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Control Dramas



Control and Lack

Because we consciously or unconsciously perceive and feel that we are separate and cut off from each other, from God-Goddess, our Spirits…; cut off from receiving (or unable to receive) universal love energy in and into our hearts, through our vertical (internal) channels, and have been abandoned by God, our spirits…; that we have been cast out of heaven; are being punished for something and have been left here all alone on this prison to fend for ourselves – we constructed a separate oriented identity and matrix that we call ego. We constructed a reality whereby if you need anything, you have to get it from humans and other external sources - not from God-Source or our Spirits. This means everything that we could possibly need to survive or thrive with, including: money, love, resources, energy, shelter, food, family…, must come from outside of us and we must use control, external technologies and energy manipulation to get what we need, especially to survive.

We felt/experienced a reality where we were disconnected from energy, so our separate orientation identity determined that in order to survive we must obtain energy from sources outside of ourselves. We learned that we could energetically tap in to these outside sources, including each other through psychic connections utilizing thought, emotion and energy control. Our denied psychic senses were then used to create psychic cords and attachments to suck this energy in through our energy vortexes (chakras), rather than tapping into the infinite source of Love/Light/Energy through our column of light (Antakarana/Rainbow-Bridge), and through our hearts, (our dimensional gateway).

We also created a subconscious belief that when you are surrounded by people with similar perceptions/pictures of reality, who agree with how you believe reality to be, then you are no longer alone. This created a desire to huddle together with familiar and similar groups, species, races, creeds, political/religious affiliations …, which created all tribal, lack and enemy consciousness…, (or should I say, unconsciousness). All for the sheer purpose of creating “oneness and togetherness”, but of course, this oneness/togetherness is not real.

All groups, (unless divinely centered and guided), essentially have and make conscious, subconscious and unconscious deals, vows and agreements with each other to all adhere to certain beliefs, thought-forms, approved ways of acting, perceptions/pictures of reality…, to maintain these surrogate connections (the illusion of oneness), to avoid all their core issues of unworthiness and abandonment. Of course, if you deviate from these agreements and act discordantly to the group edict, you are seen as an enemy, and are cast out of the tribe to be eaten by the wolves. All Love is denied, all financial and energetic support is withdrawn, and you may even be killed. This is a direct manifestation of people’s desire to avoid their suffering, which you have just put in their faces by deviating from the agreed upon “reality”.

Energy Exchange

The paradigm (or underlying pattern) of practically every single relationship on planet earth, including group alignment - is the giving, exchanging, dealing and theft of energy. This is the true definition of one of our most favorite movie genres - the “vampire”. Essentially, everyone is sucking the life blood energy off of anyone they can, including: partners, lovers, friends, children, parents, animals, plants, the ocean, the land, 4th dimensional beings, energy lines and centers…, mostly subconsciously and unconsciously.

This planet is a civilization of vampires. A comparable example of what we do as humans on a day to day scale, is what disembodied spirits do to us when we have negative energetic "psychic" cords, attachments and agreements to allow them to share our bodies, senses, experiences…, and suck our energy in order to receive something in return, such as feeling powerful, in control, loved...

The 4 Control Dramas

There are four basic energy obtaining/attraction strategies thought up by our egos/separate oriented identities - to control, manipulate, receive and take energy. We use these patterns to control ourselves and others to obtain energy, but also to keep us from surrendering to Divine Will (unconditional love), by always acting from personal will (conditional “love), and also to keep us from realizing that we are denying our suffering, (see 12 faces of human suffering). These control dramas are outlined brilliantly in the 4th and 6th insights of the “Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield.

Two of the 4 patterns are active in nature (male) while the other two are passive in nature (female). And each pattern has a complementary or co-dependent (and paradoxical polar opposite pattern.

On the active side is Perpetrator and Interrogator. On the passive side is Aloof and Poor-Me. Co-dependent partners are: Perpetrator & Poor-Me; and Interrogator & Aloof.

Here’s another breakdown of possible identities, personally and globally.

Control Dramas
Poor Me
(Evil/bad guy): Abuser, attacker, dominator, exploiter, conqueror.
1st world, white collar, business, political, success, consumer, orientation.

(Good guy): Prophet, helper, rescuer, healer, teacher, “fearless” daredevil/action-hero, soldier. Husband, father, provider. “Empowered” (not).

Intimidator, boss, manager…
Possessive/protective Smother/father.
Jealous wife/husband…
Missionary, evangelist, proselytizer.
Teacher. Prejudice, bigotry. Police, lawyer, Judge. “Empowered” (not).

Mysterious, spy, snitch. Battered/abused/molested child/house wife.
Child of interrogator mother/father.
I'm no threat, don't worry about me…
Artist, poet. Criminal. Agoraphobic. Intimacy fears. Student, child.
3rd world, peasants, slave, "blue collar" workers. Conquered. Superstitious. Survivor. Fearful.
Wife, mother, caregiver.
Sinful, penitent, unworthy, unlovable…
Lazy, couch-potato.
Student, child.

Corresponding 7 ways of denying suffering associated with the Control Dramas
Greed, Pride, Lust, Malice/Wrath
Envy, Sloth, Gluttony

These control dramas are the typical patterns that we use to control, steal, deal, trade, give and take… energy. They are what we use to manipulate energies on mental, emotional, psychological and psychic levels. They are how we act to maintain control over our lives and other people to insure our physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual "survival". They are also how we trade and steal love energy because we as a species do not realize the liberation of unconditional love, abundance and prosperity consciousness. In other words, “control dramas” are the interplay of conditional “love” and lack/enemy consciousness. (Please see my articles on control on my website).

All control dramas are a way to take energy. Many or all of the "7 deadly sins" are ways of sucking energy. All victimhood, intimidation, interrogation and aloofness, and practically every single human action and interaction is some way to steal energy from others, (or they have agreements to swap energy co-dependently). This is the nature of most all relationships. People don't realize it, but everyone is psychic, and they are all exchanging this psychic energy, but mostly subconsciously. The ego knows this and keeps people from realizing this fact that energy follows attention. So it uses whatever strategy best suits the situation to get the most energy. So most all human interaction is about attracting attention energy, sexual energy and admiration energy…, to feel loved and worthy. The ego does this because we have given it control over our survival, because we saw no other way to survive. It is now time for everyone to accept the divine power of taking care of themselves through the power of their Spirit, rather than giving their power away to separation and the matrix of separation.

Some people draw attention to themselves by playing victim, attracting perpetrators and rescuers/helpers (which is a passive "nice" form of this same drama, and more accepted way of obtaining energy). Others get energy by being bullies, using aggression, threat and force to weaken their prey with physical or emotional intimidation.

The energy starved ego will take energy from who ever and how ever is the most efficient method available. This is usually in the form of some sort of attention, positive or negative, it doesn’t matter, either way you get energy. Even if it's negative attention, it is still energy, so it doesn’t matter. This is why a child will accept negative attention over nothing, so that even that attention is subconsciously perceived to be love. The ego’s survival depends upon this energy. Without it, it’s fragile empire of separation crumbles into an emotional/mental quagmire.

Other people get energy by attempting to destabilize others by interrogating them with a barrage of questions, or even energetic psychic interrogation and judgment, even in the apparently positive form of concern and protection, which I call the sMother syndrome. This is the typical pattern of the over concerned interrogative mother, who watches your every move, disguised as motherly concern.

This interrogator pattern is designed to cause them to question their behavior and doubt themselves. To knock them off center, off balance and weaken them.

Some people get attention energy by acting aloof, unreachable and mysterious. This is a strategy to try to avoid possible future pain and suffering, and to get people's attention from them wondering who this mysterious person is, and trying to figure out what they are up to, where they are, what they are doing… Aloof people also act this way to imply to interrogators and intimidators that they are no threat and should be left alone. This pattern was usually created from some form of abuse they received in their past from an intimidator or interrogator parent or other person. People that have been sexually molested or abused in some other physical, sexual or emotional way, will often resort to the aloof pattern to try to avoid future pain and draw energy to themselves.

So you see that "interrogator" and "aloof" go together like a horse and carriage. And poor-me-(victim) and perpetrator/intimidator go hand in hand. One begets the other, and each is reliant on the other to get energy from them. Most people have a bias towards using one drama or another, and everyone switches from one drama to another to strategically control the energy of the situation, conversation…, and counteract whatever strategy the other person or persons are using to dominate the energies, or to feel full, justified, righteous, loved…

This behavior is basically the root of all addictions, whereby, something or someone is seen to be the source of all energy, including divine energies. Food, religion, sex, relationship, money, success… These addictions are our Gods that we worship, because the most divine energies that we have found come from these “divine” sources. So the search continues to find the best and most exciting and worthwhile God to possess, obtain, draw to ourselves... to satisfy the addiction, to try to create a surrogate divine connection/feeling. To feel alive, worth, divine, powerful, excited, in control...

Perpetrator (aggressor) and Poor-me

"Perpetrators" are aggressively oppressing, dominating, and manipulating to control, and obtain power and energy, thusly creating disempowered victims. They act this way, as do all the dramas, because they feel like helpless-powerless-victims themselves, and have determined that this is the best way to get energy, and not be victimized themselves. (Better to be the ass kicker than the ass kickee). Because their energy is being depleted by being "victimized" by "perps", people typically use the opposite polarity to try to obtain energy, by acting "poor-me" and making perpetrators the bad guys. They then become energetic perpetrators because they are trying to turn the energy and public opinion against the oppressors (perps) through judgement (rescuer/attention energy).

People who primarily use the control pattern of "perpetrator/aggressor ", do so because they are trying to protect themselves from real or imagined threat or attack. They are acting from old pictures/movies/beliefs and trauma from their past experience, that do not necessarily have any real direct correlation to this current occurrence. They are living in a time loop, as if life is always like that, no matter what; with no allowance of a possibility of change; with now allowance for grace, and the possibility for things to be completely different. They have determined that their behavior is the safest way to act to ensure their survival. They are usually acting aggressively to “cut off at the pass” any future possibility of an attack or emotional pain and suffering. They have determined that “the best defence is a good offence”.

This pattern is a distortion of the male electric directional principle, from repression of the divine feminine within, solely emanating from the lower survival oriented chakras. It has been determined that this is the best way to protect him/herself, by repressing the feminine aspect because it has been determined to be weak and useless. Or this divine feminine is being protected by the male to ward off any future trauma to it. This entails the repression of higher chakras, the emotions, psychic senses and all 4th dimensional or higher awareness. This stems from the current and past lifetimes whereby the being has been abused and damaged either by men or women, or both for some behavior seen by humanity as being wrong. Typical aggressor type people, see only the third dimension, and have determined that that is the only real reality. “What I can see and touch is real, everything else is an illusion”.

Similarly, people who primarily use the control pattern of "poor-me", do so because they are trying to protect themselves from real or imagined threat or attack. It is "imagined" if their fears and actions are stemming from their over trauma from their past experience, and does not necessarily have any real direct correlation to this current occurrence. They are living in a time loop, as if life is always like that, no matter what; with no allowance of a possibility of change; with now allowance for grace, and the possibility for things to be completely different.

This pattern is a distortion of the female attraction principle, using the feminine magnetic energies to attract energy. It entails repressing the male and anything that resembles power or direction, often also resorting to the repression of all lower chakras in favor of higher ones. It is a passive way of trying to protect itself. It has been determined that this is the best way to protect him/herself, by repressing the masculine aspect because it has been determined to be aggressive, controlling, corrupt... This entails the direct repression of anything “powerful”, because “power corrupts”, “money is evil”…

On planetary levels, you can see that certain groups of the populace have decided en-masse which of these control dramas are the most preferred, honorable, right, just…way to be. You can also see that this pattern manifests the opposite pattern. The aggressors have been the classic: Catholic Church, the Nazis/Japanese, the Russians, the Arabs, the Chinese, and most recently, the United States. Their reciprocal “poor-me” counter parts have been respectively: pagans and any other religions; the Jews, the world; China, it’s own people, U.S.; minority ethnic groups, 1st world, other religions, U.S.…; it’s own people, Tibet; Russia, it’s own people, 3rd world countries, Arabs…

Aggressors always need an enemy or something to oppress and control, so that they can feel powerful, even if they have to create one out of thin air. Reciprocally, if one does not allow for the male aspects to be in balance with the feminine, then one manifests what one is trying to avoid. In the case of Tibet, as a race, with so much attention upon higher reality, and relatively neglecting earth reality, they manifested oppression upon them, which has forced them to accept more of the masculine, more of earth reality. This has also forced the Lamas to flee the oppressors, thusly bring Buddhist teachings to the rest of the world. Without the aggression of the Chinese government, these teachings would more than likely not be available to the rest of the world. “The devil knows not for whom he works”

A great story in regards to this comes from the Dalai Lama in the excellent movie, “The Yogi’s of Tibet”. He was speaking to a certain Lama who had been imprisoned by the Chinese for countless years. Tenzin (the Dalai Lama) asked him if he was ever in danger while imprisoned. The Lama replied, “I was in serious danger only twice, where I almost lost my compassion for the Chinese”. (This is not a direct quote, but it relates the jist of the master’s experience). So you can see that we manifest what most need to see within ourselves, or what we are creating, but maybe are not aware of this fact. In the example of the Tibetans, this was obviously the ultimate spiritual test of their faith. We must bless and thank our oppressors for granting us such fabulous education and experiences to develop compassion and unconditional Love.

"Poor-me's" feel like victims to other people, reality, fate, God, etc., and try to control energy and love to come their way by playing victim. Often "poor-me's" will switch to "perpetrators" when they feel overly victimized, and "have had enough!", lashing out violently at their oppressor. And "perpetrators" will switch to "poor me", “I’m the victim here”, when they feel overly victimized and powerless by the tables being turned against them, and being accused of being "oppressive" and "bad".

"Working class" society tends to approve of being a victim, but frowns upon aggressors, while in upper class capitalistic society, the opposite is true. Being a victim is no better than being a perpetrator. Crying "poor me" is just as dastardly a way to manipulate and control energies as being an aggressor. Both are illusions. Both stem from the illusion of separation and unworthiness. There are no victims in any universe! We are all indeed Divine Sovereign Beings, the Christ Children of God-Goddess. We are indeed the creators and co-creators of our own realities, so there is no such thing as separation and there is no such thing as victim, powerless, unworthy… The sooner everyone realizes this fact, that everyone is creating their entire reality and circumstances in every moment, the less people will continue playing the games of energy control, agreements, deals and theft. It is time now for interdependence rather than codependence.


One of the ways that "poor-me's" get energy is by attracting rescuers. Rescuers are really "goody-goody-perpetrators". They want to feel good about themselves and experience self worth by rescuing poor victims. This elevates them above the victims. In all actuality, "poor-me's" don't really want to be rescued, they just want energy, to feel loved, and feel empowered, just like everyone else that is not operating from Unconditional-Love/Unity-Christ-Consciousness.

Rescuing people does not empower them, it disempowers them by supporting their beliefs and programs that their feelings of powerlessness and helplessness are real and true, and the illusion that victimhood is real. So they will usually first try to get energy from you, then they will reject you when they feel disempowered by being rescued. Or they will reluctantly accept your help, flat out reject you from the start, or aloofly act as if they do not need help. Every one of us has experienced the back lash when trying to rescue someone, they will usually screw you over big time. Steal from you, betray you…, because they feel disempowered by your help. This can be aptly described as “idiot compassion”. (Courtesy of Bryan de Flores).

Interrogator and Aloof

"Interrogators" try to control energies by suspiciously and judgmentally interrogating people, (verbally and psychically), to elevate the interrogator, and devalue the receiver by causing them to introvert, question and doubt their behavior. "Interrogators" create aloof people, because they are trying to avoid being interrogated. Because their energy is being depleted by being interrogated, people then use the opposite polarity to try to obtain energy by being aloof. They use this pattern of control to try to protect themselves from real or imagined threat or attack. They try to avoid any direct confrontation by acting aloofly, to imply to people that: "I'm no threat to you", and "don't worry about me".

Being aloof is another way to passively obtain energy. People using this control drama, act aloofly to create mystery and intrigue, so that people will wonder about them, thusly giving them "attention energy". Aloof people breed "interrogators" because people "naturally" are trying to discover "what they are up to" and "who they are". They interrogate them internally and psychically. "Interrogators" often flip to the aloof pattern when they feel overly victimized by "non-direct", "non-communicative", "deceitful" (aloof) people. Aloof people often flip to become "interrogators" when they feel overly victimized by being questioned and judged so aggressively, and turn the table against them by aggressively interrogating them, to introvert them, to get them to question and doubt their behavior.

The typical but classic example of the "interrogator", is the over protective controlling father/mother or wife/husband, always interrogating you where you've been and what you've been doing, (implying that you can't be trusted). This behavior is often disguised as caring and loving, or the sMother principle, whereby your mother or other person questions your behavior, to “help you help yourself”, “because they love you, and care about you”… They are extremely nosey and need to know every detail of what you are doing in your life. And they are subtly or even overly judgemental about your behavior and the way you live your life and nothing you do seems to be good enough. “After all I’ve done for you and this is the thanks I get”…

Another example is the oppressive boss, who is always scrutinizing every move you make; making you prove your worth; making you prove to him and the company that you deserve to receive your meagre pittance of a pay check, with the constant threat that you could be fired and on the street any day now. Similarly to the sMother, nothing you do seems to be good enough for this person.

In society, the governmental, judicial, corporate, military, spying, and policing organizations, are prime examples of "interrogators" and "perpetrators", who elevate themselves above the "peasants", (stemming, of course, from their feelings of unworthiness), who pridefully and often deceitfully act as "rescuers", ("rescuing" the down trodden, usually, as a front for their own greed), providing us military and economic services and resources, that we "can't live without", allegedly to "protect us" from “terrorists”, invasion, famine…, and from ourselves, all lack oriented.

These oppressive organizations, breed "aloof" and "poor-me" people, who are trying to avoid being scrutinized, controlled, and oppressed, who, if they feel victimized and disempowered enough, will rise up against their oppressors, to obtain some degree of freedom, and often become oppressors themselves. These "average" citizens, who primarily live their lives from "poor-me", (stemming, of course, from their feelings of unworthiness), who refuse to accept responsibility for their own sovereignty, their own lives and their own governing, manifest the controlling, lack-oriented, governmental and financial systems we have today. This is why the forefathers of the United States, who were wise enough to realize this, created the United States Constitution to read, "for the people and by the people", creating a clear Bill of Rights, making no class distinctions and honoring the sovereignty of all beings. Of course, many of those same beings had slaves at the time, but they had the vision.

To the degree that people empower themselves by accepting their divine sovereign power as the true creators of their entire reality, will be the degree that the control dramas of "poor-me", "perpetrator", "interrogator" and "aloof" fade from reality, and we experience cooperation, peace, unity - (Heaven on Earth), or we continue to have war, famine, injustice… (hell on earth).

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!


(For more information on Control Dramas please read my article "Surrender of Control - The Ultimate Key to Enlightenment"

This article is an excerpt from my book, “The Ascension Master’s Toolkit”.

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