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Divine Identity

by ZaKaiRan

My response to a question from an awakening master in Peru

Dear ZaKaiRan. I am in the process of activating my light body and wondering if you could help me to know my divine identity? Infinite gratitude for your Light and Love.


Hola Mi amiga Nueva Stephanie!

Thank you for contacting me.  Divine Identity, that's a very big question! 

The basic fact of the matter is, in a general way, at every single person's core, we all have the same "divine identity", because, the Purpose of Life is JOY!  And the Basis of Life is FREEDOM.  The Result is NEVER ENDING EXPANSION.

So, your spiritual growth is inevitable, just by being a "spirit", in a physical body, here on earth, in this world of contrast.  And if you can forget all of the negative limited programming that has been programmed into you from parents, teachers, friends, lovers, society, etc., and just allow yourself to be the love, the abundance, the immortal, unlimited, amazing creator of reality that you truly are... then you can be, do and have anything you want to be, do or have on earth.

You were born free to create whatever life you desire to create and the entire universe is supporting you to do so, and the law of attraction is unconditionally providing all of the cooperative elements you need to create whatever you are focused on the most, good or bad, the universe doesn't care, it will help you create more of that.  And it's your choice where to place your focus so that you get more of that. 

If you focus primarily on positive wonderful things, you'll get more
positive wonderful things.  If you focus primarily on negative terrible things, you'll get more negative terrible things, it's your choice.

So, this whole divine identity thing is not so straight forward as a lot of spiritual people believe, because there is no pre-set plan, there is no pre-destiny, no assignments that you are here to accomplish!  It is completely open and literally anything can happen and anything can be created.  And you can never get it wrong, because we are all immortal and we never get it done, so we can't get it wrong!

There is no one pulling your strings, we are not puppets on a string, and we are not limited in any way, and under anyone's control!  This is not a universe of assertion, it is a universe of inclusion, so no one can assert their reality upon you, so therefore, there are no victims in the universe!

Even our own Source Selves, do not try to control us in any way.  All our Source Selves do is love us unconditionally and guide us always, to more fun, more joy, more abundance, more health, more love, etc. 

All our Source Selves do is embody our desires vibrationally, and call us to them.  Our Source Selves just continuously shine the light of our magnificence and guide us to that magnificence, which is abundance, and fun and joy and love, etc.  All our Source Selves do, is guide us to what we want.  To guide us to our mastery and guide us to growth and expansion and improvement.  Always improvement!

So, your source is always guiding you to your "Divine Identity", which is what you truly are, and all you have to do is allow it, and give up your resistance to your magnificence, and stop trying to prove your worth, because your worth is not in question!  You do not need to prove yourself to anyone, including "God".  "God", Source, your Source, always and only, sees you as amazing and perfect and whole, and healthy, and beautiful, and abundant, and completely empowered, etc.

Your "Divine Identity" is your uniqueness, and everyone is completely unique with their own way of perceiving life and reality.  Your real "Divine Identity" is you, as Source, as Source Self, Higher Self, God Presence..., whatever you want to call it, and it is your joy, and it is your goal, and your mission in life to do your best to embody that "Divine Identity", that magnificent, unconditionally loving, all-powerful magnificence that you truly are, and live an amazing charmed and abundant life, or in many people's cases, to deny and repress this "Divine Identity" and believe that they are unworthy of divinity, and live lives of struggle.. it is everyone's choice. 

But basically, it is impossible to deny one's divine identity, because as soon as a person dies, it's comes right back, because every single person leaves all resistance to this divine identity behind, and the truth of their amazing divinity is revealed in full color!  And it doesn't matter what they did on earth!  It doesn't matter how much they tried to deny and repress their divinity by being total jerks, when they die, the truth of their magnificence is revealed and everyone is as happy as they possibly could be, because now they are able to be all that they truly are, and everyone is relieved to realize that there is no such thing as punishment and judgement!

And you will only be happy when you are heading in that Source direction, towards your divine identity.  You will only be happy when you are heading in the direction of your Dreams and Desires, the dreams and desires that your source has already created for you vibrationally, and is holding for you in vibrational escrow, in your "Vortex of Creation", and is guiding you into vibrational alignment with those dreams and desires, so that you can manifest them into physical reality.

Your "divine identity" will be revealed to you, every day, more and more, depending on how much "Source Identity" you allow yourself to experience, based on how positively oriented your thinking is, and how much you are appreciating life on planet earth and appreciating the good things in life, or hindered, if you are focused on things that you don't like.  The more you focus in a positive way, the greater clarity you will have about yourself and the more you will experience that "Source Identity", and the more joy you will experience on a daily basis. 

So, enjoy the contrast of life for the rockets of desire, the rockets of improvement, that you launch from the things that you don't like and don't want, and focus on what you DO want and what you DO like (rather than what you don't like and don't want), and the universe will graciously keep giving you more things that you like and love, and your life will be immensely fulfilling, and you will be living your Divine Identity as a Source Creator, as "God Source", in a human body, manifesting amazing things into physical reality and embodying the awesome master of divine creation that you truly are!

I hope that has helped!

Happy Source Creating and infinite blessings!





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