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Do You Want More Abundance in Your Life?

By ZaKaiRan

Would you like more abundance in your life?

Since you are reading this article, the answer more than likely is yes!

I'm sure you have many dreams that you would like to fulfill, but what do you have in your life that will help you realistically achieve them?

Abundance is your birth right!

Abundance and prosperity is the ultimate spiritual expression! Not necessarily having abundance and prosperity, but having the ability to create and manifest abundance and prosperity, is the mark of true mastery.

Contrary to what you may have been taught, being poor is not more "spiritual" than being wealthy! In my humble, yet enlightened opinion, poverty is not a healthy state of being, unless you are very happy with your poverty.

A person can certainly be happy, fulfilled and content, and be classified as "poor", because they have no wealth or goods. But because of their content state of being, even though they have little money, they are not really "poor", but are rich in mind and spirit.

The key here is, money doesn't necessarily give you happiness, but you absolutely must be happy to manifest money! (Or anything for that matter). And the key to general fulfillment in life is, you must be happy regardless of your financial status and regardless of your physical circumstances, because if you let your financial status and physical circumstances determine your happiness, then you are a slave to money and circumstance, rather than money being your servant and you being the master of your reality.

Most people are not happy because of their lack of finances. They let money, other people, situations and events determine their happiness or lack of happiness, rather than choosing to be happy regardless of their experience. This is the key to mastery and the ability to manifest what you desire in your life.


The basic fact of the matter is, you live in a world that functions based upon commerce and the exchange of goods and services. And if you are going to live on planet earth, then you need money to survive and thrive! And if you believe otherwise then you are in massive denial!

If you have resistance to money, or have an adversarial relationship with money or you have made your lack of money the enemy, then you need to heal your relationship with money fast! Otherwise, you will not be able to manifest any degree of financial security in your life and you will always be a slave to money and you will not be in control of your own reality.

And as soon as you can master money manifestation, then manifesting everything else will be easy! You will be able to easily manifest wonderful relationships in your life, and wonderful places to live, etc. Money manifestation is the nemesis that most people choose to avoid rather than master, because it is a massive and often very long journey. And just like enlightenment, once mastered, the rewards are obviously equally massive. It may not be easy, but the rewards from mastering difficult things is always massive!

So, you could help your sanity and well-being considerably, by giving up this denial and by giving up your lack oriented beliefs and programs that being "poor" is somehow more spiritual than being wealthy. And stop using this limiting belief as a way to justify not working to improve your life.

A state of enlightenment has nothing to do with your external experience! Enlightenment, happiness, contentment, fulfillment… are internal states of being and it is your choice to be happy, content and fulfilled whether you have only $10 in your bank account or 1 million dollars in your bank account. It is your choice to be happy and content and fulfilled if you're driving a 1985 Hyundai or a 2015 Mercedes convertible. But it is always perfectly alright to be grateful for your 1985 Hyundai and still want to have a 2015 Mercedes convertible to drive.

Our natural state, as the creative divine masters that we all truly are, is to always be growing and creating! If you are not growing in mind, body and spirit; and you are not creating something new; and building something new; and learning how to master something new; and being creative… And if you are not working towards improving your life and helping other people improve their lives…, then you are in a state of decay.

Everyone on earth, is either expanding and growing or they are decaying and dying. And there is little or no middle ground. 98% of the population is in a state of decay. They are dying inside because they have given their dreams away and put their dreams on the shelf and settled for mediocrity, safety and the illusion of "security".

Only 2% of the population is actually living, growing and expanding because they are following their dreams and working at achieving something in life, rather than just surviving and paying their bills. They primarily think about what they DO want, rather than what they don't want in their lives.

Everyone else is in a state of decay because they are not moving forward. Instead, they live in the past, they primarily think about what they don't want, rather than what they do want, and let other people determine how they will think and feel and what they will do. They spend most of their time trying to please other people, so that those people will feel good about them, and then they will feel good about themselves.

The key to success, happiness and fulfillment is to take charge of your own success, happiness and fulfillment, rather than letting others determine these things for you. Another huge key of success, is to be grateful with what you have, but at the same time to want more and be actively creating more in your life. To be pursuing and achieving your dreams! Pursuing and achieving your dreams is growth and life! Repressing and denying your dreams is decay and death!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with desire!

Desire is our natural state of creativity! All life exists, because the divine thought of it made it into existence! Everything that exists, has existed and will exist, was created by the thought of it, or the desire of it to exist. Anything that you desire to be, do or have in your life, if you see it and feel it within, then it will manifest into reality! That is Divine Law! That is the Law of Attraction! Without imagination, nothing would exist! And without you mastering the use of your imagination, nothing can change and improve in your life!

Suffering does not come from desire!

Suffering comes from desiring unrealistic goals and dreams that you do not believe you can achieve. And suffering comes from desiring things in your life, so that others will feel better about you because you are rich or successful or have status, etc. (to earn the favor and admiration of others and prove your worth to others). But of course, this mode of operation, requires that you must constantly keep proving your worth to others and manipulating yourself so that you always act in ways so that you never lose that favor. But obviously living your entire life to please others is fraught with disaster, because it is a full time job and an impossible one, trying to please everyone. And you will never feel happy and worthy, until you feel it within.

To experience true happiness and fulfillment, you must get to a place where your self-worth is not reliant about what other people think about you! You must realize that you are an absolutely priceless perfect powerful divine master of creation and you have the power within you to be, do and have whatever you want in your life!

What is your teach-ability index?

How willing are you to learn and how willing are you to accept change?

Because if you want change in your life, then you're going to have to change things in your life!

So, if your teach-ability quotient is high, and you truly want change in your life...

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Infinite blessings of immense abundance!

ZaKaiRan SheeHan



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