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Communication, Thought, Relationship,
Meditation and the Ego




What is the point in communication when verbal intellectual / emotional conversation is not who you are. Who you are experiences or witnesses that communication, but aren't our egos conducting the investigation? What part of us that speaks and thinks and wonders is not ego? Is my ego writing this article? How much Spirit is present in what I intellectually explore? Is there more spirit if it is more emotional, with feeling from the heart? And is there any such thing as more or less Spirit? How could there be more or less Spirit, isn't Spirit everything - or is it no thing? This paradox stuff is so confusing. And by the way, who is confused, certainly not Spirit.

Conflict seems to always pop up with communication, especially when it involves your emotions and a significant other. How the heaven do we have a proper, from the heart, loaded with Spirit, Who We Truly Are conversation? Sounds pretty impossible; we still have egos; we are still in bodies; we still have emotions. I guess we have to be perfect and imperfect simultaneously, another example of the paradox of existence.

Perhaps in relationships we should spend a lot more time being still with each other and a whole lot less time jibber jabbering. Spending quiet time just shnuggling, a very enjoyable meditation. All that jaw work can be distracting to the truth of who you are. Now of course I am not proposing that the intellect and ego are somehow wrong or bad, I am merely pointing out their true place in the scheme of things. We need our egos in order to be here, without them Who We Truly Are could not be in these bodies experiencing the illusion of separation. We could not play these roles and believe that it is "real".

And this is a world of form, we need to logically figure things out. Ego and our intellect are part of our wholeness. Spirit uses your mind to think. So give your ego, your mind (mental body), and your emotions (emotional body) a break, they are just doing their jobs. You do not need to make them the enemy, they are your friend. You are their master, you use them and experience through them. Without them there would be no form to experience through.

So be still and know 'you'. You do not need to shut up your intellect. That which you truly are is not concerned with what your ego and mind do. Your thoughts are of little importance to who you truly are. Your thoughts are not you, so they cannot be an impediment to who you are. Who you truly are uses your mental body to think and reason.

This has been a big fallacy of some schools of yoga, that you had to somehow shut up the mind. Trying to stop the mind is like trying to stop a puppy from playing. The mind is just doing what it does. The ultimate goal of yoga, meditation and all spiritual practices is to rediscover and know that which you truly are, that which observes your thoughts and witnesses all that you experience. That which is eternal, unchangeable, divine consciousness. Yoga is not about shutting up your mind so that you can get a rest, this is a nice part of it as it gets you in touch with other aspects of yourself, i.e. emotions, feelings, chakras etc., but this is only one part. Even this leads to find that which you truly are. Go deeper to what is behind thinking, go deeper to what is beyond thinking. The ultimate goal of meditation is for your life to be a meditation, for every moment of your life to be connected to divinity, to pure essence, to love.

The de-stressification factor of meditation is also a part of this process, as you experience more than the constant chitter chatter of internal monologue, (or dialogue if you're schizophrenic). But still the ultimate goal of meditation is to give you a chance to see that which you truly are. But it is not something you obtain, that which you truly are is always present whether you know it or not; whether you find it and experience it or not. And even the search for that which you are can delude you as the search implies that it is something that must be found.

If something can be lost, or found, then it is not real.

Only you are real, all else is illusion.

You are 'no thing', You cannot be lost. You cannot be found.

You are All That Is - how Zen.


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