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Follow the Leader




(This article was evoked by a dream told by a friend: In it she saw a large group of light workers at the top of a bluff, there were no leaders to lead the people down off of the cliff, and no one was willing to jump off of the cliff first. More and more light workers were arriving, pushing everyone ever closer to the cliffs edge because there was no more room at the top.)

Are you ready to be a leader? Are you ready to jump off of the cliffs edge into the wondrous abyss of the unknown? Will you have real courage - being afraid but jumping anyway? Are you courageous enough to be the magnificence that you are? Are you willing to give up everything that you have previously known yourself and the world to be? Are you willing to allow and accept a completely new reality of love and light?

Are you willing to go to the deepest darkest places within your “self” that refuses to let go of pain, suffering, victimhood and illusionary identity, that “self” that refuses to let go of control? Are you willing to let go of personal will, and surrender yourself to divine will, to being an instrument of the Divine Plan? Are you willing to be a pathway cutter for all of humanity, forging ahead through the thickness of resistance of the old world? This is the challenge that we are all facing.

Will you be a leader, or will you wait for someone else to jump first before you do? Will you surrender and jump in head first or will you walk the fence of indecision and test the water with your toe? You are a leader of the entire world, but for heaven on earth to manifest we must be an entire world of leaders. You must be your own leader, your own awakener. Everyone must realize that each one is the leader of themselves. Each person is their own Guru, this is why it is spelled G, U R U. Everyone is their own master; everyone is their own God; everyone is their own savior; everyone is their own space ship.

This is why in this dream there was no one to lead the light workers off of the top of the bluff and no one to jump off first to lead the way. This is because for a master, jumping off of the cliff is an everyday occurrence, it is nothing, faith is the most natural way to be. So to jump off in an attempt to lead others, so that they would jump off, (thus creating followers), would be irresponsible, because it would require very little of the awakening leaders, and would not empower them. This is because everyone must lead, certainly there are some who lead at times more than others, but everyone must be a leader, this is true mastery. It is a much more beneficial initiation to be lead up to the cliff and then left there to your own experience and choices, of whether to say yes to divinity or to more illusion.

Most people, including many awakening masters in the spiritual community, are waiting for someone to show them the way. There are many masters that are here now that can light your path and show you the doorway, but you must open it and walk through it by yourself. There are many masters here that will lead you to the precipice, but you must have the courage and faith to jump off without knowing what is ahead. A real master will give you lots of nudges, but cannot push you off, you must do that of your own free will.

It is now time to take responsibility for our own mastery, for our own divinity and for your own manifestations. It is time to accept the awesome responsibility that we are creator Gods just as the Elohim. We Light Beings, (Light workers, Ascended Masters, Angels, ET’s etc.) with our spiritual accomplishments and the creation of the Christ Consciousness Grid, have ascended the consciousness on this planet to a place where everyone is now left with their own self, without any limitation energetics. The torch has been passed to the next wave of Illuminators, it is all up to you now, time to take the ball and run with it..

The Civilization of Light – Heaven on Earth

A completely new civilization is emerging, a wondrous world of beauty beyond our wildest imaginings. A place where “special” abilities such as psychic knowing, healing, instant manifestation, and teleportation, are normal and average rather than exceptional. A place where all life recognizes its divinity and oneness with All That Is, and live daily as masters of divinely creative expression. A world and reality where illusions of unworthiness and lack do not exist.

How that civilization will manifest is a mystery, this is the canyon below the precipice, the void between the dimensions, this is where we must have faith that all is perfect and going as planned. This is what all great masters speak about, we are doing our best to assist this process by helping the awakening masters function on a daily level, while accepting their divinity and living between the worlds.

We are living between two worlds, between an old dying world of lack, competition, power, and separation, and the birthing of a new world of divinity, cooperation, love, compassion, prosperity and oneness. For the awakened beings, this is especially applicable because we are aware that we are living between this world of limitation and the world of divine expression.

It is relatively easy to be in one or the other, but it is most difficult to be between them. This is why you must be courageous; you must be strong; you must be divinely ruthless; you must be more loving and compassionate than you could possibly imagine. You must not give in to the old world’s pressure to limit yourself and not reveal your magnificence; for you to not be who you truly are; for you to not express your divinity and creativity.

We all came to this planet with our own vision of this civilization of light. This vision has been locked away in the vault, it is now time to crack the combination and reveal this grand vision of Heaven on Earth. It is time for you to begin living your own vision of heaven on earth. You also came here with your own natural abilities that emanate from your spiritual essence. These abilities from your divine essence and natural way of functioning, are how you will manifest this vision.


You must have faith in God and the divine plan, and this vision of Heaven on Earth that you hold within your consciousness. You must be the awesome master that you are in order to manifest this vision, because you are the embodier of this vision. You are the embodier of Heaven on Earth! Heaven on Earth manifests through you, you are its channel. You are God’s creator of this vision of Light.

You must have more faith than you thought possible. You must learn to trust and rely upon your brothers and sisters, and the Angels, and the Ascended masters. You must realize that all is as it should be, and you are perfect just the way you are! You are a most awesome creator of reality and you must take responsibility for all that you have manifested, and begin manifesting a higher reality. Risk everything and nothing for the manifestation of true reality.

Doubt, confusion and fear are not your natural states of being, so do not succumb to these illusions. Doubt and confusion are merely the ego freaking out because you no longer need it, as you realize your true identity. Fear was a necessary part of the experience of limitation and survival, but it is not needed for mastery of divine expression. You and your ego, (even though you don’t really have one), are misinterpreting excitement as fear. You are really just excited about all of the grand possibilities at this time. You are really just ecstatic beyond measure about your own awesome magnificence.

Surround yourself with beings that have awoken, that support your mastery, and see you as divinity itself. Beings who are similarly committed to this heavenly vision and to their own ascension. Limit your exposure with people that still want to experience the illusions of separation and denial. Release everyone from your life who wants you to limit yourself so that they will not feel separate from you; people who refuse to take responsibility for their lives, and try to project their insecurities and feelings of victimhood upon you. You are not helping them or yourself by trying to maintain a relationship with them, your opposing realities undermine each other.

As you acknowledge, allow and accept your magnificence, as you awaken to the full awesomeness of your divine eternal beingness, you naturally become a leader, because you have become your own leader, your own master. Others will see you as a master and a leader, and right they should, for you are indeed that. But you are not their leader, they are their own. And if you are a true master you will encourage their own mastery. You will entrain them, which means that just by your presence, by your example of how you live and who you know yourself to be, they will be elevated to a higher level of conscious awareness.

This is the gift of the Masters and the Gurus; in their presence, because they exist at a high level of awareness, this energetic vibration naturally entrains you to their higher level of vibratory awareness. This occurs because within their consciousness, you are a master, you are God Almighty expressing itself at a single point, and they have no doubts about this whatsoever, it is unwavering absolute truth.

The only difference between the Master and the disciple, is the Master knows s/he is God, while the disciple does not. You must begin to see everyone as the master that they truly are, even the lowliest person whose experience of life is one of suffering, lack and unworthiness.

You see everyone lives an illusion, like actors they try to convince themselves and others that they are separate from each other, that they are this and that identity, that they are separate from God. This is why many people will resist you, because in your presence their divinity is evoked. People will either be attracted to you or repulsed by you, depending on how much they are willing to accept their divinity. They will try to get you off track, to try to get you to doubt your magnificence, and to especially doubt theirs, but do not be dismayed, see them as divinity whether they want to be seen that way or not, because that is the truth.

Wake Up, The Time Is Now!

It is time for everyone on planet earth to wake up - now! Certainly there is divine timing and everyone has their free will, but there is very little time left to play the games of denial and separation, because planet Earth is moving into its next level of existence, this planet is Ascending, it is becoming a star, and in order to continue living on this planet, everyone on it must also become stars. Any one who does not want to ascend, who still want to experience limitation and the illusions that go along with it, will have to go elsewhere to do it. The force of evolution is upon us, you can surf this big wave of love or be drowned by it.

Planet Earth is already in the 4th dimension. Many awakened masters on planet earth at this time are also operating at similar levels, especially if they are activating their light bodies. Prior to this time, all light workers have lived with an experience of being strangers in a strange land. We felt like aliens visiting some foreign world. This feeling was accurate because we are. We were divine beings living in a world that does not recognize divinity as true reality. As this new civilization of light manifests further and further, anyone who still refuses to wake up, will become the strangers in a strange land, they will become the minority rather than the majority.

You are the manifestor; you are the master; you are God the creator! Be who you truly are! By you being who you truly are, heaven manifests on planet earth. Every moment that you are acting and being who you truly are, heaven is here now in that moment. Do not be afraid, for I AM AllWays with you. Go ahead and jump into the mystery, into the magic, into the wonders of creation, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We are waiting for you at the bottom of the canyon. We are waiting for you to be who you truly are, to being the magnificent awesome master that you already are; this is the leap of faith, and the leap is into your own loving self, into the Godness that you truly are. Surrender control of your personal will to divine will; be your own leader; be your own savior; be your own guru; be your own master; Be a Walking Talking Expression of Divinity!

Co-Create Heaven On Earth!

All My Love,


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