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We're Here ! ET's Among Us




Are you fascinated by the concept of extraterrestrials, UFO's and the government conspiracies with ET's? Well consider the possibility that the reason you are so fascinated with this phenomena is because YOU are an extraterrestrial. Yes folks, planet Earth has been invaded by aliens, but they are all disguised to look just like humans. Your best dream or worst nightmare, has come true (depending on your perspective), you're surrounded by aliens, but you don't know who "they" are.

There are extraterrestrials among us and they're not just in ships rambling around in space with nothing to do but abduct humans and cows. They are everywhere, here now, in bodies, on planet earth, and they've got something big in mind.

I am an extraterrestrial; I have the appearance of looking like a normal human being, but I can assure you that I am definitely not a human. I am in this world but not of this world. At this point many of you might be asking: where are you from? Well that is the question that all of us are here to answer for ourselves, and to answer that question we must discover who we are. When we ask the question, where are you from, we are generally referring to what planet, in what quadrant of space etc. We are limiting our scope to the physical 3rd dimensional realm of planets, space and time, excluding other dimensional realities and possibilities.

What exactly is an extraterrestrial? An ET is someone who is not originally from this planet. I am not originally from this planet. To actually describe to you where I am "from" I would have to describe to you the multidimensional workings of the Universe: describing the dimensions, oversouls, groupsouls, individual souls, soul extensions, parallel realities............... This of course is a whole book/workshop in and of itself. (To familiarize yourself with these realms I suggest reading many of the books that are available on similar subjects i.e. The Prism of Lyra, You are Becoming a Galactic Human, The Pleiadian Agenda, Earth, Bringers of the Dawn, Abduction to the 9th Planet, ET 101 - just to name a few).

Generally, we think of an extraterrestrial as a being in a body very much different to us, i.e. the typical Gray alien body that we see on the X files and that people describe in their abduction experiences. (This example can be explored extensively via Lyssa Royal's book Visitors from Within.) Now this is one small race in the scale of things, and if you read this book you will see that this race has spread itself widely around this local Universe. These beings are limited to the 3rd and 4th dimensions; this is why we have heard about and seen these beings so much, because they have access to this 3rd dimension and we have access to the 4th.

There are limitless numbers and types of extraterrestrials on limitless numbers of planets, on limitless overtones of the dimensional realms. Many look similar to us, in fact most look human. There are of course vast quantities of other types including reptoids and dinoids (you can imagine what these look like). You do not see other forms of extraterrestrials as often because most of these beings exist on higher dimensional planes of existence and cannot live or be seen in this reality. Or they simply are not allowed to interfere with our evolution.

Next Stop the 5th Dimension

Now the Gray/Zeta Reticuli race was dying, this is why they have been experimenting with our bodies, so that there race can continue. They have been experimenting with combining their genetics with ours to create a hybrid human. They will succeed and do succeed. Those of you who resonate with Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka) can attest to this, as he channels from the future when they succeed in creating this new race of beings called The Essasani, a highly enlightened race.

Now why have they been doing this? So that they can transition to the 5th dimension. The next shift for this planet and this local Universe is a shift to a 5th dimensional existence. The 5th dimension is a plane of existence where unconditional love and complete oneness with All That Is is the norm - separation and denial do not and cannot exist. In lay persons terms this is Heaven, the heaven that the Bible and all scriptures refer to. It is the place that beings generally go to when they die, if they go to the light and do not become stuck in the low overtones of the 4th dimension (as a disembodied spirit), and do not go to the middle overtones to reconsider the reincarnational cycle.

Because the Gray race has evolved without emotional bodies they no longer experience love. The Philadelphia experiment and the Montauk experiment were unsuccessful experiments with external MerKaBa fields by the Gray aliens and others, to hopefully be able to travel to the 5th dimension by infiltrating this higher reality of love and light that is available through the Earth and humans, and our ability to feel love. But you cannot "travel" to the 5th dimension; you cannot break in, the stargates will not let you through if you do not exist within the full integrity of love - you can only transition to the 5th dimension by a shift in consciousness. This shift is done with love, not logic and technology. The grays know how to accomplish this transition logically, but it is impossible for them to actually do it as a race without feeling, the creation of the Essasani will make their transition possible.

The gray technologically based ships cannot withstand the higher dimensional energies that are here now in this Universe, they cannot make the shift to this higher realm of light. Nothing synthetic can exist in this realm of Christ Consciousness (the 10th, 11th and 12th overtones of the 4th dimension and higher), only pure Love and Light makes it through this shift taking place. All Grays now live on Pleiadian ships - ships of light. They are being assisted by the Pleiadians because of their love for all life.

Starseeds of the New Civilization

Now once again, consider the possibility that you are an extraterrestrial. Not a Gray, or any other "body" type, but in fact something much more advanced. You are not this body; who you truly are is a spiritual essence and this essence is of a dimensional / extraterrestrial origin. You as a spiritual essence emanate from this 5th dimensional realm of love, that I have spoken of, that we as a human species are evolving to. This is why you are in a human body - to enlighten your human body and the human species.

You could say that the Grays are more advanced than us because they have ships and can travel through space at will. They are 'currently' intellectually and technologically more advanced then us as a "human" species, but this is a short term perception; we, as a species, are evolving - into a whole new species - the new improved version - Light Humans, or Lumans. As a species, the Grays are inferior to us because we have access to higher dimensional realms that they do not have - unlike us, they cannot evolve any further as a species.

We have the ability to "travel" dimensionally in our own light ships, our own personal MerKaBas. The ability to travel anywhere, not just space and time, but dimensionally. Grays are limited to the 3rd and 4th dimension - we have no limits. Because of this dimensional awareness and ability, we are actually intellectually "superior" because we have access to knowledge of all that is - the whole picture. If they are so much more advanced then us, then why would they need our "inferior, limited," human DNA. They need our DNA complete with its emotional body, to hopefully transition to the 5th dimension in order to survive as a species.

If you are reading this article then you quite possibly are here "from somewhere else". You are a Planetary Transition Team specialist, a spirit being from another dimension, another time, another planet, another reality......in a human body, here to assist humanity and Gaia transition smoothly and easily to the next dimension of reality - Heaven On Earth. Consider the possibility that you are a Spirit having a human experience, not a human having a spiritual experience. Your fascination with ET's is a result of your longing to know Who You Truly Are, to be Who You Truly Are, to remember Who You Truly Are - it is a result of your longing to go Home.

Once again, what is an extraterrestrial? It is someone who is not originally from this planet. Now do you see yourself as a spirit or a human? A multidimensional infinite master or a struggling living and dying finite human? I am asking you to expand your identity that you are not human. You are in a human body, with the entire human patterns contained within the fields of a human body - but you are not a human.

We are all Extraterrestrials - our Spirits originated with the creation of Universes, this one or others. Genetically, the human species (the human body) was formed from various genetic materials of extraterrestrial bodies from many universal and planetary origins. We are all Starseeds planted here by extraterrestrials, as spiritual essences and as a species (the bodies we inhabit). We are the Starseeds that have been imported from all over the Universes to flourish and manifest the New Civilization - Heaven on Earth.

Now consider that you could also be an Angel, an ET/Angel or an Ascended Master. This should shake any of that Christianity out of your system. There are approximately 6 million ET's in human bodies on planet Earth right now. There are approximately 50 thousand Angels in human bodies on planet Earth right now. Everyone of them have come here to assist in the birth of a star, as planet Earth moves on to a higher plane of existence where everyone is in complete oneness, and know who they truly are.

Now those that know themselves to be Light workers/ETs/Angels etc. are the leaders in the transition movement of this planet. They naturally include the expanded identity of ET/Angelic origins in there reality and may have ET names, these are the ones generally referred to as Starseeds. It is enough to consider that you are an ET, you do not have to know where you are from. And this exploration of where you are from and who you are will inevitably lead you to the conclusion that you are everywhere and everything. Because that is what this experiment is all about - rediscovering who you are.

The Veils of Separation

Now - why don't you remember who you are? In order to do this job efficiently we all had to come into human bodies and adopt veils so that we would not remember who and what we are. This is efficient because as we remember who we are, we bring in more of who we are, thus bringing in more light. This is how you Ascend a planet, by bringing in more light - who we truly are. It is not about leaving the body or transcending the body, it is about totally coming into the body, fully and completely. That is Ascension. But you can't bring in too much light at once or this whole physical corporeal dimension will blow up. So if you actually remembered completely who you truly are, so much light would enter this dimension that everything and everyone would be destroyed. So give yourself a break if you are frustrated with not knowing "who you are". Your Spirit has it completely under control.

At this point you have complete freedom, you are free from the trap that you are a struggling human trying to earn or learn your way out of here. You no longer have to be concerned with past lives, karma and being spiritual. You do not need to become enlightened and you do not need to be saved to go to heaven. You are by nature spiritual, so you no longer have to prove that you are spiritual and not a disgusting human with a whole list of faults and sins. You are indeed a Spiritual Master of the highest degree - you just forgot. You are the embodiers of heaven, the Starseeds of the New Civilization.

And another weight off your shoulder is you no longer have to prove that you are worthy of God's favor, in fact you no longer have to prove anything to anyone, as this as an old program to keep you limited. Up until now you have been exploring Mastery of Limitation. The new directive is Mastery of Divine Expression, which is easy - all you have to do is be who you truly are right now! Yes I know I made it sound easy, but what's your excuse not to know who you truly are and go home. We can all come up with a million of them.

Now consider the possibility of expanding your identity to where you know that no identity is truly you, you are beyond identity, even beyond the expanded identities of ET, Angel, Ascended Master and God.

Beam Me Up Scotty (for the Trekkers)
or Beam Me Up Ashtar (for the Ashtarians)

So everyone who wants to leave this planet because they're bored, tired of separation, and tired of pain and suffering, can now really be here. No one is going to beam you up or rescue you - no one! Only you your Spirit can do that. Life is not about suffering and it is not about pleasure. Pleasure is not more spiritual than pain, these are merely states of being in this dimension - the world of illusion. And it is not about getting out of here, it is about getting into here. The key to Ascension is manifesting Who You Truly Are into this dimension, this is how you transition planets.

The Ashtar Command's plans to evacuate the starseeds at some specific time was one possible reality if the planetary consciousness did not raise quick enough to soften planetary earth changes. But we have done such a good job of shifting consciousness on the planet, with help from the Ascended Masters and All That Is, that we are sitting pretty and planet earth doesn't have to shake us off her back.

What About Landings?

Everyone keeps channeling predictions of landings, well ships are "landing" and leaving all the time, just not on the earth in this 3rd dimension (Besides they don't need to land, even the Enterprise doesn't need to land. Come on get with it people, the ETs don't need to impress us). They are "landing" on the higher dimensions of the planet. The overtones of these higher dimensions are so full of ships that they have to keep going to higher overtones to find room. So if you're waiting for landings, don't hold your breath because the ships have already landed, there just on higher dimensions that you can't see. The ships that you really want to see can't land on the earth in this dimensional reality. Only "Lucifer rebellion" technologically oriented ships can land here - those made from external MerKaBa technology. The ones you really want to see are light ships, MerKaBa ships of light, created from love and with love - not technology. It is rare to see a 5th dimensional ship because they must lower their vibration quantumly to appear in the 3rd dimension. When we have transitioned high enough to the 4th and 5th dimensions, then the ships will be able to land, or more accurately we will finally be able to see that they have already landed. There are even ships as big as this planet - tell me how they are going to land. So perhaps you will now be more fascinated with the ships you cannot see rather then the ones you can.

So in the immortal words of Tom Robbins in "Even Cow Girls Get The Blues" -

Be Your Own Flying Saucer - Rescue Yourself!


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