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Desire and Manifestation

Personal Will / Divine Will



“Wanting is the beginning of all deliberate creation,” Abraham

Many new age teachers tell their students to “stop wanting, because if you want something, you won’t get it because wanting implies that you need it in the future and you don’t have it now.  So wanting will always give you an experience of wanting and not having”.

This is almost accurate, but almost is not good enough and only teaches people half of the truth.  These teachers do not understand the process of manifestation and do not understand the human thought/feeling mechanism, and how this all works together with the universe in the process of manifestation.  It is not integrative or responsible to teach half-truths, but there are no victims in the universe, and students of truth have the choice to believe something or find out the complete truth. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting, for desiring something to be created or exist in your life!  This is how manifestation works, plain and simply, you must envision something that would be useful in your life, something that would serve you in a joyful way.  This is the first step - you want it, and you try to figure out how to get it, this is a natural process.  You must be realistic, because it does not exist in your reality and experience yet. 

Of course it is good to get to a Zen place of non-wanting, where you are at one with all things, therefor you have all things, and need nothing, but this is another exploration and only one part of awakening, because there is being and there is doing, and they must be done together, one without the other is out of balance.  Being without doing is just pure existence, it does nothing and accomplishes nothing, and does not grow.  For growth, you must incorporate doingness, this is why we are in bodies, to do, to combine beingness and doingness, to combine existence with consciousness – this is Sat-Chit-Ananda – consciousness, existence, bliss.

Doingness without beingness is disconnected from spirit, all left-brain/masculine, typical old world human perception.  All beingness, is the renunciate who sits and meditates, never moves, never eats, showing us this part of life.  But obviously one without the other, there is no balance.  You must incorporate your meditation, your true spiritual essence, your connection to oneness, into your day to day human existence.  This is true enlightenment, this is ascension, being who you divinely are without a human body of doingness.


“You cannot get what you want by defeating what you do not want”.  Abraham

Many teachers say that thought manifests, that what you think comes true, and if you have good thoughts you will have good things and a good life.  This is completely true, but not the whole picture.  Thought does manifest, and especially powerfully when connected to feeling, emotion, and the sum total of your perceptual awareness. 

Policing your thoughts so that you won’t want things is ludicrous, your humanness will always want things.  There are always higher possibilities to everything, so you will want things for your comfort, and you will always want greater spiritual awareness.  You will want abilities that you currently do not possess.  How could you not want these things?

Do not police your thoughts as if your mind has done something wrong, it is just doing what it was programmed to do.  Until you have created mostly positive neural pathways in your brain, many or most of your thoughts are not technically yours, they are programs and believes, often full of lack and negativity because society is programmed to think negatively.  You must learn to use your thoughts to create with, and reason with.  You are the master of your thoughts not their slave.  By policing them like an interrogator, you give all your power away to them. 

Thoughts are nothing but at the same time they are everything.  To master your thoughts, sit, and be centered in your beingness and watch the thoughts come and go, they are nothing, just thoughts, but they are also powerful, because they create your reality, so master the thinking and creating process.  Thoughts are not the enemy they are not keeping you from getting what you want, but the wrong use of thought is keeping your from getting what you want.   

There is no problem with wanting, as long as it is pure and not based on a desire to get rid of something you don’t like.  In other words, place your attention on what you do want, not on what you don’t want.  This is the real key that some teachings have missed, and that is your intention, your true desire.  You have general every day thoughts that create your reality, and of course you must master the thought process and not get complacent and you must also master the power of decree, or stating emphatically to the universe what you truly want.

So, wanting isn’t enough to manifest something, especially if your intention is to get rid of the lack in your life.  Your attention in this case is really on your lack, on getting rid of it by obtaining its opposite, something rather than no-thing.  Your attention is not on the manifestation of the object or ability but on the lack of that thing in your life.  So you must be clear and truthful to yourself.  You see how you must get more direct, more truthful with yourself and with God and the universe, because God knows the real intention behind your thoughts and actions.  This is the real key to all spiritual evolvement and the process of manifestation – you must be truthful with yourself and know the true desires within your consciousness, you must know yourself.


As a human master, in general, you must be balanced on emotional levels.  Subsequently, you must be aware of your emotional state in regards to things or abilities or awareness’s you desire to manifest in your reality, especially in regards to feelings about the lack in your life.  These will be adversarial and negative in nature, there will be some impediment that is keeping you from obtaining this thing.  You will be in a victim position, victimized by someone or some system, or by your own inability to manifest.

You must be truthful and get to a place in your consciousness where you are not living life from the negative emotions of the world.  You will feel the emotions but you do not act from them, you act from love, not fear.  When you act from Love instead of fear, this is when manifestation will be easy and instantaneous.

When you have feelings of excitement and happiness at the possibility of having some-thing, rather than negative emotions because you lack that thing, (and your life will not be complete without it), then you will manifest with ease, and you will see when you truly desire something because it will help you in your spiritual growth, or when your egoic human identity, that primarily lives on lack, wants something to try to deny its feelings of lack.  You will see the difference of when you want something to support love, growth and divinity or something that supports your fears, your lack, your co-dependence, your victimhood etc.

Most people want things because their lives are boring, “not good enough”, and lacking in substance.  Their lives are survival oriented, based in competition, instead of cooperation and prosperity.  And their desires to have things are to deny these feelings of lack.  They want things to give them a rush of happiness to temporarily not feel their feelings of lack and unworthiness. 

Purchasing things and amassing wealth are the real drug of most people, they believe that the more things you have the less lack you have, and the more worth you have - the one with most money, property and toys wins.  Typically, humans are gadget addicts, materialism is the new God. - “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.”  But this addiction is a delusion and a denial of their true feelings that they keep hidden, that they are unworthy bastards.  Their worst fear is to lose everything and then they will be worthless, (they will be unworthy again), back to the original fear that drove them to this behavior in the first place.

So what is your intention behind your desires to manifest something?  Because it will assist you in some way to experience more joy and grace your life, and help you Co-Create Heaven on Earth?  Or, because you want to prove to yourself and others that you have some worth.  Tell yourself the truth now, so that you can get beyond the lie of unworthiness, and the feelings you deny of this delusion because anything you deny becomes your master and you the slave.  Be truthful with yourself so that the light may be revealed.  Your true self is hidden behind the lies.  So be truthful and look at your anger and disappointment at not having things you want.  Look at your envy, which you use to deny your feelings of unworthiness.  Look at your jealousy that you use to deny your feelings of lack of Love.  Look at your life now that has manifested around you due to your thoughts/feelings, emotions and perception of “how life is”. 

Your perception of reality is what manifests or does not manifest around you.  All reality is perceptual. (See my article –“All Reality is Perceptual” on my website, or that chapter in this book).  How do you perceive reality?  Is the world a loving place or is it hell?  And I am speaking of your perception of life, not what people are doing, because this is their mask to deny love, the red herring to get you off the trail and not see the light, because it appears that people are not being very loving to each other. 

What is your vision of Heaven on Earth?  What can you see behind all the mistrust and lies that people live?  Can you see their suffering?  This determines what manifests in your life.  Regardless of how humanity lives, how do you live your life?  You must be centered within your beingness, you must understand your thoughts and feelings and know which ones are yours and which ones are humanity’s.  Do not be misled by humanities doubt and confusion.  You must know that you are pure truth and manifest from this base, not from a base of competition and lack.  You must manifest from the base that this is an endlessly prosperous world, where everything and anything is possible.  You must realize your creative power and admit that you create all the goodness in your life, as well as most of the shit, for your experience and growth.  Stop playing victim to your own manifestations and start mastering them.

In the old world you got what you wanted by manipulating yourself and others to give you what you want.  (All synthesis, no creation).  If these people or organizations do not give you what you want they become the enemy.  In the old world, everyone has an adversarial relationship with banking organizations, business, governments, jobs, bosses, people etc., because they “apparently” control how much wealth you will have.  This is the world of lack, conditions and deservability. 

In the new world of unconditional prosperity you cannot get what you want by attempting to defeat its opposition.  Your intention must be based on love not fear.  The more you resist the opposition, the more the opposition likes it, because their world is based on resistance, on competition, and they love a good fight.  What you fear, you attract to yourself, for this is where your attention is.   All That Is graciously gives you what you want, and by resisting something you hate, that is what you are telling Source is the most important thing to you.  The impediment, the opposing force, the thing you allegedly do not want.

Your enemy is not anyone or anything in the world of form, there is no one or no thing that is impeding you, save yourself.  There is no impediment to manifestation, certainly not society.  Although it appears that society does not want you to have what you want, (and makes damn sure of it), especially since you are supposed to “work for what you get, to earn it, deserve it”, etc. – you must be worthy of the world’s favor. 

There is no opposition, for the opposition does not live in your world.  There are no oppositions in your world, for yours is one of prosperity and cooperation.  You are outside of this illusion and are not subject to it, this is not your reality.  You do not have to learn anything and you do not have to prove your worth!  You are an awesome creative force of All That Is!  You are Divine Will Incarnate!  You are a Son/Daughter of God!

Planet Earth – The Experiment, Separation from the Source

How did we get to this point?  Why do we not know this process truthfully and naturally?  Why is the process of manifestation apparently so slow?  Up until now we have been exploring and experiencing mastery of limitation.  We purposely have been creating and living within a competitive survival oriented reality of limitation for our experience, growth and fulfilment of the Divine Plan.

Due to this, and limitation’s bias towards destructiveness, manifestation had to be slow, otherwise we would constantly be destroying ourselves.  Even with this slow process we have done our damnedest to completely destroy ourselves and this planet.  You can see how we have destroyed more of this earth as we have technologically advanced and manifestation has gotten quicker.  You can see by the example of the world, that if your sole attention is on fear, then your world will be fearful, and this is how the world has been.

As consciousness evolves to a higher dimensional reality, a place of greater awareness, man will grow quicker and quicker, you will have noticed this in your own life.  With this is a greater responsibility, because your loves as well as your fears will manifest 10 fold, ASAP. 

You can see how this can have huge repercussions for the destruction of planet earth, or the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth.  Evidence of this is the great flood at the time of Atlantis.  Due to everyone’s heightened levels of awareness and mastery of the elements, they were able to destroy themselves and the planet as well, due to their fall from grace, for their attention upon fearful external technology, personal aggrandizement and disconnection from internal technology based in love.

We are now in a somewhat similar position, (we have been invaded by negative ETs embodying the corporate and political sector, similarly to Atlantis' invasion by Martians, which ultimately destroyed that civilization).  The fate of our future as a species and the fate of the planet, is essentially in our hands and this is an awesome responsibility.   Are you up to this task?  Will you accept the responsibility of being a Caretaker of Humanity?  Will you accept the responsibility of being a Caretaker of Planet Earth-Earth Mother?

Accept help from the Ascended Masters, the Angels and Devas for this project, accept help from God-Goddess-All That Is, you will need it.  Accept that you are the absolute creator of your experience, based on your perceptual awareness of reality, now, including your thoughts, feelings, and emotional reactions to these manifestations. 

Be aware that all reality is co-created, your manifestations were co-created with the help of others.  Remember there are other people on planet earth, we co-create reality together.  There are also other dimensional beings around that are also involved in the manifestation process.  Also, realize that many times you are just an observer of everyone else’s creation, and you had absolutely nothing to do with the current manifestation around you.  In these cases you may be there as a guide or just to witness and view the illusions through your enlightened perception. 

Like attracts like.  You manifest people and situations that match your perception of reality, of what you value most and believe to be true.  If your reality is goodness, you will manifest good people who support your mastery and magnificence.  But many times beings arrive in your reality to test you to see how you are doing at staying focused in your heightened states of awareness.  They are not conscious of this, and are generally completely unconscious, but they arrive in your fields of reality as a dark force to test your light, to see if you can deal with these unenlightened beings in an enlightened and truthful way.  They are attracted to your light in a negative way.  You are an adversary to them, a foe to vanquish.  But on soulular levels, they are attracted to your light in a positive way, for their spiritual growth.

You are required to be the master that you are especially when it is not supported by others to be so.  You are tested to see if you will fall into an old way of acting from the old world perception of competition, control and power.  It is your job to see beyond the illusion they are projecting, to their divinity that is hidden behind this illusion.  These experiences are part of your initiations and growth to greater embodiment and mastery of truth.

Getting What YOU Want - Confrontation and Divine Will

Most people are not direct and honest.  They do not know how to be direct.  They are not direct because they do not know what they want or how to get it.  They only know what society and their ego has taught them to want, and how to manipulate others to get it.  And they do not ask for what they want because they do not want to be seen as rude and controlling.  They also do not think they even deserve to get what they want, that they deserve any goodness at all, or that it is even possible to get it in this world.

In many countries and societies, directness is considered rude.  It is also perceived as suspicious, as if you are up to something.  Also, society disapproves of being forthright because they feel you are unworthy as well and do not deserve whatever you are asking for. 

Part of being a master, of being an active creator of Divine Reality is to Get What You Want!  You deserve to get what you want, especially since your personal will is now aligned with Divine Will, to the point of where you are no longer interested in selfish exploits but only the good of all humankind.

I often counsel people to get what they want, and discover what that really is. This is excellent advice for waking masters because if they are speaking to me, they have usually dropped most of what they no longer want, and everything that the old world has said they are supposed to want and live their lives based on.  They are releasing all personal will and are now connecting to Divine Will and the Divine Plan in such an alignment that their personal will is Divine Will.  They now function with Personal Divine Will.

This is especially necessary as you transition from the old world to the new world and have to interact with the old world in new ways.  It is helpful to learn to get what you want and not take no for an answer, especially since the old world’s state of resistance will usually say no to your very reasonable prosperity oriented requests.  Unless you overrule their resistance with Divine Authority, or charm them by emanating that you are their friend.  (Please see my article “What is a Friend” on my website).  Discovering what you really want, in union with Divine Will, manifesting this into your true reality and getting what you want and need when dealing with the old world, demanding what is fair, just and Divine, with the fire of your Spirit, are big parts of the initiation and transition process. 

As the awakening continues, people usually experience a transition of not wanting anything.  This is the Zen place of enlightenment, of unity and oneness.  The release of all that you are not and the acceptance of prosperity consciousness.  The release of the lie of unworthiness and the realization that you need absolutely nothing, you are whole and complete, lacking in nothing. 

The next step is the realization of their self-worth, which empowers them to realize what they really want and deserve, and what the divine plan wants for them and their life.  What they really want is, whatever is the next step, in the awakening to their magnificence.  The next step in their evolution in realizing their Divine Essence and function in this Divine Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth.  This specific mission is their next stop in the initiation process.

So to know what you want, to know your Divine Mission, you will have to be blatantly truthful and honest.  First and foremost to yourself, and then to everyone in all situations, all the time.  Regardless of your specific function, you are a divinity illuminator, a darkness exposer.   You expose all darkness to the light of truth and love.  The realization of this function is when you officially become a planetary harmonizer and begin helping others to awaken to their magnificence.  You’ve already begun this process by getting clear about what and who you are not, what you do not want, and what you truly want and need.  This is an excellent example for everyone to experience through you, to see how you live your life from a Divine way.  You are the pathway cutter.  You are the way shower.  You teach by example, this is the best form of spiritual education.  People see that living a Divine existence is possible through your example.

Another step that is a natural part of being a darkness illuminator is that you will often have to directly confront negative people and situations with the light of truth.  You will be asked by your spirit to confront lies and deceit, and to get what you want (which is what God wants), to enlighten this specific situation or the people involved in it. 

In general, everywhere, people are afraid of any form of confrontation, because they will have to be direct and possibly seen as being rude, and controlling.  It also requires courage, because you may be attacked and will have to be tricky so as to not be sucked into a fight.  All forms of interactions between people, requires some form of confrontation.  It requires you to be direct and state your desire in that moment.  And if you are conscientious, it will require that you be truthful and honest. 

Truth and honesty is very confronting to people, they are not used to it, they are used to everyone being sneaky or sub-textual.  What I mean by this, is when people say one thing but they really mean something completely different, especially when they are being social or nice, or acting with good manners, when they really just want to tell you what they want.  

Your Natural State – Discernment – Staying on Track

Realize that your natural state is to feel good, to be in joy and bliss.  All other states of being, are temporary aberrations of the suffering inherent with living in a human body amongst the human drama, and part of the awakening process where you release your grasp upon old world illusions.

Doubt and confusion are also part of this old world and not your natural state.  Realize this, go deeply and quickly through this illusion that has caused this doubt or confusion, to get quickly to your natural state of clarity.  Be definite about your decisions, and give yourself permission to change your mind any time, and admit it as soon as you realized you made a mistake, the sooner you admit it the sooner you can get back on track. 

But do not fake feeling good and being joyful, if you do not feel good there is a reason, faking it to cover up your pain and suffering will only perpetuate this experience.  You must, as always, be truthful and when you feel like shit, admit it, do not say, “I’m feeling fine,” when you are asked how you are feeling, do not ever lie about anything, especially your own feelings.  If other people cannot handle it when you say you feel like death warmed over, that’s their problem.  If people don’t want the truth, then they shouldn’t ask.

Give up false criticism of others and self.  Now, you notice I said give up false criticism.  What I mean is gossipy, judgemental criticism that comes from the old world feeling of unworthiness, where you feel you need to criticize others to elevate yourself, because you feel unworthy.

This is false judgement.  But there is divine judgement, which is really simple recognition of truth, or discernment, where you are connected to your own spirit and to truth to a degree where you can see all illusions that people exist within in their lives and consciousness.  You are naturally aware of the position that people hold in their consciousness and you recognize this status as a matter of fact and do not “critique” others in order to do anything except help them, and only if they ask for this awareness.  You are aware of the truth of others realities, for your own general benefit, so you know how to best relate to them, to look after yourself.

Discernment is divine criticism, divine judgement.  Judgement with no condemnation, as if they are doing something wrong.  There is no wrong or right, there is only lower and higher vibratory realities.  There is only denial of truth and realization of truth.  There are only things that assist you in further spiritual growth, and ways of being that only assist you with further limitation and denial of divinity and true divine self.  There is only illusion and reality, or lesser illusionary realities. 
So learn to be divinely discerning.  And of course apply the same advice towards yourself, admit your fuck ups and get over it.  Forgive yourself for not knowing or for not listening, and do it better next time.  Be patient with yourself and others, growth happens with many experiences and with divine timing.  Go to your true inner being for the truth of every situation, and act from this. 

There are positive and negative experiences, and there are positive and negative decisions that you make that can affect you in a positive way or a negative way.  How you react to the experiences determines if they will affect you in a positive or negative way.  If you react in resistance and victimhood, they will be negative for you.  If you allow your experience and feelings and allow them to affect you in a positive way, then the most negative experience will be positive.

So your decisions may affect you similarly, they will affect you positively or depending on your reaction and perception, can affect you negatively, making you bitter and more in denial.  Your decisions can be for your spiritual awakening and growth or not assist your growth.  They may not affect you negatively, but they may not help you either, if you do not learn from this and choose correctly.

Always bask in your eternal magnificence, and if you get off track temporarily, stop, be still, ground yourself below in the earth and above in the cosmic, center yourself in your pineal and heart centers, do some Pranic breathing (available on my website), and once again bask in the Wholeness of All That Is through your unique essence.  Allow this awesome divine presence to enrich your physical, emotional and mental bodies, and encourage your natural state of truthful divine awareness, always. 

With this, you will realize your natural state of lovingness and joyfulness, and will realize that you, (the real you), always has a good time.  Even when shit is flying, you are having fun, because you know that it is just part of the human drama, part of the awakening and enlightenment of humanness. 

Start to enjoy all the goodness as well as the crap, it is all divine and all part of the experience of life.  Realize you are acting in a grand drama, and enjoy your many roles.  Enjoy being the fair maiden as well as the whore, enjoy being the prince as well as the villain.  You do anyway, so admit it to yourself so that you can be a divine instrument of God and do whatever is necessary for the divine plan to manifest.

God may ask you to appear as a villain to others to make change, but you and God know the truth, that you are just playing that part this time, for the greater good.   Always know that you are always in perfect alignment with God and that your every thought, word, feeling and action, is always in perfect alignment with All That Is.  With this knowing, you realize that all experience in your life is perfect for you spiritual growth and others.  You realize that all manifestations are in alignment with this greater good.  And your personal manifestations are based in this inherent knowing and connection to God, and are all completely divine and “good”. 

Your natural state of goodness attracts to you similar experiences of goodness.  Others who live their lives from a similar base find you, and those that do not, stay away.  And all experiences, whether they appear good or not, are all for your further awareness and awakening to your awesome magnificence. 

“Based on the premise that we came here to forget ourselves and God, then all of our experiences must have been designed and given for us to remember God” – An Anonymous Lord of Light

You must learn to use everything for your spiritual growth.  Allow everything and every experience to enhance you, especially the shitty experiences, do not allow them to affect you in a devolutionary or negative way.  Allow everything to affect you in an evolutionary, positive way.

Remember ‘YOU’ are real, this world is not.  Nothing in the world can actually affect you negatively because it is not real.  It can only affect you positively, or not at all.  You either get positive spiritual growth from this illusion or you get nothing but experience.  (You may experience discomfort, but that is all.  Pain is no longer a part of your reality)

Since your awareness and perception of reality is based in divine truth, all experiences are perceived from this perception - all things serve the greater good.  But with this, is the knowing that there is always greater awareness, there is always higher truth, there are always higher realities to exist within, and your natural desire is to seek these for yourself and for all of humanity. 

There is no punishing force in the Universe.  You either grow or you do not grow, there is no judgement.  From a big story perspective you cannot de-evolve, (there is always growth on a soulular level).  But from a small story perspective you can de-evolve spiritually and physically.  Spiritually you can lose faith, rebel against God, turn away from the light and temporarily become dark.  But even this can be for quantum growth.  Think how much awesome growth and awareness of separation and oneness you can obtain by separating yourself so far from the source.  The most horrendous situations can develop the most awesome abilities in people such as compassion.  The darkest darkness can reveal the brightest light.

There is no judgement on personal levels, but in regards to the Divine Plan for certain planets, universes, etc., there are certain energetics that must be considered.  On this planet the plan is for the complete awakening of humanity and the creation of a civilization of Unconditional Love.  It is time for everyone to Wake Up - Now!  To accomplish this, certain elements must be dealt with.  One element is that we must allow for individual divine timing to occur and allow individuals to wake up at their own pace.  But this patience is done with divine guidance and awareness of soulular evolution, needs and desires. 

For instance, certain beings who are refusing to grow out of their recalcitrant addiction to their own free will and other illusions such as power, are dealt with more drastically, many will not be allowed to stay.  This will happen naturally.  Most dense consciousness beings will just die and leave and will then be allowed to continue to experience further limitation and denial on another planet still experiencing these energies, and be put in a body that is an evolutionary step at or below our current level.  But do not be concerned because we estimate that 90% of humanity will make the transition.  Position team members will wake up at the last minute and build the new civilization of light.

If you are growing, if you accept your Divinity and welcome the Love that you are, then you will naturally stay and experience this awesome transformation of the Ascension of Planet Earth into a Star and your ascension into an immortal body of light.  You will experience this wonderful civilization of Light and Love that we are now creating.  This will be the biggest part the Universe has ever seen.

Co Create Heaven on Earth!

Yours in Divine Desire,

I AM ZaKaiRan


©ZaKaiRan AatKa'Nui SheeHan

This article is copyrighted by ZaKaiRan, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as the proper credit line is included and nothing is deleted.

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“You cannot get what you want by defeating what you do not want. You need not defend against sickness, for health is your natural state. Your defence against poverty, is the cause of it. You need not defend against ‘evil,’ for goodness is your natural state. Your defence against evil is the cause of it.

As you stand tense and guarded, frightened or concerned, against anything that you do not want, by your attention or focus of your thought, and with the power of your emotional response to your thought, you attract the very thing you guard against. The louder you shout “No!”, the more powerful your attraction.

To experience the joyous, productive, delicious physical experience that you intended as you emerged into this magnificent physical body, you have only to want and expect it, or allow it to be.

To put yourself in the clear unresisted position of allowing health, abundance, security, love or whatever it is you consider well-being, you have only to identify your desire and then relax with the intent of basking in the Spirit of Well-Being.

Rather than struggling against illness, relax and allow your natural wellness. Rather than working so hard against poverty or against not having enough, relax and allow your natural abundance.

No more struggle and strain, no more discouragement or defeat; but a steady, sure, joyful process of becoming.”