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Close Encounters of the 5th Kind




I have been communing with the whales and dolphins for at least 20 years now, especially more intimately in the last 5 years since living in Australia, (and of course, I have been communing with my Sirian buddies for eons beyond this physicality). My first experience with whales was off the coast of California with the Gray Whales as they migrate south to Baja Mexico. A fanatical whale lover friend of mine invited myself and my girl friend whale watching. This was certainly the early stages of whale watching in the wake of the cessation of whaling and our transition to loving them rather than killing them. We had just barely left the wharf in Redondo Beach to encounter two whales making love, surrounded by frolicking dolphins. For hours we ecstatically witnessed this divine union, while all the time the pod of dolphins swam and played all around the two lovers. It was certainly a grand Love Making party, enjoyed certainly by the two whales, by their dolphin friends and now by us humans, who were infinitely blessed to experience this divine encounter.

During this divine union, these two lovers were constantly connected, never parting.
Sometimes her on top, sometime him on top - so the one on the bottom would be completely submerged (holding their breath). Other times they would be on their sides, but always gently rolling, shnuggling, floating, intertwined, communing energetically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually… with their whole being. Just writing this story, and any time I tell this story, it brings tears to my eyes – it was truly a magical experience (and just off the coast of busy Los Angeles). It was truly one of the first of many “Heaven on Earth” experiences that would eventually become my entire life, and that would reveal to me that we may always choose in this reality whatever kind of life we want, heaven or hell, or whatever degree in between. It was the beginning of the realization of the truly polar (or rather trinary) and paradoxical nature of reality on planet earth. (See my article “911 Emergency”, on my website).

So every part of this aquatic cetacean intimacy “orgy” was truly awesome to experience, and witnessing the dolphins and their close connection with the whales, was truly a joyful and wondrous experience of the true nature of Love making and intimacy. It illuminates our ridiculous shame of our bodies and our sexuality, and the unnatural act of hiding our “nakedness” and love making, as if there is something wrong with our bodies, especially when they are intertwined in love making - when really we should be delighting in our bodies and our sens/sexuality, and sharing this divine union with the whole universe. (Please read about our sexuality, from a Pleiadian perspective, in Barbara Marciniak’s books “Earth” and “Bringers of the Dawn”).

Cetaceans have absolutely no shame about their bodies or sens/sexuality, and no social or self imposed “morals” about what sensuality, sexuality and intimacy are supposed to be or do. Dolphins copulate and rub genital slits together with who ever it is synergetic to do so, whenever they feel like. Male to male, male to female, female to female, many at once, or moving from one to another, and/or just being sensual with each other. (I have even been told of human/dolphin swims, where dolphins have tried to mate with humans, and of course, have been very sensual and intimate with them). This I know, is our natural state of intimacy, affection and sens/sexuality. If we were as open and shameless as our cetacean friends, and as proud of our bodies, essence, sensuality, sexuality and our own divine beingness, we would make love with, be sensual with, or be affectionate with who ever the energy was there to be and do that with…, whenever and wherever we are, even if surrounded by other people.

It is certainly obvious to me now that we are indeed brothers and sisters and there is no real difference between us, aside from obvious physical attributes, and genetic and spiritual evolution. Both whales and dolphins are an extremely advanced species, and extremely high in conscious awareness of their divine connection to each other, us and All-That-Is. Whales live within Christ/Unity Consciousness and hold this for and emanate this to humanity. So everyone who comes in contact with them, receives this transmission. Or rather, in their presence they are entrained to this vibration. And everyone who is fascinated by them is ready for Unity/Christ Consciousness in their lives.

Cetaceans are our elders, especially the whales, also being the elders of the dolphins. The dolphins being more likened to us as a species and our “emotional/mentality”. This translates into and as the bodies they inhabit - the dolphin body being more agile and “playful”, closer to our size, with flippers that are very much similar to our arms. (The foetus of a dolphin looks exactly like a human's), and the whale body being larger, more “still” (even though they can be quite playful and are quite agile). Brain size and percentage of usage, are both extremely high in both (far surpassing us). Both species using 100% their brain’s capacity, with many more DNA spirals activated compared to our typical 2. As a species, we are genetically and (generally) spiritually less advanced than our cetacean family, but there is no judgement in the least from these Gods and Goddesses. In their consciousness we are equal and part of the one family of creation.

This encounter was one huge divine “relationship” and intimacy revelation, (one of many throughout my life), of the shattering of the illusions of exclusivity, jealousy, abandonment, sexual shame, guilt…, that were playing out in my life, for their healing and release. So I gratefully and infinitely bless and thank these lovely dolphin and whale friends of mine, and the lady I was in relationship with at the time, for these revelations.

Another huge aspect of this encounter, was the unashamed, unhidden, openly expressed intimacy between everyone, including us humans. I am forever joined to all those who were in attendance. This was a direct manifestation of my natural bias towards the highest levels of intimacy possible, and the natural desire to have the highest level and amount of intimacy that I could possibly have in my life – a lifelong quest.

I continued to go whale watching for the next 8 years off the coast of California, always desiring to commune further with them, wanting to travel to Mexico to swim with them, but I did not have any whale encounters even remotely as intimate until moving to Australia and sailing with the southern humpbacks who migrate north from the Antarctic winter, to warmer waters around the Australian coast and the south pacific, to mate and give birth to the babies created from last years love making. I have heard that whale copulation can be aggressive at times (at least with the humpbacks), and I am not aware of the mating practices of other species of whales, so I feel utterly blessed for this encounter.

For the last 6 years (1998-2003), I have been communing with the whales in Hervey Bay, aka Platypus Bay, a gorgeous protected (teaming with sea life) bay, created by and protected by the northward curving “White Whale”, Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world. The “Humpbacks” come in to Platypus Bay every year as they migrate south down the Australian coast from the Great Barrier Reef, to feed and frolic for the Antarctic summer. They graciously come to this bay for planetary energetic reasons, for divine communion with each other and (if you are lucky enough) with us humans. My friend Richy ("The Guardian of Wathumba") calls Hervey Bay a giant speaker that projects the whales love energy and song to the main-land and ultimately the whole earth for their blessing and awakening. Regardless if you can see any whales at all while in the bay, if you dive down a few feet, you can always here whale song resonating throughout the speaker system. Often we can hear this song below deck in the hull of the boat, especially while we sleep. Being serenaded by whale song while you sleep is, as you can imagine, beyond wonderful.

This area and many other coastal areas around Australia (including where I now live, Byron Bay), were once whale hunting stations. Now most of these regions receive great financial and energetic reward from the new industry – whale watching. In Hervey Bay, where there can be up to 100 whales in the bay at one time, and where there are at least 10 whale watching boats heading out every day from July to October, taking hundreds of eager tourists out to commune with the whales, this translates to a multimillion dollar industry. Obviously, from an economic perspective, whales are worth much more alive then dead, and the new "whalers" have a vested interest in protecting their profitable industry.

These whales are very social creatures, with each other and with us humans. In Hervey Bay, most of the boats are quite respectful of the whales space, although often quiet ones are not left alone as they should be. But in general, everyone treats the whales with the utmost curiosity and respect. And most everyone who goes to “whale watch”, will have very playful, intimate and entertaining encounters. If the whales that you find are interested and feeling “social”, they will come right up to your boat and put on quite a show - jumping, flopping, spy hopping, tail flicking, belly rolling, spout blowing… And will stick with a boat for long periods if they desire. So some whales, depending on their mood, or whatever reason, are “sticky” and will put on a wonderful show, or will not be interested.

Often if we have a sticky whale who has been giving us a “good show”, and we have had a lovely time with, if a tourist boat comes along, “our” whales will often leave us and go right over to the tourists.. I know that this is because of their natural desire to commune with everyone, and most of these beings are only out for the day, where as we are out for at least a week, and they are a “priority” so to speak, because we spiritual hippies on our boat are already in sync with the whales, plus the tourists are good fun and entertaining, because they are so happy to see the whales. It is then quite wonderful to witness the tourist’s ecstatic expressions of joy as their hearts melt from communing with these divine creatures.

Witnessing their desire to play with the tourists and commune with us in our private boat, it is obvious that whales are almost as fascinated with us as we are of them. Because of this, it would also be quite obvious, even to the most sceptical person, that whales are indeed conscious, other wise why would they have any desire to socialize with us humans who spent the last 1000 years killing them. Now, just about everywhere on planet earth, where there are migrating or travelling whales near a coast, there are whale watching boats and excited humans desiring to commune with our cetacean friends. It is obvious that we have awoken immensely as a civilization, because the majority of humanity is more interested in seeing these lovely creatures alive in their natural habitat than on their plate. They are more interested in communing with them than conquering them to feel "powerful" and in control of the world. (Interestingly enough, even those who still desire to eat these creatures, are still bringing whale consciousness into their fields). (In my opinion, killing and eating whales and dolphins, is the same as killing and eating humans).

Now I know how fast whales can swim, how agile they are and how precise they are with their bodies. They can swim circles (and often do) around any boat, and if they do not want to play, they will make themselves scarce. During these last 6 years, I have been communing with the whales of Hervey Bay with an ever increasing level of intimacy. As we as humans have further awoken spiritually every year, and I have opened my heart further and further in general, and to divine communion with the whales, (to intimate, multi-dimensional, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, psychic connection), my encounters with them have increased intimately exponentially every year.

After 4 years of spending two weeks at a time with them every year, I finally experienced a realization of my deep connection with the whales. I of course was very much aware of my intimate and cosmic connections to these planetary guardians, but it took many years of intimate communion to get to a real point of deep intimacy and connection, similarly to what we experience on human levels, or with a person. But in this case it was with the whole species. It is similar, I suppose, to if you came to earth in an ET body, with that ET Consciousness, and it took a while to really tap into human consciousness. Except in this case, we are dealing with a very high level of awareness. A super high vibration that is "easily tapped into" because of the openness of cetaceans. But the shift that is really required to make such an intimate connection is on our part, which requires a high level of openness and surrender - basically some serious spiritual awakening and Sirius raising of our vibrational frequency.

(In case you are not aware, cetaceans come from Sirius B, two planets out from the Sirius Star. A planet that is almost completely water, with only one land mass about the same size of Australia. They have the ability to go back and forth between Earth and Sirius B. They just appear there, and reappear here at will. Basically, they swim through the void, across time and space).

I now know that I am a whale, that I am a dolphin, or put another way, I have other selves experiencing life though these physical and spiritual expressions, (and even if I don't directly as my spiritual essence, on soul levels this is most true). I had imagined this to be true as I have awoken to my realization of being extraterrestrial, having other selves in many ET bodies, Angelic bodies, and Ascended “Bodies”. But now, cetacean consciousness is real for me, (and getting more real). I know it, (and am getting to know it more and more). It is in my beingness. There is no real separation between us. Now, of course, there is still much more connection to occur, this will take place as time progresses, as I grow, humanity grows, and the whales and dolphins and other “animals” trust us, we earn their trust, or more accurately, we arrive at a place in our consciousness where we can truly be trusted. And I am also not just one whale, or one doly, but all of them, and they me - just as I am all Pleiadians, and all humans…, and they me.

I have never felt one speck of aggression coming from any whales I played with. I have only experienced aggression from a freshwater eel, and a certain captive dolphin, (not even from sharks, moray eels, barracuda, manta rays, sting rays…) At a conservation oriented resort in Moreton Bay, formally a whale processing factory, I witnessed an old glamorized documentary of whale hunters harpooning whales and I realized that these whales were giving themselves freely to these hunters and to humanity, providing us an experience of unconditional love and surrender, an experience of killing a sentient species like ourselves to help further the densification and expansion of the planet by giving us a chance to eventually take responsibility for the guardianship of the planet. They essentially have been transferring this planetary guardian responsibility to us, and we accepted this roll when we realized their value, the value of our beloved mother planet, and ultimately ourselves. I know that they were giving themselves freely and unconditionally because of my knowledge and experience of their speed and agility, and their psychic abilities, where they would know when a harpoon gun was about to be shot. But I also know from my experience with the dolphins and whales, that they can, if they need to, act or react aggressively - just like us, they have the choice.

I have never felt any fear about being with whales in any way, even when being close enough to touch them. They do not generate fear at all. Any fear you have in their presence is your own to deal with. But they, just like anyone, should be treated respectfully. They are in charge of whether or not you have any contact with them at all, and they let you know if they want you to get into the water to play with them or not. They literally send you a psychic message and open invitation, just like we do when we are interested in playing with someone by being energetically open and inviting. If they are not interested in making contact, they will keep distant. If they do not want you in, they will leave.

Whales are not interested in hurting humans in the least, it is not their nature. They do not live in a fear based reality like we do. Based on what I have already written, it should be obvious to anyone that it is impossible for a swimmer, snorkeler, or diver to harass a whale. So regulations against swimming with whales are ludicrous, especially since they are allegedly designed to protect the whales. And knowing how precise they are in the awareness and movement of their bodies, their ability to know exactly where objects and humans are around them, with your own conscious awareness and distance, it would be relatively impossible to be hit or hurt by a whale in any way, unless one wanted to be intentional and teach someone a spiritual lesson. I have heard of many stories with dolphins where some aggression did occur, and in my opinion, was for this reason. My own experience of being bashed in the face by a captive dolphin, was because I was feeling sorry for him. (Luckily I had a diving mask on at the time, and it did not damage me in any way, only my pride). Now, as I have progressed in my spiritual awareness, I know that victimhood is an illusion, and every creature in every universe manifests it’s own experience, for it’s own growth, or the growth of others. And this dolphin helped me to realize this. He also helped me to realize that dolphins have feelings, emotions, thoughts…, are totally psychic, have very specific individual personalities, and can be moody and temperamental, just like us. And from my experience with whales, the same is true, except that I have found whales to be less radical in their moods and emotions.

Every year of sailing, living and communing with the whales was of course wonderful. And every year it has gotten better. Every year we have grown closer. Certainly I feel closer to them. Every year, the encounters have become more intimate, longer, more frequent… The whales have come closer and closer to our boat every year, to a point where they are practically in the boat with us.

From the very first year, we wanted to swim with them, of course, how could we not want to! Many people go through their fears about the whales: “will they wreck the boat”, "will they attack us"?…, and other such questions and fears, most of which are not expressed, but occur to many. And it is another thing all together, the prospect of swimming with a creature that is often larger than our 10 meter boat (35 feet), (depending on the age of the whale) and weighing many tons.

Sailing and communing with the whales is always awesome. Rarely do we not see whales, and rarely do we not have at least one “mugging” a day, whereby we encounter a whale or whales who are very interested in us and swim all around the boat extremely close for lengthy periods of time, sometimes for hours.

The first few years we were getting to know each other. A swim with the whales was merely a very thrilling dream, but this dream soon became reality. If you got in the water over-zealously, without a real invitation, the whales would leave immediately. When going in we would always stay near the boat. With the first encounters, we both kept a natural distance, but they were wonderful nonetheless. Seeing a whale swimming under water is truly beyond awesome. They are so graceful, so agile, so magnificent, so yummy.

The first time I entered the water with the whales, I witnessed a few “fly-bys”, at a close enough distance to see the entire whale, but still 20-30 or so feet away (5-10 meters). This was awesome. And being the intimacy junkie and adventurer I am, I of course wanted more. But I reiterate, the whales are ultimately in control. They let you know if you can come in or not, and how close you can get. If we would jump in without really being invited, or tried to get too close, they would leave.

The next year became more intimate and close with a few swims and many “fly-bys” around the boat, under the boat…, for longer periods of possibly 10 to 20 minutes, as I recall. This is the year where I realized my true and deep connection with these grand Light Beings, after three years of sailing with them. This is also when we were becoming truly aware of when it was appropriate to go in or not.

The following year, the “close encounters of the 4th kind” became even more intimate and frequent, with my having at least 3 very intimate swims for long periods of up to 30 minutes. At this point the encounters had taken on a whole new deeper level of intimacy, with my Sirian friends keeping a distance of only 10-20 feet (3-6 meters). I wish I had written down a journal of these experiences to describe them in more detail, but when you are out there on the deep blue and under the influence of cetacean-aquatic-Gaian ecstasy and beauty, you live in the moment and don’t think of such things. Mostly you don’t remember specifics, just feelings, just joy. The experience is for the moment, for the soul-memory.

And this year, 2003, topped them all immensely for me personally. After the second day we encountered a few whales who were screaming for us to jump into the water with them. But there was another boat around, so we just enjoyed them from that “distance”, even though they were practically jumping in the boat with us. One pectoral fin from one of the whales even touched the hull of the boat. There was an open invitation, and they couldn’t understand why we weren’t jumping in.

Later that day we encountered two other whales who wanted to play. I knew this was "the moment". Luckily there were no other boats around. I had my wetsuit and snorkel gear on, and was in the water before you could say Holy Cetacean Batman. Immediately I began a stupendously awesome extremely close encounter of the 5th kind with these two giants, (they were both males). I experienced an extra special closeness with one of the whales. We could not take our eyes off of each other. He would always put himself in a position so that we could look straight into each other’s eyes. I hoped he could see mine through my mask, and I was always close enough to see directly into his eyes. I could see every detail of his body. All the rings where barnacles had clung until they froze off in the arctic waters. I could see all the various creatures growing and living upon their bodies: soft corals, barnacles, scavenger fish and lampreys clinging to the bottom for scraps and a free ride. I could see every detail of their color and markings, so black and spotted on the back and so bright white on their bellies.

75% of the time, I was close enough to touch them, which I could have if I would have been invited. At least three times I was whooshed very strongly by the turbulent water created from their tail fins as they swam forward directly in front of me. Once, my special friend's tail fin swished at least 4 inches from my chest and face, but I never feared for a second that I would be hurt, it was just part of the adventure. I knew that they always knew, even as large as they are, exactly where I was in relation to them. I was able to get a real sense of how aware they are of their bodies, how precise their movements are and their awareness of everything around them. I could see how much, or rather, how little I had to be aware of space to be nudged “accidentally “ or not. We were all effortlessly aware of each other and naturally moved where and when we needed to in relation to each other.

Wherever they went I would drift with them and the current. I was not paying much attention as to how far away I had drifted from the boat, (I was too much in the ecstatic moment of our divine communion to care very much). But they stuck to me with such tenacity, that my friends would call to me to come back to the boat so that the whales would follow me and they could see them close up. I would do so, as often as we would drift away, and they would always follow me right back to the boat. My friend remarked that it looked like I was taking my whales for a walk.

We communed on and on while I giggled continually in ecstasy and made whale noises in response to my friends very boisterous low tones. (I could not hear their high tone song as I was not low enough in the water). I generally just floated while they frolicked around me and always kept in a position where I could look into their eyes. It was beyond awesome. I was in a constant state of giggly ecstasy.

I was often between both whales, but generally closer to my more intimate friend. The other whale was generally on the other side, but often came close too and at one point I was nudged on the leg by him. It was quite a good nudge from his pectoral fin, (which weighs much more than me), that didn’t hurt in the least, but I was semi concerned because I knew it was deliberate. He was testing me to see how I would react and also making physical intimate contact for the fun of it. (I think he and I had a bit of a karmic history together, so he was just getting re-acquainted with me and human consciousness). I had been swimming with them for a very long time, so I thought, "does he want me to leave?" So I decided to gently head towards the boat, but they followed me again, and we played together for another hour or so until the divine encounter had reached a conclusion and my beautiful friends headed off in to the wild blue yonder. I thanked them and blessed them profusely for this awesome love encounter.

Infinite blessings and thankyou's to both of my Sirian friends for this beyond awesome experience of divine communion and intimacy. And infinite blessings to all the whales and dolphins and all the other sea creatures who I have had the shear pleasure of meeting you, seeing you, communing with you and basking in your magnificence - I love you all. And mega infinite blessings to Mother Gaia, the Deep Blue (water consciousness) and Sirius B.

Aqua Love and Sirius Love,

ZaKaiRan (aka "Shnuggles with Whales")

(P.S. Please see the very excellent movie "Whale Rider")

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