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Your energies must be grounded to manifest anything. You must also send everything down into the core of the earth for full manifestation and transmutation and to be received by Galactic Core (the Great Central Sun, Alcyone, Hunab Ku).




What is Being Grounded?

Being truly grounded is being fully on planet earth and not trying to get off of the planet in any way. Being grounded is real enlightenment, and is real ascension; grounding Divine Self here on planet earth; being who you truly are here and now. Being grounded is not denying any aspect of yourself to avoid or escape your suffering and wounds of separation.

Being centered is being grounded on planet earth, with your roots firmly planted and digging as deep as possible into the earth; with your branches reaching as high into cosmic consciousness as possible; receiving nourishment from Father Sky through your leaves and Mother Earth through your roots; so that you can grow and flourish, and be a real divine creation, not some synthesized clone churned out by the mass consciousness.

How to be Grounded

Be here now, in this moment! Be in the present, without any reference to the past. The future is manifested in the now. Be centered within your beingness; centered within your heart; centered in your pineal/pituitary/hypothalamus complex, in your (crown) center.

Be grounded and centered in the realization that you are here on planet earth in the Christ Universe. Be grounded and centered in the realization that you are an awesome, Cosmic, ET, Angelic, Ascension Master, exploring life within a human body. You are a cosmic human, a Galactic human.

You are mastering humanness not spirituality. You already are a spiritual master, in fact spiritual is all that you are. You are a spirit having a human experience not a human having a spiritual experience. Spirituality is easy, it’s humanness that’s difficult. You are enlightening humanness.

To be grounded is easy, all you have to do is just be here! Don’t try to get out of here, you would only be defeating the purpose of being here. Your mission is to really get in here, not get out of here; to get your full spirit into your humanness creating the Christ Body.

You are not trapped, even though it feels like you are. You have not been cast out of heaven, and you do not need to earn or learn your way back in. You are bringing heaven to earth, not trying to get back to heaven or save earth.

Don’t try to be enlightened, you are already enlightened! It's just that your humanness and your patterns of denial won't let you remember this fact. Embody who you truly are fully into human, and human is enlightened. This is self realization, this is Ascension.

The only time you are ungrounded, is when you are reaching into higher dimensions (trying to escape) and neglecting your lower human chakras. You are trying to run from your own personality; denying your humanness and implying that those aspects of yourself and your life are not divine, are not part of the wholeness of God-Goddess. Or you are possibly ungrounded because you are living a life from over active lower chakras and negating your higher one's that connect you to higher reality, to divine truth. And you are especially ungrounded if you are negating your heart, the doorway to your soul and love. (Your soul is your wholeness, it is your higher self and all that you have experienced or will experience; it is the doorway to your God Presence).

You are always grounded in Self, in Divinity, in Love. You are who you are no matter what; no matter how you may delude yourself to believe otherwise. You are who you are no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing. Remember: no matter where you’re at, that’s where you are.

Attune yourself to planet earth. She is your friend and mother earth. Attune yourself to all of the elements on it and in it: to the air and sky; to the clouds; to the weather; and to the geology of the earth. Attune yourself to the plant kingdom and to the animals, including: bugs, snakes, slugs and worms. Attune yourself to the aquatic kingdom: to coral, fish, octopus, lobster, dolphin/whale… consciousness. Attune yourself to the moon; the stars; the sun… Attune yourself to the ancient ancestors; the subterranean cities of the Agartha Network; the Inner Earth Temple Workers; the inner planes of the Ascended Masters and Angels; the Devic and elemental kingdoms; Unicorns, Pegasus, Fairies…

Gaia grounds us and we ground Gaia. We ground her up vertically to our Spirits, to the Source; this is our service to the Divine plan and to Mother Earth. Planet Earth is Ascending, transmuting dimensionally into the 4th/5th dimension. She is manifesting/creating her light body, just like us.

We planetary ascension experts, were asked by Mother Gaia, the Ascended Masters, Sanat Kumara, Lord Buddha…, to come to help her ascend; especially to ascend the consciousness upon planet earth and help the human species transition to higher realities and dimensions along with the planet.

We are here in Planet Earth's service; we are here as midwives to help planet Earth through this transition of embodiment and her birth into a star. She in turn is assisting us to birth ourselves, individually as the creation of the Christ Children, creating a Unity/Christ Consciousness planet - Planet Christ.

This is a planetary Ascension. The planet is ascending whether you like it or not, so if you plan to stay on planet earth, then you're going to have to ascend to, otherwise you are going to have a real hard time trying to stay with the planet. She will transition and others upon her, but you will be lost in time, in a denser reality; a lower dimension then the planet is ascending to and operating at.

How do we assist Mother Gaia in this transmutation process? By manifesting/realizing ever increasing amounts of our true selves, our divinity. By pulling in the dimensions that our “higher selves” exist on and within, the dimensions that this planet is ascending to. By embodying heaven; literally creating heaven on earth within us, which manifests around us. By unifying the 3rd, 4th & 5th dimensions, all within you, here now, into and as life on planet earth.

Our personal Ascension is totally dependent on our Spirits and the Divine plan, it is not dependent on being spiritual or on "doing" anything. And it is not about becoming enlightened, leaving the body or transcending the body, it is about totally coming into the body, fully and completely. That is true Ascension.

Grounding, Centering and Balancing Techniques

We as individuals and as a species are often ungrounded and uncentered; with our heads in the clouds or stuck in the sand, or flitting willy nilly here and there, doing whatever society tells us we are supposed to do, unbalanced and unreal.

Here's a few tips to keep you on track: play in the ground, like when you were a kid. Play in the mud, smear it all over your naked body. Roll in the sand. Go caving. Spend lots of time in nature, in power spots, to connect you to the earth and open you up to cosmic. Sit on the ground and Gaia will ground you instantly. Walk on the earth and allow your feet chakras to open, for your feet eyes to open.

Essentially, any thing that centers and balances you within and between spirit and matter, heaven and earth, male and female…, is grounding, and will help you be the real you more fully and more completely. These techniques will keep you centered within the pillar of light that you truly are, rather than going off here and there; swayed by the world. Ground into your Spirit, into Unity/Christ Consciousness, because you cannot count on anything in the world anymore; the world is dying fast and furiously, and the only thing you can truly count on is your own Spirit.

I also highly recommend Pranic breathing. Breathing Prana (Life Force Energy), to balance and energize your body. (Available in this book and on my website; also see “the Hathor Material”, by Tom Kenyon). And Pranic Healing, a technique of channeling this life force energy into you and through you for healing self and others. It can also be used for manifestation and myriads of other possibilities.

Since prana is life force energy, I highly recommend that you make this divine nourishment an integral part of your awakening and nurturing process. It is indeed the food of the Gods and much more. In fact it is you. It is the creative power of God-Goddess-All-That-Is, so you are wielding your own self as this divine creative force of love-light.

Another centering technique that I highly recommend to bring your energy back to your wholeness, is to chant your name, preferably out loud, as you need to or want to. This will really ground you into reality, letting the world know, I AM HERE! I AM an absolutely unstoppable force of Love-Light! And I AM HERE to Co-Create Heaven on Earth!

Tree Grounding / Rooting
(or a Root a day keeps the matrix away)

One great grounding technique is to imagine yourself being a tree, with your roots digging deep into the earth and your branches extending way up high into the cosmic, through the dimensions…; to be able to receive downloads, guidance and connection to Source, your Councils, your Spirit, the Ascended Masters, Angels…, connection to the Divine Plan and all the cosmic energies. Start every day with this visualization: See yourself as your favorite tree. My favorite is the redwoods. If you have seen these trees you would know why.

I am a big giant tree!

Send your roots all the way to the Crystalline Core of Earth. The core of earth is also a fractal of Source. (Some teachers teach that you should not ground into the earth, but directly to your spirit only. This was true previously, but not it is completely appropriate to ground into the Earth Core). And send your strong beautiful infinitely extending branches, full of beautiful lush leaves, all the way throughout your entire Light-Body, through the dimensions, through time and space, through the Sun, through Galactic Core, through the Universal Sun - to Source. This tree is your Antakarana. Now breathe prana from the Core of the earth through your roots, and breathe prana from Source and all the Galactic Gateways through your leaves.

So if you’re feeling ungrounded, and the matrix is pulling at you, have a root. (The Aussies get the joke).

More Rooting (rooting is fun).

Root Chakra

Creativity and manifestation happens with your lower chakras. Most people awakening in the new age are primarily focused in their higher chakras, with many adversarial relationships with the world of human that have primarily operated from these lower chakras. Most spiritual adepts need to work on the lower chakras rather than the upper ones, especially if they want to create and manifest. Most of us have spent lifetimes in ashrams, convents and monasteries, exploring the higher chakras of these bodies and the higher dimensions of our consciousness, but it has been relatively unsafe to embody this higher self into the 3rd dimension. It has only been safe and encouraged during the very accelerated civilizations that have existed such as Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. In Egypt we typically spent 12 years exploring the mental realms, and 12 years exploring the emotional realms. Only then were we ready to embody our wholeness and “Ascend”.

Life is now the mystery school, because we are all Ascending at once now and we are all channeling all of our mastery from all of these enlightened times and all of the other times we have done this awakening/enlightenment/ascension process on this planet and others. It is now “safe” to embody your entire magnificence. The worst thing that could happen is you could lose your job, lose your friends, lose your family…, but would this really be so tragic. If people reject you for being your awesomeness, then you don’t want to have anything to do with them anyway. As soon as the finances of the planet are freed up, then we will create revelation schools, to reveal all of the mysteries that have been hidden and guarded for millennia. And we will be able to truly wholistically support each other’s awakening processes. Until then, we must continue to work individually and as groups, to create divine synergies and light centers. Eventually we will have Light Cities.

Trying to use your upper chakras to manifest with doesn't work. The upper chakras are for channeling, receiving, releasing, knowing… The lower chakras manifest reality on planet earth, so whatever is resonating in those chakras, will manifest, whether you want them to or not. To manifest higher realities, you must use your lower chakras to manifest through the upper chakras, even through the higher dimensional etheric chakras.

You can’t manipulate, coax or convince the universe to manifest anything for you. This would break the non-interference directive. It would interfere with your free will. The universe manifests for you what you know, believe and imply, through your thought, word and action, is real. (Please see my “Reality Creation” articles on my website). This is the unconditionally loving nature of All-That-Is. So you must be and are an integral part of the process. You are the embodier, the channel, the ground crew of your Spirit and manifesting councils. You must be those things that you want to manifest. This is the creative process. They must be your reality. You must be prosperity to manifest prosperity. You must ground it; make it real on planet earth. Whatever you are fascinated with, the universe will give you more of. If you are fascinated with lack and unworthiness, the universe will graciously give you more of this. This is how awesome of a manifestor you are. And similarly, if you are more fascinated by your own magnificence, with prosperity/unity/Christ Consciousness, the universe will graciously give you more of this. This is how Heaven on Earth is being created.

To download Mission / Divine Plan energies into you and to manifest elements into your reality, your chakras must be clear, spinning and unified. And your Root chakra must be open, clear and big, in order to do any serious manifestation.

Check your chakras and clear any of them that are depleted or blocked. Clear any energies, dark crystals, agreements, beliefs, vows…, that may be impeding the downloading of these energies. You may use toning and the Violet Fire to accomplish this very quickly. Also beneficial are the “Triangulation Meditation” to clear them and your energy fields, and the “Unified Chakra Meditation” is also excellent to use to unify them all, (these are both in the Daily Workout).

Or you can utilize Pranic healing techniques: Channel white prana through your light column, tingeing this prana with a hint of green from your throat chakra. Use this prana to clear out any stagnant energies in your chakras or other areas. Clear, clear, clear. Allow God and the Angels to remove these old energies, or cast them into a bucket of salt water for transmutation. Now energize the chakra or affected area with blue prana. Energize, Energize, Energize - until the chakra is big and strong, like bull. Now seal the energy with sealing prana.

You can use this same technique to heal others, energize their chakras… And in the case of manifestation, you can energize your root chakra, another person’s root chakra, to ease the manifestation process. Squatting is also good to increase the energy of your base chakra.

Also, use the color red in your manifestation and grounding processes. Red is the color of your Muladhara (base) chakra. Red is lifeblood, passion, creation… It is the color to use for manifestation to receive the full range of abundance.

Imagine luminous red in your aura. See red. Be red. This will also help to bring the mind energies down, creating no mind. It brings visions to life, into reality. Especially see this vibrant red energy in your base chakra, allow it to expand your base chakra. Send this red ray out of your base Chakra and into the ground, this will help you ground your material reality and your visions/desires into your life.

Antakarana - Golden Pillar of Light - the Rainbow Bridge of Light and Love

The biggest recommendations that I will give is the Antakarana/Rainbow Bridge, Pranic Breathing and the MerKaBa meditation. It is highly recommended that you activate your Antakarana, Rainbow bridge. This will center you between earth and cosmic, which is where you are now. This will balance you and center you so that you are not knocked for a loop by the world of ego.

Activating your prana tube and reminding your body to breathe prana (life force energy) is the physical connection of your Antakarana, your pillar of light and love, to your physical body; it is what provides cosmic nourishment (prana) to enlighten your physical form. Breathing prana is one of the oldest mystery school and Yogic practices to enlighten your body and activate your consciousness to higher levels of awareness. I also highly recommend the MerKaBa meditation, ala Drunvalo Melchizedek, which activates your MerKaBa light body field, which is your dimensional vehicle of light, your dimensional translator.

Information about the MerKaBa, MerKaBa meditations, and additional information about pranic breathing and pranic healing is on my website: ZaKaiRan.com. Various MerKaBa teachers are listed on my links page. Also additional information about the antakarana is in Joshua David Stone's books, also see “The Rainbow Bridge, Phase 1: The Link with the Soul”, by Two Disciples.

The Antakarana

The Antakarana is your I am presence tube, also known as the Silver Cord. This is the cord that is talked about when people astral travel that keeps them connected to their bodies. When this Antakarana is inactivated it is just a cord, when it is relatively or fully activated, it is a pillar of light that can be as large as, and surrounding, your entire body; and can be extended to the core of the earth, through the cosmos and to source.

The Antakarana connects you to your Soul, Higher Self, God Presence, the earth, our solar system, our galaxy, our universe and the source. This tube of Light can be used to embody light, to clear your Light body, and be used as a conduit to remove negative energies and release limitations, such as: patterns, programs, implants, disembodied sprits, negative ETs affecting you in a limited way. (to release these energies, bring down your Rainbow Bridge and take the being/energy/pattern… off through this rainbow bridge to source, give it to God, and thank it for the assistance it has provided to you in mastering limitation and your spiritual growth and awareness of oneness through separation.

The Antakarana can also be used to clear your chakras (especially if you call upon St. Germain's Violet Flame of Transmutation and Silver Ray of Grace to cleanse and clear your chakra and light body/auric systems) and keep you centered within your body and energy bodies. If you get knocked off center by your energy going horizontal because of emotional initiations and harsh energies from the world of ego and survival, your Light Tube can go off kilter in your field other than your center, it can move of to the side or do any number of things. You will need to re-center it with your own energies, your God Presence and you may of course also ask for assistance from the ascended masters, angels…to get you back on track.

The Golden Rod

The Golden Rod is the part of the Antakarana that is localized between your sacrum and crown. This Rod of Light keeps you focused and centered within your body and balanced between the base chakra of manifestation, (for grounding and emanation of energies on earth and within your physical and light body fields), and centers you within your crown, higher self chakra; and your heart, the doorway to your soul.

Tune in to the Golden Rod that extends from your sacrum to crown. Allow this Golden Rod to stabilize you within your physical and auric bodies. Allow it to connect you to your Antakarana, the Rainbow Bridge between heaven and earth. Allow the golden rod to make you feel solid, completely centered, unwaverable. Use this Golden Rod to connect you to your soul, through your heart.

Reconnect the Rainbow Bridge connection between your Head and Heart, which was disconnected at the time of Atlantis. Forgive all of your lifetimes in Atlantis.

Your power lies within your Central Pillar - to be connected to the moment, you must align to your power in your center. The world of personality, ego, survival, confusion, doubt, unworthiness…- is to the side. YOU are connected to your center, to your Central Pillar, your Antakarana, and your Prana Tube, which is the physical connection for your Antakarana, Rainbow Bridge.

When you are disempowered, you must choose to reclaim your power by connecting to your Center. You may also use breath, sound, toning, light language and movement to center you.

Place your focus on your center, not to the side, not on your left or right, which are future and past oriented, horizontally connected directions, the orientation of the lower mind/personality/ego.

Breathe! This is one of the biggest tips imaginable when in a physical body - Breathe! Breathe! Be centered in your Divine Breath.

My personal tip is to take your right hand, put the fingers together and point the tips of your fingers toward you. At your center, at your heart and up and down from your heart to the top of your head, run this hand up and down, energizing you, centering you. You may also channel prana in through your crown into and through your hand, pranaizing you. You may also do Pranic Breathing into your heart, this is one of the best centering technique ever, especially if you extend your prana tube up through the cosmos, through the sun, moon, great central sun and moon, to source, and down to the core of the earth, and also activate your Antakarana.

Pranic Breathing

Initially stand, preferably on the ground with bare feet, then later you may do this siting comfortably. Regardless, you should be as close to the ground as possible so that your prana tube is in the ground. If you are sitting, your prana tube is even lower into the ground because it does not bend with your body, it stays straight.

Visualize and feel your prana tube that extends right through the center of your body, through the center of your brain, through your pineal gland, through your perineum, (just above your anus). It extends one hand length above your head and one hand length below your feet. Put your hand above your head briefly to see how far the prana tube extends. Look down to see how far this prana tube extends below your feet. (To visualize the width of your prana tube: place your index finger and thumb together to form a circle, this is the size of your prana tube).

Begin by breathing prana up from the earth through your prana tube to your heart chakra center. (You may draw in this prana coinciding it with the inhale of your physical breath. But be aware that prana is a constant in-flow, it does not go in and out). Feel this earth prana, the life force of Mother Gaia flowing through you and expanding your heart.

Now breathe in prana from the cosmic above your head, from the crown center. (You may once again breathe in prana coincidally with your physical breath). Draw this cosmic prana in through your pineal gland and feel it activate. Draw in this prana to your heart center. Feel the multidimensional, intergalactic, universal nature of this energy. Feel this cosmic life force energy expand you in a profound way, remembering your spiritual essence.

Now do them both at the same time. Draw in prana from below and above at the same time, up through your perineum to your heart and down through your pineal to your heart. Feel your heart expanding. Feel the complete balance that is created. Feel yourself centered in your crown, connected to the realm of Spirit, connected to the earth and balanced within your heart.

You now have a heart filled with prana. A prana sphere has been created. Now expand this sphere to encompass your entire body. (This is the sphere of Leonardo da Vinci). This prana sphere will penetrate and enliven your entire body and will activate your MerKaBah.

This is a constant flow. Do it always. Do it while your driving your car. Do it while you are watching TV. Do it anywhere, any time, any place, especially in situations of imbalance like public places where there are lots of mass consciousness control dramas and survival energies. Consciously breathe prana until you are naturally doing it always. Be a conscious breather of Divinity.

Balance, centeredness, groundedness, these are your natural states of being. You will feel more like yourself when you are in these natural states of equilibrium. The initiations of life and the task of enlightening humanity may often knock you off center, rest assured that this is all perfect for your awakening to the divine source balance that you truly are. These are just places in your light body, aspects of self that are disconnected from source and who are begging to be revealed, healed and loved. Live life on automatic pilot, following your spirit automatically, with your vision of Heaven on Earth as your map, as your navigation system. If you occasionally stray off course, refer back to your Vision, your true knowing, and get back on course, no worries. There is much assistance to keep you on the flight path of love, "ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you".


In Divine Balance, I am your humble servant and friend,





This is an excerpt from
“The Ascension Masters Toolkit”

Energy Releasing, Healing, Activation & Manifesting Techniques & Meditations for Co-Creating Higher More Divine Realities & Embodying your Divine Magnificence!

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