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Emotional Expression

Karmic Patterns and Victimhood




There are only 3 emotions: Happy, Angry and Sad. Every other feeling is a sub class under those three emotions. Fear and Love are feelings not emotions. The three emotions can interrelate with each other and other feelings, and can all be related to either love or fear, expansion or contraction.

Anger is generally connected to fear, unless it is Divine Anger. Happiness or joy is generally connected to love unless it is egoic happiness which can be connected to fear. Sadness can also be connected to either fear or love. If it is Divine sadness, or natural grief release, it is loved based.

Naturally there are awesome gifts to be learned from Love, the greatest teacher of all, but there are also gifts to be experienced and learned from fear. All things are divine; fear is your ally not your enemy. Fear can be your ally if you allow the emotional experience of fear without any denial, if you are willing to go to the core of “your” fear and find out how the fear serves you and your growth, without falling in to the story of fear.

Fear is not the enemy. There is healthy fear and unhealthy fear. Healthy fear is of extreme benefit for humanity in situations where you would be dead if you did not hold a particular fear that might ensure your safety in a dangerous world. If you operate without any degree of fear whatsoever and a truck is heading for you, you would not move out of the way, there would be no need to, it would just be an interesting experience as you die a horrible death. Another example is putting yourself in dangerous situations with negative people that are not interested in your well-being. This is helpful fear or instinct if you don’t want to be bashed or burned, and you want to remain physically and psychically healthy.

Emotion and feeling is the initiation, the key to enlightenment. This is a planet of feeling, avoid it and you are avoiding your true nature. Avoid it and you are avoiding what you came her to experience. Avoid it and you avoid your own awakening and growth process.

Be damn thankful you have the ability to fear and experience emotion. Many ET races do not have emotional bodies and are in awe and envy of our experience and ability to feel, experience emotion and love. They do not fear, they do not love, they do not feel. Think/feel how terrible this would be. We are helping these ETs with our ascension because we are all connected. We have helped them so that they can have an emotional body and experience love (see my article on the 4th dimension regarding abductions and the Essasani, on my website: ZaKaiRan.com). Many of them are here in ships above to witness our specific ascension and transition of love and light through our emotional experience.

Karmic Patterns

With all emotional expression, there is moment to moment expression, which is directly connected to the incident of the moment. And there are karmic emotions which are expressions that originate from repressed emotions of the past that have become dark crystals.

True moment to moment emotional expression lasts only seconds or a maximum of a few minutes. If someone is stuck in a particular emotion for a long period of time (hours, days, weeks, years) then they are stuck in a karmic pattern.

Karmic patterns, are patterns of behavior unconsciously directed by karmic crystals which have formed within our bodies due to repressed emotion about past traumatic experiences or current repressed expression due to societal pressure to behave according to social programming.

If someone is stuck in a karmic pattern, they will be stuck in a particular emotion that is connected to the pattern, and they will be using this particular emotion to avoid what is stored there. They will be resisting the full expression of this past experience. They will be sublimating the full expression of the karmic crystal with some pattern of behavior. In other words they will not be releasing and finally fully expressing this dark crystal, this old repressed experience, but expressing something they have used to keep it repressed. Often times is an emotion connected to victimhood, and they will be using this drama to control with, themselves and others.

People with manic depressant behavior are in this category. They are depressed or angry about something, but don’t know about what. Everything is depressing, everything is ugly and worthless. Everywhere they look is conflict and pain. Their life is ruled by this karmic crystal. They have become the slave to this master that they have given their power away to.

To release these people or dark crystals from their prison, we must find the source of the problem, we must shatter this crystal. We must turn off this continuously running movie. This insane asylum was self adopted, they committed themselves, because they couldn’t deal with some experience that was too traumatic. They did this in order to survive because it was too painful, something so painful they thought they would die from it. Perhaps it was a past life experience or even from this life. Perhaps a molestation or rape experience.

The emotions and feelings from it (powerlessness, helplessness, anger, sadness…) have been repressed and then stored somewhere in the body as a dark crystal, an entire movie of the experience, with all the thoughts, feelings and unexpressed emotion connected to it.

Karmic patterns are essentially movies that play over and over again. Movies of experiences that have been buried and are wanting to be completed. This is obvious by how many people manifest similar situations and people over and over again (especially in relationships) because this karmic crystal is aching to be expressed. And because all things must be expressed (this is the nature of Divinity) you unconsciously manifest the same scenarios over and over again. Until you deal with each manifestation honestly and completely, and allow the original pattern to be revealed and healed, you will not be free, your entire life will be a karmic pattern.

This is how most people's lives are. Their lives are nothing but karmic patterns from repressed emotional experience and denied past life karma. It is now time for everyone to be free from their karma, to be free and live the life they were meant to live, in the moment with no reference to the future or the past.

These karmic crystals can be shattered easily by toning and karmic patterns can be released naturally through the initiations of life and by allowing these experiences full expression with no repression of emotional experience. You may also manifest similar traumatic experiences to your karmic crystals so that your memory will be jarred and you will finally deal with this past experience on all levels.

In these cases you will definitely go through all the intense emotion connected with this experience. You may remember what caused this crystal vividly. You will remember past lives you had repressed. This experience can be done very quickly. It may take minutes, hours or days to complete, that is, if you allow your emotional experience completely. If you do not, you will only re-repress what has enslaved you. In this case it may take a long time. It is your choice, express, allow and be free, or repress and be enslaved. You may also ask the karmic boards for complete karmic absolution in regards to issues that arise for you. (For additional information on karmic absolution and other releasing decrees: see my article on "Karma", and "The Ascension Masters Tool Kit" on my website: ZaKaiRan.com)

Divine Anger

Karmic emotion is unconscious and patternistic as repression of experience. Its design is for the repression of an experience that quite possibly could mean some form of danger. Too much emotion which the ego has determined would adversely affect you. Behind this karmic crystal can also be a key to your realization. The expression of this karmic experience could mean the release of your connection to the world of karma and social programming.

The ego created karmic patterns to ensure your safety because something you experienced was too traumatic to handle. It also created them to ensure its survival, because if you release all of your karma, and release your attachment to social programming, you are free and the ego no longer exists.

Karmic/egoic emotion is used to manipulate others to get what you want. It is false emotion, without any real connection to the moment. It is connected to past karmic patterns and current adopted mass consciousness patterns. Patterns that say manipulate to get what you want. These patterns are all future referential, usually to get something or someone that will make you happy and make your life complete. Moment to moment expression is not referential to the past or future. It does not manipulate. It is directly connected to what is here in this moment, or something that is trying to manifest in this moment as per the Divine Plan.

In this case if something Divine is trying to manifest but someone living from repressed karma is impeding it's flow, you may express divine anger because of frustration, because the natural divine flow is being impeded. If this is directly related to you, then you will really get pissed off. And if you are in the moment, seeing all reality, you will tell it like it is, with intense fire of passion to get things moving, or you will throw up your hands and get the hell out of there.

If you stick around to fight a lost cause, then you are in a karmic pattern. If you can alter reality in the moment with the fire of passion, with the fire of your Spirit, then you are in the moment of Divine Anger. If you have been sucked into a war, sucked into playing their game of conflict, manipulation and lack, then you are stuck in a karmic pattern - yours, there's, or both.

Another situation is where you get caught up in old world patterns and you realize it. You then may experience anger at your stupidity and then may express divine anger to get yourself out of the pattern. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

As I have said, moment to moment expression is short lived. It is directly connected to the moment with no connection to the past. In the case of Anger, true, in the moment divine anger is designed to accomplish something, to get things back on track, to tell you where you stand on this particular issue of the moment.

Through this emotion you discover what is not you. Discovering what is not you teaches you what is you, or at least what reality you prefer. True anger only lasts 10 or fifteen seconds, or if there is a specific large issue you are dealing with then a maximum of 3 to 5 minutes, anything longer is projection and denial, invalidating the experience as not being beneficial, by playing the game of victim. If you do get into a tissy, come back to the truth and find out how this situation serves your growth. So allow yourself to get truly angry and have a positive experience from it, rather than giving yourself a hard time because society says it is wrong to express anger.

Many people give themselves permission to express anger, but usually this expression is victim oriented. They feel helpless and powerless and try to get over this feeling by being a perpetrator rather than a victim. They then project this anger onto others in an effort to rid themselves of it. This of course is karmic and social/egoic anger. Karmic because it is connected to repressed emotional experiences where they were victimized, and they now act out the opposite polarity to not be victimized again. They become a perpetrator. Their karmic pattern is then supported by social consciousness (social/egoic anger) as the right way to live, and because it is not an expression of love, more negative karma is generated.

Some people choose to be perpetrators, while others choose to be victims because “one is better than the other”, depending on your perspective. No alternative is offered by society, even religions typically offer no alternative to the polarities of victim/perpetrator. Religions are filled with karmic patterns, they are ruled by them.

Usually the polarity that religious people choose is victim. It is better to be victimized then be a nasty perpetrator, it is better to be a sheep than a wolf. Neither is more noble, neither is better, both are distorted and unreal. Many religions, especially Catholicism and Islam, (the leaders and supporters; not the spiritual essence of the religion), victimize (control) their followers with guilt and sexual repression. These leaders act as dark force perpetrators and their followers give their power away to these "authorities" and the dogma, therefore victimizing themselves and being victimized.

This same pattern is used by every organization of control: governments, corporations etc. People give their power away to these "gods", and become victims to these perpetrators. Most people know no other way of living. They do not know about unconditional Love. When people realize that they are being victimized, they react violently towards these perpetrators. But this is misguided anger, their is no perpetrator without a victim, if you do not give your power away, you cannot be victimized.

So these people become perpetrators themselves, they switch polarities to try to take back their power. But these organizations do not own your power, you just loaned it to them for awhile and all it takes is for you to except your own divine power and realize that you allowed yourself to be victimized for the experience of it, and take your power back.

The answer is not to resist these "authorities" but to just not have anything to do with them and their illusions. But to get to this place everyone must realize they gave their power away. They are not victims to anything or anyone. This was just a game to play for a while. You allowed the perpetrators to believe that they took your power, that they own it, that they own you.

You allowed yourself to be deluded to think that they control you and your world, that they have taken your freedom away. You were always free, maybe not physically because society made sure of that, but you were always sovereign. No-one owns you. No-one controls you. You may be deluded by social consciousness to believe otherwise, but that does not mean it is true.

Divine Sadness

Sadness in its unrepressed state is connected to grief. Grief is a natural process of letting go. When something has left you, (anything, including: people, patterns, ego, etc.) you will grieve. If it is unrepressed you will grieve for a short time then you will move on knowing that this person or thing has served you well but your time together is complete.

If your grief is longer than days, then you are in a karmic pattern or you are releasing a karmic crystal. People who suffer from depression are stuck in this emotion. It benefits them somehow because they get lots of attention from rescuers. Rescuers are nice perpetrators. They victimize victims by supporting their illusion that they are victims.

People often use anger to mask their sadness because sadness to them is weak and powerless, but anger is “strong” and “powerful”. The unrepressed expression of sadness is very empowering.

I wholeheartedly recommend allowing yourself to experience this emotion any time
anywhere. This world is a tragic place, there is much to be sad about. Most disease is due to the repression of sadness and grief. Other contributing factors are the repression of anger, and even joy. Most people do not allow feelings as part of their experience, and do not express these feelings as true honest to goodness emotion.

If you allow yourself to feel the sadness that arises because of experiencing life on planet earth, and to even feel the sadness you have previously repressed, you will be healthy and will grow in awareness. Plain and simply, this is the gift of feeling and emotion (energy in motion).

Of course feeling and expressing happiness is highly recommended as well. Most people do not allow themselves to feel and express happiness. Society emanates a perception that “life is a bitch and there is very little to be happy about.” We don’t even allow ourselves to be happy for fear of upsetting all the people who are so sad and angry all the time. "If you’re too happy – there is something wrong with you".

There is even a perception within the spiritual society that spiritual growth only happens through pain and suffering, not joy. This has been the path that many have taken but there is a new edict abound on planet earth, it is now wholly possible to remember who you are by experiencing joy.

“If you see life as a tragedy and cannot see it as a comedy, then you are not living high enough. If you see life as a comedy and cannot see it as a tragedy, then you are not living deep enough.” Nasod Lamosa, Nez Master. Starbuilders, Federation Flash #44, www.starbuilders.org

I will now discuss something that every spiritually committed awakening master experiences.

Frustration and Boredom

Frustration and boredom can be described as feelings that arise from a person’s unwillingness to be in a given moment. When you are in the moment, you see the relevance of everything. You see the gifts of every situation. You see the wonders of the workings of the universe. When you are not, when you are desiring control because you are not happy with a given moment, or there is “nothing exciting” happening, we experience frustration and boredom. If you are looking for a way out of your experience, recognize that you may be missing something in this moment, in this situation.

We have a tendency, as divine actors, to love drama. When things get dramatic we may try to create balance and happiness and tranquillity, but deep down we love the excitement of the drama. When there are no dramas, we get bored, even though we say we don’t like dramas. We are such drama queens, this is why we came to planet earth and donned these costumes, these human suits, to experience the drama of life.
“All the world’s a stage and we are merely the players, with our many entrances and exits.” Will Shakes.

Things that you are excited about, that you would like to do and experience, that are not currently available now, will become available. Patience serves your growth in this situation, even though it is frustrating and boring. But what allows those things to manifest for you, to happen the most quickly is the acknowledgment of what you are able to act upon and experience now in this moment.

You’ve got to get through with this moment in order to progress to the next one, otherwise you’ll get stuck in a karmic time loop, always manifesting the same situation over and over again to finally experience it fully.

If you can truly live in this moment with what is available now, you will experience no frustration. Frustration is a sign that you’re stuck in the world of mind and missing the moment. Use frustration to ground yourself to the moment, to point out to you that in that given moment you are utilizing your consciousness in a way which does not serve you toward moving in that moment.

You then must decide what choices can be acted upon and act upon them. And surrender control of what you cannot act upon, have no control upon and are boring choices. Usually exciting choices will bring the most growth. There may be fear involved but recognize the difference between fear and excitement. Some fears are just overwhelming experiences of excitement, like being on the roller coaster.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things in my life where I do not have creative control, the courage to take responsibility for where I do have creative control, and the Wisdom to know the difference.

Choosing Excitement

In every situation, choosing the most exciting, perhaps even dangerous choice, opens up the channels for the manifestation of more exciting things. The more you live spontaneously, the more it will be natural for you to be spontaneous, to living spontaneously and being unconditionally loving. This is an exciting planet: reality, illusion, life, experience, passion, drama, fear, love - we came for the excitement and experience of it all, I know I did.

We are not here to be punished because we have done anything wrong, we are here to experience the fun of life. By honoring your excitement (with integrity), by choosing excitement in life, you honor self, your true nature as a cosmic adventurer. The excitement in life and your preferred choices of excitement honors the essence you are, they are most closely aligned to who you are.

Anything you can do or interact with, that is more aligned to who you are as a divine spiritual being, is of huge benefit to your awakening to who you are, to your knowledge of your divine character with its specific idiosyncratic biases and predispositions.

Surrender to your manifestations, utilize the guide: “how does this serve me exactly the way it is.” Being truthful and seeing the gifts that this moment offers you, empowers you and transforms you into a human spiritual master and transforms this thing that is probably undesirable, to higher potentials. Its appearance changes instantly from a monster to a friend, from ugliness to beauty.

This is especially beneficial in situations whereby your life seems repetitive because the same negative pattern keeps happening over and over again. Because if something keeps happening again and again, there is a reason. Either there is something there that you still have not dealt with, or there is a new permutation to an old situation. You may also keep working on the same issue because you are good at it, it is something that needs transmuting for humanity.

You must realize that there is nothing in your life that is extraneous, unnecessary or unbeneficial to either your growth or the growth of humanity. Everything can be used in a positive way, even if it is a very negative thing. This is the gift that we transition team members offer to planet earth and humanity, our vision of love and perfection, our ability to improvise, to turn a shitty situation into something wonderful. This is true alchemy, we are the planetary alchemists of the civilization of light.

Emotional Release

Everyone has repressed and stored emotions in their body and fields. Emotions that you wanted to express but were not able to because of fear of being hit, rejected, fired, abandoned… Additionally, we have stored emotions such as intense anger (rage), because of some experience of disappointment. For instance you may still be harboring old emotions in regards to your parents. Perhaps you feel they didn’t love you enough, support you and nurture you enough. And other people in your life such as relationships and teachers who sucked the life blood out of you instead of nurturing and supporting your creativity and individuality in a wholistic way.

Look back on your life and release all your rage and grief you have stored in relation to all the people in your life. All your disappointments, all your regrets. Release them all and be done with them. Realize that everyone loved you as much as they were able to love themselves. Everyone guided you to the best of their ability to guide themselves. Everyone in your life was loving in the best way they knew how, even those that did not know how to love in the least.

Release all your rage and sadness about not getting what you deserved. Release all your perceptions of victimhood, grudges and retribution. You were not a victim to any of your life experiences. You manifested them all for your growth and mastery, for your soul experience. It is not too late to heal your wounds, and heal your relationships, every part of your life had purposeful good.

Release your feelings of regret, hopelessness, powerlessness, anger, sorrow, envy, despair, jealousy, guilt, hate, abandonment, confusion, doubt, feelings of pain, of being used and abused, of being trapped…. Release it all! None of it is you!

Ask for help from Archangel Michael and his Sword of Truth, and St. Germain’s Violet Flame of Transmutation and Silver Ray of Grace (for a fresh start in the moment, with no reference to the future or past) to release you from all your horizontal attachments to people and experiences with the past to be free and sovereign and allow for the vertical connections of divine family.

The release of your anger and sadness need not be emotive, some of it will just leave and you will not have to express anything. You will do it internally and energetically. None of the rage and sadness is real anyway because the experiences were not real. They weren’t real because they didn’t have to be negative experiences. Your perception of them and your reaction to them is what made them real for you. Release them all, they were only experience. But don’t hold back anything, if you feel like expressing emotion please do so emphatically.

Now I recommend releasing your attachments to all the good experiences as well, and all the good emotions connected to them. How many of these experiences do you use to compare your current experiences? For instance: relationships, places, situations…, comparing the new with the old, thus putting yourself out of the moment. Every experience and every person is unique in and of themselves. Every experience has its beauty and gifts. Be in the moment of your experience with no connection to the past or the future.

In Divine Unabated Emotional Expression,

I AM ZaKaiRan


P.S. I lead Emotional Expression Playshops to help people free up and connect with their emotions, learn to express their emotions freely, and allow their emotional experience. There is information about these types of Playshops in my website: ZaKaiRan.com. Plus there is also information available on how to practice the exercises I teach in the playshops at home. Guidance can also be given on the phone in a phone session.

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