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(April 30, 2004)





The Final Sign

I have recently translated the very cryptic encoded predictions of the great Seer Nostradumass, who predicted in the 7th McQuatrain, "one day the great arches that are golden, will sell a round sandwich made of vegetables. This will be the "7th Sign" marking the arrival of the New Civilization of Love and Light".

This vision of the future has come true with the Mcdonald's corporation recently releasing a "veggie burger" in California and now Australia. This is one the many final signs of the arrival of the 7th Golden Age of Love, Light and Divine Prosperity detailed in the many futuristic predictions from this great sage.

"It's about time", remarked Bessy Udder, of the Bovinic Rights Association, "and will lessen the threat of bovine terrorist attacks against western society.

Report courtesy of Earth Ascension Times from investigative journalist and Ascension Archaeologist ZaKaiRan.

Greetings, Commanders,

Over time the Ashtar Command has carried out its purpose serving
Father/Mother God and Creation. Recent restructuring has brought the AC to
its ascended purpose, that of Embassy of the new galaxy. It is under the
command of Humangel Jehoel. Humangel Zanael is ambassador.

The ambassadorial fleet is the core of the Ashtar Command and is based from
Earth. It serves many purposes and is functioning fully with the command’s
3d representatives. Here is a webpage that gives more information.


The website is that of the Rising Command, the Fleet of Father/Mother God of
which the AC is a part. Information pertinent to the ascension of the earth
and her people is found throughout the site. The homepage is


Here you’ll find news of the Fleet of the Rising Command, views of the
long-promised new sacred geometry and ascended form, historical information
that is newly-opened to the planet, an overview on the merging of the human
and the angel realms, and projects to assist with soul restructuring and
personal ascension. The Index gives synopses of all articles.

We do not usually talk about ourselves but feel it important to tell a
little about us. There is a link that explains Monikah’s God.dess Lineage
and relationship to MonKa and another that clarifies Metaphon’s relationship
to Metatron. These can be found in the New & Updated submenu.

There is a message board. Your comments and questions are welcome! You do
not need to be a member to read, post, or reply. Or write to us personally
at monikahmetaphon@hotmail.com.

In gratitude, peace to you,
Monikah Metaphon

Rising Command

Also check out: http://exode.net/sfdl/freedom-of-soul
I dont know if you looked at the website i sent you about the Mars probe,
or not, but it is VERY clear that we are NOT being told about most of what
the "Spirit" probe has found.


I spent an hour looking thru the site, and it is clear that the probe found
Manufactured ruins on the surface !!! ,this in itself is Amazing !!, but new
pictures of the "Face" on mars show a Metallic structure !! and that
some of the 5,6 & 7 sided Pyramids on mars do not have equel sides,
and that they contain a Mathematic formula, that we have only just begun to understand !!
There are other unusual objects found by the probe that NASA have taken
great care to conceal, by actually running over them with the probe
to bury them !!!
Also we are not being shown the real color of Mars, the red pictures
of Mars are faked !!, Mars has a color and sky color Very similar to
ours !!

And why all of a sudden does George Bush want to get to Mars so
quickly now ??!!, when the budget needed for this is above 600
billion dollars, 600 BILLION !! and we do not even have a spacecraft
that can do it yet, or do we ??!!, i would visit this site before it
is taken off the internet and shutdown !!



ZaKaiRan’s comment: the secret government already has bases on Mars and the Moon. They have the ability to travel easily to both planets through worm holes. These were originally set up for these characters involved to avoid and survive earth changes. But they soon realized that earth changes were going to happen solar system and galactic wide, and that the “earth change” is not a physical cataclysm, but an electromagnetically spiritual one, as you all know. The boys are just having fun with their toys and games.

Maui family whale charters. - "Christine Coffman" <lovemamachris@hotmail.com>
573-6443 P.O. Box 791743, Paia, Hi. 96779
UFO caught by OZ city worker - http://www.rense.com/general48/ufocit.htm
Krsanna Duran <timestar@timestar.org> wrote:
Published on UFO Scotland:

Dear All

It's been a pretty hectic few weeks for UFO sightings here in the UK.

Up here in sunny Blackpool (Lancashire, north west England) a few years ago we had numerous reports of strange lights over the fishing port of Fleetwood. In recent weeks the reports started again (accompanied by a good piece of video footage) and the most recent report relates to last Saturday night.

At around 1am, two witnesses (who have had a number of previous sightings of the lights) spotted two orange lights moving slowly very low in the sky at the back of their house. The two lights disappeared behind a house so they waited patiently for them to appear again at the other end of the house. When the objects reappeared, instead of the two that they had clearly observed going behind, there were now roughly 15 objects! Unsurprisingly, the witnesses are still a little freaked out about what they saw!

I will report on this story again if and when we get more information.

Anyway, here are a few URLs relating to UFOs seen over the UK in recent weeks and one from Kansas.

1) General UK reports from the last few months:


2) Grantham:


3) Huddersfield:


4) Cumbria:


5) Kansas:


Black Hole Strikes Deepest Musical Note Ever Heard
Wed Sep 10,10:54 AM ET

Sananda aka Jesus/Esu/Jeshua/Immanuel, appeared to a group of archeologists in the Yucatan Peninsula of Eastern Mexico, and allowed them to take his picture. This picture appears in the Phoenix Journal number two entitled, “And They Called His Name Immanuel: I Am Sananda”, (which can be found at http://www.phoenixarchives.com or purchased from Phoenix Source Distributors by calling 1-800-800-5565.)
Awesome Hubble telescope Picture of whirlpool galaxy (takes a long time to download)
Update on the GrandMother Drum's New CD
>> The GrandMothers asked us to produce a CD that could record the
>> powerful harmonics of the seven foot GrandMother Drum so this
>> healing could travel around the world. We did it! As far as we know
>> this is the first time crystals have ever been placed within a drum
>> and their live activation actually recorded. The healing results we
>> continue to see with people astound us. Get ready for BIG DRUM, BIG
>> LOVE.
>> On Wednesday June 11, 2003, we began with three microphones set to
>> capture a surround sound of GrandMother's heart beating and the
>> droning activation of the 200 crystals inside her base. Joined by
>> cockatoos, lorakeets and kookaburras, GrandMothers activation rang
>> clear from the deck ( we tried to record in the studio but the walls
>> were shaking too much!) of Kittani Santuary through the Kildare of
>> volcanic, Mt.Wollumbin and out through the "Ring of Fire". Sacred
>> to the Bunjalung peoples, Mt.Wollumbin is the mountain where the sun
>> first touches the Australian continent. Special thanks to Tarshito
>> of Kittani Music who engineered the recording. Special thanks to the
>> Bundjalung Nation for their tremendous support and love.
>> Thank you for all your enthusiam in ordering our new CD.
>> We are now in the production process and look forward to sending it
>> out to you asap.
>> In Australia: CD is $30+$5 shipping. Retail and wholesale orders
>> can be purchased from our Australia distributer: Kittani Music at PO
>> Box 794 Mullumbimby, NSW 2482 Australia or 02-6684-2350. email
>> tarshito@hotmail.com
>> In the US: CD is $25+$5 shipping. Make checks payable to AKWOW and
>> send to the address below. Visa and Mastercard accepted. Contact us
>> for wholesale orders.
>> Our Website
>> Thanks for those that have contacted us about our website being
>> down. We are finishing the details and it should be back up this
>> week. www.whirlingrainbow.com

Prayer of Ganesha


For Your Free Copy of - "The Handbook of the New Paradigm"

email info@nohoax.com - <"http://www.nohoax.com/Images/bulb_sqr.gif>

14th February 2004
We have now lost a total of 9 hours, 33 minutes and 41 seconds on a day - as the Earth's frequency continues to quicken, bringing her ever closer to a State of Ascension.
Note: An 8 minute, 10 second time loss occurred during the Lunar eclipse and Planetary alignment of 8th/9th November 2003.
Note: 14th Feb - The 'Ah' chanted around the world created a loss of 1 minute and 3 seconds ( = 9 Christ Consciousness)
www.lightascension.com/welcome.html (Time loss - Announcements page)
Cherished NESARA Supporter:

It appears there is almost a direct reference to NESARA in "The 'I AM' Discourses", Vol. 3, where it says:

"The representation of signing the Declaration of Independence was to bring before the conscious attention of the earth, and especially America, its unparalleled activity upon the earth; and to call it to the attention of the people of America, that they might hold close to and stand by the Original Constitution of the United States, which was and is a Divine Creation, until such time as the complete Ascended Master Constitution of the United States of America shall come forth, as the advance of the Golden Age proceeds."

- - page 333

Could the phrase "the complete Ascended Master Constitution" be referring to NESARA?

For the Golden Age of Enlightenment NOW, Yours in Love and Peace, Taansen
Information Clearing House – News you won’t find on CNN - http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article3458.htm
Planet-Save.com – Save Amazon rainforest with every email
My most favorite Viagra junk email I have received to date:


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shuttered silly witnessing banally choice Kuala speedups Saunders pointedly.
WHAT SHINES: The e-newsletter of LiveYourLight.com

Issue #32/February 2004


"You sit here for days saying, 'This is strange business.'
You're the strange business. You have the energy of the sun
in you, but you keep knotting it up at the base of your spine.
You're some weird kind of gold that wants to stay melted in
the furnace, so you won't have to become coins."

~ Rumi

Fuel-Saver-Pro - Take a test drive Today - http://www.lonip.com?axel=63


Alawashka Chants <"http://www.lumari.com>

I bought the alawashka chants. My aura changes to gold colour after
listening to the chants. The chants are very ancient chants of the Goddess
that has been lost over the years, and it contains the various frequencies
to reconnect our sense of unity with our divinity. The Lyrans left this
chants as a protection and legacy for humanity before we were genetically
tampered with. The women were more connected to the chants through their
menstrual cycles which the "dark forces" couldn't detect. But of course the
women were discriminated aginst over the years. This chants contain the
pure tones of the Goddess energy, and some of the tones are used by the
indigenous people, but not in their true form.

Russian DNA discoveries - http://www.fosar-bludorf.com


NOTE FROM JEAN: I asked the following to Suzanne Ward: "I wonder if Matthew has some input or comment about the information I networked in Arisen Phoenix #1 on the imminent first contact..." and Matthew's reply was:

Subject: Landings

22 Nov 2003

"Jean dear! At last we are able to report that indeed small craft landings may take place imminently. I'm sure you noticed my qualifying "may," as this is not yet an absolute plan for any of the civilizations I am in contact with; however, all is in readiness when it is determined that safety is assured for crews. Of those whose plans I know, it is individual choices of fleet commanders as to numbers of crafts and locations of landings, but the timing is decided by the Intergalactic Council so all is smoothly coordinated.

"An enormous amount of light has been welcomed by souls on Earth just in the past few days, and even though the dark agenda has not changed, those who would carry it out have been drastically weakened in ability to do so. NESARA draws closer and the landings are in tandem with that timing. This is not to say that they will happen simultaneously, but rather that when the major government changes have taken place, greater safety is offered to the landing parties. The expectation is that in conjunction with the removal from office of current people, orders will be given to "stand down" insofar as sending fighter planes. Nevertheless, there is awareness that renegade troops may be mobilized, so landing locations will be far from areas of prompt military striking power.

"Also, as I hear, ETs who have been living among you will not reveal themselves at that time. While both the implementation of NESARA and the landings are momentous events for Earth, Illuminati members will not just say "I'm sorry and I'll be good from now on," so ET identities will remain secret until such time as these many individuals are safe from harm. Even with light protection and their advanced abilities of detecting danger and self-defense, there is technology there to which they would be vulnerable.

"So, while a grand celebration would be premature in this exact moment, let your hearts soar in the knowledge that the long-awaited meeting of the space brotherhood is drawing nigh.

"With the love of the universe, this is Matthew."
To subscribe to Jean Hudon
"Jean Hudon" <globalvisionary@cybernaute.com>

Awards & Grants - Saint Germain Document

From: Robert "Paul" LeBreton, PhD
Dean of Education
Star*School Technological University
2901 State Hwy 6, HC 77 Box 42
Laguna, New Mexico 87026 USA
Phone: (505)-836-7534
Email: Wizzard9@earthlink.net

Awards & Grants Funding Projects
Saint Germain World Trust
Greetings & Salutations, Gentlemen & Ladies…

St Germain Here, and Awaiting Your Submission of Funding and Gifting Proposals !

Commander LeBreton has graciously offered to keep a list of Names, Amounts Desired, and for which Purposes for all of his Friends & Commanders: He has already a long list and it grows each day ! Your Funding SHALL Manifest ! Of this you may be Certain! Have you not felt the changes in Energies; in Consciousness ?! Your Patience Shall Be Rewarded Soon !

~ Saint Germain ~

Submit Proposals to: Paul LeBreton, St Germain World Trust,
2901 State Hwy 6, HC 77 Box 42, Laguna, New Mexico 87026
Free Energy Vehicles Now On the Market

"Would you purchase a vehicle that travels 700 miles to the gallon of fuel - and the fuel cost $1.50 per gallon? It's safely made in a small machine in your garage, your business, or any location!"

Fuel cells, as you know, use only water to separate hydrogen from oxygen, and thus consume zero fossil fuels, and produce zero pollution. Water being the only resource and the only emission, fuel cells use infinitely renewable energy sources and eliminate 100% of harmful air pollution from transportation vehicles.

This information has been known for years, but until now it had not produced publicly available vehicles in the marketplace. Now see cars, trucks, buses, and boats all running on free energy. Plus, this company also has an innovative solar electricity generator:


The Rainbow Children. - AVAILABLE: www.zeus-publications.com Gae.A.Peterson

When you become immersed in the stillness of your Soul.
You can understand Everything!
Swami Chidvilasananda.

The UFOria Researcher:
Reclaiming Earth's Future One Mind at a Time
Cannes Picks Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911"
April 21, 2004
I just got word that my new film, "Fahrenheit 911," has been selected by the Cannes Film Festival to premiere there in competition next month!
This is only the second time in the last 48 years that a documentary has been chosen to be in the main competition (the first being "Bowling for Columbine" in 2002) -- and, in fact, another documentary has also been chosen for this year. The non-fiction film revolution rolls on!
I am deeply honored by this announcement, considering it comes from our mortal enemy, the French.
This year's jury in Cannes is headed by Quentin Tarantino and also includes director Jerry Schatzberg, Kathleen Turner, Tilda Swinton and others.
"Fahrenheit 911" will be in theaters across the U.S. (and the rest of the world) this summer. More info, gossip and all the juicy details to follow...
Thanks everyone for your support.
Michael Moore

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