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Divine Sovereignty

A Declaration of Divine Union with all of Creation

and a Unilateral Secession from Devolutionary Attachments



By Divine Decree, under the Law of Grace, in the name of God-Goddess-All-That-Is:

I formally declare myself a Sovereign Being of Love and Light. A Sovereign Creator God-Goddess. A Christ-Child of the Divine Mother and Divine Father.

I declare myself a sovereign State and Universe, subject only to my own Spirit, Soul, Divinity, conscience and knowing of Divine Truth. And I declare myself to have sole/soul allegiance to myself as this sovereign Being of Love and Light.

I declare that my Core Essence is Love, (regardless of how I may act, have acted, or will act). And I declare my Divine Essence of Love as the only measure of Truth and Knowing. I declare my natural unconditional love for all beings, and my knowing that the core essence of all beings - is Love, (regardless of their actions and how it may appear otherwise). I declare my knowing that evil is an illusion, and darkness is merely denial and ignorance of Divinity and our true essence of Love.

I formally declare that I choose peace as my preferred reality, and life. And I give myself the complete Divine Power and Sovereignty to create peace and unity in my life. I recognize and respect the sovereignty of all beings to choose whatever reality they prefer, peace or war, unity or enemy consciousness (or anything in between). I declare my desire and support for peace and unity consciousness for all of humanity, and if I had any control over the world and the people on it, everyone would also choose peace in their lives, and have the knowledge and empowerment to be able to embody peace and unity - then peace will indeed prevail upon earth.

I acknowledge the fact that God-Goddess-All-That-Is, has unconditionally granted each and every being the divine sovereign power to create whatever reality they desire, and all beings do indeed create and co-create their own realities and lives. And I acknowledge the fact that victimhood is an illusion - based on this fact.

I also acknowledge the fact that each being has the sovereign power and ability to create peace and prosperity in their lives and the co-creative cooperative power and ability to create peace and prosperity for all of humanity - creating heaven on earth.

I formally release all of my past, present and future judgements and condemnations, (across space, time and dimension), towards my fellow humans (and extraterrestrials), for activities that I have seen as being "wrong", "evil" and "sinful". I also release any and all obligations and expectations I have towards myself or others that I or they should act in any certain way.

And I formally rescind and release any and all vows, agreements, contracts, creeds and oaths of allegiance, to and with any person, place, nation, country, city, town, community, school, gender, sexual orientation, family, genetic lineage, race, class, religion…; any business, corporation, banking, governmental, military, spying or policing organizations; and any planets, universes, galaxies, dimensional hierarchies, extraterrestrial races or groups.

I now ask for assistance from Archangel Michael, and his awesome angelic assistants, to help me dissolve all psychic cords that attach me to any of these bodies and organizations, and I release to the light any and all energies, entities and implants, that have supported or maintained these agreements, vows, oaths... I now retrieve all energies that belong to me, back to myself, releasing all that no longer serves me to God-Goddess, and send any energies that are not mine, back to their origin, or to wherever best serves the highest good, (ie. God, Angels).

I now step into and activate my Column of Light (that centers me within and connects me to the earth and cosmic), and spin any energies out of my fields that are not in alignment with my highest good. And I ask for St. Germain's Violet Flame for a complete cleansing and clearing of my entire Light-Body, Antakarana (pillar of Light), chakras and auric fields, and for the Silver Ray of Grace (for a fresh start in the now moment). And So It Is!

Sovereign I AM! Love I AM! Light I AM! Divine I AM!

God I AM! God I AM! Goddess I AM! Goddess I AM!

_______________(name) I AM! I AM! I AM! I AM!


In Divine Sovereignty,

I AM ZaKaiRan

(Infinite thanks to Shekanah for the inspiration)

©ZaKaiRan AatKa'Nui SheeHan

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