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We live day to day in a world of illusion. A world of separation, lies, denial of truth and divinity, competition, survival, power, control, greed etc. This is a world that has very little divinity within it, very little love and very little true reality. Sleep was designed so that as we live day to day in the world of illusion we could get a break from it all every night. When we sleep we as consciousness literally check out of this illusionary reality, disconnecting from the world of illusion, and ascend up to higher cosmic realms for a dose of true reality, for cosmic R & R. This is why people go crazy when they are sleep deprived, because true reality is withheld from them, they are given no break from the illusion.

In addition to cosmic R & R, sleep was also designed for education, growth and awakening purposes. When we sleep we can go off and commune with our friends on higher realms. We go to our fathers and mothers and councils; to other star systems, planets, ships etc. for educational purposes, and to give reports about how things are going. We may attend council meetings, commune with the Ascended Masters, or with the Angels, whatever.

As well as inhabiting, functioning and experiencing within these bodies, we as consciousness also function and experience existence outside of these bodies in the cosmos. Everyone, especially high level beings, like transition team members, are always active in consciousness. We are experiencing existence without the limitations of humanness and are therefor able to do many things. We also have very specific jobs that we do, on a universal and planetary scale, from our natural way of functioning and the bias of our spiritual essence. We go to and exist in may different places, including the ships above to accomplish various tasks such as planetary energetic work. We can literally go anywhere as consciousness because consciousness is not limited to the physical realms.

On a daily conscious level, you as consciousness, are experiencing through the human perceptual system, (your reference of true reality is veiled by the world of illusion), and do not know what you are up to in consciousness. When you are asleep, consciousness you disconnects from perceptual reality of the world and totally functions within the cosmic dimensional world of true reality on a pure divinity level. You are here, and there, and everywhere, doing really awesome divine things with really awesome divine beings, similarly to when you are awake and walking around living a "normal life". While you as consciousness are doing all of this, the perceptual human that you inhabit is here on earth in bed dreaming away, experiencing a perceptual translation of what you are up to. The human you is watching a movie of what you as consciousness are doing in the cosmos.

What Are Dreams?

Simply, dreams are human translations of the very cosmic unexplainable things that you are doing and experiencing in consciousness on dimensional, extraterrestrial and human levels. They are interpretations of what you are doing, feeling and experiencing or need to do and need to experience physically, spiritually and emotionally in direct relation to your spiritual growth and awakening.

They are translations of what you are experiencing spiritually on all cosmic levels, for the cosmic includes all realms of your experience. You are in the cosmic now, you are not separate from it, all dimensions are here, all spirit beings that you cannot see including the angels and ascended masters, are here now!

Depending on your level of awareness, you will interpret your dreams based on this perceptual level. If you have a psychological orientation, you will interpret your dreams from this perspective, and you probably will not consider cosmic spiritual realms in that interpretation. If you have some awareness of who and what you are on a cosmic level you will include this level in your interpretation. If you are interested in embodying who you truly are and consider all aspects of your beingness, then you will consider all these factors within your interpretation including your relationships, your childhood, your parents, your job, your past lives, your physical body, your emotional experience, future possibilities, your desires, and of course who and what you are and where you are from on the cosmic scale of things.

I will give you some examples: I am a light body master, I activate light bodies individually and on a group planetary level. I am one of the caretakers of humanity. I am in charge of monitoring and assisting the evolution of large groups of individuals on planet earth. I have a light body that exists on my fathers ship. I also function in my light body on various other ships. These tasks are just a few of the many things that I am up to all the time. Now I, within this human body, am not consciously aware of every single detail of what I am up to in consciousness in my light bodies. If I was, I probably would have a hard time concentrating on being "human" and the work that needs to be done daily on a human level. So you can see that it serves us and the transition process to not be fully awake.

Because of the awareness level that I operate at, when I sleep and dream, my dreams are very vivid, they are full length movies, I am witnessing them and I usually am in them as well. I translate them accordingly with what my jobs are that I have mentioned above. This is why it is very important to discover who and what you are so that you can make heads or tails of your life, and make some sense out of your dreams.

To further explain: I know that when I dream of individuals or groups of people, I am working with them and their evolutionary growth, especially in regards to embodying who they truly are here in these bodies. I will probably be doing light body work upon them. Anyone I have ever known in my past, even if I haven't seen them for 20 years, if they are in my dreams, I know that I am working with their growth on a spiritual level. I have always been amazed that I can dream of someone that I have not seen for many many years.

Dreams and Growth

If you use dreams wisely you can experience profound spiritual growth from them. This is another design of dreams because they are really interpretations of profound experiences that you are having in consciousness. Here is an example of one of the most profound dreams I have had that I have experienced huge growth from.

Because of who and what I am and how I function on an extraterrestrial level in regards to this planets ascension, I function on ships above dealing with lower forms of ETs, ETs that are interested in limiting the flow of love, impeding the evolution of consciousness of humanity and especially controlling the light workers. I also deal with enlightening lower forms of consciousness, and the transmutation of dense survival oriented tribal structures.

Because of my job description, I have had large spans of time in my life when I have experienced very violent dreams. These dreams would be war scenes, gangster scenes, cop scenes, etc. with lots of shooting and fights and killing. Many times I would be being chased by gangsters trying to kill me. Sometimes I would actually be wounded or "killed".

I also frequently dream of ships, normal physical ships upon the water. Most of the time one ship is chasing another and trying to capture it. Many times there will be big ships (mother ships) and little ships (scout ships). I know that I dream of ships because my humanness is translating what I am doing up in the space ships to a normal planetary level. I know that I am chasing ETs around, dealing with them on a physical and consciousness level.

Now these dreams seem traumatic, and are, but luckily I know what I am up to and what those dreams are about so it's just part of the job to me. And luckily, I entrenched myself in the movie industry for 13 years so that I would see life as a movie. Because I see life as a movie, I see all my dreams as movies, even though I also know they are real. So I am generally not affected negatively by these experiences, except for the occasional need for light body repairs or a new light body when I get my butt kicked.

One night I had a dream that I was being killed, this was an extremely vivid and memorable "dream". My captors had the appearance of being humans. First they were attempting to drown me, they tried and tried, keeping me under water for hours. I was being affected by this "drowning", I felt like I was hurt and beat up and passing out, feeling like I was dying, but I would not die. They kept standing on my body and would pull me out of the water now and again to see if I was dead yet. Much to their chagrin it was not working, I was still alive.

So they got very frustrated and tried to chop me up, they cut off my head and cut me into pieces. They thought I would have to be dead by now, but I wasn't. Then they gave up and just left me in pieces. Then someone was burying me in the earth. When I was being buried I did not have an awareness of myself within that body, I was no longer in it, I was seeing myself being buried by someone. After I woke up I knew immediately who my captors were, and what the experience was about. I later discussed the dream with my special friend and learned who buried me and the unique significance of this dream.

Now how would you interpret this dream? If it was your dream based on who you are you would interpret it differently. This is my knowing of it, this is not an interpretation but the truth of what happened. I was being "killed" by a certain group of ETs that were operating on the planet at the time. I already knew about them and was aware that I was dealing with them on a consciousness and extraterrestrial level. They were trying to kill me because power oriented negative beings like to battle with and destroy the greatest forces of light. And in my case part of my job is to monitor negative ETs that come to planet earth and if necessary get rid of them. Well, in this case I got my butt kicked, I was killed (so to speak). Now I, like everyone, am an eternal un-destroyable divine essence, so what was killed was just my light body. So for a while I was essentially bodiless. After a while I watched my body be buried by a very dear friend so that I could be rejuvenated by mother earth and receive a new light body.

Now that was a very profound impactful experience, not just your average dream, but then again I've never had average "dreams". And based on what I knew about it and what my friend had to say about it, we knew what had happened to me. The most profound realization that I learned from that dream is that I cannot be killed, that I am indeed an eternal essence, and this fact is very real for me. Now you may say, well of course we are all eternal spiritual beings that cannot be killed, but is this real for you or is it just idealistic, my guess is that it is idealistic. Unless you have had a profound experience of your mortality / immortality you don't really know if you can be killed or not. You do not know whether you are really immortal and cannot really die.

Because I have had this experience, I am a reckonable force in battles of consciousness because I know that I cannot die. If you do not know whether you can or not, you can be manipulated by your fear. ETs can come along and scare you to death, so to speak. You might even be tempted to join them or at least not resist them, so that they will leave you alone. This is the test of the light versus the dark, the light is the stronger force, it may lose battles but will always win the war. You can be tricked by the dark, if you do not truly know that you are light, do not know that you are a superior force that is immortal, and do not know that the darkness is really the light, it is just ignorant to this fact.

Dreams and Daily Experience

Whatever I am "going through" at the time, whatever relationship stuff, or financial stuff, or ET stuff, or emotional stuff, or planetary energetic stuff; whatever I am working on at the time for an article, or whatever illusion I am transmuting for the planet at the time, my dreams will have everything to do with that experience. I also know that whatever I am "going through" here in this body I am going through on higher consciousness levels, and I am working to create peace, clarity or dissolution for myself, the planet and humanity.

So depending on what you do on a planetary level, depending on what you are working on and experiencing for self, humanity and the planet, depending on what you are doing on a cosmic level, your humanness will translate your experience in as normal of a way that it can handle. So depending on who you are and your level of awareness, your dreams quite possibly will be bizarre and will have specific things in them that directly relate to who you are and what you do on all levels.

So you can see that depending on your level of awareness and how spiritually awake you are your dreams will be completely different than can be typically interpreted. So if you do not really know what you are up to on a cosmic level, I recommend starting to explore it, and one way to do this is through your dreams. I recommend throwing out all old interpretive methods and relying upon your own knowing and truth. I recommend re-evaluating your dream interpretation to include much higher perceptions that include all of you, not just the struggling emotional human. Go beyond child hood and your co-dependency issues, and all human issues to a much higher level. Expand your awareness of dreams to expand your awareness of self. Interpret your dreams on a real level.

Human Dream Translation

Why does our humanness translate our dreams in such a mundane way, especially when we may have a very broad and open outlook on things? The major factor is vibratory rate. Consciousness is operating at an extremely high vibratory rate, much higher then this snail pace human vibration. Your body is asleep while you are zipping around the cosmos, rockin and rollin, then its time to come back to illusion world. Zoom, thump in you go back into the body. The slow vibratory rate of the human cannot directly translate the much higher vibration of consciousness.

On a physical level while we are dreaming, our brains are operating at a delta level. Normal awake state operates at beta level. So you're dreaming at delta, and as soon as you wake up you start operating at a much lower vibratory brain wave state. This is why most people do not remember their dreams, because the beta brain isn't operating at the same level as when you were dreaming. Similarly when you are off flitting around the cosmos, your brain is operating at delta, so your beta brain doesn't have a clue about what you were doing while in delta.

This is why many beings have explored spirituality extensively through lucid dreaming. It is just one of the many avenues of awakening to self. Lucid dreaming is combining the different brain wave states, (alpha, beta, theta and delta), being aware of them all at the same time. One way to experiment with this and to remember your dreams is to explore the state between awake and asleep, that place where you can remember your dreams and where you're still in them. Here's an example, say you're having a dream, you're in that state where you are conscious that you are dreaming, where you're sort of half asleep half awake, in this state you then have the ability to consciously start doing things within the dream, you become the dream, which you already were, but you were not aware that you were, this is lucid dreaming.

Similarly, a great way to remember your dreams is to not get up abruptly, but to lie in that half awake, half asleep state and consciously think about your dream, this brings that delta dream into the conscious beta state, so when you are operating at this level normally you will not forget it. Then you can think about and talk about that dream during the day and find its real cosmic meaning for you. This is recommended any time, like when you wake up in the middle of the night because you have to go to the bathroom; lie there for awhile before you get up and think about every detail of the dream you were just having before you get up and start functioning at a different brain wave state and completely forget your dream.

Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily Life is But a Dream

Dreams also show us that this reality is a dream, that we dream it daily, it is just one big lucid dream, the only difference is that we are all dreaming the same dream, we are co-creating one big giant movie. So if this day to day world is really a dream then what are my dreams when I am asleep? Are they reality; are they what is real, and am I dreaming this reality from that reality? Yes, who you really are is dreaming this dream from that dream, that higher dream, that higher reality. That is where you really reside, that is where you really create from. This is the realm that your humanness interprets as your dreams.

And you as a planetary ascender, are dreaming that dream within this dream, and this dream within that dream. You are combining both dreams to co-create heaven on earth. You are descending that dream into this dream, so that this dream can be reality.

You are a cosmic dreamer, dreaming true reality into this illusion that we call reality. With your divine presence, you are manifesting your ultimate reality, your ultimate fantasy, your vision that you came here to create - Heaven on Earth

So what is real, this reality or the realm of spirit. Which is the dream? The old world told you that the realm of spirit was the dream, that this world of form was reality. The new world tells you that this world is the dream and that the world of spirit is true reality. So which is the truth? Because we have a thing called free will here, you have the freedom to decide for yourself, you do not need anyone else to tell you what the truth is, so, depending on the importance that you place upon each "dream state" that is how real that "dream" will be for you.

See you in your dreams,


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