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"Enlightenment is a concept of the mind that is in direct opposition to ignorance"
- Gangaji

Are you on a spiritual quest to attain enlightenment, to achieve liberation from limitation, self realization or to gain oneness consciousness? Can these things really be gained? Enlightenment is not something that can be obtained, if it can be obtained then it can be lost. If something can be obtained then it is not real, only a model or idea of reality, it is an illusion. That which you truly are is enlightenment, you have just forgotten this fact. You are already liberated from limitation because you never were imprisoned by it, you only perceived that you were. You do not need liberation you are already free, it is merely a matter of awareness that this is so. You are 'that' which is free and enlightened and one with All That Is. You are that beam of pure consciousness, that witnesses the experiences of the illusion of enlightenment.

It is much more difficult to come here and inhabit a human body, to descend your Spirit into a dense physical dimension, then it is to leave. This is the process of Ascension, the embodiment of what and who you truly are. A process of embodying your light body, clearing out all the cob webs of the old civilization. Just to be here in these dense bodies in this dense mass consciousness takes great and awesome mastery. It also takes human mastery to be awake amongst it all, knowing who you are, and that all of this is an illusion.

Of course you can take the express route of Ascension also known as death, but death is outdated and unnecessary unless you need this experience for your growth. The real mission for planet earth and humanity is for the descension of spirit into these human bodies fully and completely - this is true enlightenment. This is the cosmic joke, that it is difficult to leave - leaving is the easy part. This limited concept was part of the old religious lie that you are sinful and need to earn your way to heaven. But the latest cosmic joke is that heaven is here now, we live in the Christ Universe and the force of evolution is upon us, hard at work Ascending this planet with the descension of love, light and spirit. Heaven On Earth is manifesting now!

You do not need to be enlightened to leave a physical body or to truly embody one for that matter. Your job is to be a human master, a spirit in a human body, not to get out of this body. The concept of attaining enlightenment and deserving to go to heaven was invented by the dark forces to keep you limited by always striving for something that you always were and always had. Your job is to 'really' be here, I mean 'really' be here!

Getting into one of these bodies is the tricky part, because you have to forget your origin and who you truly are. You have to forget oneness and love and your real connection with your true self and All That Is. If you are reading this then you are an enlightened master and have been trained for this job of transitioning this planet to the higher dimensions. You are an expert consciousness transmuter, a reality shatterer. And let me assure you that you are not from this planet, your source is elsewhere, and the discovery of this source is part of your awakening process. You have done this before, you have Ascended other planets with their own unique "limitations", you have been trained at the best Ascension schools on this planet and others and you graduated with high honors.

The old perspective of obtaining enlightenment was based on the 3rd dimensional way of perceiving reality, a linear perspective - A+B=C. Heaven, Consciousness, All That Is - does not operate linearly. Unlike the Old, the new civilization does not operate linearly. Who You Truly Are is not linear. You are all things and no thing. You are Security; You are Fulfillment; You are Freedom; You are Liberation; You are Enlightenment; You are Ascension! You seek outside of yourself for that which you are. This is the cosmic joke of all time - seeking to obtain that which you already are.

The old 3D perceptions were based on illusion. This is all a movie, a set, a script - actors playing a drama called limitation. Concepts like enlightenment, fulfillment, liberation, redemption, etc. are all illusions. They are limited linear perceptions of acquisition. This is a grand illusion of the 3D which places everything outside of self. Placing enlightenment outside of self illusionarily limits you - it implies you are a struggling human earning your way to heaven instead of a divine master on a holy mission Co-Creating Heaven on Earth. You are an expert, a divine actor playing the part of struggling human, but that movie is over and a new one is being produced by 21st century Fox - Mastery of Divine Expression.

Heaven is not a place, it is a state of consciousness. You are heaven and in a linear sense you came from heaven before coming here. But you were not cast out of heaven - you cannot be cast out of Who and What You Are. And to get back to heaven you do not have to 'do' anything. Heaven is a state of being not a state of doing. And this transition, this Ascension of Planet Earth is a process of embodying who we truly are - Heaven. This is a Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth.

The old perspective of limitation is dead. It is now time to honor and know that which you are. The old world told you that you were limited, this is another cosmic joke as you never were limited by anything save your own perception of reality. You can now release yourself from your self appointed imprisonment. You were never imprisoned by limitation, you only perceived that you were. A self imposed limited perception designed to purposely limit yourself. You are not being punished, you have not been limited by some outside force. We volunteered for all these jobs. There is no induction into this Universal Army, we're all volunteers.

Enlightenment is a state of mind. Many beings have attained enlightenment, but very few have Ascended. Be still, be that which you truly are.



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