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Earth Changes and the
Manifestation of Heaven on Earth



Apocalyptic Predictions

Welcome to the 21st century, Happy New Millennium! Now that we're all still alive, societal services didn't crash from the millennium bug, we didn't drown under the tidal waves, get crushed under the earth quakes or have any asteroids fall on us, I can now talk about earth changes.

Prior to 2000 there have been many predictions of our imminent demise as a species in one way or another. In the U.S., especially if you live in California, it's "the big one", the big armageddon earth quake. In Australia, everyone has been worried about the big tsunami that will wipe out every coastal town and city, (which is most of Australia).

People have always asked me what I thought about this stuff and I have always replied - bah humbug, refusing to fall prey to paranoia. The reason I reacted this way is because most of these predictions have come from fearful humans operating solely from psychic levels, without any reference to higher spiritual levels.

There has been some information that has been channelled which may be more accurate, but there are many unreliable factors involved in the channelling process including the purity of the channel and the source of the channelling. Just because someone is channelling through from a "higher level" than this reality does not mean that they know what they are talking about. And even if they do, even channelled material is similarly a prediction or perception of possibilities in this now moment, based on the bias of the channelled entity and their perception of what is happening with the shift.

I do not listen to anyone’s predictions because I know how unstable and how accelerated this time is. I also do not listen to predictions because many people out there in spiritual land do not know what they are talking about. They receive information from all kinds of places and believe them to be the truth just because someone has written a book about it, as if that makes them an authority.

If you want to know if anything, is worthwhile, truthful or accurate, including spiritual teachings and predictions, I recommend finding out for yourself, using your own discernment, based on your own knowing, your own intuition, from your own Spirit, from your own self. I do not believe a word of what anybody says no matter who they are, especially since I do not use belief as a way of determining reality, I use direct knowing. If something new to me resonates within my beingness and I know that to be the truth, then it is a natural part of me and I can call that real and true. If it does not, then I will usually call it male bovine excrement. The final authority for determining what is true and real in my life is myself, my Spirit, me as Higher Self, using my Divine Knowing.

Anyone who makes predictions at this time, if they are a responsible master, should preface each prediction with: "this is a prediction of what I see happening in relation to the events that are occurring in this moment only. These are accelerated times, and things are changing rapidly. This prediction may be null and void five minutes from now due to many factors, including the possibility of humanities acceleration in consciousness, or assistance from the spiritual hierarchy and the source of All That Is; then I will have another prediction. I make this prediction so that humanity may see one possibility in a myriad of many outcomes, and if necessary, to make changes in consciousness in order to change this prediction, to change time and outcome".

Prior to 1982, most of the excellent psychics, including Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus, were completely accurate. After 1982, even the great Edgar Cayce's predictions began to falter. So anyone making predictions at this time whether they are reliable or not, biased or not, no prediction is certain at this time. Why?

Up until that time, predictions were accurate because based on what was occurring, without outside influence, we were well and truly on an express train straight to complete planetary destruction and species annihilation. Luckily there were many beings of extraterrestrial and Ascended Master status that were rooting for us. They thought that maybe we were worth saving. So Big Daddy took charge of the situation. We received a Divine reprieve from God and the spiritual hierarchy. We are now receiving massive assistance from all sources so that we can continue gracefully in order for this mission to succeed. It is now impossible for us to kill ourselves and this planet.

We took this planet to such a brink of destruction environmentally, due to our masochistic unworthy perception of self, that we received special help to get us back on track. We received a big planetary dose of Grace, and when Grace arrives it allows for a completely new start without any reference to the past. Without any reference to the past, the speed at which this ascension is actually occurring will be beyond anything we have ever witnessed before. We are now coming home!

The Ascension Experiment

Another reason we have been expecting to all be killed drastically and dramatically by earth changes is because prior to this experiment of direct ascension, planetary ascensions have primarily been accomplished with the death/resurrection cycle. This was accomplished by cataclysmic earth changes. With planetary cataclysms everyone is killed and raised in consciousness to a higher dimensional space beyond the karmic limitation and reincarnation cycle. The planet then goes through a rebirth cycle and whatever civilization is left de-evolves losing all its memory.

The death/resurrection cycle was how consciousness was ascended prior to now. There were special schools in Atlantis and Egypt that did accomplish direct ascension without death/resurrection, the pyramids were used for the final acceleration of this process. There have been many civilizations that have died en masse to accomplish the death/resurrection/ascension cycle, and I theorise that many may have accomplished ascension directly without this limitation. The Ascended Masters of the past have accomplished ascension in many ways, some may have died and went through the resurrection cycle, some may have been taken up via their MerKaBa's or some other method of Ascension.

With the death/resurrection/ascension cycle, you die and bypass the dimensional reincarnation zone ascending beyond this limited karmic space into light body. To bypass this death/resurrection cycle, individuals must attain a high enough level of conscious awareness to be vibrating higher than this space, and transmute their physical body into a light body thus retaining their memory. This is immortality. Ascension is immortality. When you do not rise above the dimensional reincarnation zone, you as consciousness do not remember your past life, lives or higher existence. With direct ascension you do not die or go unconscious, you do not forget where you have come from or who you are.

This current ascension plan is being accomplished in a direct way without the death/resurrection cycle. It is being accomplished by gradually increasing the light levels on a planetary and individual level. The consciousness of humanity and the bodies of humanity are being ascended up the dimensional ladder and different levels of light body are being activated progressively to a 5th dimensional level.

According to the spiritual hierarchy through Karen Danrich, at least 2 million people have completed their lightbody/physical ascension initiation. This has assisted mother earth to move into the 4th dimension, which occurred in 1997. The lower astral planes were removed at that time and all structural limitation energetics were removed by the many dedicated light workers and Ascended Masters.

The force of evolution is upon us. Ascension is upon us. There is no choice in the matter, each human must ascend with the planet or die and exist elsewhere. There will be no more reincarnation on planet earth, because there will be no more 3rd dimensional bodies to inhabit, there will only be 5th dimensional light bodies inhabited by consciously aware immortal masters. The spiritual hierarchy has estimated that 90% of humanity will make the complete transition.

The 4th dimension is a less physical dimension, a spiritual dimension, the spiritual initiations are accomplished in this space. These initiations take you to the next physical level of the 5th dimension, the light body level. And because the planet is in this 4th dimensional space, light speed spiritual acceleration is possible to enable you to transition to the next physical level, light body earth.

Dimensions are not directional, they are all encompassing. All reality is perceptual, how you perceive it is how it is for you. Your ascension through the dimensions happens within and around you. All dimensions are within and around all reality, they are all here now, and ascension is merely a process of opening yourself up to these spaces. Give up your linear perceptions of reality, ascension is not about going somewhere, ascension is being here now fully and completely. You are fully integrating body and spirit, into one being. This is real ascension. Be where you are right now, this is why you came here in the first place, to be here, not to get out of here.

Ascension is not necessarily an accomplishment, it isn’t even a process, it is an unfoldment of the ever present nowness of your magnificent eternal loving beingness. Ascension is not the end but the beginning, now is when the fun really begins.

The Illusion of Unworthiness

All of us planetary transition team members, and Ascended Masters know what the overall plan is - the full and complete manifestation of Heaven on Earth. We know what usually happens when a planet and species ascends, but how exactly this one will manifest is fairly unknown due to this specific planets significance in this universe, the extra divine help we are receiving, and to the accelerated rate at which this ascension is transpiring. So we're all flying by the seat of our pants, we are all officially winging it, including the Ascended Masters.

Another part of the plan is a gentle transition. The plan has always been and still is to make all earth changes as gentle as possible to create the least amount of trauma and pain, but still doing its necessary function of awakening humanity with compassion and love.

Part of the reason we have been expecting great big earth changes is because when the child mucks about and is completely irresponsible, he expects to be punished by dad. Well, we have been very naughty as a species, treating our planet, (our mother), and her plants, animals, and earth in such a despicable fashion. And we have not treated the other kids in class very well either.

The experiment that we all came here to experience is about separation, or the illusion of separation. We wanted to experience this illusion and in order to do it we had to adopt a huge list of other illusions, including the grandest illusion of them all - "I am unworthy". We adopted the belief that we were separate from God, and that we were probably being punished by God for being unworthy. And because there is no punishing force in the universe, and God does not practice child abuse, we needed to be punished from somewhere, and due to our self loathing from this adopted illusion of unworthiness, we have been slowly punishing ourselves to death for this unworthiness and our childish behavior.

We have felt separate from God and each other, from All That Is. But this was an illusion, we just could not see the paradox yet, that we are all separate within the Oneness of All That Is.

We felt we had been abandoned, that we had been cast out of heaven like the fallen angels and we were being punished in hell. But we forgot that we were not cast out, but that we left voluntarily in order to have these experiences of limitation, denial, and unworthiness, to experience this grand illusion of separation.

So as the new millennium drew near we expected to be finally punished for our transgressions. Everyone wanted a big huge catastrophe, a computer crash, a monetary crash, a governmental topple, and the ET's to land to shift things in an exterior drastic way, because everyone, whether they admit it or not, is sick and tired of this bullshit lame excuse for a civilization, and we wanted it all to be over with.

Everyone is all let down because nothing big happened on the outside. Well something big happened alright, not on the outside but on the inside. Everyone thought they would be off the hook and they wouldn't have to do any work, and some outside force would make the shift for them - sorry, you've all got to do it on your own, from within, no one is going to save you. The shift takes place from within. We are now shifting from exterior technology to interior technology, you can't rely on outside sources to tell you what is real or not. Everyone is now left with themselves and their own growth, the responsibility for their own evolvement is back to themselves.

But the fact of the matter is that all of this destruction and denial was all part of the plan, part of the experience of limitation, part of the experience of densification, and part of the Divine Plan. You see the idea was to try to separate yourself from God, to separate yourself from everything and get as dense as you possibly could without losing your existence entirely. On a planetary level, the earth has been doing something similar, densifying to the farthest extreme without completely killing itself. The experiment was to see if we could experience oneness and separation at the same time, and in order to do it we had to get lost, we had to go to the farthest extreme, to see if we could get back again.

As a species we have been helping nicely with this process of densification by being complete bastards. But now is the time to stop playing that game of limitation and start playing the game of Divine expression. It is now time to start remembering the truth that we are all one, that we are each integral parts of the Divine. It is time to recognise our magnificence, that we are beings of love and light, and that it is now time to bring Heaven to Earth instead of trying to earn or learn our way to Heaven. Then, earth changes will be unnecessary, or at least you will become in tuned with them as part of the fun; as part of your experience; as part of the mutation process; as part of this planets transformation into light.

The Tidal Wave of Light – Heaven on Earth

This planet is becoming a star, not like our burning sun, but emanating light on all levels. As a species we are becoming light beings, with light bodies. As you manifest your Light Body, you will experience earth changes within your self. You see, the tidal wave is not physical, it is a tidal wave of love and light, it is the wave of evolution.

The "big one" is not a physical earth quake but a spiritual one, as the force of evolution shakes your foundations to see how stable they are. If your foundation is imbedded deep in truth, then you will be strong amongst all the turmoil. If your foundations are built on the illusions of survival, then your house will surely be destroyed, for truth, love, and light is upon us and all illusions will be shattered like a glass house.

Now I am not saying that earth changes will not happen, I do not presume to know what planet earth will do. It is true that we are still killing this planet at a rapid pace and we may get shaken from the dogs back like the fleas we are acting like. There will definitely be earth changes on the scale that we have seen thus far. There will be light body earth mutations and earth changes will be the result. But this may be part of the plan as well, everyone who is still asleep will continue being complete irresponsible bastards until they awaken. Eventually everyone will be awake, this is certain. You will be awake or you will no longer be on this planet.

So the plan is gentility, as is the natural bias of all life, but sometimes you have to be cruel to be divine. If you are willing to say yes to your divinity and yes to the force of evolution, then you will only experience minor shaking as you let go of the last of your adopted illusions. But you will witness the rest of humanity experience massive earthquakes and huge tidal waves as they continue to try to resist their divinity, put off their awakening, and hang on to the old world.

The old world is surely dying, and a new civilization of love and light is manifesting. If your attention is on the dying world, then you will die with it. But if your attention is on the new world and its creation, with your faith in Gods plan, then you will experience wonderment, ecstasy, and bliss. You will experience the greatest transformation in the universe. You will experience the gathering of masters. You will experience Heaven on Earth.

Your main concern is with your own awakening process and your allowance of your own experience. Realize your at-one-ment with the Spirit of mother earth and that being which embodies it, our planetary logos, formerly Sanat Kumara which has now been passed on to Lord Buddha. Realize your at-one-ment with the divine plan and the force of evolution. If you are at one with the force of evolution than you are naturally protected from harm. Your experience will not be harm, but only wondrous experience. Realize that you are always taken care of by your mother and by your father.

Do not be concerned about the planets health, we have it all in hand. There are geobiology technologies available on planet earth now to clear up all pollution, including nuclear waste. There are also technologies being made available now that were previously kept hidden by the greed merchants, that are completely wholistic. They run on natural energy sources at minimal cost, do not pollute and are self sustaining. We will begin using these technologies to generate general prosperity on planet earth.

All old structures of lack, survival and competition, will be destroyed or will just die of old age. Ever advancing wholistic technologies will continue to be developed and mass produced until we get to a point where we do not rely on exterior technology, but rely solely on our own inner technology.

Do not be concerned about the planet as if she is a helpless victim, as if we are stronger than she is. She can take care of herself, this is obvious by the example of earth changes. You can help her although and she will greatly receive your help. The best way you can help her is by realizing that she is completely whole and perfect just as she is and all the shit has been part of the divine plan. And we light workers, Ascended Masters, Angels, Melchizedeks, and Extraterrestrials will assist mother earth with her transition/Ascension on all levels. All is as it should be. We cannot fail.

Do not be concerned about the old world and its limited systems, they are obsolete and will soon be forgotten. Love everyone no matter how stupid humanity can be. Know that their awakening is near and you will be their guide. Don't be concerned about earth changes, if they come, they come. If you die, then you will find out the truth that you are immortal and only your body died.

The earth change is bigger than any world wide catastrophe, it is bigger then anything you could possibly imagine. Most assuredly the earth change is happening and it will definitely destroy the world. It will destroy everything you have known that you thought was real. It will destroy every illusion that we have experienced on this planet to make way for the truth, the way and the light. It will make way for love; for the complete creation of a glorious civilization of light beyond anything you could possibly imagine. It is making way for the full and complete manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

We have primarily been living in the 3rd dimension, with access to the 4th. Without the creation, existence and usage of these dimensional levels, we could not have experienced the illusions of separation and abandonment of the Father. We needed a place for the illusion of Hell and other fantastic dimensional possibilities of our creation.

The dimensional levels and universes within and around Mother Earth are converging, the energetics of separation have been removed. We as the new civilization of light will no longer be living on Mother Earth's physical form but her Light body form, (a star), which will constitute the full ascension of Earth and humanity within the Christ Universe. As a species we will then be galactic humans, and finally live up to our name, Hu-Man, God-Man.

Trying To Be Like God

Earth changes are a natural part of the transmutation process to light. Earth changes are a natural action and reaction to the elements of change. An action to transform this physical planet to a less physical light planet and a reaction to densification. A reaction away from the mass consciousness picture of reality and its whole hearted belief in control, power, and survival. It is merely part of the grief process, as we let go of the old world from our lives and make way for the new.

Your perception of earth changes must shift to realize that they are a natural part of change, instead of the belief that they are negative, and that they are happening to punish you and humanities wrongful behavior. Similarly, as your body mutates to accommodate more light, you will experience discomfort. You will experience bodily earth changes, and get pimples, and colds, and flus, and feel achy, and get bizarre diseases that no doctor can explain. You will realize it is all part of the shift. So you must change your perception from shit happens to Shifts Happen!

You must shift away from the old world consequence orientation that you are being punished to a new perception that you are being blessed. That you live in a prosperous world and not a world of lack and competition. And earth changes are a necessary natural reaction to dissipate these mass consciousness illusions and projections of lack, control and competition.

Many people may still die; many peoples lives will be inconvenienced; and old world structures will change and die, and this is perfect as it shakes up everyone’s perception of reality to accommodate a more enlightened one of prosperity and cooperation.

As you accept your divinity and release these old world perceptions, you will at times experience negative thoughts, feelings and emotions, based in fear, confusion and doubt. Realize that these thoughts and feelings are not your natural state; you as divinity, (who you truly are), has no negative thoughts, does not doubt, and is never confused. Balance and at-onement is your natural state. Doubt and confusion is merely the worlds insecurities. You are not your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You use these things to experience life through and to express through, but they are not you.

You will experience resistance to moving forward, to accepting more and more of your magnificence, because there are parts in you that are still tied to the old world that do not want to die. These are the adopted illusions of your egoic identity. It does not want to get rid of these things because they are an integral part of its false identity and the reality in which it lives. Ego does not exist as a real thing, it is merely a false identity perception of self that references reality from the mass consciousness agreed upon perceptions of separation and survival.

You do not need to survive; you are here to live and to create; you are here to thrive not survive. You are eternal, you cannot die. The body can of course, which is why this structure of survival called ego was set up, because if you did not reference your reality from your body then there would be no reason to keep it alive. But the real thing that is trying to stay alive is not the body, (it has its own protective instinctive survival mechanisms), what is trying to survive is the false separate self, not as a divine being, but as a human, separate from God, not needing anyone, and even the false perception that it is like a God, or would strive to be a God.

You see, what humanity and all of its billions of egos collectively have been doing, is trying to be God, because they all feel unworthy. And the best way to not be unworthy any more is to be like God. If you can succeed and appear like God, then you have solved your problem of being lesser then, because you and everyone perceives you as being great based on your accomplishments. This is the pattern of humanity as they strive to be better then the next guy. To be more powerful, more famous, have more money etc.

This is the dream of being like God, of getting to heaven, of earning your wings, and becoming worthy to be allowed into heaven. This was a false perception due to our feelings of being separate from God, our fellow humans and self.

So since we all felt separate from God and experience unworthiness, and we must earn our divinity (thus the creation of religion and its dogmas based on the lie of unworthy), the goal was to be as God-like as possible. Science oriented people tried to be like Gods by inventing wondrous technological creations that everyone had to enslave themselves to afford, (because "only God has the power to create"), as well as hideously destructive creations, such as the atomic bomb, which was the ultimate act of trying to be God, (for "only God has the power to destroy").

Another example is pharmaceutical companies who try to imitate God's natural healing creations by synthetically creating cheap toxic copies of them in laboratories. And religious oriented people tried to be gods by being god-like, by being pious, pure, and zealous, and judgemental (because only God has the power to judge), to the extreme of dictating what is spiritual and what is not; what is God like and what is not; what is moral and what is not; once again, the distortions of religion.

And the cosmic joke is that we always were God. We were never being punished. There is no hell (even the Pope has admitted this now). There is no such thing as sin and penance, and there is nothing to be saved from except your own ignorance.

We were never separate from God, we only thought we were, because we purposely decided to believe that we were, by adopting self amnesia, so that we could experience this illusion. So everything that has transpired on planet earth, all the good and all of the bad, has all been for purposeful good, it has all been part of the Divine Plan. It has all been part of the experience of separation, which is what we all came here to do.

This is the Lucifer rebellion, for how else could you experience separation unless you "rebelled" and adopted an illusion that you are separate, that you are a separate God. This is a paradox, another great cosmic joke, part of the greatest gift that God has given us, and that is, are you ready, we are separate Gods. We are all part of the one source of All That Is, all made from the same stuff. Each one of us is an individual unique expression of that same source.

Each one of us is God incarnate, this is what Jeshua (incorrectly named Jesus, by the cafartolics, which means savior) was showing us, not some stupid bullshit like we're all unworthy bastards and we need the son of God to save us. We are the Sons of God, Jeshua came to remind us of this fact that we had forgotten. We do not need to become God because we already are God, we do not need to be saved, we are already saved. There was never anything to be saved from.

So even the rebellion is a grand cosmic joke, as if you could actually rebel against God, for how could God rebel against itself. This is similar to your own experience, for you have rebelled against yourself. You adopted a veil of denial, of amnesia; you adopted a separate identity apart from your God-ness, a human mass consciousness ego identity, based on the world of human, to not remember your true Godself. You rebelled against God within Self, but of course this is all an illusion, for you can only perceive to be separate from Self, from God, but you are always at one with All That Is.

The Ascension/Descension

Everything that happens in the cosmos, (in higher dimensional levels), energetically descends and happens here in the physical, and everything here in the physical affects the cosmic. So as you awaken, you embody more of your divinity, the more the illusion is illuminated, the faster evolution transmutes this universe.

So your experience of embodying your divinity will not be easy as the world resists this change, and as the world within you resists losing its false identity. But when you realize who you are, and this divine essence, this divine identity becomes real for you, when you start to truly realize your magnificence, that you are indeed God Goddess All That Is, then it will all become easy and natural. You will forget how hard it was; ease will be your natural state; you will allow your divinity and All That Is take care of you rather than relying on the insecure world and your separate identity.

When you have awoken to the magnificence of your eternal beingness, you then realize that you are always taken care of, that you are always at the right place, at the right time, with the right people, even if it does not look like it. You see the gifts from every situation and every interaction, rather than seeing impediments.

The only time you will remember difficulty is when you are reminded by the people around you that are still in the early ground breaking stages of awakening. And you remember when you experienced similar feelings, this is when you can help them for you have cut the pathway for them. You can assure them that the process is absolutely worth it by the ecstatic prize that awaits them on the other side of the veil. Your natural state of oneness will become appealing to them, and they will want to be like you. In your presence, they will be entrained to your higher level.

Help them to enjoy the process of becoming who they already are, while also becoming more; which is why we all came here, to experience being an actor; to adopt a character and play a part; to forget you were acting so that you could be convincing to yourself, to your fellow actors, and to your audience. In fact you've been trying to convince the entire Universe that you are an actor, but luckily all the Ascended Masters, Angels, Melchizedeks, Guides, God, etc., always knew who you were, always knew you were just acting and congratulate you on an Academy Award performance. And now all of us are here, available to remind you that it's time to stop acting and time to start being.

The Return of the Living Dead

The time of resurrection is upon us, it is time for the dead to rise. This is the resurrection that Jesus spoke of, not that people whose bodies have died will arise, but the people on earth that are the walking dead, will start living instead of dying.

The process of incarnation happens continuously throughout your entire life, you as spirit are continually descending into this body, into this reality. The individuals choice is then to accept this divinity and grow from it, or reject it and continually die by denying its existence. You are either living and growing or you are dying, there is no in between. Typically, humanity is in the process of dying, to them there is no real immortality in life, only in death. So most people are continuously dying so that they can finally start living.

The real truth of the matter is that everyone is already dead. Everyone who has not awoken yet, who have not realized the truth of their divinity, is the walking dead. And every day these zombies practice getting better at dying by continuously denying the truth of their divinity and blocking their own wonderful creative spiritual life force from being.

All beings who refuse to awaken, or who it is not their next step in soul evolvement to cease experiencing these illusions, who are not ready to embrace love, who will still benefit from the experiences of a third dimensional world of the illusions of power and control, will leave this planet. They will "officially" die of diseases, "accidents" and disasters. Their soulular essence will be taken by their higher selves, by their group soul monad, to a more appropriate place for their continued evolvement, or reabsorbed into the Monad.

Until the last struggling zombies have awoken or have been removed from the planet, they will band together in zombie clubs for security, to continue playing their games. The exploiticians, corporados, financeros, militeros and medication banditos, and anyone who continues "living" at similar dense levels of existence, will hang on to their illusions of power and control like a dog with a bone, refusing to wake up and accept love as the only reality. They will continue trying to convince the sheep masses that they are the way, the truth and the light.

As the sheep begin to cease following the wolves, and as beings who formerly functioned as wolves start living with integrity, as these beings leave the game or subvert the systems from within, there will be upheaval in the planetary systems. Many systems will fall apart completely, others will just die a slow death as they become obsolete due their no longer supported base in lack, competition and profit. Other systems will be transmuted to higher potentials to support the new civilization of prosperity and cooperation.

Eventually their will be no place left for the zombies to hide, and their behavior will not be tolerated. Until then, there will be pockets of illusion, systems and places on planet earth, where fellow zombies will hang on to their illusions and false identities, and do what zombies do best, to live off of the flesh of the living.

The old civilization is being enlightened to the truth that death is an illusion. All life is being reborn, transformed into light forms where all life realizes its true essential divine beingness and its divine connection with All That Is.

In Your Face Baby

Now, at this time everyone’s divinity is in their face. The force of evolution has got a fire under everyone’s butts. It is a time of massive insecurity for humanity because they do not know what is happening, what to do, or where to go. They have no direction. The signs are all around them but they cannot see them, for they are veiled by their own illusions. Whether they realize it or not, whether they admit it or not, they are all scared shitless because everything in the future at this point is unknown - a mystery, and their survival is uncertain.

We who are awake, are extremely sensitive to these energies. You may feel confused, cranky, uncertain and directionless. Please realize that these are not your feelings and not your thoughts, they are the world's, they are the world's that is dying, that refuses to put their faith in Divinity. So realize this and have compassion for what they are feeling but refuse to allow themselves to feel. Have compassion for what they know, but refuse to realize. Know it for them and realize you are the way shower, You are the Light of the World. This may help you to not kill the person who projects their fear and insecurities, disguised as anger, onto you.

The Physical Shift - 0 Point Magnetics

Currently we as a planet, species and consciousness are vibrating at a certain frequency. That frequency is increasing exponentially. This increase will allow our physical bodies to become more fluid, more changeable, less dense, similar to water that is frozen, it is still water but it is vibrating at a slower rate. Increase the ambient temperature and ice water becomes fluid water. Heat it up, increase its vibration even more and the fluid water becomes gaseous water.

This is an example of our current physical shift, our shift to light body. This is why, from my perception, the first word in MerKaBa is Mer, (fluid, ocean, water), as in mermaid. Transitioning to light body essentially allows for more fluidity on all levels. You are no longer hooked in magnetically to a strictly third dimensional physicality and ridged perception of reality, certainly no longer tied to human mass consciousness. You are no longer "trapped" in a physical world, in Hell's prison.

The magnetic field that currently exists is growing lesser and lesser, eventually culminating at 0. Previously on planet earth there have been many pole shifts. The poles shift when the magnetics on planet earth go to zero. Zero point is reached based on a planetary shift in consciousness, and the poles then take a completely new position on the planet. Typically when this happens there is complete turmoil, everyone loses their memory, completely forgetting everything, and civilization de-evolves, essentially becoming basic animals again. Why?

Current mass consciousness perceptual reality on planet earth is held together magnetically. Each cell of a body, with its current physical genetic makeup, has a magnetic field around it. This field is essentially a buffer zone which limits your ability to access and reference true reality. This buffer zone limits your awareness of true self, of divinity. It essentially makes this reality real, it is like a glue that holds the illusion in place.

Planetarily and for your personally, this high magnetic field is a buffer zone between thought and manifestation. It essentially delays and limits the manifestation process. If it did not exist, life on planet earth would be more chaotic then it already is.

High planetary magnetics insured that to manifest something in this world, you had to be very clear and really really want that thing before it would manifest. The thought had to be reinforced and sustained long enough before the universe would rearrange itself to accommodate your vision, your perception of reality, before it would be made real and actually be in your reality.

The magnetics now are much lower than previously in history, this was necessary as life was more barbaric. If every thought that everyone had would instantly become manifest, you can imagine the implications. So as the force of evolution evolves this planet for the coming divine civilization and as we become more responsible, the magnetic field of the planet is dropping, as well as the magnetic field of our bodies, to enable direct instant manifestation of higher truth. You may have noticed this as you have awoken and have become more spiritually responsible; with this responsibility you are given the gift of instant manifestation - "magic". This is the definition of magic, tapping into a reality that has a lower magnetic field, where magic, instant manifestation, is the norm rather than the exception.

This is why there always seems to be such turmoil, spontaneity, creativity, and wonderment in our fantastic stories of elves, fairies and witches. In the reality that they live in, on a day to day level, instant manifestation is the order of life, whatever you think, feel and perceive will manifest. This is why so many teachers and channelled entities are telling you to watch your thoughts, because as the magnetics fall, and the buffer zone is removed, manifestation will become increasingly instantaneous. As the intensity of these magnetic fields decrease, the lag time decreases proportionally, thought and feeling indeed manifests quickly. Therefore your vision of heaven on Earth that you have been hanging on to, that has been extremely slow in manifesting, can now be created with quantum speeds. You will begin manifesting so quickly that you will amaze yourself. Magic Happens!

Many of you may already experience this in your life, you receive things as soon as you have the thought that you need it. Similarly, if your life is fearful, these fears will be instantaneously manifested as well. Although I do not propose in any way that you start policing your thoughts, this will not help. If you police your thoughts continually, you will become imprisoned by them, they will become your master rather than you becoming theirs.

Thoughts are merely thoughts, in and of themselves they are nothing. Your perception of them as truth is what is important, so I recommend altering your perception of reality of thoughts and feelings, rather than trying to get rid of them. Trying to get rid of something only puts your attention on the thing you are trying to get rid of. You do not want to be a policeman, you want to be who you are, a divine master.

The magnetics are dropping to accelerate this shift. But instead of devolution, we will evolve at quantum speeds due to this zero point shift. You will be activated enough energetically so that this shift will be a help rather than a hindrance to your evolvement. So as the magnetics begin dropping even further, humanity will grow increasingly confused as their world seems less and less real, but they will not know what is real as the illusion is all they have known. This is where you come in, you are their guiding light, you are their savior, another lesson from Jeshua, we are all each others saviors. You will show them the way to true reality, and their loss and confusion will drift away. Eventually true reality will be the only reality, no one will speak of anything else, when people do, we will look at them funny, similarly to how people look at you now when you speak "spiritually".

Magic will be the norm. Instantaneous manifestation will be average. Extraordinary abilities such as clairvoyance and telekinetics will become common. Teleportation will be the only way to travel. People who do not demonstrate these abilities will be abnormal and be sent to special schools. Instantaneous healings and miracles will be commonplace until all life is realized to be a miracle, and miracles will not need to take place. Everyone will be living a miraculous life.

This is essentially how life is now when you live in a spiritual reality of love and interact with people who have a similar bias, you forget that the rest of humanity doesn't have a clue. In my world the rest of humanity is abnormal. I do not understand their conversations about nothing, it is like they are speaking a foreign language. I do not speak illusionese. If you can still understand and speak this ancient language, you will soon forget it and it will be as foreign to you as it is to me.

This is a free will Universe, your choice to wake up is yours. The planet is evolving and the new civilization is manifesting! Ascension is here now! Christ consciousness is here now! The resurrection is here now! You have no choice what so ever about its manifestation, your only free will choice is how you want to experience it, as a blissful wonderful experience, or as turmoil and destruction as your world of illusion dies. If your attention is on the old world this will surely be your experience. If your world is the realm of spirit, of love and truth, then your experience of the transition will be an exquisite ecstatic unfoldment of Heaven on Earth before your very eyes.

Go yee now brothers and sisters of the Light and Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

All my Love,


“None here have signed a contract to save the planet. Your contract with the Divine one, was to remember the glory of your being, to welcome once more the full expression of the Divine force in every moment, to recognize the perfected nature of your soul.” - St. Germain through Jasmuheen

Reference for magnetics: Greg Braden - "Return to 0 Point".


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