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The “Deep Connection” within

The Key to the Activation of your Divine Mastery

by ZaKaiRan

Do you wish for a deeper, more intimate connection with life, nature, animals, the plant kingdom, the earth and humanity?

Do you wish for a deeper, more intimate connection with your own Divine Presence, to realize and activate your mastery?

The “Deep Connection” is the inner connection that is required to bring out and activate the mastery of an individual, it is the connection to ones heart, mind, body and soul, that is required to fully experience the deep, intimate and profound connection to all life, to experience true and profound unity with all beings, all creatures, all plants, all trees... It is the embodiment of Christ Consciousness.

Most people have lost their connection to the environment and nature because they have lost this “deep connection” to their divine self, to their God-Goddess-Christ Presence. They have lost their realization and knowing that they are immortal masters of divine light.

And people are unable to reconnect to this inner presence because their lives are ruled by their fears, rather than their true courageous divine master nature, that is not afraid of anything. Fear comes from separation, feeling separate from anyone or anything, and fear of losing the “family” connections we have made that give us peace and security. People are afraid of being alone and being rejected by friends, family, lovers and humanity for being, acting and thinking different. Fear comes from feelings of unworthiness, being unworthy of God’s Love and Grace, unworthy of being loved by others, and feelings of helplessness and powerlessness. And fear causes people to close their hearts, to become imbalanced in their divine masculine and feminine nature, which creates judgement and prejudice towards others and even self.

By letting go of fears and healing our inner feelings, perceptions and beliefs, and healing those aspects of ourselves that are afraid and do not feel worthy of love and divinity, we are able to open our hearts again, which re-establishes the “Deep Inner Connection” to divinity and all life.

Releasing and healing your fears makes you a master. Masters are courageous because they follow their Spirits, not their fears. Masters feel the fears, but do what needs to be done anyway. Masters are prepared to jump off of the highest cliffs, because they know the Angels will catch them. Masters act first, without concern of the consequences, and without judging the consequences. Masters are not concerned about what other people think of them, because they know they are divinely loving amazing masters of love-light, and do not need the approval of others to prove to themselves that they are good or worthy or loving... Masters do not doubt themselves, because their soul/sole focus is on following the impulses of their divine spirit – not the fearful dictates of their minds or aspects. Masters are spontaneous and realize their bodies are the divine instrument and they allow the universe to play them like a harp! Masters are completely focused upon living, breathing, being and playing as the God-Goddess-Christ they wish to be and allow themselves to be the Gods and Goddesses that they truly are.

Enter the “Deep Connection” – The Key to your Divine Mastery!

Experience the “Deep Connection” to your full Presence and the “Deep Connection” to All Life!

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