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Heartsex / ET Sex - Cosmic Tantra




He Said

What is a Heartgasm? Simply put, a Heartgasm is an Orgasm of the Heart. An orgasm of the heart chakra, Christ consciousness, love feeling center. Heart sex is the act of lovemaking with your hearts.

I have experienced heartgasms previously, but in this article I refer more specifically to my experiences with my beloved Denny. Needless to say, heartgasms are a wonderful experience personally and synergetically. The love that is embodied, when engaging in heart sex and heartgasms, is overwhelming and completely fulfilling. The connection you feel with your partner is tremendous and incomparable to any normal sexual act or orgasm.

A prerequisite for the activation of these heart energies is the very intimate act of shmushing your chests together as tightly as you can get them, something that I am naturally drawn to do. When you put the hearts together, the love energy (or heart horniness - as Denny calls it) comes on, you are naturally drawn to do very active chest shmushing. You actually "have sex" with your hearts. There is an actual experience of chest/heart penetration as if one or the other partner actually has some form of heart penis. I have penetrated my partner with my heart penis and I have been penetrated by hers. This penetration is part of the masculine and feminine principles of love, and its natural tendency to give and receive spontaneously - and is definitely part of the fun.

I have experienced heartgasms while having genital sex and without, clothed and unclothed. Being genitally connected is not necessary but can be part of the fun. Having genital sex while having heart sex is wonderful, they naturally complement each other. When heart love energy comes on while making love, your attention naturally focuses on the heart sex and the heartgasm; it is wonderful to stay coitally connected with very little motion here and your attention on the heartsex, with lots of chest penetration.

I would have to say that the openness that I have in regards to intimacy and love, and concurrently my partners similar openness and awareness, has made this inspiring act of love possible. The intimacy level and openness, to love and be loved, must be available. This was available with my lover and myself to accomplish this blissful act of love. Subsequently, the synergetic intimate experience of oneness you experience together brings you even more closer then before, or more accurately, makes you aware of the true oneness and closeness that you already have but was veiled by these bodies.

With this experience you share essences fully; it is an experience of True Love - that which the romantic fairy tales always spoke of, that which we knew was always available, but it was just out of reach. It is the vessica pisces of sacred geometry - two essences intermingling, creating another essence - the sum of the two parts. This is a true place of oneness, and the heartgasm is the feeling and physical experience of this synergetic essence creation. The feeling is grander than anything I have experienced before, in this body, in this lifetime.

The energy is definitely "channeled". Now, what I mean by this is that you become aware of something that is here now, but you were previously unaware. This is what channeling is from my perception: embodying that which was always present, but was hidden from sight. The experience is that this energy is always available but was unavailable until the two polarities of love came together in two different bodies. This is apparent when you have them, because you realize that it is a natural state of being and feeling. You realize that this feeling is the natural state of Christ Consciousness, and the natural feeling of True Love; and the feeling (the heartgasm) is the natural state of oneness that we all feel constantly when our full magnificence is fully embodied into these bodies. This will be available for everyone, when we synchronistically, on a planetary scale, concur that this is our preferred reality.

Heart sex is definitely the direct exchange of love. Love is all things, can do all things, can definitely be given, and can of course be received. Heartgasms are the definite result of your body embodying this love, and experiencing deep blissful fulfillment from it.

An interesting part of heart sex is you cannot push it as you can with genital orgasms. They are totally spontaneous, if you try to obtain a heartgasm, you probably will not obtain one, but you'll still have fun trying. The energies are not subject to manipulation, control or time. Where it comes from is a mystery, and the possibility of experiencing them is up to your spirit.

An enhancement (but not a necessity) to Heartsex is the use of marijuana. Marijuana is a great gift from All That Is; used ceremoniously, it can open doors, shift energies and consciousness, enhance sensation, awareness and feeling. It opens a door way for heartgasms and heartsex to happen, as we let down our guards and open to new experiences.

With my beloved Denny, I have also experienced Extraterrestrial Sex. Being an extraterrestrial I have channeled inter-dimensional energies of a direct sexual nature. These energies are quite definitely of extraterrestrial origin, and I can trace them as emanating from my place of origin. These energies represent a form of sexual expression and contact that we conduct in the Universe that I originate and emanate from. These energies are channeled via my body and transferred to my partner. I have transferred these energies directly from myself to my partner; as an example: - on one occasion I channeled these ET energies and transferred them genitally to my beloved partner. They traveled through her vagina on up her chakras to her crown chakra, providing a full body, chakric, orgasmic experience.

I have also channeled lovely energies to my partner via toning her heart chakra and other chakras including the genitals. I have also toned while making love and being coitally connected. Toning is a lovely inter-dimensional thing to do while making love and quite an experience for the one receiving the transmission of these high dimensional energies.

The Heartgasms I have experienced last forever, or as long as I will allow them to happen; there seems to be no end to it; you realize that some part of you actually shuts it off or must shut it off, and that if it doesn't stop soon, your body will burst because it is not able to take so much bliss; you want more and more and more, but at some point you can't take any more and you have to shut it off, even though you don't want to - it is very paradoxical, almost painful in a bizarre blissful way

This awesome feeling and experience is something that is going on right now all the time, a feeling of oneness that we must screen out in order to experience this reality of separation. It is definitely something infinite and timeless, as if it is the pulse of All That Is, that divine expression of pure consciousness that we all are.

I have provided this article to offer alternative possibilities that are available in this wondrous Universe that we live in. I do not propose that anyone seek this experience in order to experience some new form of sex, it is much more than that. I have discovered that if we look for something it cannot be found, it is when we stop looking that we find what we need, because we discover that we already had it. (Just a little switch on the old seek and you shall find proverb).

The force of evolution is upon us, the new civilization is manifesting here and now. This new galactic civilization provides a completely new experience of life and a whole new way of experiencing reality. The heartgasm and ET sex is just one experience of this profound new civilization. As Tashira Tachi-ren of Angelic Outreach has said: "sex in the 4th dimension is even better." It is something completely different from any third dimensional perception or experience. It is a reality and way of being that you all know very well but have forgotten. It is a reality that you have definitely experienced before and do experience now. Manifest your vision of the new civilization, Co-Create Heaven on Earth.

All My Love,

ZaKaiRan (Ascending Master)

She Said

It was with ZaKaiRan as my lover that I first experienced heartgasms. We share this with you so that you can know the process of opening yourself to this experience if you would like to have it.

Heartgasms are like an "ordinary" orgasm, except felt and experienced in the heart. They could happen anytime, anywhere, in any situation where our hearts got horny for each other, although the most powerful and beautiful heartgasms came on us while we were making love.

My experience of them is that there would be very little warning. Just a tingle of warm energy for a moment in my heart to draw my attention to it, and then very quickly a big rush of loving energy so overwhelming my heart would build, and keep building, and then spasm. I would experience it as an orgasm - just as horny and beautiful - in the heart; then start to catch my breath thinking that was that. The next moment I would feel another tide of love and light pouring into my heart; it would be much stronger than the first, and the effect on my heart and body far greater!! The pattern would continue, each spasm increasing in intensity with much greater amounts of love and light. It would sometimes reach such a height, I would see light around me. (Do I tell them about all the noise, Zaki?) At these moments, I would beg breathless for mercy (" more!!), because I simply could not hold any more energy in my heart. It felt like it was going to explode with the ever expanding amount of concentrated love and light. Gradually it would release me, and coming down from that height would take quite a while.

And afterwards .... the sense of deep and complete satisfaction I had not felt from any other encounter.

I have had experiences of heartgasms just holding hands with ZaKaiRan in the middle of a party. Amongst a crowd of people, we would temporarily be in our own world, looking at each other, then have a moment of feeling overwhelmed by our love for each other; instantly I would feel 'that' sensation start pouring into my heart. I'd think, "Oh no - not here!, hoping it was not going to be one of the big ones, because the effects of those are hard to hide! What a pity we still feel we have to. Outwardly, my body's response to it would appear the same as to a genital orgasm. Can you picture seeing and hearing that from a couple in the middle of a 'normal' party? Perhaps that scenario is just around the corner; that sort of openness is part of my vision for heaven on earth - an openness which lets down all worries, judgements about it, or defenses towards each other, to just allow the love. This is how one experiences the heartgasm, and is also an important part of the transition process of this planet: without judgement, to simply allow our experiences.

After ZaKaiRan and I had been sharing heartgasms for awhile, I discovered I could also have them on my own. This was similar to having an orgasm through masturbation rather than during intercourse. Personally, I prefer to share the experience! But love is just love, and our spirits recognize this most purely through our hearts. It was the unveiling of my own heart's love for my beloved partner which was connecting to the Source, to Oneness, and to him that I was enjoying experiencing. As with masturbation which brings in a fantasy, I had brought a thought of my beloved to mind, felt much love and great heart horniness at the thought of him, and then would feel an immense flood of beautiful energy overwhelm my heart, bringing it instantly to the point of the divine spasming and sense of Oneness.

The connectedness of this experience revealed to me in a direct and powerful way how greatly loved we are by the universe. Even when we're on our own, Love wants us to discover more ways of knowing it. The awesomeness of the heartgasm is so surprisingly beautiful, it opens our eyes and sparks a search to experience this awesomeness through other means we might previously not have considered - however the universe might quietly and secretly choose to reveal itself to us in our everyday lives.

More and more people are beginning to experience heartgasms; all you have to do is know about them, although you cannot make them happen. It is the heartgasm that has you. The choice to have them is not our own; our choice is in opening ourselves to whatever our experience wants to reveal to us in the moment. For us it has been an exquisite realization to experience Oneness through the love of a heartgasm. What an incredible way to help transition the planet, to help manifest our vision for paradise, and to invite the fulfillment of heaven on earth. Heartgasms are a most beautiful gift from our Creator Source, that in our case only required two people lovingly opening their hearts to each other and to love.

For sharing such an experience with me ZaKaiRan, I thank you.

Your friend of many galaxies and lifetimes,

Ascending Master Denni - "Woman of Women"


by ZaKaiRan


"HeadGasms" are another of the infinite possibilities of creative-sexual-sensual/Divine-Cosmic/Tantric-Kundalini-Vrillan-1 Energy experiences that are possible to be experienced by two or more people (and possibly just on your own). "HeadGasms" are along similar lines as "HeartGasms", which I have written about contained on my website

I first experienced HeadGasms when I was re-introduced to a certain vivacious soul-mate at a conference I was speaking at. We we're immediately attracted to each other and could not resist showing each other the affection synonymous with a soul-mate re-union. This joining then became part of the event at which I was speaking, especially as it became obvious that I would need to speak about "relationship" and the illusion of exclusivity, as I was already at this event "with" another woman, one of which I am still "with" and always will be "with", as true divine mates are always "together" and never apart on any really real levels. It was necessary to speak about what was coming up for people because even though a soul meeting is lovely to behold, following your attractions while at the same time still "being" with another person, is contrary to typical human relationship beliefs and programming, (because they have not healed their separation issues).

Later after the conference, I was conducting my own private "playshops", (as I like to call them, as "work" just isn't very much fun, even though they can often be a lot of "work"). After the first nights "playshop", my new friend and myself were unable to keep our bodies apart and at some point I sat down and she climbed on to my lap and we were compelled to place our third eyes together. We could not take them from one another. They were like two mega-magnets that were so strongly attracted to one another that they could not split apart.

We stayed in this "magnetic" position for hours, all the time experiencing massive blissful yummy orgasms of the "head", with our third-eyes/pineal/crown chakras and our entire head/brain/crown energy centers constantly expanding and melding in a joyful splendorous blissful ecstatic orgasmic divine union. It was truly a samadhi state of expansion and unity. We could not stop this energy, nor did we want to. We could not move at all, even though we wanted to go to another room because we were in close proximity to my other friend, but could not. (Obviously this was all part of the whole experience, part of the energy...). This energy was not located anywhere else on our bodies and the orgasms were strictly "limited" to our "head" regions, but much "higher" and massively multidimensionally expanded beyond our heads.

This energy-experience was another of the infinite possible extraordinary cosmic tantric vibrations we can experience, as we let go of our fears of intimacy, relationship/exclusivity programs, fears of "unknown" "cosmic-divine-ET/Angelic " energies, accept and allow more of our true natural multidimensional sensual/sexual/intimate nature, and allow more of our magnificence to be embodied through surrender to Divine Will and allow for soul-family connections.

These types of cosmic tantric experiences are available to anyone who has the expanded awareness and is able and willing to go beyond the old boring energy control and exchange agreements, deals and games of typical human sexuality, and are not only open to, but passionately driven to manifest and live a greatly expanded ascended existence of Divine-Cosmic sex/sensuality, that includes a vast array of physical and cosmic senses. (Again, please see my article "Heartgasms".) It is also highly available for those beings who it is their "speciality" (one of their divine functions and planetary transformations) to expose, explore and illuminate the energies of sex/sensuality. But these divine energies are not created consciously. You cannot seek them. It is not something that can be controlled. Also these synchronous cosmic-gasms are dependent on two very open people, so don't expect them if you are trying to "obtain" outrageous experiences with partners that are not open and ready to receive these lovely divine energies into their bodies and lives.

When I am in a state of centeredness, vibrating within my own divinely ecstatic rainbow of oneness with All-That-Is, connected to my God-Goddess-Angelic-Ascended-Presence - I AM in an orgasmic state. An "Anandamic"-2 state of blissful awareness, similar to being stimulated sexually near to a state of sexual orgasm. Except, in this normal state of blissful awareness, the orgasm is constant, (similar to the heartgasms, headgasms, ET and other cosmic gasms that I have had that are constant, and build and build, and never seem to actually dissipate, but are always there, again - see "Heartgasms"), generally subtle for sure, but also often orgasmic, especially if tipped over the edge by some spiritually-physically sensual experience, such as communing with nature, whales, dolphins or other "animals", or some other master, (incarnate or discarnate), such as the Ascended Masters/Angels..., and especially if I raise my vibration super high through toning, Light-Language, channeling and other frequency accelerators. Regardless, I (and you) can experience this same state. So orgasm doesn't have to be massive (although those are certainly fabulous too). It is the subtleties of life that are the most exquisite, and of which lead to the most profound experiences/orgasms. When your whole beingness is concentrated upon the path, when the "result or destination" appears, it is a natural orgasmic surprise, and usually unexpectedly superior to what you had imagined was possible.

Divine-Open-Sensuality is our natural state of awareness and beingness, which "leads", naturally to "orgasm", or a state or orgasmic consciousness. Orgasm comes from surrender and allowance of the divine moment of the sensuality-sexuality-creativity and divinity of creation. So, you can have an orgasm of any type, anywhere in your body, full body, or your entire Light-Body, at any time, by allowing yourself to be saturated in the ecstatically rich abundant juiciness of life and the sensuality of the moment. Just as with quality wholistically balanced sensual-sexual stimulation - anything can turn you on. The slightest, subtlest vibration, touch, visual, sense, emotion, experience..., can be the most 'stimulating", and propels you into an expanded "Vrill"-1 state of sensual-expanded-blissful-awareness and pulling "control" out of your grasp, and dropping you unexpectedly into the pool of Love.

Be Turned on by Life!
Life is an Orgasm!
Be turned on by your Divinity and Magnificence!
Be turned on by the Divinity and Magnificence of Everyone!
Creation is one big Orgasm!
Be turned on by the Wondrous Creations of the Universe!
Orgasm is your natural state! Be the Orgasm!

Happy Divine Gasms,


1-Vrill, Vrillan, also Vrill Ray: Vrill refers to a particular kind of energy that works through and in the 5th dimensional frequency range. Vrill can be compared to Kundalini, the formerly coiled, now "rising-straightening-healing" snake of HumAngelic Consciousness. The Kundalini is coiled in the typical human state, waiting to rise and "strike", evoking divine consciousness. In its risen activated state, it is the Vrill Ray, the Rainbow Bridge, the Golden/White Column of Light, connecting you to Earth-Space-Dimensions-Source-God-Goddess-All-That-Is. Vrill is also a place in dimensional space, a planet, and a realm of consciousness. It is also a greeting - Vrillah!

2-Anandamic (I made this word up). It's root is from the Sanscrit word 'Ananda' - which means bliss. Also contained within this word is 'Adamic' - first cause, alpha, the Light-Body Template, the "original" path).

©ZaKaiRan AatKa'Nui SheeHan

This article is copyrighted by ZaKaiRan, but you have my permission to share it through any medium as long as the proper credit line is included and nothing is deleted.

If you would like a shorter version of this article for publication, please let me know.