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Reincarnation - Ascension - Immortality - Light Body



To describe what death is we must first describe what life is. First of all, these bodies are not us, I'm sure you already know that, but in case you didn't, now you know. We are spiritual essences inhabiting these physical bodies. We as consciousness, (or existence), have come from whatever universe, civilization, or cosmic order we were created from. We are all currently inhabiting human bodies, but we are not necessarily human consciousness.

In the scope of creation, we do whatever we want, under the direction of our divine self, our father /mother/creator, councils, cosmic friends and superiors, guides, angels and bias of origin. We do what is asked of us for our own growth and the growth of others. We are ultimately under the direction of the divine plan and the entire hierarchy, but we also have the illusion of free will, to not do what is in our best interest.

Everything is experience, and we as divine essences, all delight in every experience no matter how terrible it can be judged by human perception. Each system that we inhabit has its specific energetic make up, complete with certain limitation structures and perceptions of separation. These universal laws and energetic structures are set up so that you can have certain experiences within that system. You may be used to the cosmic planetary rules and regulations energetically for this planet, solar system and universe, or not.

We as entities, when we come to this system, travel through many other systems to get here. On the way here there are many stop overs and gate ways. These systems can be educational to prepare you for your experience on planet earth and the ascension taking place here. You may have stopped off at one of these many systems for quite a while before coming to planet earth. Some of these systems in this Universe are: Sirius, the Pleiades, and Arcturus. These systems would have prepared you for your specific mission here on planet earth. The Pleiades was probably your last stop before entering your current body. The Pleiadians would have assisted you with your education of the limitations that are inherent to this planet, especially on a physical and emotional level.

This may be your first incarnation here on planet earth or it may be one of many. Regardless, this is the most important, because of the accelerated time that we are in, and the ascension taking place. If you have reincarnated before then you will probably not do it again, this will be your last incarnation on planet earth.

Everything you have ever done, has prepared you for this ascension taking place now. You, as who you really are, (pure divine consciousness), is here to manifest your vision of heaven on earth. Your past experience, every past life on this or other planets, has functioned as character development for your soul and expression of you as consciousness, within this body now for you to be able to manifest this vision.

The Illusion

Death does not exist, it is one of the grandest of all the illusions that we have created. You, as pure divine consciousness, know this absolutely. You as an awakening spiritual master, idealistically know this to be true. You, as a struggling human, within a limited world of social consciousness, do not. Your humanness believes in death, and rightly so, because there is death everywhere in this world. Your body can die, it does not necessarily need to die, but it most definitely can die.

Most people in the world of limitation, are convinced that death is real. They are convinced that they can die and definitely will die, it is just a matter of when. They are primarily operating from the lower chakras of survival and have not ascended in consciousness enough to consider the possibility of immortality.

You know that you are eternal, or at least you are entertaining the possibility that you are eternal. The truth is, you as an individual point of consciousness, an individual expression of All That Is, will exist until All That Is brings all the individual points of consciousness back to All That Is. So, paradoxically, in the cosmic sense, death does exist, but since we are all All That Is, even if we are unexisted, we still exist through All That Is, you would just no longer have sense of self.

Every one exists throughout eternity, experiencing many expressions on many planets, universes and cosmic realms. Unless you try to stay in denial of your divinity for eternity, you will continue experiencing more, and more, and more of yourself as All That Is. If you do try to stay in denial forever, you will eventually be unexisted, but of course you wouldn't even know that you were unexisted because you were in denial of who you really are, and then you no longer exist.

So there is true death and there is false death. I have just described true death. False death is the death that most people believe in, or are afraid of: after my body dies I will no longer exist. There are many false deaths throughout experience. You may have died many times in many different ways. You may have ascended higher than the planet you died from and gone on to other planets or cosmic realms. Or you may have gotten stuck in the reincarnation zone of this or another planet. If you did get stuck, then you probably kept going back, over and over again to get it right, or to heal your karma. You did not necessarily need to get stuck in this pattern, but it was part of your experience.


The gift that the ascended masters have brought to planet earth, especially Jesus, is that of the illumination of the truth of death - that it is an illusion, and physical death is optional, not mandatory. Ascension is possible, and most definitely the truth of reality of this new civilization of light manifesting.

What is Ascension? Ascension is plain and simply, fully embodying yourself. In other words, you as consciousness, spirit, higherself, descending fully into this human body. From the perspective of you as spirit you are descending. From the perspective of you through humanness, it is ascension. You as human perception is ascending to a higher level of conscious awareness, similar to your true self perspective of divine love and light.

As ascension occurs, the body mutates to accommodate this higher level of light. As it does so, it alters to accommodate higher perceptions of divinity to be available to the bodies human perception. It also allows for a complete mutation to light body. Plain and simply light body is a body of light. It is less physical and no longer human. Light body allows more of you to be fully operational within this system, on this planet.

When you have light body, when your light body is activated, you, within the body, are no longer subject to the death cycle. Because you are physically beyond these limited constructs, and more importantly because you no longer have a perception that death is real and applies to you. Death is no longer real for you, when it is 'really' not real for you. You cannot idealistically adopt a new spiritual law that says death is an illusion, and then that law is real for you, you cannot fake it; like all spiritual principles and perceptions, it is real for you when it is 'real' for you.

I will give you an example: I have always operated under the premise that death was an illusion. I have always believed in ascension to be the real truth of existence within these human bodies. I have always known that that is why Jesus came and did what he did, to herald in the new age of ascension, for us to know that it was the real truth. But until I died, death was still "real" for me. I will explain further.

Unless you know death intimately you will not understand it, you will not know what it is, and you will think that it is real. This is why many people do dangerous things, and tempt fate, they want to know if death is real and what death really is. In the immortal words of Gangaji - "Go ahead and die, find out who dies". This is the epitome of discovering the truth of death and everyone’s fear of death, will I still be here when this body dies?

When I ascended, my personality, consciousness, body, all that I was, was taken to Source. I "died", because of being taken to such a high place of Light. Or in a sense, I was cosmically "killed" by Lord Sananda and other Ascended Masters, and resurrected into, and as, a Light-Body. In this place, lifetimes of realization and experience occurred. I was in my full completeness, my Light-Body, All-that-I-Am. My communion with All-That-Is and all of my family was profound. My divine mission on planet earth, was further solidified and encouraged by Source, my Angel and Ascended Master friends. Choices were made… One big one, to stay here on Planet Earth for the full manifestation of Heaven on Earth, which was a choice already made, but now realized more completely to my soul and now personality.

Much of the realization of this experience has been in hindsight. At the time I did not quite understand and realize this experience of dying because it happened too quickly for my human perception to comprehend it. So even though I knew that I was completely different, and that I had "died" and was resurrected into a different body, it was still unreal for me, I still had no real experiential perception of the truth of death, but this was due to change.

As life progressed, there was a new group of ETs that had come to planet earth. They were doing their best to affect everyone in a negative way, especially the light workers and ascended masters within human bodies.

I am usually pretty busy in consciousness, working on many levels, and I know what I am up to in consciousness, by my dreams. I know that my dreams are a direct translation of my experiences in consciousness with people, extraterrestrials etc. One night I had an experience that I was being killed. My captors were first attempting to drown me, they tried and tried, keeping me under water for hours. They would pull me out of the water now and again to see if I was dead yet. Much to their chagrin it was not working. I was beat up and passing out, feeling like I was dying, but I was not dying.

They then got very frustrated and decided to cut off my head and chop me into pieces. After doing that, they thought I would surely be dead by now, but I wasn't, so they gave up and just left me in pieces. My next experience was someone burying me, so that I could be rejuvenated by mother earth and receive a new light body. When I was being buried I did not have an awareness of myself within that body, I was no longer in it. I was watching myself be buried. So for a while I was essentially bodiless. This gave me a true perception that I am not even my light body. After being buried I began to have a perception of myself within a body again, I was in the earth, buried under the dirt, and then I woke up. As soon as I woke up I knew immediately who my captors were, and what the experience was about.

From a conspiracy perspective I was being attacked by nasty extraterrestrials, I was a victim. In a cosmic sense their deeds were allowed, and I "volunteered" for the assignment to have a real experience of death and what death really is; and it also put me in deeper touch with what and who I truly am, my sense of self is greater for the experience.

So, what was killed? Since I no longer have a physical body, my light body was what was killed. They tried to kill me, but I am not even my light body, so I could not be destroyed. The control that many dark forced entities, regardless of their origin, try to utilize, is the fear that we can die. Since everyone is afraid of death, this is a great way to control people. It has been a great way to control people physically, in a political sense, and it is a great way to control people spiritually. You accomplish this by threatening people on a consciousness level with their mortality, if you are scared for your existence you may succumb to influences of a negative nature and limit yourself; you may limit your expression, and limit your own power as a divine force so that the bad guys won't hurt you. This is why most people get involved with negative forces, fear of death.

If you are afraid of death, then this is a major weakness that you may allow to control you. You may avoid situations at all costs because you may die or be injured. You may avoid these dangerous situations even if they could lead to massive growth, even if God has directed you to do this task. When you are not afraid of death, you become a reckonable force in the universe. If it is real for you, that you are an eternal divine essence that cannot be destroyed, save by God, then you are a reckonable force of All That Is. You know your own power, truth and divinity. You know your own true immortality.


What is immortality? Some would say that immortality is when you are able to live in your current body forever, and that body never dies. This type of physical immortality is possible, as your body can live for thousands of years with the proper perceptual awareness of truth, divine science, love and divinity. In other words, if your I AM Presence is embodied enough and you have the conscious awareness to know the truth of life, mortality and immortality, then you can live within that body as long as you want. You as divine consciousness will continually rejuvenate your body, recreating cells in a new image, with new vitality, with no reference to the future or past. Even without your help, your body completely rejuvenates itself every seven years. It is merely our limited perception that makes us age and manifest disease.

Every 7 years, every cell in your body gets replaced by completely new cells. But your cells have a tendency to clone themselves based on their previous image and the program of decay and death. This is why humans age, get saggy skin and wrinkles, and scars continue to look the same even after 7 years. Bones, organs and systems disintegrating through time, getting worse every 7 years instead of getting better. These cells are re-creating themselves based on the programs of disease, age and death, supported by social consciousness, genetic memory and by the death hormone created by this programming, (which needs to be deactivated). We are now creating new codes, new life, directed by divine expression and love rather than ego fear programs and limitation.

True immortality is not living forever within one body. Why would you want to limit your existence throughout all eternity to one body, you would not and do not, this is too limiting and too boring. True immortality is knowing who you really are, and all the bodies that you inhabit. True immortality is the knowing that you are who you are no matter where you go, no matter what you do, and no matter what body you inhabit.

As far as ascension is concerned, immortality is transitioning from a denser reality to one of higher vibration; physical body to light body, without any loss in consciousness. This is what is occurring on planet earth, everyone is realizing the truth of death and life. They are realizing the truth of their divinity, and the truth of their immortality as divine spiritual essences.

Ascension is like a conscious rebirth (real rebirthing). You transform into light, merging with the light, realizing your God Presence while still being alive. There is no unconsciousness. Unlike death, where you only merge with the light (with God), after you die (bardo state).

With ascension, every second of your life is important. All the intricacies of this incarnation are integral parts of your full realization and soulular growth. But with death you only become aware of the importance of that incarnation and all of them after you die and merge with the light. You have to die to leave this reality and ascend to higher dimensions to merge with this light, (go to heaven). Where as with light body ascension you embody this light in the physical. You embody these heaven dimensions, (inscension), you become heaven in a body.

With ascension as the primary true reality, life just continues on and on forever, death then becomes optional rather then mandatory. You can leave your body by walking out if you choose, and allow someone else to walk in to it (keeping the body alive). You can consciously breathe out, (body dies), like the Yogis and Ascended Masters, with a plan and knowing that you will return again into another body, either via the normal birth process and instant or gradual realization of your past lives and existence as that master. Or simply reappearing again in another body, (manifesting a body). You can disintegrate; (complete ascension, disappearing from this dimensional reality). Or you can multiply incarnate, in many dimensions and star systems, on many planets (as we naturally do as souls and ascenders), and communing with friends, and family of the hierarchy of creation…. your choice.

So go ahead, decay and die if you still need that experience for your growth, (you will then see what really dies). Or you can throw caution to the wind and try something truly revolutionary and that is to live, really live, to being and staying conscious every moment of your life for eternity. That is true immortality.

Inscend yourself - Be Who You Truly Are!

Yours in life for eternity,


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