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Free Will - Does It Really Exist?



Free will is a reality, a truth if you will, and an illusion. We are in a free will universe whereby you have the
free will to decide whether you will choose the light or choose the "darkness". Whether you will choose Love or fear. This is the only choice you have available to you.

We are all under the direct supervision of our spirits. Our free will dictates that we have the right to follow this direction from our spirits (our true selves) or to resist this direction; therefore resisting self, therefore denying spirit, and the source of All That Is. Free will is an illusion, there is no choice really, because - who are we resisting but self. We are all indeed one, separation is a total illusion therefore free will is an illusion.

This is the experiment of this dimension of this planet and this universe. This is the core of the Lucifer rebellion. The Lucifer rebellion is a reality whereby we all chose to put on a mask of denial and play the part of separation, to play the game called free will, in other words, I am separate from God, God does not exist and I must be God. This reality has precipitated external consciousness, a reality where everything is outside of self.

So do you actually have free will? If you live your life from the old world perspective of "I am separate from my spirit, God and all of humanity", then free will exists. You have the illusion of being able to choose what to do with your life, how to act and react, what to eat, who to be with etc. But from this reality, generally there is still very little free will because most people in this old civilization reality live there lives based on programming. Genetic and social consciousness programs and influences; ego influences; educational, media and political influences. So even in the old world, free will has very little validity.

Generally, it is thought that if you resist these influences and go a different path, then you are experiencing free will, but are you? Why are you drawn to resist the status quo and go your own way? Were you directed by your suffering, another outside influence, your emotions - or are you directed by your spirit. Was spirit directing you to be who you are as a conscious point of light and love, was spirit saying to you, be your divine essence.

From a broader based perspective we are all totally in the hands of our spirits and even if we choose the external world of "darkness" over Divinity, this choice is directed by Spirit for you to experience. So you choose "free will", you choose the external world to experience what it is like to deny that you are a Divine Master. What a fabulous creation we live in that you can actually experience this illusion, this reality.

From a planetary perspective, (the transmutation of this planet to a star and the transmutation of humanity into bodies of light), you absolutely have no free will at all. Genetically these bodies are transmuting whether you want them to or not - you have no choice. Your only choice is to surrender to this force of evolution and have a fun ride; or resist it, hang on to being a human body, and become extinct like the dinosaurs.

From a spiritual perspective of "free will", you can still choose light or dark meat. You can stay and experience the awesome joy and wonderment of this fabulous transition, the co-creation of heaven on earth or you can go elsewhere and continue experiencing the illusion of separation, complete with its inherent pain, denial and suffering. But even this choice is not in your hands but spirits. Spirit decides what is in store for your evolution and experience. And as far as your evolution is concerned, your spirit will not let you off the hook. Your spirit will badger you and manipulate you and put influences around you to give you no choice at all, but to choose divinity. If you are here to experience the transition and live Heaven on Earth then you will do so. If it is not yours to do and you are not done playing the game of separation, then your Spirit will have you go elsewhere to play this game with other kids that want to play.

Free will is an illusion of the old world and it is an illusion of the "New Age". The New Age is merely the final manifestation of the old age, there is nothing in the new age that is new at all. Free will promises control and power; the illusion that I have control and power over my life, but you do not. You as Spirit, do have control; but you as body, mind, emotions, ego, do not. Only consciousness experiences. The body, mind, emotions, ego etc., is how what and through which consciousness expresses through and experiences through.

The new age has promised control and power by knowledge of internal and external forces. It has promised power and control over old world influences, political and religious structures. But there is nothing to have control and power over because no thing exists. Everything is an illusion; a creation; a set; a prop for us to play with in the play called separation. All crystal power; psychic power; astrological power; psychological power - based on awareness, these are all illusions, for we are not these things. We are pure consciousness - that which experiences these things; that which creates these things to play with. These are the parameters of the game; the rules; the structure of the game. For without structure there is no game; you do not know how to play it or where to play it in the void. Energy, power, control, god, religion, spirituality - these are all the structure, the parameter of this game called life.

But we are all bored with this old game called mastery of limitation - a game where we played survival and war; love, lust and relationship; destruction and creation; pleasure, pain and suffering - where we played the big game of darkness and light. But there is a new game being produced by the big game manufacturer and its called The Co-Creation Heaven on Earth; Divinity, Love, Light; remembering who you truly are; Mastery of Divine Expression. A game with no rules except be who I truly am. A game where we combine our vision of the new game with the old, throwing out the old rules, and play with a whole new set of parameters of reality where we are all indeed one with All That Is. A game where there are no winners and losers only Divine players in a holy mission of Love. A game where we laugh about the old game and how funny it was, this is the cosmic joke. A game where unworthy is seen for the illusion that it is; earning, learning, deserving, success - words and realities of linear thinking do not exist.

You cannot resist the light and choose darkness for you are the light, this is one of the grandest illusions. The illusion of free will was created by us all with the whole force of creation, to play this fabulous game called creation. We created all the illusions of good; bad and evil; darkness and light; just for the fun of experiencing it. How else could God experience itself but put itself outside of itself to see its own reflection.

Now go and experience your free will truly, try your damnedest to choose darkness, to resist your divinity - inevitably you will find that that is impossible. And as the veils of denial are lifting you will find it extremely easy to see who you are, that you are a light being of the highest caliber and that everyone else is as well. You will see that they are merely actors doing a damn good job of playing their parts for themselves and for you.

So do you actually have free will? Do you actually have creative control of your reality? - Your perception is where you have creative control. Your free will choice lies in how you choose to perceive every situation in your reality. What is real for you: the world of illusion; the world of form; your thoughts; your feelings? This is your free will choice - what you decide is real. What of you is real? - Who you truly are; pure consciousness; the eternal, unchangeable essence that is always present and always was present, even prior to conception; - that is real - where you place your attention - that is your choice

How do you choose to use your freewill in day to day life, do you choose projection over being in your own suffering? Is your cup half full or half empty? Do you see the higher dimensional truth of reality or only the control dramas? In relationship, how will you choose to live - will you choose to follow your suffering, or love? Will you choose to try to get over your boredom and feelings of aloneness by drumming up shit, indulging in drama, so that you won't feel this suffering?

Do you choose to see the distorted humanic limitations of a person or do you choose to see the mastery of a person. Do you choose to see the 3rd dimensional perspective reality of things, or do you choose to see the 5th dimensional perspective reality of things. Do you choose to use old ways of perceiving reality or new, mysterious, unknown ways of perceiving All That Is.

All choice, the only choice, that every choice is contained within, is the choice of love. Do you and will you consistently choose love or fear? Will you go where love leads you, and pushes you, or will you run away to familiarity - away from the unknown, away from the mystery. Will you really feel deeper and more passionately then you ever have in any lifetime, or will you deny the pain evoked from discovering who you are, and the denial that you have practiced.

Will you embody your Divine magnificence, or will you settle for mediocrity and the comfortable numbness of denial and mass consciousness perception. Will you be all that you are - embodying your individual, unique, awesome expression of All That Is.

What's your choice? - Love or fear - Or is there really a choice at all?


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