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How to “Heal” your “Blockages” & Limiting Beliefs
that are holding you back from Success

by ZaKaiRan


Most people who have studied psychology or spirituality, regardless of their belief or lack of belief in the Law of Attraction, would agree that limited beliefs cause us to create negativity in our lives.  And many people believe they have “blockages”, beliefs and patterns, that are keeping them from achieving happiness and success.

But the truth of the matter is, there is no such thing as “blockages”, because there is no source of negativity in the universe, there is only well-being!   And you cannot get rid of things you do not like, you can only create new things that you DO like, because the more you focus on what you don’t like, the more the universe will create more of what you don’t like.

You are not limited by your past experiences and your beliefs, but your past experiences and the beliefs that you have created, (by thinking the same thoughts over and over again), do have a tendency to cause you to think in the same old limited ways, thusly creating your same old life over and over again in your future.

Your point of power is in the present and how you are thinking now!  Your future is not created by your past, it is only created by your present!  But if you keep thinking how you have always thought, you will keep recreating your future similarly to your past.  So, if you want to create a better future, you’ve got to start thinking in a more positive manner – now!

How do I “heal” my “blockages” and limited patterns? 

So, how do I “heal” or surpass, my supposed “blockages” and limited patterns.  Well, first of all, you have no blockages!!!!  So, delete that word from your vocabulary!  You also do not have any limited patterns that are hindering you in any way either!  What you do have is momentum of thinking in certain limited ways that is causing you to keep thinking that limited way and thusly creating your reality based on how you keep thinking.

So, there is nothing to heal and there are no blocks or limitations to get over!  The only thing to do is:

1) Make feeling good more important than anything else in your life! 
2) Make your dreams and desires more important than anything else, aside from feeling good!

So, as an example: say you’re showing your product or business to a friend or acquaintance and the person is closed minded.  They have no vision; they think in terms of lack, rather than prosperity; they think in terms of what they can lose, rather than what they can gain; and they basically are unable to see the value that you are offering and reject your offer, and in a sense, reject you. 

Now, you could take it personally and think, “What an idiot!  What a loser!  This person just told me they wanted more money, more fun and more freedom in their life, and I showed them how to achieve those desires, and then they rejected it!  What a loser!  It’s like they’re rejecting themselves!

Or, instead of judging them, you could judge yourself: “I can’t believe it!  Why do I keep attracting losers in my life!  How come I can’t find anyone who agrees with me and who can see how amazing this is?  What am I doing wrong?”

Now, that could be your “normal” reaction, if you were unaware and uneducated about the Master Keys of Success and Freedom and the Law of Attraction.  But you know that you get more of whatever you are thinking about, and if you focus upon what you don’t want, (which in this case, is people that have no vision, and no desire to do what it takes to improve their lives), you’ll just keep attracting more people with similarly limited belief patterns, who have no vision and who only think in terms of lack rather than prosperity.

But instead, you are aware, and you are enlightened to how the universe works, and it is not important to you what other people are thinking or doing.  Your primary focus is on feeling good and focusing on your dreams and desires.

And since your primary focus is on feeling good, and it feels bad to think about what you don’t want, (so, you don’t think about lack oriented visionless people).  And it feels good to think about having what you want, so, you focus on what feels good, which is: open, teachable, fun, generous, caring, success driven people, who have vision and who have big dreams that they want to fulfil; people who can see how amazing your product/service/business, etc. is, and who are very inspired to work with you, because you are vibrational matches). 

Your dreams of success; and financial freedom; and travel; and time freedom; and nice cars; and helping people; and early retirement; and having amazing friends; and more time with your children, etc., are more important than what anyone else is doing, not doing, thinking, saying or writing! 

It feels good to enjoy the deliciousness of desiring achieving your dreams, but it feels bad to judge others and think about things you don’t like and don’t want!

It feels good to think about having your dreams and desires, but it feels bad to think about not having them!

Keep it Un-Real!

So, with that in mind, one of the main key to creating what you want is to pay little attention on what is in your current reality and put most of your attention on what you want, which is your vibrational reality.  Your dreams and desires, that exist in vibrational reality, are more fun, more exciting, and more fun to think about and feel about, then the visionless, lack-oriented person that is in front of you!

Feeling good, and thinking about your dreams and desires, is more important than pleasing other people and doing what they want you to do, so that they will be happy, at the expense of your own dreams and desires.


So, any form of rejection is a perfect example for this analogy, because whether it is a relationship where your partner rejects you and leaves you; or you are fired; or you don’t get the job you wanted; or people aren’t buying what you’re selling; or your business isn’t building as fast as you would like; or you hate your job; or you can’t stand the people you work with; or you’re in debt; or you’re going bankrupt; or, maybe you feel “blocked” by some past trauma; or you have an illness…, it doesn’t matter what the “big monster issue” is that you believe you have, or that you believe is affecting you in some negative or limited way, you can easily get past it by:

1) Making feeling good the most important thing in your life. 
2) Making what you want, your dreams and desires, more important than the past!

The fact of the matter is, the past is gone!  You can’t change it and you probably can’t even change how you feel about that big monster past trauma or issue that you are making such a mountain in your life.  You’re not going to feel better about it until you realize that every bit of contrast in your life causes you to launch rockets of desire for improvement, and that improvement is instantly created for you by your Source, vibrationally, and is held for you in vibrational escrow, and your Source is constantly guiding you to the path of least resistance, (the path of most allowance), so that you can manifest your dreams and desires into physical reality.  And so, it is your job to connect to your Source, and align your thoughts vibrationally to your dreams and desires, so that they will manifest into your physical reality.

And you do that by making feeling good the most important thing in your life!  And in the case of your past or present “monstrous” issue… what feels better?  To think about your past traumas and your present dramas?  Or does it feel better to think about having an amazing life, with amazing people, and having abundance and riches, and amazing lovers, and amazing businesses, houses, cars, and travel…?

The point is – you’ve got to stop facing reality and start creating reality!

The past is the past and there’s not a damn thing you can do to change it!  But you can create a better future now, by using your past as your launching pad, by helping you focus on what you DO want, from the contrast of what you don’t want.  Because, knowing what you don’t want, gives you great clarity about what you DO want!

Even the present is essentially the past because your present reality only exists because of your past thinking, so your present is old news!!! 

So, you can’t change your past, and you can’t change your present physical reality, and the future isn’t here yet, so you can’t change that, but what you can change is how you feel now!
Your past and present situations, people and events, do not have to control how you are going to feel!  Regardless of the circumstances of your past or present, you can choose to feel good now! 

And if you decide that you are going to feel good now, and in every moment, regardless of your past or present circumstances, then you truly can BE, DO or HAVE whatever you want in your life, and you can and will make your dreams come true!

It doesn’t matter how big your dreams are or how far away they may seem, if you pay no attention to current reality and don’t think about the past, and you just focus on feeling good and you focus on feeling how wonderful it will be to BE, DO and HAVE your dreams and desires, you will manifest them into your life – it is law!  That’s how the Law of Attraction works! 

The entire universe is at your beck and call, and will jump as high as you want it to, to bring you whatever you want, if you can get out of your own way and let go of your resistance, (which is focusing on the past and current reality; and focusing on your limited beliefs such as: “it’s hard”, or, “I’m not worthy”, or, “I’m powerless”, etc. 

Those limited beliefs only exist because you thought about them over and over again, which solidified those repeated thoughts into beliefs.  Because a belief is just a thought you keep thinking.  So, don’t worry about your old beliefs, you don’t need to wrestle them to the ground and kill them in order for you to surpass them!  Just let them decay and die of old age, while you create new self-empowered beliefs, based on the new thoughts you keep thinking, about: “how amazing you are; and how powerful you are; and how amazing of a creator of reality you are; and how generous and caring you are; and how everything always goes your way; and your life is rich and abundant; and you are easily able to attract whatever you want; and easily able to show others how to create what they want in their lives”…

So, back to the title of this article, you can’t and don’t need to try to “heal” your blockages or limited beliefs, because they don’t really exist! 

All of your alleged “blockages”, “limitations” and “fears”, are just old leftover thought-forms, left over beliefs from repeated thought momentum.  They are in the past, and it is a waste of your creative energy to try to change the past!  They’re not real, so you don’t need to do anything about them!  You only believe they are real, but they are not!  Start believing something else, and you’ll create that!

You don’t need to change or try to “heal” your present, because the present isn’t wrong or faulty!  And if you keep focusing on it being wrong and faulty, the Law of Attraction will keep giving you more things for you to judge as being wrong and faulty. 

The present isn’t even really the “present”, it’s old news because your present reality is a manifestation from your past thoughts. 

You can’t change the past or the present, all you can do is create a new future, where you have created what you want, by thinking new good-feeling thoughts - now!

There is only a Source of Well-Being & Abundance!

There is no source of negativity, darkness, evil, lack, poverty, or illness!  There is only resistance to the light, goodness, abundance, wealth, health and well-being that abounds throughout the Universe!

There is no source of blockages or limited beliefs, there is only a source of well-being and abundance!  So, you don’t need to “heal” your past or get rid of your blocks or limited beliefs… instead, you want to create an amazing future!

There is no source of lack, there is only a source of well-being and abundance!  So, you don’t need to get rid of your lack or your debt… instead, you want more prosperity and abundance!  You can’t “heal” your empty bank account or get rid of your debt, you can only create more prosperity!  Because when you focus on your supposed lack and debt, the Universe has no choice but to give you more lack.

There is no source of bad relationships, there is only a SOURCE of amazing loving relationships!  So, you don’t need to “heal” your “dead-end relationship”, or, get rid of your “crappy” partner… instead, you want amazing relationships!  (And more importantly, you want to feel your connection to the most important relationship in your life, your Source!)

The only way to heal a “bad” relationship is to create the relationship that you want, in your mind, first, and get into vibrational alignment with it, then the wonderful relationship you desire must manifest.

There is no source of disease, there is only a source of well-being!  So, you don’t need to get rid of “disease” in your body… instead, you want a healthy body!  The only way to “heal” dis-ease is to create health, or better said, allow the health and well-being that is your natural state of being to BE!  It is impossible to heal “disease” because if you are focused upon “disease”, (what you don’t want), the Universe will give you more dis-ease and more of what you don’t want. 

It is impossible to heal the “wrongness” or “faultiness” of a situation, person or relationship, because when you focus on the problems, the Universe will give you more problematic things to think about and you will not see the solutions.

The point is, you can’t get rid of things you don’t like by disliking them, attacking them and trying to kill them, you can only get what you want by focusing on what you want.  You must align yourself vibrationally with the solution by letting go of the problem.

Whatever you want, you can create it!  What you want has nothing to do with the past or present, and the past or present can’t stop you from creating the amazing life that you want, unless you keep thinking like you’ve always thought!

“If you keep thinking how you’ve always thought, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” – Kevin Trudeau

So, think about what you want; and get what you want, by thinking good-feeling thoughts; and by appreciating what is easy to appreciate in your life; and by appreciating what is working well in your life.  And pay no attention to those things that are difficult to like, love and appreciate!

And congratulate yourself on how good you are doing!

And how amazing of a creator you are! 

And how powerful you are! 

And how generous and caring you are! 

And how rich and abundant your life is!


Infinite blessings on your journey of Divine Creation!



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