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How to Achieve Financial Freedom

4 Keys of Success


By ZaKaiRan


What is Financial Freedom?  To each person financial freedom is different depending on their personal dreams and desires.   Some people need more money than others because they have bigger dreams, while other people need less money, because their dreams and desires are simpler.

But I’m sure we can all agree that financial freedom is, when you have more than enough money to pay for all of your daily needs including: housing, transport, clothing, food etc., without having to think about.  For me, financial freedom is when you have the financial freedom as well as time freedom, to do what you want, with who you want, anytime you want!  For me, having time freedom is the absolute epitome of success, because a person can be very wealthy, but if they have no time to enjoy their wealth, and are tied to a business or job with little or no freedom to leave that business or job and have the freedom to go on month long holidays, then they are not free!

In my opinion, freedom is when you can attend every single game, recital, play, etc., that your children are involved in.  Freedom is when you have the finances to buy your children, partner, spouse, etc. new clothes and feed them extremely well with the best nutrition money can buy.  And of course, having the finances and freedom to take your family on as many vacations as you choose, anytime you want, and go anywhere you want to go, for as long as you like. 

Financial freedom is when you can drive whatever car you desire and pay cash for that car.  It is also having the ability to own a house free and clear with enough land around it to have amazing gardens and beautiful nature, etc.  (Of course, your perception of freedom may vary).

If you have a job, or even if you have your own business, unless you can walk away from that job or business right now and still get paid every month, whether you are there or not, and the business continues to grow and generate profit, without your direct involvement, then you are not financially free!

To truly be financially free you must have a “cash cow” a “perpetual money-making machine”. Your own “printing press”.  Some business or other endeavor that brings you money without fail every week, month and year, for your entire life, whether you are working or not. 

So to be financially free, you need a “cash cow” business that you work and build for many years, and get it to a place where it is running itself.  Then you can “walk away” from that business, but you still receive income from it for the rest of your life. 

All wealthy successful people have a “cash cow” business.  They understand the power and freedom of leverage, or getting money working for them, rather than them working for money.   They have a “millionaire mind set”.  If you work for a living, either at a job or your own business, but your income is based upon your labor and trading hours for dollars, then you have the “laborer mind set” not a “millionaire mind set”. 

So, unless you can go on a vacation for three months or longer, and completely forget about your business, and your business continues to thrive without you, then you are stuck in the proverbial “rat race”.  And unless you start building some sort of “cash cow business”, you will be stuck in that rat race for the rest of your life. 

So the question is, how bad do you want financial freedom?

Depth of Vision

Most people can’t even imagine that they could ever achieve financial freedom because they were not taught how to succeed financially and how to create passive income.  And their dreams have been squashed by society, so they don’t understand the immense power that they have within them to be, do or have whatever they want in their lives.  And often they are crying out to the universe to save them, and then when they attract to themselves an amazing opportunity that literally could save their lives, they reject it, because they have been programmed for failure; and they have been programmed to reject being “sold” to; and they have been programmed to reject things they do not understand. 

People refuse amazing offers because in their mind, “it is too good to be true, so it must be a scam…”  But what is really going on is their old negative programs are sabotaging their success by making an unconscious decision based on socially agreed upon programs.  Their minds are trained to believe that they can’t do it, rather than believing that they can do it. 

Or, as Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way your right”.

You are in charge of your life and your reality.   You created your life how it is, and you can create it to be different, but you must be very determined and focused to make it change.

This is the determination factor that separates the “men” from the boys, or the “women” from the girls.  This is the “never give up, never surrender” mentality that turns cowards into heroes!

It doesn’t matter what your level of training and education is, because mindset, allowance and determination, are the sole factors that determine your success or failure in achieving your dreams and goals.  They are the key factors that all wealthy successful people understand and have mastered.   

Positive mindset, openness/allowance, determination and depth of vision, are absolute key factors to success!  And depth a vision is tied intimately to self-esteem, believing in yourself and believing that you can do it.  You must have the ability to see the possibilities of not only a specific business or endeavor, but the possibilities of your life. 

If you believe in yourself and you believe in your product and company, and you believe in what you’re doing, and believe you are helping to improve people’s lives with your product, then you will succeed and achieve freedom.  Or, as T. Harv Eker has stated, “Adding value to people’s lives is easy, so making money is easy!”

What is your Dream?

To succeed in life, to manifest your dreams, first of all, you must be able to dream! Unfortunately, society has stomped upon your dreams ever since you expressed your first dream as a child, unless you were very blessed to have had very empowered parents and raised in an elite society.   But more than likely your “lofty”, “childish” dreams of fame and fortune, have been squashed and stolen by your parents, friends, relatives, teachers, siblings, lovers, employers, etc.  Which has limited your depth of vision, or the ability to see beyond your programmed beliefs.   

You don’t imagine having a charmed, opulent, financially-free life, because you were not taught how to dream and how to achieve your dreams.  You were only taught the “9 to 5”, “work for the company”, “consumer oriented”, “gratify your desires”, “fast food”… mentality.  Unless of course, you were born into and raised in a more elite, supportive, success oriented environment, where you were encouraged to pursue your dreams, and you were taught how to get money working for you, rather than you working for money, (or how to use financial leverage). 

So, the key elements of success here are: Positive Mindset, Openness & Allowance, Determination, Depth-of-Vision and a High Self-Esteem. 

To get what you want, you must believe in yourself and believe you can do it!  But if you are like most people, then you were raised with a poverty mentality and programmed for failure.  So, the key to your success is to grow yourself into a person who has a success mentality!  You must reprogram yourself for success!

You are just like a computer that has been programmed for struggle and even failure and you will continue to struggle and fail until you let go of your old programs of, “I can’t do it”; “who do you think you are”; “you’re no good”; “I’m unworthy”; etc.  And you upgrade your operating system to get your depth-of-vision and self-esteem factor up to a 10! 

So, how do I delete my old programs?  And how do I re-program myself for success?

Before I knew better, I would have directed you to techniques, processes, meditations and “healing” systems, to use to release old beliefs and “delete” old programs.  But now I understand that that is a waste of time, because there is no need to spend any time trying to get rid of things you don’t want. And if you place your attention on things you don’t want, (like old beliefs and programs), then the Law of Attraction, will just give you more old beliefs and programs to think about.

So, it is a lot more efficient to let the old beliefs just decay and die, while you create and build up new positive prosperity-oriented beliefs.  Because a belief is just a thought you keep thinking.

We are not computers that hold old programs in storage, and those old programs keep creating our reality, it doesn’t work that way!  Your current reality is just a result of your past thinking.  So, if you want a better future, then start thinking differently!  Start thinking good-feeling, positive and abundant oriented thoughts now, and create new positive momentum. 

And don’t worry about your old beliefs and old momentum!  Just let those old pathways decay and die like old unused roads that nature takes over.

Start watching videos, listening to audios, and reading every book by Abraham/Esther Hicks!

And get yourself a copy of “Your Wish is Your Command”, by Kevin Trudeau, available on my website here

And start reading books from my Success & Law of Attraction Book List
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Success Key #1 – Audios, Videos, Books

Now you must reprogram yourself for success with Success and Law of Attraction Training.  Every single day, you should be listening to uplifting, personal development, success-oriented and spiritually-oriented audios.  And there is absolutely no excuse not to listen to audios, because you are in your mobile university every day, also known as your car.  

And you must be reading similarly oriented books everyday!  You need to read 5-10 pages from a success or law of attraction type book every day, either first thing in the morning and/or just before you go to bed.  

If you neglect these key factors of success, then it is guaranteed that you will stay the same way you are now and you will continue to struggle the rest of your life!  And you will not achieve your dreams! 

There is an apt quote from Kevin Trudeau, “If you want change in your life, then you have to change things in your life!”  You must be programming yourself for success every day! 

Success Key #2 – Events, Relationships & Recognition

And here are three more key factors to your success, to get your thinking right and program yourself for success.  You must regularly attend success- oriented, uplifting Events and develop Relationships with Like-Minded People that you meet at these events.  And you must Give & Receive Recognition at these events.  That is why you must attend these events to meet like-minded people that are going to the same events as you and to avail yourself to the possibility of giving and even receiving recognition when you and others achieve higher levels of achievement.  This is readily available in network marketed businesses, especially my company, which has absolutely insanely amazing success training!

Success Key #3 – Cash Cow

And the 3rd Success Key, that I have already alluded to, is creating for yourself a “Cash Cow”, a passive income business.  Having your own “Cash Cow”, your own Perpetual Money-Making Machine, is an absolute key factor of success, because you can get all the best Success and Law of Attraction training in the world, but unless you have a business to put your training into practice, you will not achieve mastery of your own vibration, which is how anyone succeeds financially. 

If you are not pursuing a passive income generating business, such as investing, real estate, insurance sales, network marketing, etc.  Or, if you are not pursuing some artistic profession that can provide passive income because you have written a best-selling book, or produced a top-selling movie, or produced a best-selling CD, or starred in a best-selling movie or TV show, etc., that keeps playing or selling over and over for decades, then you will just be a student of success, not a master of success, and you will never achieve financial freedom!   

To become a master of success, you must be doing some business or profession, where there is tangible quantifiable evidence of your success.  And there must also be levels of success for you to pursue and achieve, which is most prevalently available in the network marketing industry. 

Success Keys #4 – The Mastermind Factor

Another key factor of success is the “mastermind”, or the power of group consciousness.  This is the success key that is dependent upon development of relationships with like-minded people.   Developing relationships with people who are all supportive of your success, which is not available in the classical business world, but is available prevalently in network marketing. 

If you want to succeed, you absolutely positively cannot and will not succeed without help and the support of other people!  You must have a mastermind to help you succeed!  I cannot over emphasize this success principle, this master key of success!  If you want to truly succeed in your life, then you must bond together with other like-minded people, and help each other, and support each other to succeed.  The power of the “mastermind”, is the power of the “force” Luke!  It is the Law of Attraction empowered by the group vibration.  When two or more people focus on a similar goal, the power that is achieved and the speed in which it is achieved, is absolutely unprecedented. 

So, if you truly want to succeed, then you must capitalize on the power of the mastermind.  You must learn to work and play with other people.  You must learn the power of developing and maintaining loyal supportive relationships.  This is something that all successful & wealthy people understand, they support each other to succeed and maintain that success.  That is why wealthy people are members of exclusive clubs, such as country clubs, so that they can associate with like-minded, success and wealth-oriented people as themselves, to continue to support each other’s success momentum. 

You can read more about the Power of the Mastermind in Napoleon Hill’s book, “the Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons” as well as his book “Think and Grow Rich”.

Now, if you have a desire to achieve your full potential and maximize your ability to create what you want in life.  And if you have a desire to create financial freedom for yourself, and have a ton of fun doing it, then let’s work and play together and help you achieve that!

Let’s you and me lock arms together and support each other’s success.  And let’s show you how to create your own cash-cow.  Let’s show you how to create a thriving passive income business that creates for you and your family, financial freedom, as well as the greatest gift of all, time freedom, where all you do is travel the world, have fun and pursue your dreams!  Where you live an amazing happy and fulfilling life helping other people to also live amazing happy and fulfilling lives.

And I would be extremely honored to show you how, completely free of charge.  And I would also be very honored to meet you and offer you a free guidance and coaching session to get you on the track of success.  (Info Below)

And if you decide you want to work with me, And I see that you are truly committed to your success, then I am going to support you your entire journey to achieving complete financial freedom and success!

I believe in you!  You can do it!  You can achieve financial freedom!  You can create for yourself, a life of immense joy & freedom, and I am honored to be a part of that and honored to support you to achieve your dreams.

You can do it, you can make your dreams come true! 

Your Wish is Your Command!

Infinite blessings on your Immensely Successful Journey!



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