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The Cosmic Day



Once upon a time we were all one. The creator (God Goddess All That Is) in it's desire for even greater knowingness of itself, decided to try an experiment; All That Is decided to experiment with form and density - to create self outside of self. This "separate" aspect of All That Is's job was to experience itself as separate from itself, as not being one, not being one with All That Is. To do this it went on a quest to experience itself from many different realities and perspectives. Two of these per-spectives that came about from this was separation based on physical-ity, and a perspective of spirit (oneness) based on the Light. From this experiment, All That Is is able to experience itself as indi-viduated units of consciousness and is therefore able to view the Whole from other perspectives and hence come to know itself more fully.

A playground of planets, stars, solar systems, Universes and dimensions was created to experience this illu-sion of separation, and to experi-ence the many densities of physicality. Now there are four ways to serve this experiment: by serving the Light (non-physical), serve the darkness (physical), serve both (depending on what is needed in the moment) or to remain neutral, like Switzerland, (neither serving the light nor the dark, but just witness-ing). Paradoxically all of these per-spectives serve the "Light" because 'all' is Light and Love, and ALL THAT IS serves ALL THAT IS.

So we all took off from the source to play with this experiment, depending on the job that we volun-teered for. Now all of us here on planet earth decided to experience density, and as we journeyed far-ther and farther from the Source we took on more form, more density and then began to forget that we were part of the One. On and on we experimented with time and space, condensing further, until finally we reached the point of maximum con-densation ("separation"). Every-thing that has taken us to that maximum point of condensation is part of what we have become as unique crystallization's of energy. If this entire journey from the Source and back takes one day on the Cosmic Clock, this moment on planet earth is just past noon. And from this point on, each individual-ized aspect of All That Is begins its journey home, with ever increas-ing recognition and knowingness of the Light. The Planet Earth is one such unit of consciousness; for eons it has been condensing into matter, but twelve noon has just past - We are all going home! We are awakening to that of our beingness that is home.

There have been many veils in place and energies present to maintain the illusion of separation, the illusion that we are not all part of the One Magnificent Light of All That Is. It is time for those veils to be lifted as more light is manifested on this plane.

There was much support for the planet in reaching its point of maximum separation, and so too there is much support in bringing her home. That is why we are here.

Awaken To Your True Identity

As this planet was condens-ing, we all had the option of playing out our part of the drama on this planet or the myriads of others in the Universe. On this one the ex-periment duJour has been one of limitation. Beings have had the op-tion of experiencing a limitation system - a system based on the denial of their own magnificence. Now, as planet Earth transitions away from condensation to even-tually be a star, the veils are lifting, and we are experiencing more knowingness, love and recognition of All That Is. We realize that all of this is an illusion, and as we journey home our lives can be filled with ecstasy and joy, with ever expanding knowings that each one of us are paradoxically truly One and individual unique expres-sions of All That Is simultaneously.

As you know, a tremendous amount is required of all of us to be here. In order to re-ally play these parts we had to for-get our oneness with the source, and that we decided to come here in the first place. We needed to leave behind an existence based on Love and come to a place that al-lows the illusion of fear, pain and suffering, judgment and denial, separation, abandonment, death and destruction. All of the Cosmic Instruction manuals in the whole Universe could not have prepared you for this, and most of you were so cocky, because you had done this so many times before that you didn't read your manual anyway. And for many beings this has all been very devastating. We have all been deluded quite well that all this is real, we had to be, if we didn't believe it than we couldn't have done this whole experiment. If we had not adopted the veils of forgetfulness, the illusion of separation, we could not be in this world of demonstration. We had to deny our Divinity to play in this world of form to experience more of our self.

As beings experienced the pain of separation, we felt abandoned by All That Is. And from that place we built a reality based on fear for our very survival. We were truly alone, (or so we thought) with no support from the Universe. But we have never been alone, we have always had sup-port. And we (the planetary transi-tion team councils and members) have always been with you, watch-ing over you, waiting for this moment to come. And now, as the Earth is moving into its homeward voyage, there is the opportunity to master these limitations and to master expression of your own Divine Spirit.

And we of Earth Ascension Alliance and many other Celestial Councils are here to assist beings in manifesting more of their divinity and following their spirits without hesitation as the Earth transitions into a star and we transmute into immortal bodies of light.

E.T. Phone Home! or Beam me up Scotty!

According to our information Gaia has passed her twelve noon mark of her cosmic clock, and is transitioning into a star on her way back to the source. Similarly we as the life forms on this planet are transitioning into light beings. The planet is mutating and so are the beings on it; there is a transmutation process taking place in the very cells of your body. Infor-mation that was coded into the DNA of your ground crew (physical, mental, emotional bodies) is now being activated, the force of evolution is upon us and we are in for a fun ride. That is why so many of you are now waking up and remembering, it was predetermined that you would do so at this time! And more than likely you as transition team mem-bers, have already reached your own personal twelve noon in your cosmic day and are here to wake up other planetary transition team members.

We are the midwives at Gaia's birth into a Star. The old world is dying and the new one is being born, and we are the em-bodiers of that seed vision. We are experiencing an Un-conditional Ascension. All attention in all the Universes is upon this planet, this is why there are so many extraterrestrial/Angelic beings on and around this planet, and so many UFO sightings. If you were watch-ing the news on another planet we would be on it as often as Bosnia is.

This is the showcase planet in the Universe for the grand ex-periment, as this planet transitions, a similar shift is available for over 350 other planets. And my know-ing tells me that we quite probably are reach-ing or have reached twelve noon for this Universe. Even the two forces of Light and Dark are uniting to form something completely new that has never ever existed in space, time and nontime.

Wake Up!! The Time is Now!! Time to Go Home!!



Thanks to the Golden Star Alliance for the inspiration

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