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Go Ahead and Jump!

By ZaKaiRan


What is your courageousness quotient? What are you willing to do to get what you want? What “securities” (or should I say insecurities) are you willing to sacrifice to manifest your dreams?

Most people on earth are just sheep who follow whatever the masses and the “authorities” say they should do, think, believe and how to live. But at their essence no one is a sheep, because in truth, every soul’s true nature is completely courageous. Just deciding to inhabit a three-dimensional body and live in a world that limits, represses and oppresses creative and divine expression is completely fearless and courageous.  Everyone is a tiger, a lion, a leopard, a cheetah, a cougar, an alley cat or a kitty cat, depending on each person’s personality, but no one is naturally a sheep. Sheep are created, not born and what turns tigers into sheep is being surrounded by and being taught by other afraid sheep! 

The world is full of and run by scared sheep who are turning courageous, expressive, creative, amazing souls into scared, repressed, boring humans. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about the rest of the world, how they live and what choices they make in their lives, but you can declare that in ‘your world’, this pattern of repression, oppression and limitation stops now! 

First it stops with you, by you becoming a fearless, courageous, creator of goodness, happiness, joy, health and wealth! You do this by going back to school, not “earth school”, that system of “education” primarily represses and limits expression. No, the school you are now going to is the divine whealth school of amazing joyful creation! You are now in training, if you are courageous enough, to receive your Master’s degree in reality creation. You were already a master in training, but you just didn’t know it.  You have already been creating every aspect of your reality with every thought word and deed, but primarily unconsciously.

Now, if you are courageous enough to go against the unconscious norm of repression, you will be mastering the art of joyful whealth creation. Yes, the spelling is correct (wealth/health).  Most definitely wealth, because you can’t do anything on planet earth without money, that is just a given! So get over your money and self-worth issues quick, otherwise you’re just going to struggle like the other sheople (sheep-people) on earth who don’t feel worthy of money, who believe money is “evil” and who are not willing to “plork” (play/work) to create their own empowerment and wealth.

Get over your stuff now!  Stop dicking around and listening to idiots! You’re amazing! You deserve whatever you want and there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from having what you want, except yourself!  And there is absolutely nothing wrong with being rich, just ask someone who is rich! Only poor people think there’s something wrong with being rich! No rich person wishes to be poor again because they were happier when they were poor! 

An unhappy person is unhappy whether they are rich or poor. Money does not make a person a person makes money from their joy, passion, sweat, tears and love!  Your personality, character and happiness are not formed by your surroundings, your creations or by the lack of anything.  You create your happiness and your happiness creates you! 

To create “holistic wealth”, (not parasitical wealth, which is created from exploiting people and the earth), you must become happy first, then you are able to naturally, joyfully and effortlessly create wealth in your life without desperation, neediness and co-dependence, without having to sell your soul for a feeling or appearance of riches and fame out of feelings of lack and loneliness. 

“Holistic wealth”, or “real” wealth, is created through joy, because how the Law of creation reality is truly created is with our feelings, and happiness is our most potent reality creation tool!  Yes absolutely, our thoughts are just as important, but to really get these thought creations fully fired up and empowered, you must get your feelings and emotions fully focused on the job of creation.  You must learn to dream big and envision what you want with passion, because you are a God/Goddess, and Gods and Goddesses are passionate and naturally dream big!  When you can dream like a God, then you are really creating reality!

So, your primary mission and focus as a creator God-Goddess is to get happy, stay happy and get happier! That should always be your number one goal above all things! If you don’t get this happiness factor together in your life, nothing else that you want to create in your life is going to manifest! So, don’t worry be happy!

Now the other half of what you are mastering is health, and I don’t just mean physical health, I mean mental, emotional and spiritual health. If you leave any of these four out, you will experience difficulty in the other three and you will not be able to fulfil your desires as a soul and create the life you have come to this Earth to create! Anything else is going against your nature, and anything against your nature is energetically debilitating to your health. So, you are either getting healthier and healthier physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually or you are decaying and dying slowly like most of the beautiful souls on earth.

Now in one sense it’s not people’s fault that they are sheople because most people have not really been given a fair chance to really be their true selves or even know their divine selves because no one has introduced them to themselves yet. But there are no victims in any universe, or in any dimension of creation because we are all God’s and Goddesses who have the full power to create whatever reality and life we desire. Which means every soul on earth created every single experience in their lives, which includes choosing not to get the most optimal starts in life.

But every soul has chosen every experience in their lives and regardless of their choice and past experiences, every soul now has the choice to change their future. No one has to continue creating their current experience because of their past, and no one is or needs to be, a victim to their own creations.  And everyone has the power to change his or her perception and feelings about the past!

Yes, you have the ability to change the past, to literally change time by changing your perception of the past, through forgiveness and by not making present choices now based on your past experiences. We are all Time Lords and by changing what you think, how you feel and how you react to life experiences in a courageous way, rather than a fearful way, you change your internal makeup that was previously formed by your experiences and fearful reactions of the past. And by acting differently you create new neural pathways in your brain to now create more and more beautiful experiences in your life every day and creating wealth and health in every aspect of your life like magic, like the magical master that you are.

You see, most of how we react to our current life experiences is based upon how we reacted in the past, and more often than not we reacted in fear to protect ourselves and we made decisions to always act certain ways in the future to not get hurt again. And because of this, that fear is now locked in our consciousness saying, “danger Will Robinson danger”, so we continue to react in the same way over and over again and we continue manifesting the same experiences over and over again. But manifesting the same things over and over again gives us a chance to act differently, thus changing reality.

Notice, I said Act not react. Part of your mastery is learning to Act or to respond, not react to life’s experiences. Sheople react to life’s challenges fearfully, the wolf comes at them and they run for their lives or cower in fear rather than baring their teeth and saying f*#k off.

So where in your life are you running or cowering in fear when the wolf comes knocking at your door? Chances are, unless you already have your doctorate degree in reality creation and you are very firm in knowing how awesome you are, there will be many places and times where you are still acting like a sheep, because you have given this person or that person or that business… control over your love, health, wealth, happiness and fulfillment.

Where do you give your power away in the workplace and financial arena and whom do you give it away to in order to be worthy of receiving money for your survival?  Do you give your power away to your boss, the company, your clients, your peers, the taxman, the economy, the government? And if you don’t do A, B and C, you will get fired, lose your clients, lose business and end up homeless on the street?

Remember this key element of creation and manifestation, is not “when I get money then I’ll be happy”, but rather, it’s “be happy first, then I’ll be so happy that I’ll easily and joyfully be able to create what I want in my life”. You don’t have to sell your soul for money, success, happiness, love, friendship etc, instead, commit to your happiness; your natural state of joy and ecstasy, and you will feel passionate to create these things in your life that you want to create easily, gracefully and magically.

Do you go to doctors? Then more than likely you are giving the power of your health away to someone who you and society alleges to have more knowledge and awareness of your body and your health than you do! Certainly, doctors may know more about the body in general then you do, but no doctor, healer, therapist, herbalist, naturopath etc. knows your body and mind better than you do! But until you empower yourself and educate yourself about your health and nutrition, this will not seem true, it will seem that friends, lovers, relatives, parents, siblings, etc. know you better than yourself.

And last but not least, where are you giving your power away in relationship? Do you give control over your experience of love to friends, parents, siblings, wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc. In other words, if they all left you, abandoned you, rejected you, etc, would you still experience love and being loved? If not, then you give your love power away to others and it is time for you to realize that you are love!

You are love! You are love! You are love! No person determines your loveliness, ability to be loved or your capacity to experience love! Love is everything, Love is everywhere and everyone is Love and if you tap into this divine truth than you realize that you have Love no matter what anybody else does, says, thinks or feels about you!

I know that at times it has felt like there wasn’t any Love, especially when you had Love and you lost it, or it was “taken away” or you were rejected, etc.  But that’s only because humans don’t realize that Love is not something to obtain, it is just something that we are. It certainly is something that we can give and receive but it is not a commodity to be traded, sold and bargained with, although in today’s society because people feel a lack of love and energy, it is quite effectively traded as a commodity. (Please see the Celestine Prophecy book and movie regarding this exchange of energy.)

There are only two forces in the universe: Love and Relationship. Everything and everyone is Love and every action is an expression, repression, or denial of Love. That’s how simple this universe is.

So how complicated have you made love in your life? How much are you still using love to manipulate others so that you will feel loved, cared for, to feel secure and so you won’t feel alone? And how much are you allowing yourself to be manipulated by others to give love to them? What deals are you making in your day-to-day life and your relationships to receive love, energy, wealth and success?

Do you have fears that your partner or lover will leave you, have sex with someone else, or fall in love with someone else? So, what if they do? It really doesn’t matter, because your happiness, love and fulfilment should not, and does not rely upon any one person, and there will always be someone better that will come along, if you believe that to be true. No person or persons have, or should have, that much power and control over you! Or more accurately, optimally, you should not give your power away to anyone and place your happiness, joy and fulfilment in their hands, which is what sheople do every single day of their lives in all of their love relationships as well as their work relationships.

As you can see, I could write an entire book on this subject, but the point is, you have the power of creation in your hands, or rather you have the power of creation in your minds and hearts! So, the question is, will you accept, use and master this amazing power of creation? Or will you continue to deny, repress, avoid and run away from this “magical” power? Or will you step up to the proverbial plate, be courageous and at least try to hit a home run? Or will you hesitate for fear that you will strike out? Which of course is going to ensure that you strike out.

Champions “fail” more often than “losers” because they are courageous enough to risk failing. Babe Ruth, one of the most famous baseball players of all time, struck out more times than any other player in baseball history and at the same time hit more home runs than any other baseball player in history, and both of these records of “failing” and succeeding, were later surpassed by Hank Aaron. The point is, you have to risk failing in order to succeed, or in the words of Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb, “I did not fail 10,000 times in creating the light bulb, I successfully discovered 10,000 ways not to make a light bulb.”

One of the main tenets of creation mastery is, “who do you listen to”? Should you listen to the whining, complaining, fearful sheople that are the self-professed authorities on everything, including what you should and should not do? Or will you listen to your heart, be courageous and jump?

Go ahead and jump! Might as well jump!

Go ahead and jump! Might as well jump!

What do you have to lose? If you fall down, get up dust yourself off with as much dignity as possible and try again! And as always, here is your choice, live in fearful, quiet desperation, with struggle, depression, unhappiness decay, illness, and death or live a courageous, unstoppable, sustained empowered life, full of mastery, continuous growth, happiness, health, wealth and ecstasy?  It’s your choice! It has always been your choice! What will be your choice?

Success is a Decision Away!

Success is a literally decision away, because to do anything, create anything or change anything in your life, you must first choose to do it and then you must actually do it, you must act on this choice with passion! If you do not act on your decision, you set up direct conflict in your brain, because you have essentially lied to yourself. You made a decision to do something and then you repressed, denied or avoided that decision. You essentially went against your own nature and entered a fear state.

And brain researchers have discovered that when a person does this, when they do not act upon a decision, their brain registers on a brain spectographer similarly to a person with a psychotic disorder. That person then experiences “brain fog” because of this inner conflict and if they resist acting upon decisions enough times, this literally takes years of youth off of their prefrontal cortex and it seriously debilitates their ability to make future decisions and they essentially become like most people on earth, a sheep person (baaaaaaaaa), unable to make any courageous decisions in their lives.

But when you make a decision to fight, to conquer, to create or get what you want, no matter what, the nerve endings in your pre-frontal cortex are ‘potentiated’ with a chemical that gives you an explosion of courage and confidence. And every time you flex these brain muscles, every time you make a courageous decision and act upon it, even if you fall down or ‘fail’, but you get back on the horse, you will experience a surge of these amazing chemicals to help you become more and more of a champion every day, to be the champion that you truly are!

Your success is literally a decision away! So, go ahead and jump! Go ahead and jump! Might as well jump! Go ahead and jump!

You are a master creator of reality; you have created every single experience of your life and you are empowered to create whatever life and reality you desire!

You’re totally amazing! You’re a champion! You are heaven in a body!
You are love! And you are loved! I love you!

Co–Create Heaven on Earth!

I AM ZaKaiRan





The Purpose of Life is JOY!

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