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Honoring the Perfection

of your Divine Design




I have wonderful news for everyone, you are all totally and completely Di-vinely perfect just the way you are. All your judgments of self and all the judgments that others have had about you, were all based on illusion, so you can stop trying to fix yourself cause you're not broke. You don't need to earn or learn your way out of here to get to heaven and you don't need to become enlightened - you already are enlightened. You are a spirit having a human experience not a human having a spiritual experience. All of your biases and predisposition's, habits, gender, sexual orientations, wants, desires, likes and dislikes are all perfect for you. You are totally per-fectly divinely designed to be exactly how you are.

Consider the possibility that your Spirit totally knows what it's do-ing and you are exactly how your Spirit wants you to be. Each being is per-fectly designed with structures and limitations by there Spirit so that certain experiences can come into being for the overall knowledge of the Soul. Also consider the possibility that you are a Master here to Co-create Heaven on Earth. You are a Planetary transi-tion team member, a pathway cutter for humanity and the Divine plans Ascension of planet Earth. From a Big story perspective you are how you are because your Spirit needed you to be exactly how you are to cut very specific pathways in consciousness that only you could cut.

We are cutting pathways in the jungle of the 3rd dimension for everyone energetically connected to us to follow to the 5th dimension. If you were not exactly how you are, then you would not be able to do what you came here to do, to manifest a new civilization, to manifest the 5th dimension into the 3rd dimension, or Heaven on Earth.


From a 5th dimensional Big Story perspective, there is no right and wrong. Right and wrong, good and bad do not exist in the 5th dimension. And from my perspective, I do not see the judgments of right and wrong, good and bad as being accurate, but to be distortional. And as a Master, I would not stand in judgment of any one including myself. Spirit would in no way imply that someone else knows the way that it is, more so than you and your Spirit. To imply right and wrong, good and bad, would in-hibit certain movements of your Spirit, it implies judgment from an external source other than your own Spirit. And from my perspective, Spirit is the final authority in my sovereign reality.

Any time you are judging someone, all you are saying is, I have a different picture of reality than you. And anytime you are judging self, I would invite you to consider that it is probably a convincing energy that is saying somewhere that you're not O.K. Wherever you are in the moment is perfectly guided by your Spirit. From my perspective, it is impossible to be somewhere that you are not supposed to be. And judging yourself isn't loving your wholeness. So you have deter-mined that certain aspects of yourself are unlovable and therefore can't be part of your Spirit. Your Spirit has it all un-der control, you do not have to con-trol anything. Therefore, I would rec-ommend giving up control and following your Spirit without hesitation as a most efficient way of Co-Creating Heaven on Earth, be-cause who you truly are is in the 5th dimen-sion.

Duality is an inherent part of this 3rd dimensional reality, this illusion of separation, and an integral part of the dimensional realm of form - part of the wholeness of All That Is. Implied in judgment is condemnation; a wholistic approach to judgment is discernment - classifying reality rather than condemning the behavior or reality. Judgment is a reaction of the ego to exterior stimuli based on ancient fear based programming; programming that says that reality is a certain way, that's the way that it is, no matter what. The condemnation aspect of judgment is a place in consciousness that is not at peace with that aspect of beingness, that illusion in the world of separation. Something in the world of form and separation that is "unlovable". A part of All That Is "that cannot possibly be divine" therefor is not allowed.

Plain and simply we judge others because we see something in others that we do not like in our self. Some may say, that cannot be true, because others do things that I could never do. But the truth is - we are all one. Anything anyone does is part of the wholeness of All That Is and all that we are. The entire world of form is an illusion, not just the shitty parts but even the good parts. Therefore judgment is an illusion; an illusionary reaction to preferred illusions of pleasure over pain - a purely animal instinctual survival reaction .

Judgments come from rules of behavior and versions of the right way that it is in this dimension for survival. Our indoctrination began at birth with our genetic programming; and these values, codes and rules of behavior continue to be reinforced throughout our lives by social consciousness - including all people, parents, teach-ers, clergy, friends, employers etc., and every system that is part of this status quo reality. The game stated that if you follow these rules you will be rewarded, if you do not you will be punished. If you work hard, be a good relationship person, get good grades, etc. - you will be rewarded with money, a good hus-band/wife etc. - A+B = C, a very linear way of perceiving reality.

A 5th dimensional way of per-ceiving reality is very nonlinear. And our Spirit's do not operate linearly. Linear thinking is strictly, a phenomena in the 3rd dimension, the dimension of time and space. So, to follow your Spirit without hesitation, sets up a situation where you could most likely be asked to do things that from a linear perspective, would be crazy, bad, irra-tional, and stupid. Following your Spirit with-out hesitation allows you to have incredible freedom to do what-ever is yours to do in the moment. But rules of behavior tend to place you into certain compartments (survival bubbles) that only allow certain struc-tures of consciousness, certain perceptions, certain actions and modes of behavior, which of course limits you and your spirit extensively.

And these rules of behavior place you in a survival bubble, whereby if you go against the rules of behavior, your survival will be threatened. You will be punished, cast out of your primary group. Following your Spirit without hesitation gives you complete freedom of operation, because nothing is judged to be unwor-thy by Spirit. And any hesitation of any kind, or possibility of another op-tion coming in would be an option of resistance based on the judgment that something is not the proper thing to do, based on an outside authority, that has been programmed into you.

All judgments are based in fear, and each time you act out of your fear and judgment, you are reinforcing the old world within your reality. So, if it is your fundamental choice to Co-Create Heaven on Earth, then I see it as not efficient to label things as good and bad, right and wrong. Be-cause Spirit lined up everything for you in the first place, and Spirit may have your Earth body (your ground crew) do things that are quite irrational, quite uncomfortable, and definitely the wrong thing to do as determined by your programming.

Follow Your Spirit Without Hesitation

There is also an absolute (version of the way that it is) that says, if I follow my Spirit without hesitation everything will be blissful for me, I will have a wonderful relationship, lots of cars and a house by the beach. I will never have to suffer about anything again. This implies that your Spirit has an attachment to what you like and dislike, that Divine Will cares about your Personal Will. How could Spirit manifest Heaven on Earth from your Personal Will? From my perspective, my spirit self knows what's going on here a lot bet-ter than my ego self.

Spirit may have you go into configurations that are quite uncom-fortable in order to obtain data or to cut certain pathways in consciousness. Spirit is not concerned whether you are comfortable or not. You are a holy being on a holy mission; you are a Master; you are a Spirit having a physi-cal experience, not a person having a Spiritual experience. You are a plane-tary transition team member - this is what you do.

There is no way that your ground crew (mental, emotional and physical bodies) can fathom the vast mission you are on. Its perspective is not large enough to guide or control any aspect of this mission. We're talking Heaven on Earth here! And your Spirit is quite unattached to providing you with data as to why you are being directed to do what you are to do. This is another 'absolute', "I'll do what my Spirit wants me to do only if Spirit tells me what I'm doing and why I've got to do it". If this is an abso-lute in your consciousness, then you will quite probably resist direction from Spirit, when Spirit is directing you to do something. And you will quite probably suffer from the face of hu-man suffering called - "I can't trust my-self, others or the Universe". And you will feel very unsupported by your Spirit.

So, I would recommend doing what Spirit says even when your ground crew is kicking and screaming like hell. Courage is being afraid but doing it anyway. But really, from a big story perspective, what is going on is your Spirit is asking you to flow like a divine fool into the next project grace-fully with ease, efficiently going into more divine realities. You know every-thing you need to know in each mo-ment, if you needed to know some-thing else, you would already know it, if you don't know it, then you don't need to know it. You'd probably get hung up on it anyway and Spirit would be saying, OK, I need you over here now, and you're still hung up on the last thing. Which brings us to "fear of the unknown". The unknown is everything outside of our survival bubbles that mean danger, danger, my survival may be threatened, I will be do-ing something against the rules. I have news for everyone, it is no longer about survival, that was the old world. This is the new world, a world of abundance and safety.


In the small story, (the 3rd di-mensional distorted male energy dominated civilization), knowing what is going on at all times, and being in con-trol is a desirable quality. The ego thinks that its job is to know eve-rything that is going on, and to try to control reality - to protect you. And the political self, (the aspect of your wholeness that thinks power and things come from outside sources), determines that in or-der to main-tain its empire, it must know all there is to know in order to manipulate its surroundings in order to maintain the illusion of control. It must have some rational practical degree of certainty about reality and outcome in order to feel secure. And all things that are outside of known reality are a threat, are feared, must be run from or conquered. The unknown is feared be-cause if you can't get a grasp on it, then you can't control it, if you can't control it, then it may destroy you. From my perspective I see it as very efficient to allow your spirit to control your life and get the heck out of your own way.

From a big story perspective, control is not only unnecessary, but undesirable. And all forms of control are based in fear not love, a deluded reality where there are victims and abusers. There are no victims in this Universe. And self control means self repression, denial of self, denial of Spirit, and denial of as-pects of your whole-ness. I don't see how anyone can efficiently Co-Create Heaven on Earth while repressing aspects of there wholeness. So, if you value being in control of your surroundings and circumstances, and you are interested in living a miraculous life based on the new civilization manifesting now on planet earth, then you may at times not feel very safe. The world may seem to be a very danger-ous place. And if Spirit has you doing things that seem very out of control, irrational, and bold - you may resist them.

From a big story perspective, we are all sovereign entities, and we all sit at the center of our own reality. So, any time anyone judges your picture of reality, or any aspect of your whole-ness as being wrong or bad, they are invalidating your version of the way that it is, they are invalidating your sovereign reality. For this to take place, you have to first be a visitor in someone else's reality. And from a true reality big story perspective, there are no visi-tors in anyone else's reality. All reali-ties are honored, loved and allowed by the Universe and all beings are honored as sovereign beings. So everyone's reality is allowed, completely and totally unjudged, and Spirit would never imply anything else. Spirit will in no way imply that one being must sac-rifice their reality for another. Spirit will in no way imply that anyone else knows the way that it is, more so than you and your own Spirit.

The entire judicial system on this planet is based on an outside authority, (judge/jury) hearing two dif-ferent pictures of reality (plaintiff & defendant), and judging who is right and who is wrong based on the rules of the right way that it is to do things on planet Earth. (The consensusly agreed reality). From a 5th dimensional per-spective, I do not consider it very efficient for myself or others to make judgments and rulings about others based on certain standards of measurement. Because I know that my Spirit knows far better than me, the way that is in my reality, and that your own Spirit knows far better for you, the way that it is in your real-ity. And please do your best to not put others in a position of authority, per-ceiving that they know more than you, that they are more enlightened than you, smarter than you, etc., because you place yourself in a position of following their Spirit and not your own. I would consider this to also not be very efficient and not very supportive to yourself and to your Spirit.

Any and all rules, responsibili-ties, commitments, agreements, etc., take a great deal of manipulation to fulfill and usually require a great deal of you saying 'no' to your Spirit. So, if you find yourself judging yourself or others, don't sweat it, just stop and see the truth behind it - what is the lesson here for you. Just watch yourself doing it, become the observer, who you really are, and realize that there is some fear in-volved and you've hit an 'absolute', or rule of behavior that says, danger, danger, not the proper way to do that. You have visited someone else's reality and have en-tered the small story. So next step is to get back to true reality. Ask yourself, does this contribute to the Co-Creation of Heaven on Earth, does it serve my Spirit. Now take a stand for what you truly want, based on what's real for you, based on your version/vision of Heaven on Earth.

Don't judge yourself for judging. The master that you are does not judge - so don't worry about it. Just have compassion for your suffering and the suffering of humanity because that is what you are feeling anyway - the pain of humanity. Stop, be still, go beyond condemnation and your anger, feel the pain behind judgment, feel what the drama of condemnation is trying to hide. Go beyond judgment to discernment - classifying reality with detachment, knowing it is just the human drama unfolding.

Similar advice applies if you are judging yourself, and in addition I would recommend taking any disembodied spirits to the light that may be supporting these judgments. Go into your tunnel that leads to the 5th dimension and check if anyone is there "helping" you maintain these illusionary ab-solutes of behavior, and take them off to the light.

If you are basing your actions on fear, you are implying that what you are afraid of is real. I would re-commend walking away from anyone judging you or implying that there is anything wrong with you, because whatever you partici-pate with must be real for you or you
wouldn't partici-pate with it. The Universe Rearranges Itself to Accommodate Your Pictures of Reality. Anything you say or do, im-plies that something is real. Fiercely live your life as a Master who is here to Co-Create Heaven on Earth. Live your life from the assumption that there's nothing wrong with you. There is no one like you in all the Universe! I will not compare myself to others and say they are good and I am bad, or I'm good and they're bad. I think what I think, I feel what I feel, I know what I know - that's it. This is a come as you are party, folks.

The old idea that you have to become enlightened, and improve yourself because you have faults and sins and past life debts is all old world delusionary religious karmic programs of limitation. Karma is a limitation strategy, an eastern version of sin and punishment. All lessons are self manifested; all illusions of punishment are self administered; there is no karma board deciding what your next lifetime is going to be based on what nasty things you did in your last one. All lifetimes are for the experience of it for your soul and the divine plan of all that is, and frequently we engage in lifetimes that explore the polarity of things; we naturally do this as this is the reality of polarity and part of the fun.

These distorted systems were designed by the dark forces to keep you always doubting yourself so you will always be a struggling human, living in fear, mas-tering limitation, therefore serving the dark instead of the light. The law of Karma has been repealed and religion is dying. You do not need to become enlightened - you 'are' en-lightened; you do not need to go to heaven - you just came from there; you had to descend from heaven (the 5th dimension) to get here; it is harder to get into here then it is to leave. Now is the time for Mastery of Divine Expression. We are here to Co-Create Heaven on Earth with other Masters, and we're all just fine the way we are.

You Are A Master

I would recommend placing your attention on manifesting a new world that completely honors and supports the idiosyncrasies of who you are. We're all idiosyncratic beings, we all have little quirks and weird things about us that people can love or hate. Why not surround yourself with beings who love your idiosyncrasies, with people who evoke your magnificence, that say "wow, you're just wonderful, you're magnificent, you really are a Master".

Live impeccably as a Master does. Speak in such a way that implies that you are perfect. Don't put up with bull-shit. As a Master, never allow anyone, including yourself to test you or question you from a position of judgment. As a Master, never prove or justify your actions to any-one for any reason. Why did you do that? Because my Spirit directed me to, that's why.

A trick of beings who like to be in control, is to introvert you by asking you questions that force you to question your actions, to look inside yourself and take the focus off of them; this only serves to diminish and un-empower you and to "empower" them. Why did you do this? Why didn't you do that? - I'm sorry, I don't answer questions like that. If you want to communicate with me, then you will have to speak to me as a Master.

What we are talking about is completely, unabashedly taking charge of your reality. Using your own Divine Spirit as the final authority of what is real and what is mani-fested illusion; by very clearly proclaiming that you're not only fine the way that you are but you are a Master; and you don't put up with shit from anyone, not even your-self. I want to live here as a Master, bringing the energies of who I truly am from the other dimensions into this one more than I want money, more than I want love, more than I want to live. Everything else is just manifested illusion. All of these other things have all the trappings of reality, but I do not relate to them as being real. I see that they are manifested in me and around me but I will classify them as mani-fested illusion.

When you are that fierce and that focused, you will live here as a Master.

Blessings on your Journey,


Thanks to Alarius, Starbase Creation, and Vastika for the inspiration


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