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Cultivating Your
Creative/Sexual Energies
(Your Divine Power)

3rd, 4th &5th Dimensional Relationships



3rd Dimensional Relationships
Life-Force Energy and Survival & the Prove your Worth Game

Our true essence is Love. Every single person on planet earth, no matter how they act, always has been and always will be – Love. Humans only act contrary to this essence because they suffer from the lie of unworthiness and believe in the lie of our own sinful nature; that we are not divine, and need to earn or learn our way into heaven. And most people try hard to avoid this suffering through behavior that is out of alignment with Love.

Because people experience disconnection from their essence of love and from God-Life-Force, they try to obtain love and energy from each other through relationships, relationships that are primarily co-dependent in nature and survival oriented.

Also because of our feelings of separation, we have a strong desire to somehow create safety, security, oneness, peace and unity in our lives, to somehow be reconnected to God through our relationships, and a desire to feel loved by having lovers, partners and friends. To avoid our suffering of feeling separate and unloved… We are continually psychically and energetically sending out projective vibrations, thoughts, cords, attachments… to avoid this suffering. Or we are trying to attract others by sending cords (hooks) that contain pictures of reality that say “I’m sexy”; I’m lovable; I’m a good provider; I’d be a good father/mother/wife/husband/partner/sex partner... All designed to attract a love/sex partner.

And we are submitting to the needs of partners, friends, family, jobs... Giving our power away for these illusions, but inevitably these relationships will fall apart, because they are built on a powerless position, where you must give your power away. And similarly, they are then giving their power away to you to submit to your needs. Everyone is imprisoned by their agreements, and everyone really wants to be free, not shackled to agreements to be disempowered.

All of these co-dependent games of relationship are ways of proving our worth to ourselves and each other. “If I can attract a love/sex partner then I must be worth something”. They are ways to create a false type of unity; an attempt at creating an external happiness and prosperity. “If I can just get my relationships to work out, my life will work out”. It is an external way of perceiving reality and reality creation. It is survival based, through and through, because being alone is not supported by society, this is not socially approved behavior. You are supposed to want to be around people all of the time; you are “supposed” to want and have relationships all the time. If you don’t, then there is something wrong with you and ironically, you are then cast out and shunned by society for not being social, or worthy of love.

In typical 3rd dimensional reality, rarely do people consciously relate to each other’s true essence or the divine soul connection of the relationship. We are typically relating to our images, perceptions, beliefs, pictures of reality, ideas, agreements…, with and about that relationship, person or group, and what we think or believe they are, or should be to us or for us. We’re relating typically as an idea, a concept, a belief and often romantic fantasies …, often based on mutual agreements to deny or support the illusions of unworthiness, lack, separation, enemy… consciousness.

3rd dimensional relationships are typically solely based upon the first three chakras and the biological sexual territorial urges to maintain physical, emotional and ancestral survival, through sexual, financial and territorial maintenance.

We help each other survive emotionally by reinforcing our social/sexual/relationship/family bonds. “I will stay with you; and be nice to you; and be a good sex partner; and good love partner; and good friend; and good father/mother; and get along with your family, and friends, and business friends…, to ensure our social, emotional, sexual, financial…, survival. We will be supported by society and family because we are good, up standing, responsible citizens, who do the right thing; have kids; spend time with family on holidays; go to work each day; and support whatever fascist regime is in power.

So every relationship that most people have with anyone is to ensure their survival in some way; to not be rejected, to be loved… Hardly any of them actually have any real divine connection; hardly any of them are really based on mutual respect and honor of each individuals sovereignty and own inherent natural divine worth as an individual flame of God’s fire.

Everyone must prove their worth, typically, to everyone all the time, so the games continue. The deals and agreements continue and the conflicts continue as individuals naturally break the agreements they have made with each other. And everyone continues to deplete their energy by constantly maintaining psychic cords of attachment, maintained by these psycho/sexual survival dependency agreements, vows, beliefs and perceptions of reality. And they constantly give their energy away by hooking each other with the games of “proof of worth” to obtain sexual/love partners. Our chi (life force) energy is continually being given away and taken by others to obtain and maintain “loving” friendships, family and sexual partnerships. Our salvation apparently seems outside of ourselves, so this energy drain continues, to obtain this thing called love and relationship, to save us from our hell of separation. We search for love outside of ourselves when it is right here all along, within our own hearts and within every cell of our being.

And sex is definitely one of the biggest factors. Freud was right, “everything is about sex”, because sex is the creative life force. Everything that everyone does is to obtain or maintain sexual/chi/life-force. And this life force is perceived by humanity to be love. So everyone spends as much time as possible obtaining, exchanging and being fascinated with sex, sexual imagery, sexual innuendo and relationships, all because of the exchange of sexual energy. All to obtain love. (And really to reconnect to their creative nature. But this creative power of manifestation is squandered and misused and untapped, due to the inability to nurture and charge this creative force. Due to the wastage of energy on frivolous energy exchanges to feel loved. To shift this pattern, there is sexual tantra, who’s intention is to generate charge for spiritual enlightenment, rather than the usual pattern of continually dissipating this charge through sexual release. Instead of generating charge to have one big orgasm, the big O, to satisfy a goal, and get to a destination, the real goal of sexual tantra, is to create every moment orgasmic. Then there is no goal or destination, therefore, no manipulation of self or there other to be someone or do something other than what is divinely perfect to do or be in the moment. Where there is no destination, only the expression of love and pleasure.

But the exchange of energy/life-force is not love. Not really, not in a true sense, it is just life force, it is just energy. But giving, receiving and generating life-force, can be an act of love. And paradoxically, life force energy (prana) is very close to love and in a sense, is love, because all things are love or are all parts of the wholeness of God/Goddess/love, but to be specific, what most people spend their entire lives doing is giving, receiving, exchanging, taking and stealing energy. When they get some through various means such as: being rewarded financially or verbally in some way for their work, they receive and are given a helping of energy. Or if they land a sexual partner and get some sex or affection, then they are rewarded with direct exchange of sexual energy, thus they are doled out another helping of life force. And if these sexual exchanges continue into a relationship then there is a continual exchange of “love” energy, (chi/prana/life-force) by the feeling, perception and agreement that “we are together”, we’re married, partners, lovers…” So everyone experiences being loved. But as soon as there is a misunderstanding, disagreement, conflict…, the two partners usually withdraw all exchanges of sexual energies and then they feel alone and separate and unloved again. So either they must re-enforce bonds and agreements or break up and find new partners so the process can start over again.

This is why people always say that make-up sex is so good. It’s because the two people pulled back all their sexual energies, sexual creative energy is charged up, and then in a big rush, it is reconnected, thus creating a big surge of sexual energy exchange/release. It happens because they surrender all resistance, allowing all that penned up energy to flow again. (And even channeling aggression, anger and hurt through this sexual expression and release). But this type of exchange is conditional, and will be withdrawn again as soon as conflict occurs.

In lesser ways we are doing the same things, trying to experience love through the exchange of energy with everyone including family, friends, colleagues and even strangers. There are countless agreements that we adhere to, to exchange energy with each other. They are social partners of being nice and cordial, and acting in certain ways to maintain the flow/exchange of energy/life-force. If you do anything contrary to societally agreed upon behaviors, your rasher of love-energy is denied and you are shunned, fired, mistreated…, and cast out of whatever group you were trying to maintain a cordial relationship with. On and on and on.

Sovereignty & Empowerment – Giving and Receiving True Prosperity

Relationship is the new God. Lets manipulate ourselves to get what we both need; lets agree to do our best to accomplish these needs for each other. But of course these needs are impossible to actually fulfill, at least in the long term, and certainly in these accelerated times. Our parents stuck to this edict often until death, but we cannot manipulate ourselves that much and avoid following our spirits that much. Society supports this behavior that following agreements and submitting to the needs of others is the most important and the safest way to live. Following the edicts of society is more important than following your own spirit. This is why spiritually oriented people are still only marginally supported by society. These fringe dwellers are shattering the illusions that society is built upon which is: be submissive to the hopes, wants and needs of everyone; maintain peace at any price even if you have to repress yourself; and make sure you maintain control of your relationships, which of course is impossible.

Everyone is trying to maintain control over an empire and everyone is their subject. Everyone is trying to be the sovereign ruler of their dominion. And of course it is a full time job to maintain an entire kingdom. And of course, at some point, everyone in your empire will eventually want your head on a silver platter because they want you to stop oppressing them and they want their own kingdom, and ultimately their own sovereignty. But true sovereignty is not being a ruler over others but the ruler of your own true kingdom – your own consciousness, your own soul. And completely aware and respectful of the life and liberty of everyone else in the kingdom.

These are fundamental patterns that work great in a survival based system, but if your interests are beyond this illusion, then your relationships are about something completely different and you submit to nothing, not even your own spirit or God, as if you are a puppet and God is the puppeteer. From the perspective of the survival/fear based pattern, you submit to all the needs of others. And you submit to all authority, because they know better than you what is best for you. This of course, includes the supreme authority God, and in a new age sense, your Spirit. But giving your power away to God and your own Divine Spirit is the same fear based illusion, the same pattern of trying to maintain peace at any price with God so he won’t kick your ass.

A higher perspective would be that you and God are one, you work with each other in partnership and as the same entity. You are God’s co-worker, and a servant as well, because God is a servant too. And even though God has a higher knowing than you, instead of submitting to God’s will, your personal will is aligned to Divine will. You must get to a place in your consciousness where you realize the awesomeness of God-Goddess and your Spirit and delight so much in this magnificence and know that you are this magnificence, that you surrender your fear based will to this Divine Love based Will/Direction. You are the channel for God’s Will, which is your own.

From a spiritual perspective, typical relationship is built on illusion and fear. And your choice is: maintain the illusions or shatter all the illusions by accepting your divinity and sovereignty. The choice is: maintain the agreements to help each other feel loved and needed…and make these types of relationships more important than following my own spirit; more important than embodying my own God presence; more important than knowing the truth; more important than co-creating Heaven on Earth. Or accepting your divine sovereignty and making following your own spirit your sole/soul priority in life.

And of course people rationalize the typical pattern of relating as the proper way to live because they believe they are being loving. This is how you love others, by submitting to their needs and agreeing to do your best to accomplish these needs. Religions even teach that it is better to give than to receive. Sure, it is better in a fear based survival system, where everything is about control. But in the real world of prosperity/Christ consciousness, there is no better or worse – all is equal. Certainly, there are higher vibrations, higher realities, higher illusions, but all has balance equally. It is just as divine to give as it is to receive, and without receiving, you are out of balance, (which stems from feelings of unworthiness), and disallows others and the universe to give to you. And in order to shatter that religious edict, I recommend that you now put as much of your attention upon receiving as giving. Allowing yourself to receive, and honoring by receiving. It is now time for you to receive, everything that will serve your mission and the fulfillment of your destiny! It is now time to allow and attract great prosperity to enter your life in huge massive abundant quantities, so that your cup runneth over.

Than you are in an empowered position to recognise the true needs of others and help them accomplish them. You cannot truly give to others if you do not allow yourself to receive, to be empowered and energized. Of course you do not give all of your abundance away as if you do not deserve it, or money is evil… And you do not submit to the needs of others as if their needs are more important than yours, but you help them become empowered to manifest their own abundance. You help them become effective at shattering their illusions of victimhood, submission and “peace” at any price... And help them have profound experiences of their divinity so that they are able to embody their divine presence and become effective Co-Creators of Heaven on Earth. You help them delight in the mystery of relationship rather than working constantly to keep them tightly enclosed in their boxes.

Everyone must learn to surrender to the fact that all relationships are a divine mystery, and regardless of how they may look and function, you will not really have a clue what they are really for and about, and it doesn’t matter, so stop racking your brain to figure them all out. To delight in each other’s divine presence is enough. To bask in each other’s magnificence is enough. To Co-Create Heaven on Earth together is enough.

You cannot control relationship, and you should give up trying. One of the biggest lies of the old civilization is the idea that you can or must manipulate and control all of your relationships. That you must keep them under control to maintain support for your life, for your physical and emotional survival and to please you. Everyone is manipulating themselves and each other to control their relationships, and be controlled, to submit to the needs and desires of everyone they agree to submit to. This is life, relationship and what is currently called civilization on planet earth. But that is not life – that is death. That is slavery. That is oppression and repression. That is not love, it is fear and hate and desperation, and suffering masquerading as love. But fear not – all of this is an illusion, so it is not real and will eventually die. Anything that is built on a lie will fall apart and fade away with the sands of time and only the truth will remain.

Divine Relationship and Sexual Creative Divine Power Cultivation

How do I manifest Divine Relationship in my life? What do I do to cultivate my sexual creative divine power, for myself, my mission, my awakening process and for my enlightenment?

As is often the case in this process of realization, sometimes the best way to determine what you want is based upon what you do not want. And by no longer engaging in old patterns, you make room for new divine realizations and experiences to enter your life. So in the case of relationships, you may not initially be able to manifest new divine relationships, but at least you know what kind of relationships not to interact with. Which entails getting to a place in your consciousness where you do not care what other people think about you and ceasing the pursuit of relationships so that you can have an experience of feeling loved by having a partner/lover…, and ceasing to play all of the typical co-dependent games. It is as simple as that, but because we have a whole cavalcade of aspects of our consciousness that are not quite through with these patterns, it is not so simple as that. There is much work to be done in the healing and forgiveness department to bring all of your aspects back into the heart of love, so that they are no longer pursuing love as if it is something that can be possessed. But that does not mean that you need to go live in a cave and become a recluse either. The ascension process cannot be rushed. Much patience and compassion is needed to accomplish this task of enlightening all aspects of yourself that have disconnected from Source, from love, and assisting humanity to do the same. So the process of releasing the social consciousness of survival, should be done as gently as possible, so that your ego can make a gentle transition to oneness, and energy bodies and DNA can catch up with all of the light you are embodying without frying your energy systems.

The initiations of this transition of releasing the patterns of co-dependence can be quite painful. And the prospect of giving up these security blankets does not look and sound too great, especially the prospect of being rejected by everyone you have previously known to be family, friends and lovers. This doesn’t feel so divine, and losing jobs and becoming un-employable doesn’t feel so good either. But unfortunately these scenarios are more often the case when embarking upon a life of empowerment, divinity and sovereignty. But the pain and suffering is temporary, as you let go of the old patterns and the people still addicted to those antiquated patterns of energy exchange. And the joy of empowerment and experiencing your sovereignty and divine power for the first time is ecstatic and well worth the journey. And reconnecting to your divine family/soul mates, is an absolute joy.

After a while of successfully making it through the initiations, you are transported through the gateway of Divine Love and realize that you don’t need anyone to exchange energy with. There is a constant infinite supply of divine love within you all the time, and available to be channeled from Source. And you no longer need to maintain certain relationships and manipulate yourself to do things you don’t want to do to ensure your survival. You now become completely un-social. Your relationships become transpersonal. You connect with people because there is a divine attraction to do so, because there is a soul (vertical) connection to acknowledge and nurture. Horizontal co-dependent connections are continually disconnected and released. And only synchronis evolutionary relationships are encouraged and supported.

All your relationships become specific to your individual mission, their individual mission and your group mission of co-creating heaven in your lives and for the whole planet. Your sexual exchanges become spirit guided, unconditional, inclusive, open, natural and guilt and shame free, rather than exclusive, conditional, covert and “sinful”. What I mean by this is when you let go of your sexual guilt and shame and truly open your heart and all of your chakras, you open to the constant flow of sexual-chi-prana-life-force-creation-God-Unity/Christ energy between you. You acknowledge, feel, see and experience the love that you both (or more) are, without doing anything. The love that is between you, just is. Certainly there are soul connections and past life connections, but these profound love connections are reminders of the love we all naturally have for everyone and everything, a love that just is.

From this natural base of love-unity-Christ consciousness, there is no such thing as worthy/unworthy. No such thing as lack/abundance. Duality is no longer believed to be real. Prosperity is the natural essence of the universe and everyone supports the prosperity of everyone. There is no lack, so there is no need to make agreements with myself, others or the universe to provide for me. Everything and anything is available anytime in an instant without having to work for it or prove you are worthy of receiving it. There is no need to play the games of lack and separation any longer. People will still need to play these games for their own experience and soul growth, but you are done playing this game. When you are bored with a game you stop playing, simple as that. Now let’s play a new game shall we?, it’s called “Co-Create Heaven On Earth”, a game that everyone can play, and there is only one rule to this game and that is, act from, be, allow, embody and manifest your vision of Heaven on Earth! And everyone will get better and better at playing this game of divine expression, as they figure out what that rule means, and as they see what it means by your example of you creating Heaven in your Life. When people give themselves permission to follow their heart dreams and live a real life, and thrive from their creativity, not just survive.

The great thing about this rule is that everyone is already doing it, whether they know it or not, so we don’t have to throw anyone out of the game for not playing right, you just get better and better at playing the game.

Let’s Play Heaven on Earth!

4th Dimensional Relationships

In order to learn to play this new game of heaven creation, it is necessary to expand one’s consciousness to higher levels of awareness, facilitating 4th and 5th dimensional relationships, or co-creationships (as I like to call them).

4th dimensional relationships are more spiritually and karmically based. These types of relationships are the ones experienced in the early to middle stages of awakening as one is clearing their karma and healing their past lives, and their soul and ancestral lineage, on planetary and galactic levels. So personally through the laws of Divine Reflection and Divine Resonance, we manifest people who will assist us with this, directly and indirectly, to clear, heal and forgive our past lives.

Healing is the typical orientation of 4th Dimensional thinking. Your relationships are about clearing your karma; balancing and healing your “dark side”; balancing and healing the masculine and feminine; healing your past lives with each other; healing your bodies; adopting longevity and releasing disease; healing the planet…, and trying to create unity through engaging with and forming new groups with people who have similar orientations and beliefs. Typically, people in humanity act this out by joining religions and adhering to dogmatic beliefs to maintain social security.

The 4th dimensional initiations can be strong and intense as we balance the conflict between light and dark and past experiences of the use and abuse of power, control, magic and alchemy, when we have separated ourselves and disconnected from God-Goddess/Love. Also intense is the journey of balancing the divine masculine and divine feminine within, and the balancing of the energies of being and doing.

In the new age community, people are more often than not, relating to each other from this perspective which is more accelerated than the typical human 3rd dimensional perspective of relationship, but an even higher perspective is needed, which is a 5th Dimensional Unity/Christ consciousness level. So people are generally relating consciously 3rd Dimensionally, and sub-consciously 4th dimensionally, and unconsciously 5th dimensionally.

People in the New Age may often be contacting a higher 5th dimensional perspective as well, bringing this higher awareness to the conscious mind. From my perspective, we must be aware of all three and decide which is most important in one’s life. All three have their place and must be acknowledged for their validity and place in individual lives and current perspective of reality. But as always, there are always higher perspectives and higher truths, and every relationship consists of all three to various levels.

5th Dimensional Relationships - Co-Creationship

5th dimensional relationships are transpersonal. Your relationships are based upon mutual honor of each others sovereignty and mastery. All illusions of worth are shattered and dismissed. Every aspect of creation is honored and loved as part of the wholeness of God-Goddess-All-That-Is. All of your relationships are guided by Spirit and the synergy (synchronistic energy). Guided by the monad of the relationship, the marriage of the two or more essences in synergy as Soul, and by the Divine Plan of the synergy.

The only purpose of your interaction is for the evocation of your divinity and mastery and the embodiment and action of the divine plan through you as a divine channel of God-Goddess. There are 4th dimensional elements as you clear any personal karma together, and be divine reflections for each other to heal your karmic/Akashic records in general, but this not done strictly from a “healing” perspective, but as an act of love to facilitate soul reconnection and to facilitate group MerKaBa power. In other words, by combining two or more divine forces, greater power/creation is accomplished with ease and grace.

As you awaken more fully, and accept prosperity as your birthright, your relationships will eventually lose all traces of 3rd dimensional survival orientation. The 4th dimensional aspects will also drift away as you heal/balance more and more of your karma, heal your past and reconnect your soul aspects to soul/love/source within. Then all of your relationships are primarily about co-creating Heaven within and without; co-creating heaven in your life, each others lives, the entire planet and the entire universe.

Until then, you will need to get into relationships for 3rd and 4th dimensional reasons, until you are done with those illusions and have created balance within yourself and your soul. You will need to engage in relationships to clear your karma with individuals, but you will soon realize that each individual relationship is a clearing of every single relationship you have ever had with anyone. So you don’t have to try to meet up with every single person you have ever had a relationship with to clear your karma. You would have to spend lifetimes trying to do this and all the while generating more karma on and on to infinity.

So you must realize what karma really is and that it can all be gracefully cleared right here and now just by you realizing who you are, that you are All-That-Is expressing itself at a single point, then what has happened or will happen was just experience and soul growth. (Please read my karma articles: http://www.zakairan.com/ZaKaiRansArticlesBooks/ZaKaiRansArticlesBooks.htm

So take your pick. Survival oriented relationships, karmic relationships or heaven relationships – it’s your choice.

Now, assuming you choose heaven relationships, you will make it a top priority to solely engage with people who have a similar vision as yourself. Initially they will be few and far between. But as your ascension process continues, more and more soul family will manifest, beings who have a similar 5th dimensional bias as yourself. The people you will be able to interact with for longer periods of time, will be those beings who’s sole/soul interest is living a 5th dimensional Christ-Consciousness existence. Those beings who take complete responsibility for their reality, karma and manifestations. Beings who are open, cooperative, communicative and creative. Beings who say yes to life and sensuality and adventure. Beings that enjoy their own energy and vibrations so much, that they do not need to spend time with you or anyone, but when the synergy is correct, the joy of being together is ecstatic and divine.

The next step in everyone’s awakening and mastery process is Soul Family Connection. The new civilization of light and love will only manifest through group/soul connection and creation. Christ Consciousness is a group soul thing, where all things are honored and included as part of the wholeness of All-That-Is. This initiation is the clearing of all group soul lifetimes and karma. Often this journey can be difficult because light workers can be some of the trickiest beings to deal with. And to the degree that each individual is willing to clear their group soul stuff, will be to the degree that you will be able to interact as a group on wholistic levels and be able to truly manifest divine creations.

Now back to one. How do I nurture my creative/sexual energies? The key is the heart. To become centered in the heart and live and breathe and function with an open heart, is the absolute key. And if you’re heart ever closes, you next step is to discover why, clear, heal and forgive, so that your heart will open again.

With an open heart, you are able to access your divine essence which is love. Then you do not desire to obtain love, or experiences that make you ‘feel’ loved, because when you access your center, your love core essence, there is no need for false gods and false feelings, only the real thing will do. Then your creative energy can be nurtured and charged for your inner alchemical creation and ascension. Your creative energies can now be kept for yourself, rather than sold to the highest bidder, or squandered frivolously. And your creative sexual energies can be shared with others who do not need your energy, nor do they want it, because they have access to their own center and because they are not interested in taking your power. These energies are shared for their real purpose, for the conception and birthing of new divine creations. The energy is channeled and synchronized in Unity/Christ expression for Co-Creation rather than procreation. This is group MerKaBa. And your intimate sensual/sexual expression can now become a co-creation, with no goals and no future intentions, only the energy of the moment. You want nothing from your partner/s other than for your mutual ecstasy and divinity evocation. Energy and pleasure is equally given as received. Or it is given and received without expectation of return. And every moment is an orgasm.

Once again, an open heart is the key, and heart centered sensuality/sexuality. When you are making love from the heart, regardless of what body part is being pleasured, your energy is naturally cultivated and shared willingly with complete empowerment.

Go forth and be fruitful, blissful, sensual, ecstatic, adventurous… and have fun!


ZaKaiRan AatKa’Nui SheeHan


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