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Who is ZaKaiRan?

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Are you concerned about the negative effects of
Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation? 

Worried about frying your brain
with microwaves from your mobile phone or cell phone?

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How To Harmonize EM Frequencies & EM Radiation by ZaKaiRan

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How to Harmonize Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation

by ZaKaiRan


Hi, my name is ZaKaiRan, and I have been working extensively in the health, healing, nutrition and spirituality fields for over 30 years.  And through my education and awakening journey, I became aware of the damaging effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation and other energies that we are affected by on planet earth.

Every single day, our bodies are bombarded by a list of chaotic energies that affect us in negative ways.  Everyone is aware of the lethal effects of ionizing, or nuclear radiation. 

But most people are unaware of the many other damaging frequencies we are affected by.  And there is little visual or tactile evidence that these negative affects exist, because most of their affects are cumulative and most people lack the sensitivity to feel these energies.  Although, sensitive people do feel there effects.

Everything is Energy

Everything in the world of creation, is essentially energy in motion.  It may appear that most everything is solid and static, but this is an illusion.  Everything is energy in motion.  It just depends on how fast a certain frequency of energy is vibrating or moving, which is what makes that frequency damaging to our bodies or not.

For instance, our bodies operate on an Electromagnetic frequency of about 7.9 millivolts (or one thousandth of a volt).  Whereas common electricity today, operates at 110-220 volts, hence why getting shocked doesn’t feel good and can kill you. 

So the frequency and the voltage of electricity, or the pressure of that frequency, is considerably stronger and faster than the Electromagnetic Frequency of our bodies. 

The Hertz Frequency Light Spectrum

All energy moves in waves, and the frequency of these waves or their motion up and down, and the space between waves, is measured in Hertz.  1 Hertz is equal to one cycle of a wave per second.  Radio waves and microwaves operate in the Electromagnetic spectrum of 3000 cycles per second to 300 billion cycles per second.  Mobile phones operate in the 800-900 million cycles per second spectrum.

So you can see that these frequencies are very fast and so small that they can penetrate practically anything, especially your very conductive body. 
All Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation from electrical power lines and from electricity, appliances, TVs, computers, mobile phones, cell phones, microwave or mobile phone transmitters, TV and radio transmitters, etc.; can create a whole list of physical disorders, including: cancer, leukaemia, birth defects, blood disorders, etc. 

And depending on how strong these frequencies are and how much and how often you are exposed to these frequencies, will be the degree that your body’s immune system and your cells are adversely affected.

And when we get even higher into the light spectrum, we get into the infrared spectrum, the visible light spectrum, and ultraviolet spectrum.  All of which are healthy aspects of life in proper quantities, but damaging from overexposure. 

And as we go higher up into the Trillions of Hertz spectrum, we get into soft X-rays, which are used by the medical and dental community.  These soft X-rays, are a very useful frequency and technology to diagnose disease and broken bones, etc.  But too many X-rays can cause long term cumulative damage to cells. 

And as we go even higher up into the Trillions of Hertz spectrum, we enter the realm of nuclear fallout which contains hard X-rays and Gamma rays, which as we all know causes massive cell mutation and death.  Or in the case of Bruce Banner, “Hulk-itus”.

Now it should not be too difficult to imagine that an energy frequency that is used to cook food in microwave cookers, probably isn’t too healthy for your body.  Yet most people tend to take a pretty blasé ignorant approach to life with the perspective that, “if I can’t see it or feel it, and the government says it’s safe, then it must be safe”. 

Yet, I’m sure we would all generally agree that nuclear radiation will definitely kill you fairly quickly, depending on the amount of exposure you had, even though none of us can see or immediately feel nuclear radiation.  You also can’t see air either, yet everyone agrees that it exists and is necessary for life.

Geopathic Stress and Ley lines

Now even if humans didn’t create, generate and transmit electricity, microwaves, radio waves, X-rays and nuclear radiation; and we all lived like Neanderthals, and hunted and gathered for our survival… even the earth has potentially damaging energy lines, underground water, vortexes, radiation, (such as Radon), and countless other energies that are damaging to our bodies.  The energies are called Geopathic Stress energies. 

The Bulwich Health Society (UK) conducted research on 25,000 people that had serious health problems, and underground geopathic stress (such as Ley Lines, Vortexes, Energy Wheels or Underground Water), was found in 95% of cancer sufferers, 95% of hyperactive children and 80% of miscarriages. 

One of these geopathic stress energies is something called Ley Lines. 

What are Ley Lines?

Ley lines are geo-electromagnetic field lines that run all over the surface of planet earth, and they can negatively affect our bodies if we spend too much time within their vicinity. 

These ley lines have many names such as: hartman lines, dragon lines, Michael lines, Mary lines, curry lines, etc. 

And the ancient people, who lived closer to the land, were smart enough and sensitive enough to know not to build their houses over these very powerful leylines, because they would be energetically draining or over energizing, especially where leylines intersect, which creates vortexes, which are very damaging to the body because of the spiralling effect. 

One example of this was a pregnant mother that lived above a vortex.  When her baby was born, the baby was wrapped over and over again by the umbilical cord.

But the ancient spiritual leaders, such as the Druids, did in fact, mark these leylines and intersections, or vortexes, with roads, hedges, sacred temples and churches. 

Underground Water

Underground water ways are another geopathic energy to be aware of. 

What do underground rivers do?

Because water is a conductor of energy, underground rivers can and do drain your energy away, so it is best not to live above any underground water ways. 

These underground rivers and streams also travel under high tension power lines and electrical wires, and pick up Electromagnetic Radiation on their way.  So living over underground water can be the equivalent of living under high tension power lines which carry 400,000 or more volts of electricity.  In other words, the fast road to cancer land!

So why do EM field and radiation affect us in a negative way? 

The reason we are negatively affected by Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation, is because our bodies are made up of 75% water and water is an excellent conductor of electricity.  And our bodies contain salts and minerals that help conduct electricity even better.

Now the long terms effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation have been studied extensively by countless doctors and researchers, and it has been proven over and over again that the long term effects of exposure to these energy fields causes cell mutation, cancer and all manner of disease.  So the trial is over, except for those people who prefer to live in denial and ignorance.

Technology is here to stay, so, what is the Solution?

Now, it is just a basic fact that technology, electricity, radio waves, microwaves, etc., and even nuclear radiation, are a part of life on planet earth.  And it is plainly obvious that these chaotic energies can and do harm your bodies. 

And that if you care about your health, then you naturally will want to do something to support your health by alleviating the stress that these energies place upon your body. 

And you can futilely bitch, moan, complain, protest and fight against modern technology and progress, and its negative affects upon you and society, but that will only create more negativity in your life.  Because based upon the Law of Attraction, “you get what you think about most of the time”.  So if you think negatively and complain constantly and only see the negative aspects of life, then you will have nothing but negativity in your life.

Or, alternatively, rather than placing so much of your valuable creative energy upon trying to stop technology, or resisting technology, you can focus your attention and energy on creating positivity in your life and empowering yourself by capitalizing on Spiritual and Sacred Geometrical technologies that harmonize these chaotic and damaging frequencies.

There are many technologies available on the internet, to harmonize these chaotic energies, but there are none that are, in my opinion, and based on the testing I have done, as affective and inclusive as Tesla’s Innovational Technologies, that

I sell on my website at: www.TeslaProducts.com.  And none whose technology came directly from Nicola Tesla.

How do I find out the level of radiation or geopathic stress that I have in my house or environment? 

There are many electrical frequency and radiation measuring devices that are available on the market, depending on what specific frequency you wish to measure, that you can purchase to measure the frequencies and radiation in your house, and these meters range from $250 to $10,000.  Or you can hire someone to measure these frequencies for you. 

For Geopathic stress energies, such as leylines and underground water, you will need to learn how to dowse or use a pendulum, to find out where these energies are.  Or hire a dowser like myself, to dowse these energies for you.  And you can use kinesiology to measure their affects upon your body. 

You may also use a very affective technique that I teach called, “Tummy Testing”, to measure the negative effects or positive effects of various energies on your body, and to test and see if you have underground water or geopathic stress.  You may teach yourself how to “tummy test”, from my article on my website at: www.ZaKaiRan.com.  

Tummy Testing is based upon the fact that when your body is stressed by something, such as Electromagnetic Radiation, you will struggle to breathe or you will breathe from your chest.  Whereas, when you are relaxed and un-stressed, you will breathe deeply and naturally from your belly.

But the basic fact of the matter is, that it is impossible to get away from Electromagnetic Frequencies, Radiation, Geopathic Stress, and all of the other nasties that we are bombarded by on a daily basis; so unless you want to live in a metal box or live far away in the deep desert or in the bush, you’re going to have to invest in something that is going to harmonize all of those nasty frequencies, such as Tesla’s Innovation Technologies, the harmonizing devices that I sell on my website at:  www.TeslaProducts.com

Where did Tesla's Innovation Technologies come from? 

The technology behind Tesla’s Innovation Technologies… came from the scientific genius Nicola Tesla, who in the 1800s, invented the 50 cycles per second electricity that we use today.  After this technology was being installed world-wide to provide electricity for humanity, Nicola Tesla discovered the damaging effects that these frequencies were going to have upon our bodies. 

And luckily, 2 weeks before his “suspicious” death, just days before his scheduled meeting with the president to tell him of the damaging effects of electricity, he designed the technology that would later be developed to produce Tesla’s Innovational Technologies to harmonize these negative effects. 

For more information about Nicola Tesla go to my website at: www.TeslaProducts.com

How do Tesla’s Innovational Technologies work? 

Tesla’s Technologies, are made from the very pure metal titanium, which has been cut into specific geometric shapes, colored and then it is altered using scientific devices, so that the titanium acts as a transceiver of Photonic or Tachyon energies.  Tachyon energy is a very cosmic energy that emanates from the Great Central Sun. 

This Photonic/Tachyon energy creates a beautiful light filled, harmonic field, that essentially harmonizes any chaotic frequencies that happen to be within that field, including: Electromagnetic Frequencies, Electromagnetic Radiation, Geopathic Stress…, and will even harmonize nuclear radiation, if you have enough of the large Tesla plates. 

You may watch a video about how we harmonized the radiation that was “sprayed” all over numerous farms in Australia, from a lightning exploded electrical transformer at my website: www.TeslaProducts.com

Now, no matter what you do or where you go, it is inevitable that you will be bombarded by Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation.  So, if you wish to live in a stress-free harmonized environment, then you’re either going to have to live far away from civilization in the bush or mountains; or live like the Amish with no electricity; or you are going to have to invest in something that harmonizes those chaotic frequencies, like Tesla’s Innovational Technologies?

What do I need to harmonize the negative effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation?

Personal Pendants

To begin with, it is absolutely essential to own a Personal Pendant, which strengthens your Thymus gland and strengthens your immune system.  These pendants are available in different sizes for the whole family, for adults, babies, children, teenagers, as well as your pets.

A Tesla pendant also raises your vibration, strengthens your auric field and activates all of your brain frequencies. 

So with all of these benefits combined, having a strong energy field and strong immune system, you are better able to withstand the negative effects of chaotic energies. 

Tesla Pendants can also be used to speed the healing process of cuts, bruises and minor burns/scalds…, and help relieve pain from headaches, insect bites, scuffed knees and bumps; by placing the Personal Pendant over the affected area concave side facing into the affected area.

But these pendants do not directly harmonize Electromagnetic Frequencies and Radiation and all of the energies we are affected by on a daily basis.  To harmonize these energies, you need larger plates that are not typically worn on the body.’

And there is not a personal pendant on planet earth that has the strength to harmonize all of these energies.  If it was, then it would be too strong to wear.  So any pendants out there in the market place that claim to harmonize everything are just misguided or lying.

So to harmonize the stronger energies that we are effected by every day, you need stronger plates that harmonize these energies directly, such as the Travel or Pocket Plate.

The Travel/Pocket Plate is excellent for day to day life and going out into the world of office buildings, malls and stores that are filled with fluorescent lights and electrical frequencies and radiation.  As well as high tension power lines, transformers, and radio, TV and microwave transmitters. 

By wearing the Pocket-Travel plate, wherever you go, no matter what energies you are surrounded by, you are surrounded in a harmonic energy field, which harmonizes those negative energies.
The Pocket/Travel Plate is especially handy for airline travel because when you are flying in an airplane, you are flying high above the stratospheric ozone layer, which normally filters out the damaging rays of the sun and cosmic radiation. 

On a single 7 hour flight, it is estimated that you are effected by the equivalent radiation of a single chest X-ray.  But longer international flights, where the planes fly higher in the stratosphere, and especially flights over the northern hemisphere, where the atmosphere is thinner than at the equator, the radiation exposure is considerably higher and is estimated to be the equivalent of 3-6 chest X-rays. 

So, for longer international flights, we recommend the Car Plate or the House plate to harmonize that radiation exposure as well as going through metal detectors at airports. 

And I can tell you form my experience of traveling with a house plate, everyone on the plane is very happy and calm, including children.  I sleep really well, and there is little or no jet lag upon arrival.

The Pocket Plate can also be used for Healing uses, such as the healing of cuts, bruises and minor burns/scalds; headaches, insect bites, scuffed knees and bumps...

The Pocket Plate can also be used to energize water and food; to sweeten fruit; to clear pesticides; to improve the taste of inexpensive wine as well as many other uses.


Harmonizing your home or office with the House Plate and the Electron Stabilizer

For your House, business or office, you will need a house plate to harmonize the Electromagnetic Radiation, including Wi-Fi.  And you will need an Electron Stabilizer to harmonize the electricity in your home, including: computers, TVs and appliances. 

The Electron Stabilizer turns your appliances into negative ion generators, re-polarizing them from what they usually generate, which is positive ions.  Negative ions are beneficial to our body’s health because our cells essentially contain a negative charge, whereas positive ions, generated from appliances, air conditioners, computers, TVs, etc., affect us in a negative way.

The Car Plate

Now, optimally, you need a Car plate to harmonize the electricity in your car as well as keep you in a harmonic space as you travel around amongst all of the negative energies in the world from mobile phone towers, TV and radio towers, high tension power lines, etc., which you can also take with you when you travel.

The Car Plate is especially excellent for the treatment of amalgam fillings in the teeth, which stops the electromagnetism causing the amalgam to leak mercury.

The Water Kit

And if your water supply is chlorinated, fluoridated, chemicalized “town” water, you will need a Water Kit to negatively ionize the water, because those chemicals that they add to water, are positively charged, thusly affecting you negatively.  The Water Kit also removes the memory of the chemicals and puts life-force back into the water, as well as harmonizing any electromagnetic radiation that the water has picked up on its way to your home or from the electricity in your home.

Phone Tags

And you absolutely positively need phone tags for your mobile/cell phones and portable phones to harmonize the radio and microwave frequencies that operate your phones, which is a similar frequency used in microwave cookers.  Why would you want to cook your brain?  And you will need 2 phone tags for all smart phones.

How to Harmonize larger properties as well as high rise office buildings and apartment buildings

Farm Plates and Oyster Plate

The Farm plates are especially useful for geopathic stress, underground water and leylines that may be present on a large property that may be negatively affecting the flora and fauna. The farm plates also energise the plant & animal life in the surrounding area around your house and your farm.
For smaller properties, as well as to treat EM frequencies and radiation in high rise office buildings, we have the Small Oyster Farm Plate, which creates a 1 ¼ acres radius of harmonic frequencies.

For larger properties, we have the Large Oyster Farm Plate, which has a 6 Hectare radius, which is about the size of 6 football fields or 30 acres.

Health Practitioners - Practitioner Plates

For health practitioners, we have the Practitioner Plates, which put health practitioners in a beautiful harmonic space and alleviate any stress from other people’s psychic energies. 

We also have a large Practitioner Plate that you can place under your massage table, or under where your clients sit, which puts your clients in a lovely harmonic blissful space, which makes your job a lot easier.

We also have a Chakra balancer that you can use to balance your chakras and the chakras of your clients. 

And we have many other wonderful Tesla harmonizing products to help you maintain a blissful happy harmonic life, including the...

House Kit, where you get everything you need for your home at a 20% discount.

Which includes your choice of 1: 14 Sided, 8 Sided House Plate, Small Oyster or Large Oyster Farm Plate
4 Phone Tags, 2 Adult Pendants, 1 Pocket Plate, 1 Water Kit, 1 Electron Stabiliser & 1 Car Plate

All of these Tesla Harmonizing Products are available on my website at: www.TeslaProducts.com

And on that website, you can also see Aura Photos, Kirlian Photos and other scientific tests that have been conducted that prove the effectiveness of these amazing harmonizing technologies. 

And we have a 30 day money back guarantee on all of the Tesla plates, except for the Personal Pendants, because these pendants attune to each individual person’s frequency and make them unusable for other people.

So I hope you have enjoyed my video and I hope you will bless yourself with these amazing Tesla harmonizing technologies.
Infinite blessings on your harmonic journey!


Harmonizing Radiation on a Farm in Australia

This farm what was riddled with radiation from a lightning exploded power transformer that spread radiation all over the property. The animals became sick and many died, cows stopped producing milk, calves were being born still born...

Desperate to heal their property, the owner of the property had Tesla's Innovational Technologies outfit them with 5 farm plates.

And now all of their animals are healthy again, and because of the Tesla Plates, all of the dairy cows are still producing milk way beyond their prime when they would naturally be slaughtered or put out to pasture.

All of the other animals are also happy and over-producing because of the life-force that is made available to the land, plants and animals via the Farm Plate.

And I believe that the house plates and farm plates will help immensely with nuclear radiation.

Here is the video about this story:

To purchase Tesla’s Harmonizing Products, please go to my website at: www.TeslaProducts.com