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Enlightenment 101

(Making Change through Simple Action)


You are Quantumly Important!


You are an Immensely Awesome Amazing Master of Love and Light!


If you look at the world realistically, it looks quite hopeless, the people on this planet are recalcitrant, ignorant, not taking a stand for truth and governments and business are certainly not in any race to break out of their addiction to power or interested in being responsible and safe guarding our health or the health of our divine planet. Greed still reigns supreme in practically every country on the planet except for a few responsible countries such as Sweden, who is a completely carbon neutral country. And when the richest most affluent country in the world, the USA, has 23 million people now living in poverty with a national debt of 23 trillion dollars, obviously there is something seriously wrong here. Plain and simply, we have over spent, over used and over abused every single aspect of finance and resources on planet earth.

Even though it seems like it’s time to break out the Mad Max movies and get ourselves ready for the new world, even though it looks like we’re heading full speed into hells gate - there is hope, there is a divine plan at work here, luckily, otherwise, we’d be screwed for sure, and also luckily, we light players have some powerful creative control here to facilitate a graceful transformation with the help of the Family of Light. It is not all hopeless and just because we are in the minority, if you connect within, you will remember and realize that the smallest amount of light and love negates the largest amount of darkness, repression and denial.

You must realize how important you are! You are not just one miniscule little light player patiently plodding along, trying to do your part in the awakening and ascension of planet earth - you are an immensely awesome amazing Master of Love and Light, and the smallest actions you make towards planetary responsibility and caring, makes huge transformational changes, it sends massive amounts of light out to every soul upon the earth, making it that much more easy for them to make changes in their consciousness and lives.

You are so quantumly important! More important than you can currently imagine, you must realize this with your heart because it is too big for your mind to fathom. Yes, you are only one person, amongst billions of lost souls, but you are the way, the truth and the light, and your vision, your truth, your love, your focus and your passion, will show your broStars and siStars here upon earth, the way of truth, love and light; you are showing them the shortest pathway to their own hearts and helping them realize their divinity, just by you realizing yours.

It is very simple this planetary ascension and enlightenment work, all you have to do is wake up and embody your divinity, easy peasy lemon squeezy! And you don’t have to worry about everyone else waking up or not, because you have very little creative control over the awakening of others, you can guide them to the water, but they must choose to drink. It is just your job to maintain focus and not be distracted by the illusions of the ‘matrix’, illusions that seem quite real, such as the world of scarcity, unworthiness, helplessness and powerlessness - but are not ‘really real’.

Your true power is the amount of attention you maintain focused upon the creation of a new world. You are the masters, you decide what is real; masters do not decide what is real based on what other people say is real, masters decide for themselves what is real, and what they are going to place their attention on (based upon divine guidance).

Where is your attention focused, is it focused upon the old world of illusion, that wants us to believe it is real so we will keep spending money and working like slaves and supporting their greedy corrupt empires? Or is your attention focused upon creating a more prosperous, unified, caring, balanced, loving world, a world that you have come to this planet to create?

Yes, beloveds, you did not come to this planet to suffer and struggle or to experience what has already been created, you are not a sheep following the other sheep, and you are not a wolf trying to exploit the sheep, you are not even the sheep herder, instead, you are the one that reminds your fellow sheep that they are not sheep, but that they are masters in sheep’s clothing.

And they don’t have to continue being herded around by deluded power junkies who believe that they are the masters of humanity, they only act this way because they are trying to repress their suffering and feelings of powerlessness and unworthiness. True masters do not control others, only themselves; true masters do not judge others, including themselves; true masters help everyone and everything and see every creature, plant and microbe as completely equal and divine.

Is this your focus? If it is not, then it is time to get re-focused young Sky Walkers, it is time to realize what is truly important here and it is time to remember why you came to planet earth! You are a leader!!!! You are a Master!!!! And so is every other soul upon this earth - they have just forgotten this fact, or they are still learning how to be divine consciousness in a body that feels separate from others, and separate from God - but this is an illusion beloveds, nothing is separate from anything or anyone else!

You are not separate from anything or anyone you love, and you are not separate from anything or anyone you hate!!!! The despicable nature of humanity is part of you because you are part of the wholeness of God-Goddess-All-That-Is, and so is every aspect of humanity and every aspect of life on earth. All greed, corruption, hatred and prejudice is part of wholeness of All-That-Is, it is time to accept this, so that we can finally help our broStars and siStars wake up to their divinity!

So how can I help my broStars and siStars to wake up to their amazing magnificence, and how can I powerfully make change upon the consciousness of humanity?

Step 1: See the Christ Light within the Hearts of Everyone You See!

Do not be deluded by the illusion that people create around them or by the fantasies that people believe about themselves and project so that others will believe a certain reality about them. All beings, regardless of what they are projecting, regardless of what they believe about themselves, you or others, are God-Goddess in a body - it is your job to see this, even if they cannot.

Step 2: All Change comes from Within!

The world of form exists because everyone agrees that what exists is real. Poverty, death, disease, age, lack and all other forms of limitation, only exist because humanity has created them and agreed together that they are real and true; this is how powerful everyone is, but people do not realize this. They believe that there is some outside force, some puppet master pulling everyone’s strings and creating reality for them and if they just act in certain ways, then miraculously, their lives will make a shift, if they are good enough, deserving enough, clever enough, smart enough or make the right deals. The sooner we agree that life as we currently see it, is not desirable any more, and that another reality is not only possible, but inevitable - the sooner we can get on with our divine missions of creating this new reality, a new world of love, light, cooperation and prosperity.

So Step 2 is about making change within, refocusing your attention on what is truly real and focusing on what you know is true and what you desire to have in your life, and maintaining focus upon that reality, no matter what!

Masters do not lose their focus, they maintain and concentrate on their mission, masters do not get distracted by the fantasies around them, but they are clever and adapt to circumstances as they change. Your concern is not what other souls are doing, at least not in comparison to yourself, your only relationship concern with these souls are your karmic connections and what you are helping each other to balance and heal. In this state of mastery, you no longer compare yourself to others, because you recognize your immense worth and the worth of others, and you are not dissuaded from your mission by any aspects of yourself or other people who might feel that they are unworthy and that others are better or worse than you or them. You realize that your most powerful creative control over outer reality, is to balance and harmonize your inner reality, which leads us to step 3.

Step 3: Focus on Yourself and your Mission, upon Remembering and Realizing why you came to Planet Earth!

Receive guidance from yourself (your God Presence and your intuition), from other masters, from nature, etc., from wherever is needed, to realize who and what you are and why you are here - and then live that mission! To accomplish this, you will have to develop a high degree of patience, because you are not just here for your awakening, but to show others how to awaken. If you wake up too fast, then there will be no bread crumbs for others to follow. This is a journey beloveds, not a destination, the destination is a journey and the journey continues forever, because we are all immortal souls, there is no end, no final reward for our suffering and sacrifice, life is the reward and life is what you make it.

If you want to go to heaven, then you better create heaven in your life, reality and consciousness, because there is no God that says, “OK, you’ve been real good, so we’ll let you pass through the pearly gates”. There is no separation between the dimensions, heaven doesn’t just exist in a higher dimensional space, heaven is here now, or can be here now if we choose it to be. It is our job to bring heaven into this dimension! We are the rebels, the ‘lower’ life forms infiltrating heaven, except we’re not breaking through the gates as if it is some war between light and dark, instead, we are the angels of Light and Dark, the Masters of Reality Creation, we are the Masters of Heaven and Hell because we have lived both realities. We have lived in heaven, (we came from heaven), and we descended into “hell” to play the games and experience the illusions of separation, unworthiness, helplessness, powerlessness, denial and conflict.

We are the Masters - remember!! If we we’re not, then why would we be here? We are not here because we have been cast out of heaven, and we are not being punished for our evil ways, we are here because we are courageous enough to separate ourselves from our source, we are courageous enough to play the game that we are separate and adopt veils of amnesia to forget our divinity and magnificence - because we can, for the fun of it, for the soul growth of it, because we are all players with our many entrances and exits, with our many faces, roles and desires to experience the possibilities that are available to us and our soul growth through the experience of separation.

Step 4: Making Change through Action

So we live our lives focused upon the truth that we are all divine masters, that we are all “the Christ”; we are no longer deluded by illusion and projection, we realize that all reality is formed by our inner reality and all change comes from within and we are steadfastly focused upon our mission and co-creating heaven on earth. So how do we accomplish this in an active way? What can I do in my “normal” life to create change?

All reality is formed within, but it is fleshed into form through action, without action, (this includes loving things into form), visions and desires will not ground enough to be created in the world. You can dream up the most awesome creations ever imagined, but if you do nothing, they will not come into form, this is the balance of the masculine and feminine. Within the womb of the heart and mind of every soul lies the power of the feminine, to imagine wonderful amazing things, to realize and consider immense possibilities, things that might not remotely exist, but in the mind of the feminine, are not just possibilities, but inevitable, in divine timing. Only the imbalanced masculine, without the creativity of the feminine, would disbelieve something miraculous. But without the masculine principle, these amazing visions are just fantasies, they will not come into form, they may exist etherically in 5th dimensional awareness, and might be grounded a tad in 4th dimensional reality, but not in 3rd dimensional reality.

So to ground the miraculous into 3rd dimensional reality, you must live a miraculous life, you must act as if you are a Super Hero, because you are a Super Hero! This is why we love the super hero movies and the spy movies so much, because they are using the masculine principle to do miraculous things that they have trained themselves to be able to do, without the proper training, they would not be able to act in 3rd dimensional reality in amazing ways.

But without the feminine, the masculine will only believe that amazing physical things are possible, that reality is only what can be seen and felt, but what can be imagined is not real or at least less real. But with the power of the divine feminine, anything is possible, and balanced with the divine masculine, absolutely anything that can be imagined, can be created into form. Case in point, the absolutely amazing miracle of conception and birth, that a new life is created by these two amazing forces of the divine masculine and the divine feminine coming together in unison. All life is created in this way, every new animal and every new plant is created through these divine principles working together. This is how this universe works and by bringing these two divine principles together - miracles happen!

Amazing miracles and immense healing takes place when you connect the masculine and feminine together because the original separation was the split of the masculine and feminine, so balancing these forces naturally heals this ‘original’ wound. We are trying to reconnect with our lost half and the split of the Twin Flame is also part of this original wound.

Prologue - How do I Balance my divine Masculine and Feminine?

So we have discussed the importance of the balance of the divine masculine and feminine, (which is obvious by how out of balance this civilization on earth is because of this imbalance), so obviously balancing these two forces within you would be a logical step in your process of awakening and mastery. The big question of course is how do I do that, how do I balance the divine masculine and feminine within me?

This is the journey of awakening and mastery beloved, this is the journey of enlightenment and it is a journey, it is your individual journey, so each persons experience and awakening is unique. We have played in our many lifetimes with these two divine principles to balance them, and this civilization has been on the same journey, and now it is crunch time, time to fully create, integrate and live this balance. Of course all of the meditations, invocations, shamanic journeys, initiations and guidance that we can receive from our many guides, will help immensely, but then you must live and act to bring this balance into reality through the journey and initiations of ‘Divine Relationship’, where you live unconditionally, without projection, expectation or demands upon others. Just as the steps guide us in this article, that all external reality is formed within first, so is it so with the journey of balancing the divine masculine and feminine - you must balance them within yourself, then live this balance in your life, courageously, without care of what others will think of you because you are a male who often acts quite feminine, or you are a female who often acts quite masculine.

So you live the balance within your own consciousness and then you act in life from this inner balance by living and breathing and acting in and from this divine balance. And if you happen to at times, get a tad out of balance and express yourself in an overly feminine or overly masculine way - you do not judge yourself for this, you just heal what needs to heal and get back to balance!

So back to Step 3, how can I make change through my actions?

The answer to this question should be obvious, but we still have aspects of ourselves that still have one foot in the old world of illusion, agreements and deals, and one foot in the new world of unconditional Love (without expectation, demands, judgments…), a world that has not quite manifested yet. Here’s a sure fire easy breezy way to alter reality - you can affect great change upon this planet by withdrawing support for all unethical practices upon the earth, and by supporting only ethical, fair trade, non-sweat-shop and certified organic practices!

This would seem to be a logical easy choice and focus, but the financial production system and scarcity/lack consciousness programs of social consciousness, are designed to lead us to purchasing what are the least expensive items we can find and not think about anything else. But there is a reason that “normal” products are cheap, and it’s usually because they have no real substance and are produced in an exploitative and destructive ways, in 3rd world countries where people are desperate and will work for slave wages.

And buying ethically and organically is often not easy because it requires a lot of education, because practically every single multi-national corporation is corrupt and functions completely deceitfully, to program and manipulate people to purchase more of their products and to believe that they not only need these products but that they are even healthy for them. This unethical practice has been dubbed “green washing” (by the legitimate field of certified organics), where labels and advertising state how “healthy” and “organic” their product is, when most of the ingredients are completely unhealthy, not beneficial to our health, synthetically derived and certainly not organic, (at least not what we believe organic to mean, that no pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers have been used).

(Withdrawing your support for unethical practices upon the earth, also includes withdrawing support from your own ‘unethical political self’ - the ‘separate oriented self’ that is a conglomerate of the aspects of your consciousness and soul that believe that certain limitations and fears are real and necessary and certain concessions in life are necessary for your survival, such as making deals and agreements with others that sacrifice our own principles, that are contrary to our own consciences, also known as ‘selling your soul to the Devil’. What is also necessary is withdrawing your support from the matrices of illusion and separation, that are agreed upon and supported by society as being real and necessary and must be maintained at all costs, such as the ‘national pride/tribal fear matrix’, the ‘lack oriented competition political corporate finance matrix’, the ‘religious matrix’, ‘medical matrix’, ‘relationship matrix’, etc.)

Buying certified organic fruits and vegetables should be an obvious choice, but many people amazingly still believe that synthetically derived petroleum based chemicals originally designed in World War I to kill humans and the Vietnam War to destroy trees, are somehow not going to poison us. And humans innocently or ignorantly believe that corporations and governments are actually interested in protecting us and wouldn’t sell us food or products with chemicals in them that are toxic and unsafe - NOOOOOTTTT!!!!!!!! They’re only concern is power, control and profit!!!! That is all!!!!! The corruption within the corporate/governmental/financial/medical/pharmaceutical structure of earth is so deep and extensive it is beyond amazing, just read Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures book – www.NaturalCures.com to be blown away!

But it does not matter what the old world is doing and how corrupt and greedy it is, because you have the choice to not support this old world and their “reality” of lack, competition and greed. And you have the choice to buy ethically and organically, which leads us to the inevitable question about animals - is it ethical to eat animals? Some people might rationalize the consumption of animals because animals eat other animals, so why is it any different for me? Well, the difference, my bright little star, is that you have consciousness and you have choice, and you do not need to eat animals to survive, or even to thrive!

I know some people (including the light workers), still believe that they need to eat animals, and believe that they feel better or “healthier” when they eat meat. (See additional notes below). It is not my place to judge or to say that everyone should become vegetarians because that will save the planet (even though it is essentially true), we are all on a soul journey here and there is no judgment of our behavior from any divine force, and it is completely honored that some people still need the experience of eating animals, or need the experience of believing they need to eat animals and our unconditionally loving animal friends are willing to give their lives for our soul growth (except for the cows with guns, see notes). The truth is, that the world will not be saved by everyone becoming vegetarians, it will be saved by everyone opening their hearts to the point that they would not even consider harming a precious life, regardless of whether this life is human, animal or bug, so being a vegetarian then becomes just a natural defacto way of being.

And some people might say, “but what about in the winter when there’s no vegetables to eat? Well, my beloved children, there are great ways to store vegetables for the winter, and of course grains, beans, nuts, etc. The point is, we should be taking care of everyone, whatever anyone truly needs, not just what they want, because they believe they need or want it, we must be able to recognize what people truly need and help them get it, have it and reproduce it for themselves. Poverty is absolutely no real need or reason for poverty or lack to exist anywhere on the planet, they only exist because of greed and lack consciousness, it is the belief that lack is real that creates this to be a reality. But there are no victims in the universe, and everyone who chooses to experience poverty, are doing so for there own soul experience and growth and everyone has the ability and free will to choose an alternate reality.

You are masters remember, all of these choices are yours! What does your heart tell you? Does your heart guide you to purchase sweat shop produced clothes and mistreated pesticide ridden fruits and vegetables, and body care products that are made from synthetically derived chemicals? Or does your heart guide you to purchase, eat and put on your body, foods and products that have been treated respectfully, by people who truly care about the earth and who actually care about you - not just their bank balance?

The world is literally in your hands! What kind of world are you here to create and live?

Go ye Masters of Light and create the life you have come to this earth to live!

The Christ Light burns brightly within the Heart of every Soul - it is our job to see it!

Co-Create Heaven on Earth!!


Infinite blessings on your journey of Divine Mastery


Notes: There are many factors involved if someone becomes unhealthy when they go on to a vegetarian diet, one factor is the fact that when a person decides to get more healthy and they eat healthy things, they often have cleansing reactions, whereby their body is now given a chance get rid of the many years of toxins that have been ingested by the person. The other factor is that they just didn’t eat the proper ratio of foods. Some people feel better when they eat meat because their bodies are addicted to the chemicals that are in meat and the acidic nature of meat, and there are many other factors involved. In general plant foods are far superior in assimilable nutrition than animal foods with far less negative side affects, do your own research and feel the difference with your own body.

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Hotdogs and Change

The Dalai Lama was in New York for a United Nations summit, and was feeling hungry,
so he walked up to a hot dog vendor in Central Park and says, “Make me one with everything”.

(That could be the end of the joke, but the journey continues).

The vendor hands him the hot dog with everything on it and says in a thick Brooklyn accent, “That’ll be $3 dollars Mr. Lama”.

The Tenzin (the Dalai Lama), hands him a $5 bill, and waits for his change, but the vendor does not give him his change.

He asks the hot dog vendor, “Venerable sir, where is my change”?

The hot dog vendor replies, "Well you of all people should know, that change comes from within!”

(Joke courtesy of Marco the Magician, revised by ZaKaiRan)

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