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God/Goddess Alchemy


Original Blueprint Reconnection

Freeing ourselves from the shackles of our slave race mentality and the mutant state of our DNA

Reconnecting to Earth Instinct and blessing mother earth with our Divine Elixirs



Because of our conditioned and inherited unworthiness, we unnaturally exploit all resources (including people) outside of ourselves, due to our lack of awareness that we have everything we need within. And because of these programs of duality, we are disconnected from our own body’s functions and from the normal instinctual balance that exists within nature and our environment. This functionality is a perfect interactive balance between the male and female principles of creation.

We may judge certain animals, the weather and even plants for being destructive, but this is the natural creative process of life in the world of form. In this world, everything survives and even thrives from the consumption, disintegration and decay of everything else, (the natural processes of life/death). In the natural world, which is connected to Divine instinct, this is all in perfect Divine order. Yet we judge nature and animals, especially ones that will eat us or hurt us in some way, (naturally, since we eat animals), as being less than divine, even evil. Our beloved snake friends have especially copped this unjustifiable rap. This is one of the millions of conspiracies perpetrated by the patriarchal religions to deny the feminine goddess principle and the kundalini. We judge the animals as less than us and merely another resource to be exploited. But the animals have not lost their connection to the Divine as we have. Animals instinctively live in balance, and destruction is part of life, and does not detract from life, but assists it. Yet humans manage to destroy endlessly and needlessly with complete disregard for the consequences. So who is smarter? Us or the animals?

On a consciousness level, humans are vibrating just barely faster than animals and plants. (Unless you have awoken, then you are vibrating much faster than them). Typical humans are subhuman mutants operating on just enough DNA and electromagnetic circuitry to propagate the species, and no more. But this is all perfect in the cosmic scheme of things and quite temporary, luckily!

We are in this current subhuman state because of the mutant state of our DNA. As a species we have been evolving, but extremely slowly due to this limited state of functionality. 98% of the human DNA is non-functioning. Only 6 million of the 3 thousand billion base pair chemicals, that comprise our genes, are active. So needless to say, we have a long ways to go yet to reach Christed Human, which is where we are headed. The more of these base pair chemicals we have activated and the more physical and etheric DNA spiral strands (12 & 12 possible strands), the closer we are to being Golden Humans, or Christ Light Beings.

Why is our DNA in this Poor State?

This is a very long story that is an article/book in itself. You can read all about it in the many books available on this subject by Barbara Marciniak, Barbara Hand Clow, Zecharia Sitchin, Sheldon Nidle and articles by Dan Winter… Here’s the extremely abbreviated version:

Our original “human” DNA was star seeded by 7 Christed ET races. This was many millions of years ago. The original design was perfect. We were physical yet immortal beings, totally electromagnetically connected genetically to know, feel, receive and transmit the divine energies, and realize our connection to and with our own divinity.

Through God/Goddess’s, the universe’s & this planet’s desire to experience more of itself through separation, and our natural rotation within the universal ages of Light and Dark in and out of the photo band…, internal and external conflict arose and fell. This included ET/planetary wars, and for this planet, civilization collapse and planetary cataclysms. Most people are still in denial of this history and the many awesome civilizations that have risen and fallen on earth, which are blatantly apparent by the awesome structures left behind from them.

Many have called this the “fall”, or the Lucifer rebellion. The extremely simplified version of this is hinted at in the Adam and Eve story. But this “rebellion” or “fall from grace” is only part of the story, the other half is our “push from grace” by the Anunaki and other ET races. But neither description accurately describes our history because we all volunteered on soul levels to experience this illusion called separation, to the fullest degree, for our greater understanding of oneness.

If you go back in consciousness, taping into the Akashic records and your soul memory, you will remember the Orion wars, the destruction of the grand civilization on Mars, the destruction of Lemuria and the downfall of Atlantis. And subsequent formations of the many other enlightened societies of Maya, Rama, Egypt… And included amongst all of that: much ET intervention, some positive but much negative. You will remember the planet Nibiru, (detailed in the Sumerian texts), and the Anunaki, the “Gods”, hinted at in the bible, that live on this planet.

This “12th planet”, can be seen by our astronomers, but they do not have the courage to come forward with this information or really believe that it exists. It is a planet with an elliptical orbit that comes close to earth every 13,000 years. The Anunaki, like all the other “non-Christed” ETs, had lost their direct and immortal connection to God, so they resorted to external methods to “create a reconnection” to God and to sustain their physical longevity/immortality. This was accomplished with white powdered gold, a “cosmic drug”, that temporarily gives one an experience of the Divine within, a connection to bliss, which is the key to immortality. (It also defies gravity, lower dimension and disease/aging/death programs). But true bliss is not obtained by anything external but through the internal. True immortality is our natural “internal” state, and physically activated from our creative abilities. It is not something realistically generated by technology.

Relying upon external technology, creates a situation where you are addicted and reliant upon these external means of creating something that already exists within, but is inaccessible. The “drug” becomes your god to worship. We have been experiencing a similar experience as humans, being genetically disconnected from divine access. And naturally (or un-naturally), when you are addicted to something, and your spiritual and physical survival is dependent on it, you will do anything to get it, including fighting, killing, wars and even slavery.

We are now healing all the wars of separation due to our desire to deny and repress our suffering from this separation, and from our guilt from lifetimes of being baddies. The Anunaki were addicted to white powdered gold as all the un-Christed ETs were, and even manipulated our DNA to create a slave race to mine this gold for them. This mainly took place in what is now Africa. This is why Africans have typically been captured for slaves by many races and civilizations through time, and later again for the Americas, due to this old memory. This is also why humans have in general abducted and utilized slave labor, (and still do in sweat shops), thinking nothing of it. This is also why most people still act like slaves, taking what is given to them by these “gods”, including low paying jobs, and paying part of this wage as slave taxation to the same conglomerate, while these “gods” (corporations), pay next to nothing or absolutely nothing.

Income taxation is slavery! Wages are not income! Income is profit! Wages and earnings from labor, are just that, they are not “profit”. “Income” is profit earned from the sale of goods manufactured and distributed by laborers, and services accomplished by workers who are employed by businesses and corporations. These profits, derived from the labor and sweat of people, are what was originally intended to be taxed to finance the government. Taxing wage earners is nothing less than fascist aristocratic oppression. It is slavery!

Every cent you involuntarily give to the government for “income” tax, is slave labor, because you have received nothing directly for these wages and you are being forced to pay this money. Income taxation is illegal and unjust! And all the judicial and governing powers know this to be true. And if they don’t, then they should know.

Income taxation is technically “voluntary”. If it was not, than once again, it would be, (and is), slavery. You do not legally or constitutionally have to pay income tax! Although, if you do not, you could, quite possibly, be unjustly prosecuted for this “crime”. But if you are, you will notice that it will not be in a criminal court, as the taxation departments are outside of the normal judicial system. They have their own court system and henchmen to enforce this “voluntary” taxation. If our governments actually did something good with our money, we would all gladly donate a very small percentage of what we manifest to more than amply pay for the maintenance of public services that help us all. But of course, everything is privately owned, including the governments, and so there are no public services. Our taxes pay for next to nothing that actually publicly serves the individual, (except for an illusion of the protection of our physical safety and of our current standard of living and trumped up patriotism). Therefor, all taxation, currently serves no one except the money controllers, our masters.

More History

Other stories have been written or channeled about this gold being used to maintain a mantle of protection (firmament), around Nibiru. I believe this to be part of the story, but the white powdered gold to be more in alignment with the real motivations of the time. (For this story and the destruction of our own firmament, please see Sheldon Nidle’s “You are becoming a galactic human”). Prior to and during Lemurian and Atlantean times, we had a protective barrier around our planet that maintained the light frequency and temperature at a constant divine state. This was destroyed by nefarious forces in order to destroy (the Mother Goddess) Lemuria, subsequently destroying themselves (Atlantis). This event is hinted at in the bible, through the “Noah/flood” story, which is a description of the destruction of the firmament, which was made from water. When this was destroyed, huge amounts of water descended upon earth sinking Lemuria and flooding most of the planet. The Galactic Federation has stated that our firmament will be reinstated, which will considerably lower the depth of our oceans, thusly Lemuria and Atlantis will re-emerge.

Additionally, the people from Lemuria, knowing the inevitable destruction of their motherland MU, using their mastery of crystals, sound and vibration, hollowed out a massive city to preserve their culture. This underground city is known as Telos, which is at the base of Mt. Shasta in northern California. It is part of a series of underground cities called the “Agartha Network”. They have been underground during our “fall” into darkness for the last 12,000 years and will re-emerge to commune with us in the future when we are at a sufficiently high enough (unconditionally loving) vibration and wholeheartedly and fearlessly welcome their assistance. The Telosians and Agarthans typically are beings of immense awareness. They are fully functioning at a fifth dimensional level with the requisite telepathic and other “supernatural” abilities. They are typically around 7 feet tall with long flowing hair. They have retained the full functionality of their original DNA blueprint, which is the same as ours before our genetic manipulation. Essentially, who they are and where they are genetically, and the degree of divine awareness they operate at - is where we are going. They are physical like us, but also 5th dimensional (Light-Body), so they are immortal and have the ability to go between dimensions easily, teleporting, disappearing and reappearing at will. They speak ancient Lemurian and English (due to the fact that they are based below America).

We were at one time a slave race, programmed to believe that we were serving the Gods, and it was an honor to do so. This is the root of all fundamentalist religions and the worship of “God/Gods”. It is also the root of our zombie slave work ethic, being honored to have jobs serving the gods of finance and politics and blindly believing their lies and propaganda.

Luckily for us, one of these “gods”, had developed a desire to awaken the humans to somewhat reactivate our DNA and make us a tad more aware, with the ability and knowledge of creation, or procreation. Once again, a simplified version of this is detailed in Genesis.

The marriage of the Sons of the Anunaki with the daughters of earth, was this merger. Actual sex, resulting in the genetic combination of Anunaki with human DNA. This accelerated us to a place where we at least had the ability to propagate our own species, and possibly better ourselves with a taste of the “knowledge of good and evil”, or the knowledge of the ability to create life. The awareness that we are mortal and immortal. Immortal Spirits residing in mortal bodies, that can actually be immortal themselves. Also that the “Gods” were fallible.

This is the conflict between our natural and true inner knowing that we are Gods, Divine and perfect, and that we are also somehow “faulty”. The fault factor is capitalized by all beings desirous for power and control. Keep the masses believing in their unworthiness and they will accept whatever punishment you determine they deserve and gladly accept any crumbs that may fall from the table. And from this, shame and guilt are used to usurp our innate natural power of sexuality/creation, to make us feel guilty about doing something that is totally natural, divine and empowering.

Everyone is looking for a reconnection to their divinity. And because of our lack of receiving sufficient nurturance as babies and children, we seek to somehow regain this lack from co-dependent relationships, through sexual/sensual gratification and polaric sexual identity. We are all prostitutes! We give our sexuality away freely to obtain some degree of fulfillment, to fill the hole that we have in our little child and our soul. This has, of course, created the consumerist mentality to obtain unmet nurturing needs through the acquisition of financial and sensually gratifying things. Everyone knows this deep down, and the media, politicians, religions, corporations, family, partners…, exploit this need, this desire, (naturally, as they have it too), to get what they want, to try to get their nurturing needs met. The creative life force through sexuality is sucked dry from us all through consumerist and political manipulation and our own ignorance. The power of creation is given away and sucked off through all these externally oriented need fulfillment actions and systems, that we engage in daily, that we believe will give us fulfillment.

Some of the elite know this inside story and the truth of our mutant state of DNA, (or they know it on unconscious levels). The story of Adam and Eve is a parable of this whole story. The “knowledge of good and evil” is the knowledge that we have been and are being exploited by our masters, including the master ego, the separate oriented self that we have created within, to believe the illusion, and by the matrix of enslavement.

The curse “God” (an Anunaki posing as “God”) put upon Adam, Eve and “Satan”(-1), in particular, the “enmity between Eve and the Serpent”, is the curse of the oppression/repression of the Goddess, including disconnection from our Mother Earth and the Divine Mother (Holy Spirit). The sole emphasis was then placed upon the God/Father & Son aspect of creation, and subsequent creation of a false masculine delusion from the repression of the feminine. In addition to the creation of a glamorized savior, the “only way to heaven”, through this “one and only”, “Son of God”, a man. The Catholic Church did keep one goddess in the picture, but I’m sure only to compete with the worship of Pagan Goddesses, and get new recruits worshiping Mary instead. But of course, she had to be a virgin, because sex is evil, and “gods aren’t created from having sex”, another grand lie created by the Catholic Church from their ignorance and desire to repress the true story.

The only worthy endeavor then, as a woman, was to give birth to sons, to be like Mary. But of course, this was not possible because you have to have sex to give birth to sons, and you have to be a virgin to give birth to the Christ Child, and there’s only one “son of god”. Oh my gaawd!, more sexual guilt – aaaaaaah! And of course, we had to make the High Priestess Mary Magdalene, who was Jeshua’s wife, into a prostitute, because we couldn’t have any empowered Goddesses. The only professions available then for a women were being a mother or a prostitute. This was all an inevitable progression from complete ignorance to partial awareness.

Self awareness, (separation), and awareness of Divinity, (oneness), is the knowledge of “good & evil”, or polarity consciousness. Or the realization that this is really one big illusion. The knowledge is the polarity of worth/unworth. Prior to this awareness you had worth if you served the gods. With the advent of the return of the feminine principle, worth/unworth are non-existent and not even considered as being remotely real. The feminine sphere encompasses the polarities and joins them as one in the womb of creation. The knowledge is that through Divine Union and sexuality, we create new life, from nothing. Not synthesized like Frankenstein’s monster. Through the synchrony of the divine masculine and divine feminine, polarity (good and evil), ceases to exist.

And, from the old perception, new life inevitably brought death as our life-spans were limited and controlled by our genetic re-programming. With the marriage of the masculine and feminine principles in this 7th Golden Age, immortality is now possible. Before, immortality was a privilege and gift that only the gods possessed and controlled. In the case of the Anunaki and our past, we did not fall, but were pushed. The “fall” was an exploration of mortality and further separation from original source frequency, from divine intent. To become as close to being animals as possible while still retaining a spark of the divine.

We are now recollecting our original blueprints and reconnecting to our true essence as immortal beings of light, as spirits and as this species we call human. HU-MAN. HU (God), (Source, origin, first sound…). Man (Sanscrit; to think).

Our belief in the life of unworthiness, and our desire to deny and repress the suffering from this life, has caused us to do horrendous things to our fellow humans, animals, plants and planet. Our continuous belief in the lie of unworthiness causes us to continue supporting a reality that is not supportive to life, only death.

Which master do you serve? How often of every day are you serving this ancient “matrix” of power and control, a master that is not your own God-Goddess Presence? What political, national, cultural, religious, scientific, monetary… god are you serving with every thought, idea, speech, and action in your daily life? For whom do you serve? Are you a slave or a sovereign God?

The Waste of our “Waste”

We currently judge anything that comes out of us as being disgusting. Our urine, saliva, excrement, menstrual blood and semen, are dishonored and typically discarded as waste. Nature sees these things as a creative resource, not toxic waste. We pollute the world with these “waste products”, because we do not realize that they are divine stuff that the earth and plants need. We put animal manure and poisons on the plants we eat, but we wouldn’t dare put our own urine and poo on them.

Urine is not waste. It is actually a living food that can be taken internally as a therapy. It is a by product of blood filtration, not waste filtration. It is comprised of a fantastic array of excess vitamins, minerals, amino acids…, that our body had to filter out to regulate content in the blood. Excess materials that our body could not store.

Urine, appropriately named, also contains Urea. Urea is one of the most affective skin moisturizers ever developed. It is produced in the body, so it must be good. Human and horse urine is a multimillion dollar industry, collected mainly in south America, by the cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies for skin and many other products.

Doody is only toxic in concentrated quantities which is what our sewage systems, rivers, oceans…, are forced to contend with. We should all have composting toilets, creating rich soil from our own defecation, rather than the “modern” wasteful sewage processing system, which will become obsolete in the future. But instead of blessing the earth with our fertilizer, we pollute with it. And how insane is it to use our most valuable resource, water, to flush another valuable resource down the drain for someone else to deal with. We should be taking responsibility for our own shit, not dumping it on someone else.

We should also always pea directly on the earth, or save our urine to feed the plants outside and bless the land with this divine amrita. I personally hate peeing in toilets. Peeing outside is a pure joy, and I save my pea in the night by peeing in a bottle to spread around the plants and trees outside. The earth/nature loves it! Of course, a lot of people do not live amongst nature, so this might not be possible. This is an unfortunate circumstance that we have surrounded ourselves with concrete instead of trees). The ability to stand and pea on the earth and “mark your territory”, is one aspect of the use of the male principle that has really been lost with the onset of the toilet.

Nature loves your spit! It contains your Soul Codes and memory. It also contains your genetic material and genetic memory. Mother earth, the devas and fairies, the ocean, water ways…, need these codes and memory, that are also in your urine. They need divine human codes. Spitting helps nature connect to the divine human through these codes and memory, especially at power places and areas needing regeneration. It lends your original DNA memory codes and your divine vibration to the earth and to the devas for their work of energetically maintaining Divine Instinct and nature nurture. Mother earth needs your spit! So spit where nature wants you to. (If you have troubles engaging in projectile salivation, please contact me for classes and guidance. Burping and farting included at no extra charge).

It is only your own belief in your unworthiness that you believe that your urine, doody, saliva, and all of your bodily fluids and functions, are anything but divine.

Goddess Moon Elixir and God Jam

If you want to explore the essence of menstrual blood, there is much information available on this subject as the Goddesses shake off the shackles of oppression/repression and re-empower their true Goddess nature. “The Galvanization of the Goddess”, a transcript by Barbara Marciniak is totally awesome and a must read. The alchemical power from “Goddess Moon Elixir” is immense. The power from the Goddess hormones and the essence within Menstrual blood were capitalized on by the priests (following the exit of the Anunaki), to reach a similar divine state as white powdered gold. This is how powerful menstrual blood is. It is the Divine nectar of the Goddess. Making love during the moon time is most powerful for both, as the male and female potencies commune. At this time, each opposite sex is able to truly experience the essence of the other, especially on DNA levels, through the intermingling of the white and red “bloods”.

Exploring your menstrual alchemy is extremely empowering for you as a priestess/creator-goddess/divine-alchemist. It is a time of physical and energetic release and connection with the creative instinctual earth principles. It is a reminder of your life creating abilities. And the release of the menstrual blood facilitates this beautifully.

The masculine reminder of our ability to make life is obvious through our “white blood’. This elixir if conserved, reveals its divine gifts, (goddess/kundalini activation) and when combined with the goddess principle creates immense energetic as well as genetic connection/creation. Pearl jam is a great gift from the God to the Goddess earth. Beltaine was an ancient expression of the male and female principles joining in divine creation, as couples would make love on the earth and allow their divine juices and divine sensual/creative expression fertilize the earth. I theorize that men’s often chronic desire to masturbate (“spill/sow the seed”), and have sex, (ejaculate), is to somehow obtain a similar release and reconnection to the earth and creative principles, as menstruation facilitates.

Of course, society views menstrual blood as being a curse and dirty. (Another left over from the repression of the Goddess and the Anunaki/Eve/Serpent/Satan story). It is far from it, but pure divine goddess power! The real curse is the disconnection from the power of this blood and the power of the Goddess, the real cause of the “downfall of man”.

By tasting the apple, (the toroid), from the “tree of good and evil”, which is really the “Tree of Life”, which is a sacred geometry symbol representing part of the creation of all life (seed of life, flower of life, fruit of life and tree of life). (The apple represents the toras, which is the imploding spiraling creation energy vortex of the MeKaBa, our vehicle of “inner-ascension” (inscension), into and through the dimensions, into Christ Consciousness).

Adam and Eve were introduced to the divine ability to create life through the divine union of the male and female. Which according to certain religions, has caused our downfall/death and sin, or our disconnection from God. Thus propagating guilt, shame and the subjugation/oppression/denial of the Goddess/Mother-God Principle, (which is “the Holy Spirit”, in typical Christian terminology), and the true divine masculine principle. But the opposite is actually the real truth. Love Making is one of the pathways to Christhood, to divine liberation, which is why everyone is addicted to it, but sex is only the red hearing to get us off of the trail and lead us around like horny sheep. The real core behind this whole story, and the absolute key to our Ascension, is the remembrance, re-connection and embodiment of our true essence as Creator Gods (Elohim), through the alchemical creative balancing, merging and activation of the divine masculine and divine feminine (God-Goddess) potencies within and without. The recipe for all life creation and ascension, which is the key to our personal liberation through sacred geometry.

Everything else has been taken from us and even sex is marketed and controlled to keep us from the ecstasy of sensuality, from the liberation of truly savoring the ambrosia, the essence of the Tree of Knowledge. The story of nakedness and sex, misconstrued by the religions, is the story of sex between the daughters of Eve and the Gods (sons of the father). This is the real story. This copulation created great pain in childbirth for these women because of incompatibility of the two species, which is why there is still pain in childbirth. But there is also ecstasy, which is the real revelation and gift denied and oppressed by the patriarchal force. This union between “heaven” and earth, began our journey back to original innocence.

Our natural desire to taste this knowledge and divine awareness, to embody it through whatever means available, is of course controlled by those who are afraid of their own creative abilities and true divine nature. We are sensual creatures. We have come here to experience all the sensuality and senses possible. These bodies are sensual in nature. Our most awesome gift is our ability to feel: physically, energetically, emotionally…, and to feel love. This the pathway home, through the dimensions. It is a pathway within, through the heart – the divine gateway.

Your experience of the tactile, sensory, electromagnetic extremes of sensuality are only experienced in third dimensional bodies. The experience is completely different (less extreme) in higher dimensional light bodies. But combining the two, you get the experience of both worlds. You get the cake and you get to eat it too. This is why we do this. This is why we play this game. This is why we get into these bodies, to experience the sensuality, the sexuality, the power, the energy, the exhilaration, the bliss, the ecstasy, the love, (and yes, even the pain)…, in a body, in a separate individually oriented vessel of divine expression.

So do not waste these precious fluids. Make love on the earth. Give your creative alchemical juices to the earth. Do not waste your precious Goddess moon elixir by flushing it down the toilet or throwing it in the trash. Use reusable organic sanitary pads and natural tampons, and wash the divine Goddess nectar into a bucket to be spread upon Mother Earth as a divine gift from the Goddess. (Washable menstrual pads: Wemoon - www.menstruation.com.au / Rad-Pads – www.radpads.com.au)

What’s long and hard and contains semen? ------------------------------------------ A submarine.

Naturally, this stuff is extremely potent and powerful stuff and should be conserved and utilized wisely. Retention of the semen is highly recommended and eventually leads to much greater orgasmic experiences. The urge to ejaculate is something very basic and animalistic. It is perfectly alright and natural to do so at the perfect times, while other times, it would best serve your physical and spiritual charging and regeneration, the kundalini being charged with the Shiva and Shakti, by retaining this white lightening,. I highly recommend Barry Long’s tapes on sexuality and other tantric sex books.

Physiologically, you must learn to lock your perineum, or squeeze your PC muscle tightly, to rechannel prana up the spine, reawakening the God/dess Kundalini (men and women). To get beyond the ejaculation urge and to make your sexual experience much more profound, I urge you to center yourself in your heart. This area, and your entire body/mind/emotions…, and openness to full tactile sensuality, being your focus. This facilitates a more fully body and multidimensional experience. Then genital stimulation becomes the icing on the cake rather than the whole cake. Also, I recommend the release of all performance desire and anxiety. The false masculine and false feminine projection that it is your job to perform well and make sure s/he orgasms, which will happen naturally without any intent for this to happen. (The same advice applies for same sex couples).

Girls must also be heart centered to get away from the desire to milk the male potency, to steal this yang essence to compensate for your own perceived or actual lack of yin essence. To synthesize a form of “completion”, to recharge from your loss of yin, from giving your power away to males and the patriarchal system. To facilitate a reconnection to your divine masculine. Also to get clear of any genital orgasm addictions. Once again, a fully body experience being your goal. And similarly to the males, a build up of charge is recommended, rather than dissipating the energy through early climaxes. Hang in there for the peaks to rise ever higher and help the boys keep it together to ride the peaks without falling off of the roller coaster. There are many different rides at the fun park, myriads of cosmic possibilities of divine union that we have not yet imagined. Allow for these mysterious experiences to manifest in your life and sensuality/sexuality.

Even orgasmic experiences that have nothing at all to do with genital sex, but emerge naturally from within, from your orgasmic connection to All Life. (Check out my articles “Heartgasms and Headgasms” on my website for a few hints at these possibilities. And “Future Sex” by Lyssa Royal (excerpt available on my website in ‘Cosmic Cookies’ section, and other related articles). And do not be afraid of both male and female joy juices. They are both full of lovely energizing and nutritional qualities. But enough about sex, (I could go on and on about this fascinating and tantalizing subject).

We are becoming a Galactic Human Species! This is the example of Star Trek showing us that we will someday become honorary members of the Galactic Federation of Light. We are currently being downloaded with meditations, teachings and technologies that are re-awakening our DNA to its original state of divine intent. And because of our “fall”, or rather jump into separation, we will surpass this original design and intent to become Christed Humans! Our natural essence of unconditional love embodied! Yeeee Haaaa!

To Infinity and Beyond!

Be the Galactic Human that you are!



Addendum: How to Activate your DNA

All Love work, and especially Light work, (Ascension Activations…), activates your DNA and awakens you further from your adopted amnesia. I highly recommend Light Language and Light Codes to jump star your DNA. Hearing it, doing it, seeing them, and drawing/channeling them. Information on, and tapes of Toning and Light Language, and how to do it, is available from myself and on my website at: ZaKaiRan.com. Training is also available via phone sessions and Playshops. Toning and Light Language is something everyone already knows how to do, they just forgot. And as soon as you hear some of this sonic alchemy, if you allow yourself to remember and just do it, you’ll be toning and channeling like a champ.

The physical aspect of Light Language is conducted through energy channeling through your hands, body and through art. There is an example of light language on my website that is from Bryan de Flores. Similar codes can be channeled and drawn by anyone. We all know how to do it, it just takes some practice and remembering. It is all something we do all the time on higher dimensions. We communicate this way naturally.

Additionally, all MerKaBa, Light Body, and Antakarana activating meditations, classes…are highly recommended. Aliyah Ziondra’s Unified Chakra meditation is on my website. Also Drunvalo Melchizedek’s MerKaBa meditation is highly recommended. (Flower of Life organization: http://www.floweroflife.org /

MerKaBah Meditation Websites: http://www.greatdreams.com/merkaba.htm

For direct DNA activations, activation sessions are available from myself and other cosmic beings, physical and non-corporeal. You can ask for great assistance from the Ascended Masters, Lord Metatron and the Archturians. There are also many DNA/Ascension activations available from Joshua David Stone. Also in my book, “the Ascension Master’s Toolkit”.

I highly recommend the “Ceremony of Original Innocence”, taught by Jiva and Juliet Carter: OriginalInnocence.com - Originn.net - Piinthesky.com, and myself, which reconnects our electromagnetic Bio-circuitry reconnecting us to Original Source Frequency.

I also highly recommend getting into Sacred Geometry, which unlocks the individual circuits and reactivates your DNA codes. Sacred Geometry represents our natural original divine state. All consciousness and all life, is comprised of Sacred Geometry. Your DNA is absolutely – Sacred Geometry.

(Actual geometries, jewelry size and larger, are available on my website at: http://www.zakairan.com/Sacred%20Geometry.htm

Additional information is available from many sources including: Dan Winter - www.soulinvitation.com - Heartcoherence.com & http://spirals.eternite.com/
Drunvalo Melchizedek: Spiritofmaat.com & www.drunvalo.net
Spirit Link Sacred Geometry Coloring Book - Best.com/~dna/fol/
Jainmathemagics.com / Dolphinray.demon.co.uk /Stewartswerdlow.com / Thework.com /
Native American Geometry: http://www.earthmeasure.com /


Footnotes: 1- For a more accurate history of “Satan”, refer to the Urantia book and information in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s Videos and books. “Satan”, was a being of awesome greatness, who was part of the dimensional governing system for this planet, solar system and universe. He worked with Lucifer, who was the prince of this whole area, or the big chief of this universe. Lucifer means: “the greatest light”, or something like that. He was indeed the greatest light in the universe, naturally, as he was the prince, or president of this universe. He like many of us, decided to explore separation to the most extreme, by playing the game that we were or could be separate from God. This is typically known as the “Lucifer rebellion”. But separation exploration, would be a more accurate way to describe it.

Anyway, the story in the Urantia book is that the Garden of Eden was set up as a Mystery School, to gradually accelerate selected individuals, who would then be sent out into the masses to gradually accelerate the masses. Sort of an awesome Ashram, to train masters, prophets…, to awaken humanity. But things were going very slowly and Eve was losing her patience. And due to the Lucifer rebellion going on in the cosmos, Satan persuaded Eve to push things along a bit, to try to accelerate the evolution of humanity by some magical or technological means. The geometry of this is detailed in Drunvalo’s second book. This story is a mixture of the Anunaki story, whereby the marriage of the “Sons of god” and the “daughters of Eve”, were designed to accelerate the evolution of humanity.

Additional Information: Telos

For more information about Telos and the Agartha Network, see: Aurelia Louise Jones - Mount Shasta Light Publishing - the Lemurian Connection http://www.mslpublishing.com/ - Messages from Subterranean Cities - http://www.snowcrest.net/aurelia/y2k/subterraneon_cities.html


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