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The Gift of

Divine Family
The Power of Group Soul Consciousness

Blessing yourself
with the Love & Support of your Divine Family

The Next Evolutionary Step for Humanity

Plus special bonuses:
Group Soul Meditation & Affirmations &
Decree for the Healing of our Group Wound


There is absolutely nothing more powerful than working in Group Soul Consciousness! Any time more than one person joins their energy together in divine love and with a specific focus, the vibration of that intent becomes much more powerful, it’s creation and manifestation becomes easier, and with the addition of each new person involved, the energy increases at least ten times. A simple yet miraculous example of this is the creation of new life, through the divine dance of the masculine and feminine.

Playing & working (plorking) in group consciousness is not only fun & heart opening but it is also amazingly supportive to our personal empowerment. You can try to do this job of awakening yourself and enlightening the planet alone, but your effectiveness will be limited and you will only progress so far in your soul evolution unless you begin connecting in profound ways to group soul consciousness and receiving the divine support available to you from your Divine Family. The fact is, whether you are aware of it or not, you are already receiving support from your Divine Family, from your guides, your higher self, your angel guardians…, but they can only help you so much because of free will. But this support can become much greater if you choose to actively receive this support and guidance. This is why we came together as a family and created the Divine University, because we know this to be a fact, and because we know that we are all one group soul.

When you connect to Higher-Self/I-AM-God-Presence…, you are connecting to group soul. When you connect to the Ascended Masters and the Angels, you are connecting to group soul. When you experience more enlightenment, you have connected more to your multidimensional wholeness, or your group soul presence. The point is, we are not alone, and we have never been alone, even though we experience life “alone”, we are really ‘allone’. We are like little children, and the game we are playing is that we are separate from each other, but this is just make believe, self induced amnesia so that we could temporarily forget our divine magnificence and forget that we are divine masters.

What is Divine Family? What is Group Soul Consciousness?

Every single being and every single creature was created by and is a part of God-Goddess-All-That-Is. We are all One Being, One Great Spirit! You are a unique individual soul and you are a Group Soul/God Presence. This God Presence is a part of the larger group soul of higher divine presence, which means you are “personally’ this entire wholeness of All-That-Is. Since you are this entire wholeness of All-That-Is, everything and everyone is your creation, and everything and everyone is a part of you, part of your whole being.

Nothing and no one is actually separate from God-Goddess-All-That-Is, but some beings believe that they are separate from God, or some aspects of their soul or consciousness, have separated themselves because they feel they are not worthy of God’s grace. They feel disconnected (mostly unconsciously), from love, divinity, humanity, nature, from their hearts, and from their own divine spirits.

The soul journey that we have all been playing with as individuals and as a collective of souls, for literally trillions of years, has been the illusion of separation, which ultimately is helping us all to master oneness. We live in a reality that is a paradox, we are all ONE and at the same time, we are also unique individual amazing expressions of this Oneness, we are alone and we are allone.

We have tried to resolve this paradox of separation and oneness by trying to re-create oneness physically through tribal connections, marriage, relationship, children, genetic family, community, nationalities, races, religions…, and to greater degrees, though the creation of amazing civilizations, such as Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt…

And more often than not, we have tried to re-create oneness through these tribal/family… relationships out of desperation to repress our suffering from feeling separate from one another, separate from God etc., and to also deny our feelings of unworthiness, because if we are accepted by a person, a family or a group, then we may feel like we are loved and lovable (worthy). So in this case, “group consciousness” has been used to deny our individuality, and we have often denied our uniqueness and creativity, and this distinctiveness has often been rejected and judged as being contrary to the group agreed upon reality, as if you are acting like you are better than others. Beings who suffer from unworthiness, will always try to look better or perform better than others; will try to keep themselves at a similar level as everyone else; or they will try to keep everyone else, (often through judgment & ridicule), at a similar level as themselves, so that they can continue to deny their own feelings of unworthiness and repress their own magnificence.

Because of this, many of us have experienced traumatic past lives of being judged, rejected and cast out of our relationships, family, community…, and in our current lifetimes, this has caused many beings to repress and deny their magnificence or being afraid to embody their mastery and activate their divine gifts.

So we live and breathe every day on planet earth in a reality that is completely paradoxical. We are all ONE, and we are also individual unique expressions of All-That-Is, and people live their lives trying to resolve this paradox by denying one half or the other. This has manifested in the belief that we are humans having a spiritual experience, rather than spirits having a human experience, and we need to earn or learn our way to heaven.

The Next Evolutionary Step for Humanity

The next evolutionary step for every single soul upon Mother Earth, is letting go of the past, healing/releasing their suffering and belief in their own and others unworthiness and healing their wounds of group consciousness. And our next step as a planet and a civilization (the divine plan), is to fully and completely connect to our group soul (monadic) consciousness, (unconditionally), or rather, realizing that we are already one, we are already in group consciousness, but we have aspects of ourselves that believe otherwise. When we heal these aspects, then we come back to our natural state of Group Soul Consciousness or Divine Presence.

Connecting fully to Group Soul Consciousness means thinking, feeling, living, working and breathing in prosperity consciousness, in complete harmony with every other soul and every creature upon this earth. And being completely focused and connected to divine guidance about what is right for everyone, the entire collective of souls, and mother earth. Your focus is no longer upon your survival (lack & individual consciousness), but yours and everyone else’s ‘thrival’.

In active terms, as an awakening master, this means fully accepting your responsibility that you are an awesome magnificent unique individual soul, as well as a beyond awesome Divine Master! You are Higher Self, a Group Soul God-Presence. And fully accepting the responsibility that you are a pathway cutter, an illuminator and channel of the Divine Plan for Group Soul Consciousness (Divine Family)! You must affirm daily and live your life based on the divine truth, that you are an energy harmonizer, an illuminator of illusion, a healer of karma, an embodier of Divine Presence, and an activator of Divine Gifts.

Also, as a master of Group Soul Consciousness, this means actively connecting to and feeling your own divine presence, feeling your oneness with all life, with all beings, with all creatures, and anchoring this fully in your mind, your heart, your energy bodies and your DNA. Then you are naturally able to feel your own divinity, the divinity of others, and the divinity of all creatures, plants, trees, water…, in your normal every day life, and be an active emanator of this divine truth, and an active co-creator of heaven on earth.

At first, living in complete harmony with every other soul on earth, may seem like an insurmountable task, considering how most people think and act in their lives and how they do not generally believe themselves to be a part of this one divine family. But contrary to what the media portrays, 99.99% of people on earth are actively trying to live in a loving matter and every single soul upon this earth just wants to love, be loved and have love in their lives. And every soul wants the same for everyone else.

And every single moment, more and more souls are becoming enlightened to the fact that they are love, that everyone is love, and we are all One Being, One Family, and every soul is part of our Divine Family. And beings will no longer feel the need to prove their worth to obtain and possess love.

If you are reading this, even if you are primarily working alone as a teacher or healer, you will naturally be attracted to working and playing more and more with your soul family, and being supported by the soul family, to fully activate your personal mission (in complete union with the divine plan), to ultimately guide and support the awakening of every soul upon the earth. This means honoring the path and experiences of every soul, no matter what that is, and releasing all of our judgment of any type of behavior that a soul might engage in. So consider this your wake-up call! Gone are the days of the lone wolf. You are not alone, and we are here to support you to be all that you are and all that you can be! We honor your life, your journey, your mastery, and all that you have experienced and accomplished, as a soul and as a spirit!

And you will naturally be drawn to plork (play/work) with the Family of Light (on the higher dimensions/inner planes), with the Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels… This is an extremely powerful way to connect yourself to group consciousness, because the Family of Light works completely in group-soul connection, on higher dimensional levels. So call them into your life by name. Call upon the ascended master and angels to support your awakening and soul growth. And sit with their divine presence and receive, feeling their enlightening frequency, feeling their love.

Connecting with nature, with the plants, trees, flowers, mountains, lakes, rivers, the animals, and the unified field of love-light within nature, is also an amazing way to connect to group consciousness. And especially connecting to our buddies the whales and dolphins, who live and breathe in pod consciousness. Also the faery kingdom is lovely way to connect to group soul and another way to connect you to the love of nature. You may call upon the fairies and connect to them through your heart, and sing to them in nature and thank them for the divine work they do with nature. Also connecting to the nature spirits, and the devas, just connect to the deva of your favorite flower, tree, plant or animal and feel this being and the essence of that flower, tree...

You will naturally seek out and connect with other awakened masters (Family of Light in human bodies), your broStars and siStars, to embody and manifest the divine plan here on earth, through the creation of a new Civilization of Light. This may take the form of creating meditation or healing groups, or healing centers… And this may expand to the formation of group soul organizations, such as the Divine University, or you may feel drawn by your spirit to join your energy to one or more of these soul family organizations to increase it’s potential through group soul creation alchemy and increase your potential as a planetary harmonizer.

As time goes by, as more awakened masters open their hearts and join together in group soul, the energy will build and build, and money will effortlessly manifest for each of us as individuals and as a group, our group soul creations will expand at quantum levels, and our little healing centers will become massive Light-Centers, sanctuaries of energized space, with powerful anchored energies, (columns, templates, codes of light, sacred geometry…), to facilitate graceful and easy acceleration and hold space for every soul’s growth and the embodiment of divine mastery (similar to the Academy of Energy Science and Consciousness, in Byron Bay). And more and more Light Centers will manifest all over the planet, and they will grow to become Light Cities that are in complete unity with nature.

But many beings may be afraid of connecting to group soul in this lifetime because of karma from our many past life experiences of working with family in spiritual and religious orders, monasteries, mystery schools, elemental magical covens, and on a much larger scale, creating divine civilizations together, where we have experienced suffering, rejection, betrayal… We may also have fears of stepping into our divine power from past lives when we have embodied our divine presence, our mastery and divine gifts and encountered difficulty from our compatriots and from humanity when fear arose in them. So in these cases, karmic record healing is necessary.

Some beings reach a certain level of awakening, and are then seemingly unable to move farther ahead in their evolution. This is because it is their next step to let go of their fears of working in group consciousness and to begin powerfully working with divine family to be supported to move forward into greater levels of their mastery.

It is now time to let go of our pain of working together, to heal our past and really start to play together. Are you ready to have fun with your dolphin pod broStars and siStars? Are you ready to experience your full divine power? Are you ready to surrender to your awesome magnificence and be propelled at light speeds into your divine mastery? If the answer is yes, then join with us as one Divine Family and let’s play!

Infinite blessings of the One Heart!


Group Soul Meditation & Affirmations:

“Every single being and every single creature was created by and is a part of God-Goddess-All-That-Is. We are all One Being, One Great Spirit! I AM a unique individual soul and I AM a group soul, an amazingly beautiful and divinely powerful God-Goddess Presence. This God-Goddess Presence that I AM is a part of the larger group soul of higher divine presence, and I AM this entire wholeness of All-That-Is. Everything and everyone is my creation, and is a part of me, part of my whole being.”

Breathe now, centering yourself in your heart. Open your heart and open your mind, seeing your heart chakra and your crown chakras opening like lotus flowers. Now open and activate (with your divine intention), your pillar of light, (that runs through the center of your beingness), sending this pillar down through the earth and grounding it into mother earth’s core (and the source portal). And allow this divine truth to anchor through your heart, through your mind, into your energy bodies and your DNA. And connect now to your master presence that knows this to be the ultimate truth of the universe.

And feel this! Feel your own divinity, and feel the divinity of every soul upon the earth! See the golden flame, the Christ Light, within the hearts of every being on earth, including those divine souls that are misguided and are causing harm to others. Feel your oneness with all beings! Feel your oneness with all life!

Connect to the unified field within nature, and feel your connection with nature, with the mountains, the rivers, the lakes, the trees, the plants, the flowers… Connect to the faery kingdom, the fairies, the nature spirits & nature devas of the earth, connecting you to the love of nature. Connect to them through your heart, sing to them, and thank them for the divine work they do with nature. Connect to the deva of your favorite flower, tree or plant and feel this being and the essence of that flower or tree...

Feel your oneness with all of the amazing and beautiful animals of the earth: all of the snakeys, lizardys, bugees, frogys, bearsys, cateys, tiggers, dogys, giraffys, squirrelys, birdies, fishies, dolys and whalesys… _________ (pick your favorite animals of choice). And connect to the devas of that species and feel this being and connect to it’s spirit essence, (the totem of that animal). And be open to receiving communication from that animal deva, and especially from the whales and dolphins, connecting you to pod consciousness.

And anchor this divine connection and divine knowing of your oneness with all life, fully into your mind, fully into your heart, fully into your energy bodies and fully into your DNA. See and feel this connection fully integrating into your heart, mind, body, energy bodies… See and feel it activating your genetic programming to soul family consciousness. See and feel you easily and gracefully able to receive divine assistance from your Family of Light, in physical bodies and in the higher realms of light. See yourself easily able to create amazing projects, and creations.

Now, emanate this divine truth to the world, that you are one with every soul upon this earth! See it coming from your heart in rays of light. And proudly state that we are all one being, that I am one with all life and I am an active co-creator of heaven on earth, inviting humanity to play with you.

“Beloved humanity, I am one with you all and I love you all! We are all one being! I AM one with all life! And I AM an active Co-Creator of Heaven on Earth! Now let’s play together in joy and love!”

Now bring them all into your heart as if you are a giant being (which you are), bigger than the entire earth, and bring every soul upon this earth into your big giant divine mother heart. Just sweep them up with your Angel wings.

Connect now to your Divine Presence. “I call to my Divine Presence to merge with me now, to fill every cell of my being, all of my energy bodies and my DNA, with the light of my awesome magnificence and the Pure Essence of Group Soul Divine Family Consciousness. I AM a master of Group Soul Consciousness!”

And call upon the ascended master and angels

“I call upon the Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels, all of the Emissaries of Light, and I ask you to support me in my journey of awakening and soul growth. Help me to remember and affirm my awesome magnificence, every day of my life, and to realize and support the divinity of myself and others.

And I call to _______________________ (insert your master or masters of choice), such as: Master Djwhal Khul, Lady Nada, Lady Portia, Lord Sananda, Lord Ashtar, St. Germain, Quan Yin, Hilarion, Babaji, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary…, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Michael…”

Now sit with the divine presence of this master or these masters and receive, feeling their enlightening frequency, feeling their love. Feel the group soul connection, the higher self connection, the divine essence, divine gifts, soul rays…, that master has to offer.

And affirm: “I AM a Beautiful Amazing Powerful Magnificent Soul and Spirit! I AM an awesome Divine Master of Love and Light! I AM God-Goddess-All-That-Is! I AM Group-Soul-Presence! I AM a Channel and Embodier of Soul Family Consciousness for the Divine Plan! I AM a Pathway Cutter through the jungle of illusion! I AM an Illuminator of Divine Consciousness! I AM an Energy Harmonizer and Karmic Healer! I AM an Activator of Divine Gifts.”

Decree and Meditation for the Healing of our Group Wounds

By Divine Decree! With the full power of my God Presence, God-Goddess-All-That-Is, and the Universal Laws of Love, Grace, Divinity, Oneness, Compassion, Integrity, Forgiveness, Truth, Karma, Reflection, Liberty & Creation, I now release all vows, agreements, beliefs, thought-forms and patterns, across space time and dimension, for myself, all of my souls and soul extensions, and my ancestral line, and my entire soul family lineage, where any one of us have vowed to disconnect from or to never again connect with: any spiritual or religious orders, organizations, monasteries, mystery schools, elemental or magical covens, or any teachers, students, or anyone else associated with these.

And I release all vows and agreements to disconnect from or to never again connect with: any group, group soul, community, or anyone from any past civilizations, or group soul creations. And I release all vows and agreements to disconnect from or to never again connect with: God, Goddess, divine mother, divine father, the divine masculine, the divine feminine, Spirit, the Angels, Archangels, or any other higher dimensional order, council, ashram, ascended master…,

for fear that if I connect with these groups, I will: experience pain or suffering, lose my individuality, lose my power, lose love, become corrupt, lose my way, become dependent, become disconnected from God or the Divine Plan… Or I will be misunderstood, rejected, betrayed, hated, judged, abandoned, hurt, killed… Or the group will become corrupt and I will have to abandon the group, and form another one, or work alone, or I will have to carry the entire energy of the group to keep us balanced and in the light. Or I will have to use my light to keep the group together. Or I will have to commit too much of my time and energy for the success of the group mission… Or if I commit to a group my power and light will be seen as a threat or too powerful and I will eventually be rejected, betrayed, hated, judged, abandoned, hurt, killed…, or at least left to be alone without any support or love. Or I will have to repress my light so that others will not feel lesser than me. Or I will be forced to compromise my principles, or act against my conscience, or act or live in ways to keep the peace and maintain the status quo, so that I am not rejected, betrayed, hated, judged, abandoned, hurt, killed… Or I will be required to lie, cheat, steal, mislead, manipulate, control, hurt or kill others for the “greater good”. Or I will be required to favor our group over other groups, or favor certain individuals in the group over others, or I will be favored over others…

Or ___________________ (insert your personal vow/agreement of choice, that your spirit guides you to release).

And I release all vows, agreements, contracts, beliefs, programs, etc., that I have agreed to, adopted or believed from any group of how I, or others “should” live, speak, sing, act, think and feel, for our “family”, our tribe, gender, sexual orientation, race, community, country, religion, spiritual group/beliefs… And I release all fears that if myself or any aspect of me acts in a certain way that is contrary to these vows and agreements, I will be rejected, betrayed, judged, hated, hurt, killed etc., by humanity, my “family”, etc. Or if someone else acts in a certain way that is contrary to these agreements, I must judge them, reject them, hate them, betray them…, so that I will acting “properly, spiritually, morally”, etc., and I will not be judged by others as being too soft, immoral, not spiritual etc., and not acting in agreement with the reality of my family, community…

And I call to the Karmic Board, the Emissaries of Light, the Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels for karmic absolution, divine dispensations and healings for all aspects of my soul, souls, group souls, soul extensions, ancestors, and all individuals, groups, soul groups, councils etc., of my entire divine family, that I have worked with, communicated with and co-created with, across space time and dimension. I ask for the graceful healing of all wounds caused by our interactions and group soul creations. And I forgive anyone that has hurt me in any way, and I forgive myself for hurting any one in any way, and I ask for forgiveness from anyone that I have hurt in any way, across space time and dimension.

I call to Archangel Michael to disconnect all cords that are attaching me, any of my chakras, any part of me, any soul, soul extension, ancestor or any of my divine family, across space, time and dimension, to past experiences where any of us have worked, fought, created, or struggled to create anything together, or enlighten ourselves or humanity, or any aspect of life.

And beloved God Presence that I AM, please help me and all aspects of myself, across, space, time and dimension, to be able to now, easily and gracefully, connect in profound ways, energetically and physically, with my Divine Family, with my Soul Family, with my God-Goddess Presence, with God-Goddess-All-That-Is and with all life!

And So It Is! And So It Is! And So It Is!

Infinite blessings, blissings, serenity & divine flow!!!!!!!!!!



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