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Desire and Creation

The Naked Truth about Desire and the Law of Attraction

By ZaKaiRan


Anyone that has been trained in meditation, yoga or Buddhism, may have been introduced to the concept that in order to achieve enlightenment, one must release all desire.  And allegedly, Buddha said that, "one must cut the roots of desire in order to achieve enlightenment".  If this is what Lord Buddha actually said and meant, then respectfully, I must say that Buddha was just plain and simply wrong!  But it is more likely, that he was misquoted by students who did not yet understand how the Law of Attraction and creating reality actually works.

A more accurate way of describing how desire really works in relationship to the Law of Attraction, creating reality, and its role in human suffering, is that desire alone does not cause suffering!  And even desire for goals, or money, or relationship, or sex, or housing, or wealth, etc., none of these desires cause suffering! 
What really causes suffering, is focusing on what you don't want, focusing on the lack of what you do want, or wanting things that you don't believe you can get.   Things that are too big and too many steps away from where you currently are in your belief in yourself and your journey of creation. 

Also, what causes suffering is desiring things to avoid pain or lack.  Which is the typical consumer pattern of buying things that give you a temporary rush, so that you temporarily feel good about yourself, because you have this new thing and you feel "successful" and have "worth", because you have it.  Or you believe other people will admire you because you have it.  But just like getting all those toys at Christmas, a few days later, the excitement of receiving all of those presents wears off, and you are back to your boring existence again.  So, it can appear that desiring and pursuing riches or toys can cause suffering, but that is merely a symptom, you have not treated the cause of the suffering yet.

The Truth about Desire

Having desires, and specifically thinking about what we want and having the feeling that we already have it, and pursuing what we want to create in our lives, is a natural state of existence and our natural state as creator Gods and Goddesses.  Especially because thinking about what we want and having the feeling that we already have it, makes us feel good; and feeling good is the absolute most important thing, because it is our natural state as divine beings to feel good. 

Having dreams that you wish to fulfil in your life, imagining having and experiencing those dreams and actively creating those dreams into reality, causes you to feel good, inspired and fulfilled.  It also facilitates spiritual growth.  It makes you grow, expand and evolve, on so many levels. 

Whereas, avoiding your dreams, "playing it safe", going for "security", repressing your dreams, putting your dreams on hold, "until the time is right", or "when I have enough money" or "someday" …  And allowing the "dreams stealers", (your "friends" and family), to talk you out of pursuing your dreams and desires, in exchange for safety and the promise of "security", is the road to decay, disease, cancer, depression, and dying in debt with your dreams unfulfilled.

Without desire no-one would do anything!  Nothing would get done if we all just sat and meditated 24/7 to repress our desires.  Without desire, we would have no desire to survive or thrive, so no one would eat and no one would grow food and we would all die.  Without desire, no one would enter into any form of relationship with anyone.  No one would have sex, so no new babies would be born....  I think you get the point.  So, this notion that there is something wrong with desire, that desire is somehow primitive and non-spiritual, is absolute male bovine excrement!

If you followed the process of creation correctly, you would focus on something that excites you, something that you believe you can get, and if you focus intensely enough on that thing, then you will manifest it.  Then you focus on manifesting the next thing and the next, etc.  And someone might say, "well, isn't that greedy?  Isn't that just being a consumer?  How is that enlightened?"  The answer is, it all depends on your intention. 

If your intention is to obtain new wonderful things in your life and have luxuries and wealth, because you understand that life is a journey of creation and you know that by mastering the art of creation you will master your own vibration and thusly experience fulfilment and enlightenment.  And when you understand that when you obtain wealth, you obtain freedom.  And when you have wealth, mastery and power, you can help other people to also become empowered creators of wealth and freedom or whatever they wish to create in their lives.  And if your intention is always to feel good by thinking about what you want and creating what you want, then you're on the absolute right track, and in fact, that is the path of enlightenment.

But if your intention behind acquiring goods and becoming wealthy, is to feel worthy and admired by others by acquiring fame, then you're slightly off track.  The point is to know and realize your divine worth, then you naturally and gracefully manifest all of the wealth and goods you could possibly want, easily and gracefully.  The alternative intention is based upon proving your worth to others by proving you have worth based on your ability to manifest wealth and goods.  In this case, enough is never enough.

One of the most natural aspects of enlightenment is to develop compassion, which is something that is our natural state, so compassion is really something that just naturally exists, once you get the negative beliefs and programs out of your way.  And by mastering the laws of creation and attraction, you become empowered to create everything and anything in your life, and to do so, you must align your vibration to your desires.  And to do this, you must get to know your vibration intimately and you must expand your consciousness. 

So, the beauty of mastering how to create what you want in your life, is not about the results and how much wealth and goodies you can acquire, although these results are very important because they show you the evidence of your mastery.  Instead, what is most important is mastering your vibration, and when you master your vibration, you master creation, your divine power, and the power of the universe.  You become in tune with creation and the universe.

If one of your desires is to achieve enlightenment, you will achieve it if you focus on it tenaciously.  But you must focus on having it, and imagine being enlightened, instead of focusing on not being enlightened.  It is the same for anything.  If you want wealth or a fabulous relationship, you must focus on having these things.  You must be a divine child and use your imagination, rather than "keeping it real" and the "fact" that you don't have them.  This is the key to all deliberate creation - imagination, thinking and feeling that you already have what you want. 

So, wanting things, regardless of what you desire, including money, even massive amounts of money, is not the cause of suffering!  Wanting things is not the cause of wars, or conflict or ignorance, or the lack of awareness of humanity.

The cause of the lack of awareness of humanity is that humanity is taught that they are victims.  They are taught that they do not and cannot create what they want in their lives.  So, this causes people to want what they cannot have.  This is the cause of rampant consumerism.  Humanity is trained to fail, not succeed.  Humanity is trained to be slaves, not entrepreneurs and creators of wealth.  Humanity is not taught that they are divine and that they are powerful creators of reality.  They are taught that they must earn or learn their way into heaven, which could not be farther from the truth. 

And humanity is not trained in how to consciously create their realities.  But the fact is, that every single person on earth is unconsciously creating their realities every single moment of every single day, but they are unaware of this fact. 

But even though self-empowerment and the Law of Attraction are not typically taught in "normal" society, the truth has always been available, and is absolutely freely available now in literally hundreds of thousands of books, audios, videos and seminars from the myriads of channels and teachers and often freely available on the internet.  So, there is no longer any excuse for being ignorant and uneducated about how the Law of Attraction and how reality really works. 

So, conspiracies to keep humanity ignorant and blaming these childish, fear-based, lack-oriented, controlling forces, for your woes, is no longer a valid excuse for you to not educate yourself in the Laws of the Universe and begin creating heaven in your life!  So, stop using the governments and the corporations and the secret societies as an excuse for you to blame for you failure and to justify not trying to succeed.  Stop thinking about these people all of the time, which is what they want, so that they can get your energy and help them maintain their empire, and instead focus on yourself and mastering your ability to create whatever reality you desire!

Yes, there are certainly fear oriented malevolent people that have a vested interest in keeping people in the dark so that they will continue being rampant consumers and keep the debt economy rolling, but again, that is no excuse for you to blame for you failure or not trying to succeed.  What anyone on planet earth does has no effect upon what you are creating or desire to create!  So, stop using other people as your excuse to not follow your dreams and make them into reality! 

Even the supposed ragged economy that allegedly exists is no excuse for you to not succeed and become outrageously wealthy!  Especially because we have the most cooperative and lucrative business structure available on planet earth, that absolutely anyone, regardless of education, finances, race, religion, sex, color etc., can get involved in, work at diligently for 2-5 years and literally become a millionaire, and achieve complete financial freedom, without having to be a "slave to the man!" And that business structure is of course - Network Marketing, which is absolutely the business of the future, right here and right now!
If you're not in a network marketed company, and building for yourself a "cash cow", a "perpetual money making machine", that is creating for you true, walk-away, passive income, after you have worked it hard for 2-5 years, and you receive money every week, month and year, whether you are working or not…, than you are literally missing the freedom boat! 

But freedom is not for everyone.  Everyone is called, but few choose!  Not everyone truly wants their dreams to come true.  They wish their dreams would come true, but they are not necessarily willing to do what it takes to make their dreams come true!  Not everyone believes in themselves enough to pursue freedom and to embrace it as their divine right!  Not everyone has the drive to succeed and the passion, openness and teach-ability to learn how to create and manifest their dreams and desires.  Not everyone has the willingness to learn and the willingness to accept change.  No everyone has the desire to master their own vibration, because "it is too difficult", or whatever the excuse.  But mostly, people do not try to master their vibration because they are afraid of their magnificence!

So, desire is not the problem with society, even consumerism is not the problem, or the cause of human suffering; the cause of human suffering is the fact that humans do not understand the process of creation.  They do not understand the law of attraction and how to master this universal creation principal to help them not only create wealth and the comforts of life, but help them create health, and become enlightened along the way by mastering their vibration.

Some people believe that if they get rich, they will become greedy bastards and start exploiting people and the earth.  That is absolute poppycock!  They are just using that idiotic statement to justify not trying; to justify not pursuing their dreams and not mastering their own vibration and not mastering how to create reality.  Stop making excuses and stop blaming everyone and everything for your failure to succeed and your failure to pursue and create your dreams!  And stop blaming other powerful "forces" for your feelings of powerlessness!

It is our natural state of divine awareness to be good and do wonderful things.  Only when people are denied the truth that they are immensely powerful masters of creation, and therefor feel disempowered, helpless and controlled by supposed superior forces, do they become angry and react negatively.  But when a soul accepts the fact that, "I create my own reality with every thought I have", and they begin to alter their thoughts accordingly to create a more preferred reality, then they may become more and more empowered every single day, and are no longer concerned about what anyone else is doing on planet earth, because it is each individual person's choice to create heaven in their lives or hell in their lives.  We are each individual sovereign Gods and Goddesses with the power to create whatever reality we desire.  And it is your choice to consciously create reality, or have reality created for you by default, based on what you have been programmed to believe.

So, desire in not the problem with society, it is impossible for you to not desire, because we are desire creatures.  All creation begins with a desire to create that which you are imagining into existence.  We are creator Gods and Goddesses, and there is no deliberate creation without the desire first.  And if you repress desire you are denying your creative nature.

And there is of course, absolutely nothing wrong with money.  It is a wonderful tool of exchange.  Money is not the problem; the problem is that people have a love/hate relationship with money.  They want money, but are programmed to believe that money does not create happiness.  But everyone knows they are a thousand times happier when they have money, then when they don't, so deep down, everyone knows that money is not the problem.  The real truth is that happiness creates money!

Everyone wants to be rich; they just don't want to have to do what it takes to become rich.  They "wish" they were rich, so they hope luck will shine on them one day and they will win the lottery.  But they are not willing to master their vibration to become a conscious creator of reality to master creating their desires and becoming wealthy.

So, the object, or the "tool" we call money, is not the problem.  Our beliefs and fears about money is the "problem" or rather the "challenge".  And courageous people gratefully accept challenges in order to overcome them and master them. 

So, money is not a problem, fear and negative beliefs are the problem!  Beliefs and fears of loss; beliefs and fears of greed; beliefs and fears of corruption; beliefs and fears of lack; beliefs and fears that money or being wealthy, is not spiritual, enlightened, etc.
And the worst fears of all are the fears of failure, ridicule and rejection.  Everyone fears failing and then being ridiculed by their friends and family, so to never experience that feeling, they do not try.  And people fear being rejected by their friends and family when they pursue something out of the ordinary.  So, in order to not experience being rejected by friends and family, they will typically repress their dreams and desires and reject pursuing "out of the ordinary" dreams and desires, such as pursuing a creative, musical, artistic, etc. career, or pursuing the "crazy" notion of creating their own network marketing business, etc.
But every successful person knows, that one of the challenges of success is, at least in the beginning, when you are pursuing your dream, you must embrace and allow the temporary loss of social esteem from ignorant friends and family.  And of course, when you do succeed, all of those dream stealers are eating crow!

So, money is not the problem, and desire is not the problem.  Self-sabotaging beliefs and fears are the problem!  So, the question is, will you empower yourself by educating yourself about how to become a deliberate creator of reality?  Or will you stay a disempowered and helpless victim?  Will you take the blue pill and stay in denial and remain comfortably numb in the matrix, or will you take the red pill and see the truth and become a new Neo?

The "spiritual" approach of repressing desire is similar to the allopathic approach to medicine, which is based on treating the symptom, not the cause of the problem.  Denying or repressing your desires is like taking a pill that takes the pain away or represses or "kills" the symptoms.  But the cause of the disease is still there, and the disease is limiting beliefs and fear!

Focusing your attention upon not having what you want and the lack of things that you do want, and not believing you can have what you want, is the cause of the "disease".  When you are focused upon what you do not want you manifest what you do not want!  And when you are focussed upon what you do want you manifest what you do want!  So, the challenge is not desire, it's how and where to focus your attention, energy and vibration. 

Bad things happen because of negative focused desire.  What you are afraid will happen, does happen, because you are focused up on your fears.  You are focused on what you don't want to happen, rather than what you do want to happen. You are focused on what you do not want, rather than what you do want. 

Desire is your Liberation!

Desire is not your prison, instead, pin pointed laser focused desire - is your liberation!  It is your savior!  It is literally your liberation from slavery, ignorance, disempowerment, helplessness and unworthiness!

You cannot become enlightened without desiring enlightenment and doing what it takes to achieve it.  You cannot be happy without desiring happiness, acting happy and thinking and acting ways that make you happy.  You cannot manifest love in your life without desiring love and without loving yourself and others. 
All of creation exists because someone desired its creation.  The entire universe is based upon desire.  The entire universe expands itself through desire.  You cannot stop desire any more than you can stop the universe from expanding and growing.  Resistance is futile!  So, enjoy your desires and feel your desires, then you will know which desires are in alignment with your divine spirit, with your source essence.  Get to know your vibration by choosing to create deliberately!

Your creative nature of desire is the same creative force that creates universes!  There is only one thing to do - desire and enjoy your desires!  Do not deny or repress your desires but instead, focus on desires that are in alignment with your spirit source.  Focus on desires that make you feel happy and joyful.  And discover what desires, what creations that you as a soul and spirit have come to this planet to create and fulfil.  Discover and embrace what experiences you came to this planet to experience! 

You are a creative master and it is your duty as a creative master to create reality based upon your divine plan.  And it is your duty as an awakening master to remember what that divine plan is; to remember what your divine gifts are and to do them, and share them, and bless others with these gifts.  If you do not discover your gifts by pursuing your dreams and creating freedom in your life, to have the time and money to discover your gifts and pursue your gifts, and manifest your gifts into reality, then you are denying your divine essence!  And you are denying others the wonderful experience of being able to receive and experience your gifts and your divinely creative essence. 

It is just as divine to receive as it is to give! 

It is not better to give than to receive!  It is just as divine to receive as it is to give!  If you are unable to receive because you have the belief that it is better to give than receive, then you are denying other people the joy of giving to you and you are denying yourself the pleasure of receiving from others!
The ludicrous belief that "it is better to give than to receive" is based upon unworthiness, and the ludicrous belief that we are sinful and faulty.  It is based on the belief that because of this alleged "sinful" nature, we then need to prove our worth to God, so that God will let us in the pearly gates and not send us to hell, (an absolutely ludicrous creation of man).  You are worthy!!!!  You are a child of God and you are not in any way bad, wrong, sinful etc.  You are perfect!!!  No matter what you have done, no matter how many people you have hurt, you are perfect and divine and there is no force in the universe that judges you or condemns you for your behaviour!  You are God-Goddess, so you are worthy of having, being and doing whatever your heart desires!  You do not need to prove yourself to anyone or anything, certainly not to God, because God knows you are perfect regardless of what you have done.

So, divine spirit of creation, go and enjoy your desires!  Be FREE!!!!!  Delight in your desires!  And practice long-term thinking.  Give up your short-term, instant gratification, lottery, "I wish my dreams would come true" … mentality.  Instead, practice delayed gratification or as I like to call it, "tantric creating".  And enjoy the journey!  This is a journey beloved!  The results of the journey are fun, but mostly the journey is about mastering your vibration and love and the expression of love through communing with beautiful souls along the way. 

Dream big dreams, but focus mainly, on a daily basis, on goals that are big enough that they excite you, but are small enough that you know, without a doubt, that you can achieve them. 

And do not put a timeline to these desires!  Allow the universe to provide the timing for their manifestation.  And remain open to the universe providing something for you that is even better than you had imagined.  Whatever you create in your life you will always want to create more, and this is the natural order of things.  Embrace this natural way that is your true creative nature as a creator God.  Allow yourself to naturally want more things and you will create immense fulfilment in your life.

When you do so, you will experience fulfilment beyond your wildest imaginings and you will become a powerful co-creator of heaven on earth.  With your energy, your focus, your desire, your wealth, your freedom and your power, you will help humanity to become more educated, happy, fulfilled and empowered, than you could have ever have imagined possible.  You are more powerful than you can currently imagine, it is time for you to embrace this divine power and be the amazing master of creation that you truly are.

Blessings on your fabulous journey of conscious deliberate creation.  You are a winner and I have absolute faith and trust in your divine abilities to be, do or have whatever you want in your life.  And I have absolute faith and trust that you will create amazing things in your life and on this planet!  And that you will touch the hearts of many souls upon this paradise we call earth and help hundreds, perhaps thousands, perhaps millions of people to grow more and more into their awesome magnificent divinity!

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