form, but with the high awareness of divine dimension and experience.

Circumcision is a heinous and completely unnecessary attack on the physical wellbeing of a new born baby. It is designed to disempower the individual by disconnecting him (or her) from the masculine and feminine potencies. Disconnecting them from their own individual unique sovereignty. Tying them energetically and physically to tribal consciousness and customs, and to a reality/illusion of survival.

It is the theft of the goddess womb surrounding, nurturing and protecting the Lingam - the expression of the masculine potency. Circumcision disconnects the male from his Divine Feminine and the Divine Mother, and from his physical mother. It alienates him from the goddess/feminine/mother potency within and without. It is the theft of nurturance, protection, tenderness, gentility…, disconnecting the being from these essential qualities of life.

Circumcision is designed to repress the true sensual/sexual yang essence of the male principle. To repress the instinctive, creative qualities of boys, by desensitizing and exposing their most fragile and sensitive part of their bodies, thusly controlling their ability to feel and experience pleasure. It desensitizes and exposes the masculine potency to the elements and to humanity. (And in the case of female circumcision, and female sexual guilt and shame - the repression of the true sensual/sexual yin essence of the female principle, and similar desensitizing and repressive intent).

The foreskin protects the glans so that the only time it is exposed is during urination, washing and engorgement. By exposing the glans 24/7 it takes sexuality away from men and boys. It is a blatant act of control and ownership, as if parents, clergy, doctors, nurses, politicians and society own our penises and bodies. They obviously do not and when people wake up and develop compassion, there will be immense regret experienced by mothers, fathers, doctors and nurses for butchering their sons and patients. There will be massive tears and regret for these gruesome acts routinely performed on these Gods.

No one has any right to chop off a valuable and integral part of anyone’s body, especially without their consent, and at this completely vulnerable and fragile age. It is one of the most heinous acts of aggression ever devised by the patriarchal system that has sought to oppress and repress the divine feminine, to instill the illusions of power and control.

The first act of disempowerment and separation, was ripping the baby from the mother and separating them, in addition to severing the umbilical cord way before it was non-functioning. (The umbilical cord should not be severed for up to 6 hours, at least until it stops throbbing). This begins the process of desensitizing the individual. And begins the process of emotional wounding and the repression of these wounds, and future traumas, for survival. Toughen those boys up to make them “real men”. These heinous acts also disconnect vital electromagnetic water circuits in the human body. Circuits that would nourish the endocrine system and the brain. Welcome to Planet Earth! Learn to repress your emotions and emotional traumas or you will have a real hard time being here.

By tearing the baby away from the mother, and attacking one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of a little boys body, completely shatters all trust between the mother and baby, and shatters the bond between them, especially because of the fact that the mother not only allowed it, but probably requested this attack, out of her own ignorance, disempowerment and lack of compassion. And for most people, this bond has never been healed or reconnected, but continues to be repressed because it was too traumatic to deal with emotionally for the baby/boy/man. People then typically seek to somehow heal this wound through codependent relationships, and retrieve their womb-like foreskin through sex; to obtain nurturance and protection by wrapping their penis with a vagina.

In order to have allowed it and approved of it in the first place, the mother and father (and everyone directly and indirectly involved), had to disconnect (or be disconnected) from compassion within themselves, and disconnect from the baby emotionally to support such a heinous act of aggression. This repression of compassion also has to continue for them to not regret this act. This begins the separation between them and their child.

By butchering penises, doctors, mothers, fathers, nurses…, are robbing males of so much. In order to even do such an aggressive act of ignorance, everyone involved has to be so disconnected from compassion and feeling that it is absolutely tragic. To strap little fragile boys to a table and butchering a beautifully perfectly designed protective and gratifying layer of integral skin, is not only immensely tragic, but is a blatant conspiracy, repressed and denied by everyone.

Now the gruesome facts.

How do they do it?

They tear the newborn fragile boy away from his mother, (naturally, as it would be entirely too traumatic for a mother to witness), strap the defenseless infant spread-eagled to a cold operating table, (in bright lights of course), then the doctor pinches and crushes the foreskin with clamps attached to his penis and then amputates the foreskin with a scalpel – easy peasy! A painless, joyous experience and the baby is happy to be rid of that unnecessary piece of skin. (NOT!) If he could have told you, he would have said, “hey, what’s this extra bit of skin on my penis, it looks completely unnecessary. Can you please cut it off”. (Not!!!) Get a clue dood!
It is obvious to anyone with a brain in their head that it could not possibly be painless, in fact, it is beyond excruciating. The results of this butchery are babies screaming, convulsing, trembling, holding their breath from the trauma, defecating and vomiting. Painless my ass! I mean my dick! Some babies actually go into a coma to deal with the trauma and post circumcision stress is obvious. Welcome to the world of “nurturance”.

“Complications range from lacerations, hemorrhage, infections, penile amputations and urethral damage”.-3 These badly performed circumcisions, resulting in deformed penises are not reported by hospitals. “One study estimates a complication rate from 2 – 10%”(-3), but in my opinion the complication rate is 100% due to the fact that the operation is conducted at all and men lose a valuable, integral part of their body. And interestingly enough, a sexual part. Another part of the conspiracy you might ask – indeed!

So Why Does It Continue?

To the average person circumcision is probably seen as a routine casual non-invasive painless operation. (Naturally, it would have to be, considering we are conducting this medical surgery upon babies). Where this idea came from can be attributed to blind sheepmanship; ignorantly following the societal, religious and medical programming/propaganda, and due to blatant self denial. People don’t want to know! Ignorance is bliss. “What you don’t know, you don’t have to take responsibility for”. And they don’t want to admit to committing and allowing such heinous acts of butchery upon our baby boys.

Repression is the order of the day on planet earth. “Suck it up buddy and get on with life”. This is the tyrannical edict we are taught and ordered to live by from consensus reality, from the “matrix”. And males are supposed to be tough, not little babies. And chopping the foreskin off, (an alleged “right of passage into manhood”), is the first aggressive act of society to train the males to be tough and un-emotional. The attack upon someone’s sexuality, directly attacks their emotional body. It serves to desensitize and even disjoint their emotional body. Boys/men are taught to not only tolerate but romantically endure pain, because “real men” accept their role as tough and “pain is part of life”. Take it on the penis and say, “thank you sir, may I have another”. The desensitization, disempowerment and programming has begun; to do what society tells you to do and take what society dishes out, or you will be cast out to the wolves.

It continues because of fear, ignorance and sexual repression. Butchered males know no difference as nothing of their “love sheath” is left, and it is hardly ever discussed. And the usual information available about the foreskin and circumcision is nothing but fear based propaganda. Luckily for me, a bit of remembrance remains to remind me of this physical and emotional trauma. A tiny piece of skin attached to my corona and glans was left behind to remind me of this act of aggression that was done to me without my permission. As a child it fascinated me and always put the mystery of circumcision in my consciousness. This became even more prevalent the first time I saw an intact penis in the high school locker room. I recall my thoughts being that “I was happy to have a circumcised penis because it looked better”. But I saw my little piece of skin as a flaw and even decided to cut it off myself with my trusty pocket knife. When I attempted this Boy Scout surgery, the pain was excruciating. I had barely broken the skin, a microscopic amount of blood emerged and I stopped immediately, deciding to accept my flaw as part of my uniqueness.

It is obvious to me now, from this experience and that little piece of skin’s extreme sensitivity, that the tragic butchery of the foreskin is and was an unbearable act of immense pain and trauma. As I project my consciousness to this repressed memory, I can experience the immense gut ripping, completely devastating, paralyzing traumatic experience that this was. Every circumcized male should be rebirthed to release this emotionally devastating experience. The thoughts of, “how could these people do this to me”? “How could my mother and father allow this?” “What did I do to deserve this?” “What am I being punished for?” And just plain terror emerge. I equate this experience to an abduction. Similar to the many ET and secret government abductions that we have experienced where we have been poked, prodded and sexually violated. I have clear recollections of this type of activity as well, and I see no difference from the two. It is no wonder why we attract this type of activity upon us when we do similar acts of enslavement, exploitation and careless aggression to animals, children, adults…, on an average daily basis.

(As an aside, but related point: the sexual experimentation conducted upon us in typical abduction scenarios by the Grays and Zeta Reticulans, (supported by the government), was not only designed to genetically create a new race of human/Grey hybrids (Essasani), but to explore the emotional body. The absolute necessity for the success of this hybrid race was the creation of an emotional body; something genetically missing from the typical 4th dimensional Grey and Zeta body. Through millennia of strictly mental orientation and expression, and strictly propagating their species through cloning, without the expression of sexuality and love, they lost their emotional bodies. Without an emotional body, no love or compassion can be felt or expressed, and without love you cannot ascend to higher dimensions. This was the Gray/Zeta problem. (For more information on this subject, see my article on the “4th dimension”, on my website). Additionally, if you damage someone sexually, their emotional body becomes damaged or removed. Because of this, and the inability to clear their emotional baggage, these people typically experience extreme turmoil in their lives. This is obvious by the many people on the planet who are unstable emotionally, even insane, because of sexual trauma, rape, molestation...).

Once again, why does it continue? Why do all acts of aggression and ignorance continue on planet earth? Lack of compassion, denial, complacency, repression (all stemming from suffering and denial of suffering, from the lie of unworthiness), and money. Yes, there’s big money in foreskins. Doctors make $200 or more for each penis chopping. Also additional money is paid by parents and insurance companies to hospitals for longer stays due to babies needing to recover from circumcision. And human foreskins are a billion-dollar-a-year industry to the pharmaceutical industry that uses them to manufacture interferon and other drugs. And biotech companies are experimenting with growing artificial skin from amputated foreskins. Need I say more?

So if the foreskin is really so “useless and unnecessary”, then how come they’re so valuable to these scientific industries? Do I smell another conspiracy here? If you haven’t figured it out by now, the continuous question to be raised about every aspect of life in consensus reality, isn’t: what is a conspiracy, but what isn’t a conspiracy? And is it just a coincidence that the majority of foreskin amputations still being performed today are conducted in the pharmaceutical/greed capital of the world? (I’m allowed to bag the U.S. because I was born there, although I’ll probably be labeled as a terrorist). Over 80% of the rest of the world’s males are intact. Sweden and Finland closely regulate circumcision and are considering prohibiting it all together. In Australia, Canada and the UK, medical associations have taken strong stands against routine circumcision. The U.S. is the only country to routinely circumcise males for non-religious reasons.

Through my years of divine sexuality, I have noticed the inequality of sensitivity and sexual pleasure obtainable between the female’s extensive nerve/pleasure centers and the lowly penis. The sexual gratification obtainable from the penis compared to the yoni/clitoris complex…, is definitely less. And I believe that part of this is due to the tragic loss of the foreskin. (The rest is a cavalcade of religious sexual repression and desensitization, and genetic manipulation of the species). I believe, poll pending, and supported by authors/researchers Paul M. Fleiss and Frederick M. Hodges-1, that intact males can experience a broader range of sexual experience, due to the extra nerve endings and sensitivity of the foreskin and protected sensitive head. And when I tap in to the ghost of my pupis, the etheric foreskin, I know this to be true.

The fact is, the average man with a butchered penis (I choose these words specifically to denote the true facts, not a desensitized medical description), does not know what he is missing as it was taken from without his permission and has repressed this trauma and rape of his little fragile body as soon as he entered the world. Un-intact males will never know the pleasure they could have experienced with an intact pupis. They are forever deprived of full genital pleasure and their lovers are also forever deprived of receiving the full extent of the male potency through his pleasure. Until I grow mine back, I will not know the pleasure and nurturance connection that I could have been experiencing with an intact penis.

Circumcision is a forced projection of sexual guilt and shame. It completely dishonors the male and female potencies. It is now time to honor the divine masculine and divine feminine within us all. It is time for these blatant attacks against the male and female potencies, subjugating these divine principles to disempower us all – to stop! It is time for this completely disrespectful, archaic and barbaric practice to stop. The freedom, realization and embodiment of loving sexual expression and experience is only accomplished by liberation from guilt, shame and unworthiness. We are not sinful at birth, as the ignorant religions would convince us of, we are solely and completely innocent, pure and whole at birth and remain that way for eternity, no matter what we believe or do.

If you or your lover is intact, honor this fact. If you or your lover is not, honor this sacrifice. The divine Lingam should be treated with the utmost respect as should the Yoni and our entire bodies, as the divine temples that they truly are.

Honor your temple of Divine Love.



Forgiveness Decree

“By Divine Decree! I forgive my mother, father, the doctors & nurses for your lack of awareness, and lack of compassion. I forgive you for ignorantly trying to take femininity, masculinity, sexuality and emotionality away from me. I forgive you for directly or indirectly instilling guilt and shame. And for continuing this barbaric practice of the subjugation of the true femininity and masculinity.
I forgive you for repressing and denying the Goddess, for trying to repress the goddess within males; and I forgive you for trying to repress, control and deny the divine feminine within me. I also forgive myself for manifesting all of this.

I now awaken, allow and embody true divine masculinity and true divine femininity.
With the grace of God-Goddess, I now activate the etheric foreskin that exists around my Lingam, in and from its original state and divine intent. I will it to activate and provide the protection, nurturance, sensual/sexual pleasure - originally intended. I now will my prepuce love sheath to grow back restoring the original innocence that I truly am.

Divinely Perfect I AM!

God-Goddess I AM! God-Goddess I AM! God-Goddess I AM!

Divine Sensuality I AM! ! Divine Sensuality I AM! Divine Sensuality I AM!

Divine Sexuality I AM! ! Divine Sexuality I AM! Divine Sexuality I AM!


©ZaKaiRan AatKa'Nui SheeHan

This article is copyrighted by ZaKaiRan, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as the proper credit line is included and nothing is deleted.

If you would like a shorter version of this article for publication, please let me know.



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