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Creation Matrix Alignment

(Kicking the Adrenaline Addiction)

The Alignment to Divine Rhythm, Divine Prosperity,
our Natural Creative Abilities and the Release of Survival Programming




I began the destressification process at least 17 years ago (1987). But really it began long before when I was awakening and exploring alternative spiritual realities to the tyranny of survival and competition. My financial and even spiritual focus at the time was acting. A career choice, which every actor knows, that must be supplemented by other less desirable financial endeavors, as well as engaging in as many Mafu and ET Earth Mission events that I could fit in. But the real shift came while hurrying once again to get to my acting class in L.A traffic, when I decided, “screw this, I am never hurrying to get anywhere on time ever again, it’s not worth it and it’s no fun”. I was through being stressed out by traffic and getting to jobs and appointments “on time”, and hurrying to get there. Hurrying doesn’t get you there any faster and it’s dangerous. My life is worth a heck of a lot more than any job or being seen as being reliable or some other ‘prove your worth’ scenario.

At some point I was introduced to my own divine rhythm and the fact that we each have our own rhythm of life and for each day. As we all know some people are morning people, some people are night crawlers… We each have our own rhythm which usually goes in four stages. You can find yours by asking your God Presence for 4 words to describe your Divine Rhythm, such as: float, jump, run, crawl...

The 9 to 5 of typical slave life is certainly not mine or anyone’s preferred life, yet most everyone forces themselves to trudge along like happy little Eloi every day to the caverns to be eaten by the Morlocks. (For those of you that are not film nuts, see “Time Machine”). The next level of release of this societal and self imposed slave mentality was my decision that I could no longer manipulate myself any longer to pursue “careers” and the selling of my soul to accomplish these choices. I gave away or sold everything, including a business, cars, art…, and moved to Australia. Then began the process of “de-socialization” as I released all of the nationalistic/consumerist/oriented programming and began to become in tune with mother earth and nature. First I released all city orientation and beliefs that any first world tribal conglomerates and their greed/lack orientation, were actually beneficial to me in any way. My sole/soul orientation and life context then became the exploration, exposition and embodiment of my divinity and the release of all illusions impeding the embodiment of this divinity. Thus the exploration of the 12 faces of human suffering, the seven ways of denying human suffering (brilliantly exposed by the Mothership Starbase) and control dramas (illuminated brilliantly by James Redfield in “The Celestine Prophecy). Of course this was just the beginning of the continuous revelation of denials, beliefs, programs…, (that I/we use to deny our magnificence); the release of the tyranny of societal programming; and the shattering of the matrix of lack and limitation within my consciousness.

The key ingredient is the shattering of the illusion of survival itself, which is based on lack/unworthy consciousness. This old world mentality/programming is still being illuminated and released for me personally and planetarily. Granted, I have released a large portion of the illusions and revealed to my consciousness the truth that none of this is real, yet some pieces of the puzzle still remain to be healed, forgiven and released. Some of the illusions remained to be shattered.

I gave up a large percentage of this survival orientation and gave my adrenal glands a break, but as I have become more globally active, stress has begun to creep in again. I am also experiencing “Light Stress” or rather, my body is experiencing overload from all the light I continuously embody. This is a natural process of Ascension I know, but needless to say, still quite uncomfortable at times. At the very least, it is quite tiring. And as I realize more and more, the magnitude of my mission and the planetary mission, I continually must cope with the self imposed and even galactically emanated divine light/divine plan “pressure”. I use the word pressure loosely as it does not describe the energies of the divine plan, emanated through galactic core and transmitted by our sun, but it feels like pressure. It could be described more accurately as charge. CHARGE!

What we are experiencing, without a doubt, is the compression of charge, or the building of massive energetic potential. This is how planetary Ascension and even personal Ascension occurs. You build charge like a rocket ship then blast off. The first stage rocket fire is definitely going off under our asses and I certainly am having to change my pants regularly. But this charge is not the false illusion of charge, this trumped up go team corporate patriotic political family relationship success oriented crap, but the real thing. Of course the matrix, (the egos of the world powers and the individual egos of each person), would like everyone’s attention to remain focused on these illusions as much as possible so that there is no time to consider other possibilities. You can’t sell things to people who are only interested in awakening, enlightenment and prosperity consciousness. In more recent years, I have naturally tapped into the rhythms of the planet through nature, and time through the Mayan calendar.

The Drug of Choice

The real drug of choice in today’s society is not tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, pharmaceuticals, cocaine, cannabis, heroin… - but adrenaline. Physiologically adrenaline is designed for survival only. Your adrenal glands are designed to pump in adrenaline/cortisone to repress/numb pain and emotions, to give your body the ability to fight or run, in order to survive physically or emotionally. In this case, repress traumatic experiences to psychologically survive. This is an emergency measure only, designed to repress pain for immediate survival. We are not meant to live on this chemical 24/7. In fact, the ‘corticoids’ in adrenaline are immunosuppressants, so it is no wonder that we have so many diseases afflicting us. Most everyone’s immune system is ‘shot to shit’ from stress and all the mental emotional and physical toxins we are force fed by society; no wonder we manifested AIDS. The real fact of the matter is: 99% of the population has immune deficiency syndrome, but are able to continue surviving because of the many courageous individuals who have volunteered to accept the extreme of this deficiency, especially those who are helping to transmute sexual guilt and shame for humanity. If it wasn’t for these compassionate individuals, we’d all have AIDS.

Every single disease can be attributed to emotional & mental repression/suppression. Bliss, love, happiness, joy…, are experiences or feelings that enhance the immune system. Anger, stress, work, sadness, depression, abuse…, are all immune suppressants. So everyone spends most of their time killing themselves and being killed, and very little time supporting their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health, rejuvenation and longevity. Society begins killing themselves and each other as soon as each new born emerges from the womb, and continues until each person is rotting in the death camps currently called hospitals.

The process of kicking this addiction and leaving this societally and self imposed conveyor belt life is not easy as there are very few alternatives of survival and no support for prosperity consciousness. The first step in the road to recovery is the shattering of the illusion that survival is actually necessary and even real. Survival is only real because society agrees that it is. And there are vested interests in maintaining this reality/illusion base, because profit is only gained from lack, not prosperity consciousness. When in prosperity consciousness, you are not interested in profit; you manifest what you need, when you need it; if you don’t have it, you don’t need it.

Co-operation rather than competition, is the life context shift absolutely essential to thriving rather than just surviving. A more accelerated reality of total unity/prosperity consciousness rather than separate, oriented hoarding and consuming. Of course society doesn’t typically support this type of radical behavior because you are no longer a worthwhile candidate to be exploited. One less worker/slave/consumer, to keep the matrix functioning.

With each person who takes “the blue pill” and separates themselves from the matrix, that’s one less person energetically holding the matrix of competition and lack/unworthiness/survival together. The transition out of the slave mentality is the hardest step, especially disconnecting from the lack oriented financial system.

The next step on the road to liberation is knowing/realizing that your financial and other support doesn’t come from the world – but from your own I-AM-God-Goddess Presence. Everything and everyone else is merely part of the Universal delivery system.

The next step is recognizing your creative abilities. Your powers of manifestation. This is an inevitable transition because you now work with, and count on your Spirit to provide for you rather than the world of form. You no longer rely on deals, agreements and manipulation of people, energies and yourself to get what you need. You no longer rely upon external technology and energy vampirism to receive physical and emotional support, in the form of love, fame, aggrandizement… You no longer strive to prove your worth from people who only accept and support your worth if you are helping them. Worth becomes a complete illusion and is no longer a part of your reality. You are no longer a struggling human trying to be successful or spiritual. You are a spiritual being having a human experience, (playing with the illusions of separation), not a human trying to have a spiritual experience.

This naturally clears the way to making a complete financial transition, whereby you completely rely upon the new codes of divine prosperity. You embody the Creation Matrix. You are Divine Creation! This new orientation is completely co-creative and interactive. The individual is no longer important. The shift is an Ascension in Consciousness, to the realization that you are part of the oneness of All-That-Is, so you naturally become dedicated to the awakening of the other parts of this great body Oneness, in this case, this planet and all of the residents upon it.

Accompanying this step is truly embodying your natural rhythms and living daily based on them. And living your life based on your divine guidance/direction/mission, rather than the societally and self imposed programs of what you should do as a “contributing, upstanding” member of society.

Certainly you are the creator and your energy fields are your canvass in which you use to create/manifest through, but the planetary liberation is the only worthwhile and real endeavor. Everything else is spiritual and human ego masturbation. All future projects that are not unity oriented will fail. Planetary wide economic collapse is inevitable, and will directly affect everyone who is energetically reliant upon first world consumerist behavior. This rampant exploitation is no longer supported by the planet and spiritual hierarchy, so it will become continuously more difficult to play this game. As time progresses, this exclusive decadent devolutionary behavior will no longer be supported by the majority of society, rather than just the minority. Only evolutionary behavior is supported.

This step makes real changes, individually and planetarily, through the activation of the prosperity codes with the blueprint of Christ consciousness/unconditional love, through your individual mission, your part of the group mission. This is the embodiment of your divine function as a planetary transformer, as a consciousness ascender. This will take the form of whatever that function is: healing, channeling, record keeping, energy receiving/transmission, MerKaBa/light body activation… It is up to you and your Spirit to reveal to you what your divine function and Planetary Transformation is.

What are you transforming for the planet? Mine is ‘Divine Relationship’. Do a manifestation decree for your Spirit to help you remember what yours is and the ability to do it here on the planet, incorporate it in your life and to receive money from doing it. This is the next level of empowerment whereby you begin receiving financial support thorough your divine function, something that truly gives you joy, which supports the awakening of humanity and the co-creation of Heaven on Earth, rather than a pay cheque for doing something you hate, which only supports the old world paradigms of competition and survival.

It is a development of your divine confidence, the more you do it the better you get at it and the more confident and empowered you become. You are training your new dimensional muscles, your divine abilities that have lain dormant while you relied solely upon the five senses and the perceptual reality that “what I touch and feel is real”. The new life context is considerably broader and inclusive, rather than exclusive. Your definitions of reality are quantumly expanded and include all possibilities. And these “alternative” realities become more and more tangible and ‘real’ as the extra senses become more sensitive and are used regularly.

The possibilities of what you can actually do are endless. If you can imagine it then you can manifest it. The manifestor and the manifested are one and the same. If you can dream it then you can accomplish it. The dream and the dreamer are one and the same. Call upon the dreamtime within to manifest for you a complete realization of your divine vision of Heaven On Earth and do nothing that does not feed this dream, then all will be revealed and every single dream will become reality!

The entire survival and financial system of this planet is built around the illusions of lack & unworthiness. And behind all of this, is everyone’s desire to be loved; to have an experience that they are worth something; to not suffer from the illusion that they are worthless, unlovable, sinful, evil… Perhaps the biggest key to the liberation from this matrix of lack, is the release of all the fantasies of relationship, whereby you no longer look to anyone outside of you to give you love or fulfillment in any way, to prove your worth to yourself and others. You are love, so there is no need to seek love and to try to receive love. And there is no need even to give love, because you just naturally love everyone. (In your “relationships”, it would be more accurate to say, “I love what you evoke in me”, rather than “I love you”).

You no longer live your life based on agreements to receive anything from others, including: money, jobs, love, affection, sex...; or to be a provider for others to prove your worth in this way; and the myriads of other possible deals we make and maintain daily in order to ensure our emotional, mental and physical survival. You are no longer interested in playing these games of the relationship matrix and are only fascinated by co-creationships, where everyone is honored as the Sovereign Divine Gods and Goddesses that they truly are and we all create divine prosperity for everyone.

Let go of the unworthy/lack/survival matrix and align all of your energies to the Creation Matrix of Unconditional Love and Divine Prosperity!

Co-create Heaven On Earth!

In Divine Prosperity and Unconditional Love,

I AM ZaKaiRan

Decree for Mission Activation, Divine Essence-Function-Rhythm… remembrance; and the Release from the Illusions of Unworthiness, Power, Control, Lack and Survival


By Divine Decree, with the essence of God-Goddess and the Power of Grace, I now invoke my God-Presence, to Manifest the Essence, Embodiment, Activation and Result of the highest possibilities of: my remembering and knowing completely, my Divine Essence, Divine Function, Planetary Transformation and Divine Rhythm. And remembering and knowing the Blueprint of my Divine Mission here on Planet Earth, with all the abilities necessary to implement this Divine Mission.

I also request and command for a complete alignment with the Divine Plan and direction from the dimensional and galactic Hierarchy, and for all of my energy bodies, light body and my entire beingness be completely aligned to the Creation Matrix of Unconditional Love and Divine Prosperity!

I also request a complete disconnection from the illusions of control, power, lack, survival & unworthiness, and the entire matrix of limited exclusive oriented illusions. I send these limitations through my central column through the Earth Core, to return to Source for healing and forgiveness and to be transmuted into the light.

And I completely release any and all vows, agreements, beliefs, implants..., that may be blocking the manifestation of these requests. (Such as: “vows of poverty”; “money is evil”; “I am unlovable”; “I am evil”; “it is unsafe to reveal my true mission”; “you can’t trust humans”; “you can’t trust ETs and the hierarchy”; “love is worthless”, “I should avoid power because I will abuse it”, “power always corrupts”…). (Please add anything additional that occurs to you as you are doing this decree, that is pertinent to you).

I also ask the Karmic Board for Karmic Absolution between myself and any of these elements of limitation, and anyone associated with them.

And I ask that all Divine Channels be created to facilitate the manifestation of this with maximum Grace and Ease and that I have an ever expanding capacity to receive, embody, and implement this request in the ever expanding Now Moment.


©ZaKaiRan AatKa'Nui SheeHan

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