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Emotional Connection
Expression Exercises

Exercises to connect you to your emotions,

balance your emotional body with your mental body,

and facilitate your ability to emote freely and spontaneously in the moment



These exercises and teachings are derived from my 8 years of acting training with the greatest acting teacher in the universe - Darryl Hickman, and subsequent application of this emotional base to my spiritual awakening. This "acting" training was paramount to my spiritual training and awakening. My Spirit organized the whole thing to help me become a master of emotion and expression. It gave me an intimate connection with my emotions and the ability to express them easily and spontaneously, (including being able to express emotions in front of many people). It balanced and aligned my mind with my emotions, thusly connecting my voice/speaking/singing to my emotions, for true balanced expression.

It also gave me the confidence to speak and emote (with the two connected) in whatever manner is necessary, without editing myself or holding anything back, for fear of being ridiculed or judged. I have also released all embarrassment and concern about what other people might think of me or my behavior. I am who I am, I do what I do, if you don't like it, you can vacate my personal space (putting it very nicely). If you want to stick around in my presence, then expect all kinds of divine mayhem. This is Conscious Channeling. Being an instrument of Spirit, willing to speak and do whatever is necessary to get the job done.

Additionally, the training of combining real moment to moment emotional expression with words, empowered me to be able to speak with divine authority with real connection to my own energetic truth. Essentially, true moment to moment expression is conscious channeling. Channeling your true divine personality, connected to your Spirit and the energies in you and around you.

Love - Allowing your Emotional Experience

Perhaps the absolute biggest key to balance, awakening, enlightenment…, is allowing your emotional experience. All control dramas, separation, manipulation, co-dependence…, in one sense or another, all stem from the denial of our emotional experience, and expression. The denial of our past traumas and wounds. And the denial of the feminine, with an over indulgence upon external technology (rather than internal) and mentality.

Any initiation you may experience along the path of realization, (which may incorporate healing your past lives, lost aspects of your soul, your childhood, your feelings of separation, your enemy consciousness…), you can move through quickly and gracefully by allowing your emotional experience. If you try to deny, repress or control anything, you will create more suffering (karma) for yourself.

All control, all denial…, is to avoid suffering. All suffering stems from some feeling of separation and unworthiness. I have already spoken briefly of the 12 faces of human suffering, and the 7 ways of denying suffering. Not being connected to your emotions, to be able to release old stored trauma, is another form of denial, or ignorance. You would do yourself a great justice by opening up and connecting to your heart and emotions.

Your emotions are the expression of Love in form. All real awakening happens with Love. Intellectual stimulation can awaken your mental body and psychic or channeling senses, but without love and emotion, this awakening is very idealistic, or at least un-grounded and relatively un-available to you as a human.

For Higher Truth to become available, to be fully embodied into your energy bodies, you must be open to Love and emotion. Love and emotion is the key to dimensional translation. You cannot ascend without it. You cannot technologically ascend, it can only be done with Love.

This is why the Grays and Zeta ET's created the Essasani race from the combination of their DNA and human DNA, because they had no emotional bodies. Their emotional bodies had atrophied from lack of use and being overly mental. So they were cut off from Love. They were also unable to reproduce with Love, (Sex), and had to clone new bodies. They could not ascend with external technology, they needed an emotional body, they needed Love. (For more information about these ET's and the abductions that took place for these experiments, see my article "the 4th Dimension on: www.ZaKairan.com)

If you actually take the time everyday to do these exercises, (for a good period of time, then periodically, say, once a week), as part of your meditative, centering and divine connection practices, you will build a deep intimate connection with your emotions and your emotional body. You will then realize that your emotions are not necessarily you, but are an excellent tool of expression. You will discover, realize and learn to differentiate your emotions from the empathic emotions you are picking up from others, humanity and your environment. If you have a hard time expressing certain emotions, this will free them up, and you will become a master of emotional expression.

The ability to Love and receive Love, is connected to your ability to feel and express emotions. Emotional expression comes from your solar plexus and heart chakras. Without these chakras being open, balanced and connected, you are disconnected from true expression, and living solely mentally, with a strategic future orientation (from the "mental" chakras only, disconnected from the earth chakras, intuitive and love chakras). You believe what you can see and prove, all else is fantasy. Or you live solely instinctively, based on survival imperatives of the lower chakras, from past conditioning and beliefs. Higher mental reasoning is impaired, and your life is basically about food, sex, and territory, to ensure your survival. This is the root of all ignorant Neanderthalic behavior of: bigotry, racial prejudice, land wars, religion, superstition, competition, consumerism…

Your heart is the doorway to your true self. It is the doorway to higher dimensions. It is the doorway to all higher truth. It is the bridge between the higher dimensions of Love and Light, and the lower dimensions of survival and separation. Being open in your heart, bridges heaven and earth, it creates the Christ Body, the Christ Mind, the Christ Human, the Christ Civilization.

Most people live their lives trying to avoid feeling and expressing emotions because they are "uncomfortable and embarrassed". This "false male" dominant society, uses anger and hate (malice) to deny their emotions, feeling and emotional experience. Avoiding and denying emotional expression, is a great way to keep yourself in denial, but if you are interested in freedom, in self realization, then I recommend jumping right in and going for it, no matter what anyone thinks. What other people think about you is none of your business.

Most people also live their lives trying to avoid feeling and expressing old repressed emotions, which often arise in life, evoked from drastic situations: like deaths, relationship difficulties, child loss… These "new" experiences, evoke old ones. And if you are a seeker of truth, and your focus is your awakening, you will encounter old, lost repressed experiences, that will arise to the surface to be healed. You, or some aspect of your soul, in this lifetime and others, repressed these past traumatic experiences and the associated emotional experience, in order to emotionally and physically survive on some level. And one of the biggest ways to heal these past experiences, is to allow, express and release the emotions associated with them now.

When we repress emotions, they get stored in the body as dark crystals and stagnant energy. This manifests as the countless diseases that humanity suffers from, because of this denial and repression. Cancer and heart disease are probably the biggest of these. But all others come from various repressions, denials and guilt.

When you are going through heavy initiations, you will naturally feel and express a huge amount of emotion. Massive sadness, anger, and perhaps even extreme happiness, that you previously repressed and denied for one reason or another. You will also remember many of the traumatic experiences connected to these emotions. You must forgive these experiences, and the people related to them. You may remember many past lives, and realize that many people that are in your life now, were directly connected to many of the emotions and wounds you are feeling and healing now.

Be advised that this intense type of clearing and healing is old karmically based stuff. It doesn't really have anything to do with this moment, other than the fact that it is in your face now. These types of emotions, are not real moment to moment emotions. We do not naturally stay in any one emotion for a long period of time. Anyone who is stuck in a certain emotional loop, is living out a past experience. Their current life is emanating from that trauma of their past. If they could clear that experience and the related energies, they would be clear in their current life.

If your life is dedicated to revealing and expressing the truth, to taking full and complete responsibility for your reality and manifestations, then you will be living a karmically free life. Subsequently, your emotional experience and expression will be very moment to moment, very spontaneous, often emphatic, and very balanced. You will only occasionally experience extremes of emotion. (Only when you go through new big initiations, related to very old wounds, that were probably buried pretty deep, or located very far out in your Light-Body). Whatever is there to express in the moment, you will do so wholeheartedly, thusly not generating any karma or physical energy stagnancy for yourself.

Your general expression level will be much higher than most people. You will get used to this. You will also get used to people thinking that you are "loud", "crazy", "emotional" and "dramatic". Or that you complain a lot, and cry a lot. You're not dramatic, you're just naturally expressive. You don't complain, you just speak the truth. You just say what is there to say. You don't cry a lot, you're just sensitive. Others (especially those who judge you) are just repressing what they are feeling and their natural sensitivity. Expression (even "dramatic") is natural! Repression of feeling and emotion is not!

Tips for Expression

Lengthy gut wrenching cathartic emotional release, is always past related. True in the moment emotional expression is not cathartic. These emotions are felt and expressed very quickly, from a few seconds to usually no longer than a minute. If you are expressing something for longer, say 3 to 5 minutes, this length serves to release something or direct the energies in this moment. It may have a past connection, but it will not last any longer than 5 minutes, especially if you are expressing fully without any repression. Anything longer than 5 minutes is cathartic release of old repressed emotional experience.

When doing these emotional expression exercises, you may go through some cathartic experiences. They may be triggered from finally allowing yourself to feel and express years/lifetimes of repression. Just allow whatever comes up for you and go for it. Get it all out. Yell, scream, cry, laugh, giggle… It doesn't matter if you remember where it comes from, just let it all out.

These exercises are not necessarily designed to release these old experiences and emotions and cause catharsis, but this will probably happen because we are all loaded with past repressed emotions, "dying" to be expressed. The actual design of these exercises, is to get you so in tune with your emotions that you are able to express whatever is there in the moment no matter what, (even if it is past related), to clear things instantly, and never repress emotions ever again, thusly never creating any disease, imbalance or karma.

My desire and focus of revealing these exercises and this teaching, is to create open truth expressers, (and lie confronters), empowered to speak with truthful authority and compassion, to create and maintain health, harmony, balance and oneness within themselves and between everyone they interact with on any intimate or casual level. Eventually you will totally synchronize all of your chakras with your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. You will synchronize physical movement, sound expression and words, with your emotions. When this happens, you will feel electric, totally connected to the earth and cosmic. Your entire body will be vibrating with conscious divine expressive connection. You will have no thoughts. You will just move, and speak, and sound…, because you can't help it, you just do it.

The Three Emotions

From my extensive experience with the emotional process and connection to the emotional experience, I have determined that there are only 3 emotional states: Happy, Angry and Sad. There are other feelings, such as: fear, embarrassment, dismay…, but these are "feelings", not "emotions", and are linked to some thought, belief, or idea. Or to some repressed past experience and emotion. True emotion is not linked to any thought, it is just a feeling in that moment. I t may have been triggered by an experience or thought, or it may not have.

I have also found that our natural moment to moment, feeling and experience of emotions, is relatively quick. In other words, in a natural state, different emotions flow in and out in a never ending flow of peaks and valleys, relatively quickly from one state to the next, from a middle line of general contentedness, bliss and happiness, with anger and sadness being naturally very temporary.

If specific emotions need to be expressed, that are triggered by an outside experience, than a true moment to moment response will be very quick, lasting only seconds or minutes. You will experience happiness, sadness or anger, for seconds or minutes, and then the expression of that emotion will be complete. Then you will revert to a natural content state, or switch to another emotional state.

In stressful situations, a natural emotional response would be to express whatever emotion you are feeling, now, in that moment, without any repression, for any reason whatsoever. Most people have been taught to not express their emotions, (out of embarrassment, fear of being judged and rejected, or fear of hurting other people's feelings), and to remain "calm" and try to be "happy" at all times. This is unnatural and should be abolished from your life. The natural way, no matter where you are, or who you are with, is to express how you are feeling in that instant, regardless of how someone may react. How other people react to your natural non-projective expression, is none of your business. No one is a victim to your emotional expression. If they can't handle it, they can vacate your personal space. And if you have expressed moment to moment emotion, with no control dramas, not out of any feelings of victimhood, then you are karmicly free.

Fear and Love are feelings not emotions. Or more accurately, Love is a way of being, that can be felt and expressed. Fear could be best described as contraction and denial of Love and Divinity. Fear is conditional, Love is unconditional. Fear is generally illusionary, and generated from the past, from feelings of separation, unworthiness, powerlessness, helplessness… Or it is more "real", (related to the moment), and can be an honest warning of danger from your instinct, to protect you from harm.

The three emotions (Happy, Angry and Sad), can be related to either love or fear, expansion or contraction. Anger is often connected to fear, unless it is real in the moment "fire of your spirit". Happiness or joy, is generally connected to Love and enthusiasm (in-theo-ism, or in God-Consciousness), unless it is egoic generated happiness, which isn't real, and is connected to fear, power and control. Sadness can also be fear or love based. If it is cathartic and past related, it is usually connected to fear and the release of past repressed grief. If it is loved based, it is not karmically (past) related, but related to the moment and natural grief release.

These three emotions can and do interrelate with each other and other feelings, and often we can experience two emotions at once, like: hapgry, hapness or sangry. Each emotion can flow into one another very quickly. This will become obvious to you when you have practiced and freed up your emotional body.

The Sound of the Heart - Aaah

Integral to these exercises is the use of the sound Aaah. This is the sound of the heart. Expressing this sound, connects you to your heart, solar plexus, emotions…, to sound expression, physical emotional expression and balances your mind and emotions.

Generally we will only use this sound, although there are more complex exercises combining words and singing, but this is only added later after you have "gotten out of your head", and have made full contact with your emotions. Singing while connected to your emotions, is especially freeing and beneficial as one side of your brain is connected to words, (lyrics), while the other is related to music. Combining them through song, balances both the masculine and feminine hemispheres of your brain, similarly, in a way, to speaking while being emotionally connected.

When using this sound Aaah, you express it in a long tone, similarly to when you are sighing. And you express whatever emotion you are feeling through this tone. And the emotional expression of this tone changes depending on the emotion you are experiencing. For example if you are angry, it will be loud and aggressive. If you are sad, it will be very soft and gentle. If you are happy it will be expressed happily, joyfully…

When no sound is used, you put the emotion through your body, (which you should always do), but without any sound. First we will do emotional expression without sound, to "get you out of your head", and connected to your body. Then we will add sound, then later words. When you add Aaaaah or words, often your mind can try to take over your emotions. If this happens, just stop and do no sound, then add Aaaaah or add words again later. But initially, do not worry about words at all, this will be described later.

Sound and Movement

The basic description of the exercises is: "Sound and Movement". Generally if you are experiencing any emotion, your body will want to express this emotion through it. Allow it do so as it feels to. Let your body do whatever "bizarre" movement it feels like, including waving your arms, punching the air, moving your legs around aggressively, curling up on the floor in a foetal position…

Another key, is you always stay in one place, unless you are doing an advanced expression exercise where you are walking with the emotion and energy. Otherwise, you stay in one place, so as not to distract yourself by dissipating the energy through walking or running, or by trying to avoid or get rid of the emotion you are experiencing.

Remember, there are only three emotions that we are going to deal with here, which as I have stated previously, are the only real ones. All others are sub-emotions, or feelings, and are part of more advanced exercises. So you are only concerned with Happy, Angry and Sad.

The Exercises:

Body Only

Start by lying on the floor. Allow emotion (Happy, Angry and Sad) to flow through you, expressing the emotions through movement within and through your body. Allow the emotions to move your body in any way. Express the emotions through your body. Allow the emotions to come and go. Do not hang on to anything. Stay with an emotion for as long as it feels natural, and allow new one's to flow in. They each should flow through very quickly, sometimes, happy, sometimes sad, sometimes angry. Do not hang on to any emotion very long, allow them to come and go.

We are not doing any sound right now, but allow yourself to cry. If you get stuck in a specific emotion for a while, (this will probably be sad or angry), don't worry about it, just stay here a while and let it all out. Do this for 5 minutes or so.

Sound Only

Now we will add sound. At this point, concentrate less on your body, but connecting the emotion with the sound, the feeling through the expression of the sound.

Once again, allow emotion (Happy, Angry and Sad) to flow through you, expressing the emotions through sound with Aaah. Don't push it, allow it to be naturally connected. You will feel it when it is, and when you are pushing and indicating. (Indicating is soap opera acting, where you "act", rather than genuinely feel and express true emotion, from our natural innate emotional connection).

When sounding Aaah, you express it in a long or short tone, depending on the emotion. And the expression of the tone changes depending on the emotion you are experiencing. If you are angry, it will be loud and aggressive. If you are sad, it will be very soft and gentle. If you are happy it will be expressed happily… Feel the connection of your emotions with the expression of the sound. (Note: don't push the anger). Do this for 5 minutes or so.

Sound and Movement

Now we will combine sound and movement. Begin by doing movement only. Allow emotions to flow and express through you in movement only. After a few minutes, add sound, but keep the movement going. If your movement begins to become disconnected, stop sounding and do just movement, expressing the emotions through your body only. Get that connected, then add sound again. Do this for an additional 5 minutes or so.

Standing (with Sound and Movement)

Now start all over again, for another round of each (movement, sound, then sound and movement), but standing up this time. Express the emotions of the moment through your entire body - moving your hands, arms, legs, torso, butt…, moving with the emotions, but staying in one place, don't walk around.

Specific Emotions

Now do the specific emotions of happy, angry, sad, in 10 second intervals of each, then back through them again: happy, angry, sad… Do movement first for 3 minutes; then sound only for 3; then sound and movement for 3 minutes.

Again, the key in this exercise is to do these emotions naturally, not indicated, not acted. It can potentially be more difficult, because you are choosing specific emotions, but don't worry, it will get easier and more natural, and you will see that all these emotions are naturally there in your emotional body all the time. ____________________________________

Do these exercises every day, preferably in the morning, for roughly half an hour. This will connect you emotionally for the day. Do these basic exercises for at least a month (depending on your progress and ease of connection), before moving on to more advanced exercises.

Advanced Exercises


Now do the three sections, (of movement, sound, sound and movement), with spontaneous emotions of happy, angry and sad, but now put these emotions through your walk. The walk should be as connected to the emotion as the other movements through your body and sound. You do not walk in any normal way. Your movement is directly connected to the emotion, so your body movements reflect this. Your body will walk in variously bizarre ways, expressing very ecstatic happiness, quick aggressive anger, or quiet gentle slow sadness.

Partner Sound and Movement

Do all of the above exercises with a partner. Random happy, angry, sad - with movement, sound, sound and movement. Specific 10 counts. Standing about 2 feet apart. One person at a time. Then together, just naturally give and take.

Emotionally Connected Verbal Communication


If you wish to practice communicating while being connected to emotion - do this exercise. Find yourself a monologue that you like from a book, movie or play, where someone is talking to someone else, or pondering something to themselves. ("To be, or not to be, that is the question…"). Memorize this monologue inside and out so that you do not need to think about the words. Now, combine these words with the random happy-angry-sad, as they naturally come up in variety. Then add movement, expressing the emotions you are feeling through movement while speaking the words. Then try specific 10 count emotions, through the words. Then through the words and movement. Do each movement for a few minutes each. If you have difficulty staying connected to emotion through words, stop occasionally and do sound and movement, without the words. Stop as often as you need to between words, doing Aaah and movement, to get you connected. Then continue with words, while maintaining that connection.

Partner Monologue

Do all of the above with a partner, similar to partner sound and movement, but with monologues. Both partners must know a monologue, and speak their monologue to the other person, give and take, using the various movements. You speak for a while, then when the other person feels to cut in, they just do so, and you now be quiet. Then when you feel to speak again, you do so. You may remember where you left off and start again there, or if you can't remember, then start at the beginning of your monologue. Do words and movement, expressing random emotion through the words, then you can do specific ones if you like, (although this might be tricky).

Speaking and Relating Wholistically

If you are utilizing these practices in your day to day life, to stay emotionally connected, and have wholistic truthful expression and communication, in speaking to individuals, loved ones…, follow this recommendation: if you are speaking, and getting too much in to your "head", being political, analytical and disconnecting from the moment and emotion (especially in a dramatic situation or confrontation) - stop and do "sound and movement". Follow the exercises, first with no sound, putting what you are feeling into your body, then adding "Aaah". If necessary, (because you'll get thrown into the loony bin if you start frantically expressing yourself or fired from your job for strangling your boss), just run off to the bathroom and do these exercises to get connected, and vent your emotions, then come back centered and empowered for more action.

This is especially beneficial for couples that might be experiencing some E-mental (emotional-mental) initiations, whereby you are trying to communicate on wholistic levels, but being taken off track by old karma and patterns. And your fearful wounded "powerless" masculine is running over anything feminine and emotionally "weak", in order to protect you. If this is the case, do as I have just described to get you both back on track, back to love, rather than old patterns of fear. Stop and do 'sound and movement', (with no words).

This exercise in non verbal communication, is a great way to get out of your heads and help you release aggression in a safe way. It will help you get back to center and back to your hearts, (connected to emotion and love). It will get you connected to the real truth of what is going on now, rather than the "victim oriented" strategies that the ego has come up with, using old wounds to manipulate the other person by making them feel bad for "hurting you" - to get what it wants, gaining a power position, to avoid suffering and being hurt again. If you get back to center, you will not play such games of victimhood, but stand naked in the moment of your emotional experience, releasing all that is not real.


Find and learn a song. Choose something very simple, (even "Mary had a little lamb", or "happy birthday"), any song you know well or can learn easily. You must know the words inside and out, so that you do not have to think about the words.

Incorporating this with your other exercises, you start out working individually. First, you don't worry about movement, but stand in one place and you sing with various intervals of happy, angry and sad, that naturally arise in the moment. Then you can add movement, still singing while connected to emotion, moving your body, but standing in one place. Then, as a variation, you can pick specific 10 second intervals of happy, angry, sad.

If you lose it and can't stay connected emotionally while singing, stop singing and just do sound (Aaah) and movement. Then incorporate singing with the sound and movement, until you are able to sing while connected to sound and movement.

The key with this exercise, is you don't try to sing pretty and melodious. You are not concerned about performing, you are only concerned about being emotionally connected, with the song, and the lyrics being connected to your emotional and physical expression.

Partner Singing

As an advanced version, you get a partner who is doing similar work, who has also learned a song, and sing your own song to each other. Not as a duet, more like a spontaneous emotional conversation, like a musical. You both give and take with your songs. One person sings when they feel to sing, then the other person sings when it occurs to them to sing, while the other person feels and listens. All of course fully connected to the emotion of the moment of happy, angry and sad.

Many feelings

This is a an exercise where you first compile a list of feelings. Examples are: scared, embarrassed, giggly, ecstatic, serene, blissful, paranoid, fearful, danger, hate, love, amorous, sexy… (You may of course, use whatever occurs to you). Then a friend tosses them at you fairly quickly, giving you new one's every 5 or 10 seconds. You must allow each new feeling in and express it truly, without faking it and without indicating. No soap opera acting. Allow each feeling to "over take" you. Feel it, and express it with sound and movement.

Expression Yoga - (Stretching Spontaneously)

This is something that I naturally do in life, and when I am stretching and doing Hatha Yoga. Basically it is due to my being connected to sound expression no matter what I am doing, so I naturally make all kinds of noises all the time. Whatever my body wants to make in any moment, I do it - grunts, groans, gurgles, yelps, howls, tones… So when I am stretching and doing yoga, I do the same behavior. When I stretch a certain muscle, certain groans and sounds come out. I highly recommend this behavior as natural expression, and natural moment to moment release, and release of any old stuck energies.

Generally Hatha yoga is done silently and meditatively, but in this example, sound is allowed to come out from the body, through the emotions, which I believe to be more natural, at least when you feel like expressing sound, otherwise you are naturally silent.

To do this exercise: Begin your normal routine of yoga and stretching. Get in contact with yourself and allow whatever sounds want to come out to be expressed while you are stretching. Express whatever is there. Grunt, groan, yell, cry, laugh…, be active, aggressive, enthusiastic, gentle, meditative…, however you are feeling, and stretch from how and what you are feeling. This takes your yoga to normal life, which is the real goal of yoga. Now, in day to day life, you will stretch when you feel like it, and be aware of your body and emotions, thusly lessening any stress that might be present or trying to creep in.

Individual Sound (Tone)

This is an exercise to find your individual sound. This tone is not the Aah sound, but a tone. This is essentially an exercise to open you up to toning. A tone is a pure sound, that emanates from your divine nature. It is not necessarily typically melodious, but it can be. It is not singing. To find this tone: get in contact with yourself. Be aware of your own rhythm. Be aware of the room, other people around you, and the energies around you. Start moving your body and express the sound that emanates from this connection and feeling. Play with different tones, pitches, (high, low), to find the right sound. Find the one that is truly connected. Enjoy this tone, the connection and bliss you experience from it. As a variation, you may move your body around the room, expressing your tone through movement. (Additional information, please see Toning/Light-Language section).

More Partner Exercises

The Mirror Exercise

This is an intimate exercise, where two people face each other about two feet apart. You both stay in one place, feet semi planted. You may move your legs and feet in the air vertically, but you're not allowed to move in a linear horizontal fashion. You may of course, move the rest of your body as you see fit. Moving your head, neck, hands, arms and torso around.

First one person leads, then the other. When the two people get tuned into the exercise, then no one leads. One person starts off moving their body as the spontaneous energy dictates. The other person mirrors their movements by allowing their body to naturally follow without thinking and without trying to visually match their movements. Feel the energy between you. Feel the connection between you. Eventually what happens, is you forget who is "leading", and you are so connected, and moving in such an intimate union, that there are no leaders.

Now switch. The other person leads. Same movements as above.

Now no one leads. With the connection you have developed, you move in synchronistic union, with no leader, no follower - just spontaneous synergetic connection.

Variations of the Mirror Exercise

Now do the same exercise with your eyes closed. Then do it with your backs turned. Now try it long distance. Get as far apart as you can from each other, as the room will allow, and do the mirror exercise. (Eyes open, then try closed).

I guarantee that if you do these exercises religiously, for a decent period of time, to build a solid emotionally connected base, you will become a totally empowered person. It took me a year of doing a half hour of emotional expression exercises every day, plus once a week in class for two hours, including many other advanced techniques, and using it in acting scenes, to build the base I have embodied. With these accelerated times, the pathways that others and I have cut for you, and your willingness and surrender, it will take much less time. Even after a few weeks of regular exercises, you will be a completely different person, much more connected and empowered by the inner world of the Divine feminine. And after some time, will realistically be able to apply this emotional base into your normal life, creating divine connection, courage, confidence and spontaneity.

I hope that providing these exercises, will assist you in becoming intimately connected to the wondrous world of emotion, true feeling and Divine Expression.

Happy Emotional Expression,


"All the world's a stage, and we are merely players, with our many entrances and exits" - William Shakespeare

Thankyou and bless you Darryl, for assisting me with my awakening and the countless other "actors" who have studied under your Divine tutelage.

If you desire to experience one of my Emotional Expression Playshops, and or sponsor one in your area, please contact me.

Emotion: energy in motion.

(For additional information about emotions, please see my article "Emotional Expression - (Karmic Patterns and Victimhood)", on my website www.ZaKaiRan.com)

"What other people think about you, is none of your business"

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